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15 Undeniable Signs Your Ex Girlfriend Still Loves You

15 Undeniable Signs Your Ex Girlfriend Still Loves You

There are many signs your ex-girlfriend still loves you that might not be that obvious yet certainly affirm your suspicion.

As a girl myself, I can confirm to you that we don’t fall out of love right after the breakup.

We tend to hold on to little memories and what-ifs, because it’s not that easy to walk away from a relationship where we really gave our all.

Those emotions might lead us to subconsciously send the man hints that we are still in love with them.

When you’re in a relationship, you always want that reassurance because your partner is extremely important to you.

But after your breakup, you either want to run away from your ex as far as humanly possible or you want them back.

There is also that in-between space where you’re worried about moving on without them, but you also know that too many things went wrong between the two of you.

DONE! 15 Undeniable Signs Your Ex Girlfriend Still Loves You

Where are you at?

Do you want to know if your ex-girlfriend still loves you so that you can ask her to come back to you?

Or are you simply curious to know whether you’re the only one going through a hard time?

Do you want to get back at her somehow?

You’re looking for the signs your ex-girlfriend still loves you and you’re going to find them if you know what to look for.

Though these signs might sometimes be subtle, they’re still right there in front of you.

DONE! 15 Undeniable Signs Your Ex Girlfriend Still Loves You

When you first thought of the possibility that your ex might still have feelings for you, it’s because of your intuition.

Something in this universe is telling you that things between the two of you aren’t over.

You might even want to believe that there is nothing going on between you two anymore, but it just doesn’t feel that way.

After every breakup, we feel that weird urge to check up on our ex.

I mean, you’ve spent so much time with her, you’ve gotten used to having her around.

So when she’s not there, your thoughts drift to her.

Even if you’re not in love with your ex-girlfriend anymore, there is still a little bit of emotion that you can associate with her.

There is a connection between the two of you. You know her better than (probably) anyone else does.

So why does it still feel like she loves you?

There’s no way you can read her thoughts or know what’s in her heart, but you still know enough to catch the clues.

You don’t want to come up to her and talk about it if your assumptions are wrong. Because of that, you want to make sure.

Look for these signs your ex-girlfriend still loves you.

They are undeniable and bulletproof. If you see them, it means that she still hasn’t moved on from you.

1. She texts you for no reason

DONE! 15 Undeniable Signs Your Ex Girlfriend Still Loves You

Even if you decided to stay friends with your ex, it’s still kind of weird when she texts you for no reason.

After all, she would be a little bit distant and put up walls around her if she didn’t have feelings for you.

Women set boundaries after a breakup even if they do want to stay friends. They do this so that they can move on easier and still keep their heart safe.

So when a woman texts you after a breakup, what does that mean? Especially if it’s for no apparent reason?

That ex-girlfriend of yours is still in love with you. She says that she’s just checking up on you, but you should know better.

Sometimes she might even text you about some random thing she saw that reminded her of you.

This is one of the more obvious signs your ex-girlfriend is still in love with you.

Simply put, she does it to suss out whether or not you’re still willing to talk to her.

It’s hard to part ways with someone completely, so she doesn’t want to let go.

2. You’re pretty sure she’s stalking you on social media

DONE! 15 Undeniable Signs Your Ex Girlfriend Still Loves You

It’s all fine and well, until you see a notification that she liked a photo of yours from months ago.

Did it ever happen to you that you get a notification from Instagram saying that someone liked an old photo of yours, but when you open the app the notification is gone?

That’s what happens when they immediately un-like the photo.

This is how you know your ex is stalking your social media.

She might even be the first one to like your photos, view your stories, comment on things, and so on. It’s almost a little bit creepy.

Also, most of us have the urge to unfollow or block our exes right after the breakup. It’s a security measure for our broken heart.

It’s easier to block them than to see their face constantly.

So if you’re ex is still following you, you know that she is tracking every single move of yours.

This doesn’t have to be one of the signs your ex-girlfriend still loves you, because she could just want to have insight into your life.

However, if you know your ex, you’ll know the true reason behind it.

3. She talks about your past a lot

DONE 15 Undeniable Signs Your Ex Girlfriend Still Loves You 5

Sometimes, being around your ex is inevitable. You probably still have the same friendship group and it would be awkward to avoid each other.

One of the most obvious signs your ex-girlfriend still has feelings for you is when she constantly mentions things about your past relationship.

“Do you remember that time I got mad at you for leaving the dishes?”

“You were so hard to wake up in the morning, I had to be extremely creative with my methods.”

She uses any and every opportunity to mention your relationship like she’s experiencing the highest form of nostalgia possible.

Do you really believe that someone who is over you would do this?

Do you think that someone who doesn’t have any feelings for you would mention your past relationship so much? Even in front of other people?

I don’t think so. This woman is still head over heels for you and she’s trying to remind you of the great time you spent together.

