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11 Negative Personality Traits Of The Taurus Zodiac Sign

11 Negative Personality Traits Of The Taurus Zodiac Sign

Why is Taurus so mean? There’s a dark side to Taurus, and we’re going to reveal it.

Whether you’re looking for negative traits of a Taurus woman or a Taurus man, you’ll find them here but before we get to see their dark side, let’s first remember the basic facts about this zodiac sign.

This is one of the most dependable and reliable zodiac signs.

They are determined, enthusiastic, materialistic, and stoic and the reason behind their stubbornness is their determination and strong will.

They are unwavering and strong, but they are also wise, deeply caring, and smart. The Taurus zodiac sign is a representation of development and growth.

What about Taurus as a partner?

Even though they are at first slow to open up, winning their trust is, in the end, totally worth it because they are a very reliable friend and partner.

A Taurus individual is one of those people who will be there for you whenever you need them. They secure the lives of their loved ones.

The ruling planet of this zodiac sign is Venus, which creates comfort, love, and luxury for them.

They don’t like to have changes in their lives or to be pushed, and love their routine life and home comforts.

Taurus is an earth sign, depicted as a bull. Just think about the metaphor the bull represents, and you’ll figure out a lot about this sign.

They have great endurance and are physically strong and firm-footed.

But enough about that, because we are here to look at Taurus’ negative traits, which include that they are rough, slow, and stubborn.

When provoked, they get intimidatingly angry, which is only natural for a bull.

There’s a reason why there’s the saying ‘when you mess with the bull, you get the horns’ and those who are familiar with Taurus’ bad traits know this best.

Truth be told, all zodiac signs have their character flaws.

However, people who express the nature of their sign in a negative way are, either unconsciously or consciously, in some way repressed.

Here are all the negative traits of Taurus:

1. Possessiveness

11 Negative Personality Traits Of The Taurus Zodiac Sign

One of Taurus’ flaws is that they are so connected to the material world that it makes them somewhat possessive with both things and people.

They have low self-esteem and lack maturity and when someone praises or checks out their partner, they hate it.

This is one of the negative traits of a Taurus woman and man that you should be aware of if you’re dating one.

They are possessive about everything that’s necessary to them.

Their craving for material things is, in fact, for security but a lot of people think of their possessiveness as greedy and self-indulgent.

2. Sticking to a routine

You could very easily be initially attracted to this zodiac sign. Their sensual, easy-going nature and hard-working values can be very appealing.

When dating a Taurus, you’ll find yourself enjoying trips to amazing natural retreats and you’ll also spend your nights at five-star hotels where you’ll enjoy fine dining and wine.

However, after the honeymoon phase, you’ll start noticing all of Taurus’ bad traits.

When they are in a committed relationship, they get stuck in a rut so when they are sure they’ve won your heart, they’ll start taking you for granted.

They won’t bring you flowers and after work, they’ll want to sit on the couch, drink beer and watch TV for the rest of the evening.

Ultimately, they are focused only on the things they need so they could get angry if dinner is not on the table at precisely 7 pm. This is  because they are set in their ways, and they have a need to stick to their schedule so they will get upset if anyone tries to make them change this.

Don’t expect them to try new things, because they aren’t comfortable with the unknown.

3. Materialism

11 Negative Personality Traits Of The Taurus Zodiac Sign 2

They always strive for a luxurious life and comfort. All they want is to live a wealthy and