4. She contacts your friends to ask about you

DONE 15 Undeniable Signs Your Ex Girlfriend Still Loves You 6

It’s not that common for women to expose themselves, so if she does this, it’s almost certainly one of the signs your ex-girlfriend still loves you.

She contacts them, whether it’s through texting or calling them, and always asks questions about you.

Your ex-girlfriend does this so that your friends can put in a good word or two in for her.

She knows that your friends will tell you that she messaged them.

They will tell you everything that she said and how she asked about you.

There is no denying the fact that your friends really do share things with you, so she’s using that to her advantage.

5. She’s trying to make you jealous

DONE 15 Undeniable Signs Your Ex Girlfriend Still Loves You 7

So, you decided to stay friends with your ex after your breakup.

However, here she is, asking you for the hundredth time about your opinion on a guy she’s talking to.

She does it so much these days that you are slowly but surely getting suspicious of it, but you haven’t addressed it properly.

She’ll probably come up to you, tell you what happened, and then maybe even pull out some pictures of him to show you.

This seems extremely wrong and you even do find yourself getting jealous.

You probably thought that your relationship meant more to her and that she wouldn’t move on that fast.

Believe me when I tell you that this is just another one of the bulletproof signs your ex-girlfriend still loves you.

If she was indeed over you, she wouldn’t actively try to make you jealous. She would be more reserved about her dating life around you.

She does this to make sure you know that you’re going to lose her if you don’t try to get her back.

This is really her desperate attempt to get your attention and make you fight for her.

6. She hints at how much she’s changed

DONE! 15 Undeniable Signs Your Ex Girlfriend Still Loves You

She wants to impress you. Why would she throw hints at how much she’s changed if she doesn’t have a need for it?

She’s probably telling you about how much calmer she is now.

If you had an issue with how dramatic or jealous she was, she’s probably hinting at how that’s not an issue anymore.

If you told her that talking to her exes wasn’t acceptable to you, she’s now telling you that she blocked all of them.

Minor things like this might have even destroyed your relationship, but now she’s adamant in proving you that things have changed.

This is her way to show you how much of a great person she actually is and that you should want her back.

It might seem silly to you, but maybe she actually is working on her problems. This is one of the signs your ex-girlfriend still loves you.

No one would want to change this much unless it’s for the person they love. Keep that in mind.

7. She doesn’t know about personal space

DONE! 15 Undeniable Signs Your Ex Girlfriend Still Loves You

When you bump into her on the street or even if you’re hanging out with mutual friends, she can’t seem to keep her hands to herself.

She’s constantly in your personal space.

She hugs you, touches your arm, bumps into you physically, adjusts your hair or your clothes, cleans something off your face, and so on.

This woman is being everything but discreet with her behavior. This really isn’t one of the subtle signs your ex-girlfriend still loves you.

It’s her way of making you remember just how close you two are.

She might even want to remind you how comforting her touch actually is, even if it ends up only making you uncomfortable.

An ex-girlfriend who doesn’t have feelings for you anymore wouldn’t make a move on you. Especially not like this.

You two have broken up and she still can’t stay away from you. Now that’s someone who isn’t over their ex.

8. She still remembers special dates

DONE 15 Undeniable Signs Your Ex Girlfriend Still Loves You 10

She remembers to call you to congratulate you on your degree. There isn’t a birthday that she misses, even your mom’s.

She knows every important date in your life. Of course, she’d know those dates because you two were together for such a long time.

However, it’s still kind of fascinating that maybe even months or a year later she remembers these dates.

Be honest, when you fall out of love with someone, you forget about these things. You don’t do it on purpose, it just kind of happens.

Out of sight, out of mind. Nonetheless, you haven’t left her heart.

Your ex-girlfriend still loves you and it’s very obvious just by this little gesture alone.

9. She texts you when she’s drunk

DONE 15 Undeniable Signs Your Ex Girlfriend Still Loves You 11

“A drunk man’s words are a sober man’s thoughts.”

There is no bigger truth out there in this world.

What does she say when she calls you? Even though she’s probably slurring her words, you can perfectly understand her.

She says that she misses you or that she loves you. There might even be a confession about how awful it is for her when other girls talk to you.

At one point, this woman may even call you when she’s drunk and ask you to pick her up from the bar.

While it’s sometimes be quite endearing, it can also be very confusing.

The next morning when she wakes up, she acts as though nothing happened. And when you confront her, she acts as if you’re crazy.

She’s probably denying the whole thing until she sees the messages she’s sent you.

This right here is one of the very obvious signs your ex-girlfriend still loves you.

She’s not over you if you’re the only person on her mind when she’s inebriated.

10. One of the signs your ex-girlfriend still loves you is if she isn’t giving your stuff back

DONE! 15 Undeniable Signs Your Ex Girlfriend Still Loves You

It’s not a secret that we take your hoodies, T-shirts, and other things when we’re in a relationship.

It’s like an unhealthy obsession to feel like we belong to someone. It also provides us with something of yours that we can hold on to.

That said, she isn’t giving your stuff back. If it’s something very expensive, then you should really consider confronting her.

But if it’s something like your clothes or a necklace she got from you, then it’s probably because your ex-girlfriend still loves you.

She is holding on to those things as a reminder of your past relationship.

She isn’t letting go of them because that would mean that it has actually and officially ended. And not many women can come to terms with that.

Because of this, you might find it hard to get your stuff back from her.

If you’re looking for signs your ex-girlfriend still loves you, this one should hit you in the face.

Her emotions are literally laid out right in front of her. I don’t that this sign can be ignored.

11. She’s been single for a very long time

DONE! 15 Undeniable Signs Your Ex Girlfriend Still Loves You

You might have moved on, but she doesn’t seem to be able to.

Even if it’s under the pretense that she wants to work on herself, it’s still possible that she loves you if she is staying single.

Unless she’s looking for a fling, she doesn’t seem to flirt with men at all. You might have asked her, but her response always seems so cryptic.

This woman can’t move on to a new long-term, committed relationship because she’s still so in love with you.

If she was over you and didn’t have feelings for you anymore, then it wouldn’t be that hard for her to find a new partner.

She’s a gorgeous and smart woman – men are always doting on her.

So why hasn’t she moved on?

She’s still stuck loving her ex (aka you) and she won’t move on as long as she loves you.

12. She’s always around

DONE! 15 Undeniable Signs Your Ex Girlfriend Still Loves You

Somehow you always end up seeing her everywhere you go.

You go to your favorite cafe, she’s there. You’re out at your favorite bar, she’s there.

At school? Always near. You want to meet up with your friends, she’s already sitting with them and waiting for you.

It’s kind of weird and you’re starting to get freaked out about it. It’s like she’s tracking your location somehow.

Either she doesn’t want to admit that she isn’t over you or she’s a psychopath. Whatever the reason, that woman still has feelings for you.

She’s trying to stay close to you in order to seduce you once more.

Okay, maybe “seduce” isn’t the right word, but you know what I mean. She’s trying to make you fall in love with her all over again.

This is her attempt at showing you what an amazing person she actually is.

13. She’s badmouthing your current girlfriend

DONE! 15 Undeniable Signs Your Ex Girlfriend Still Loves You

Have you finally moved on from your past relationship? Congrats! You deserve to be happy.

However, your ex-girlfriend doesn’t seem to be too ecstatic about the fact.

Wherever you go, you hear stories about how your ex is badmouthing your current girlfriend.

She’s probably said some nasty things to your friends about her and now everyone knows that she’s not over the relationship.

If she truly had moved on, she would want the best for you and your new relationship.

It doesn’t matter how much she loved you in the past, she would want you to be happy right now.

But she’s gone the other route.

Her feelings and emotions are getting the best of her and that’s why you can’t seem to wrap your mind around this.

Her actions scream insecurity and jealousy.

Even though it’s extremely toxic, it is one of the signs your ex-girlfriend still loves you.

14. One of the signs your ex-girlfriend still loves you is if she’s acting awkward around you

DONE 15 Undeniable Signs Your Ex Girlfriend Still Loves You 16

You can see her pacing back and forth. She’s avoiding eye contact and her face always looks like it’s going to drop into a frown at any second.

You wonder what the reason for it could be, considering that you two used to be inseparable.

Well, my friend, you still stir up those butterflies inside of her.

Signs your ex-girlfriend still loves you don’t always have to hit you in the face, they can also be subtle. Just like this one.

You will have to pay close attention to the way she fiddles with her hands, plays with her hair, or stumbles over the words.

Those things give away her true feelings for you.

A woman who’s moved on or doesn’t love you anymore would be much more relaxed around you.

She’d be able to keep up a conversation and not feel uncomfortable next to you.

But a woman who loves you and feels that her feelings might not be reciprocated, only makes her more bashful.

It’s cute when you think of it.

15. She’s still treating you like her boyfriend

DONE! 15 Undeniable Signs Your Ex Girlfriend Still Loves You

This can happen very often and you might be so used to this that you aren’t even aware that it’s one of the screaming signs your ex-girlfriend still loves you.

She holds your hand, asks for your advice, and still asks how your parents are doing.

Not much seems to have changed.

When you look at your friendship right now, the only difference might be that you’re not as intimate as you used to be.

This woman makes you feel like you’re still together even though you made it abundantly clear that you’ve broken up.

Obviously, she doesn’t share the sentiment. She calls you for favors, replies to you immediately, and hasn’t dated anyone since.

This woman is still head over heels for you and isn’t able to see the truth.

It can be a little bit sad, but her love for you is very evident in her behavior.

There are even times, even today, when she gets mad at you for things a friend shouldn’t get mad at.

Those are situations in which a girlfriend would get mad, but she’s not that anymore.

So, your answer is right there. All of the signs your ex-girlfriend still loves you are right there.

15 Undeniable Signs Your Ex Girlfriend Still Loves You

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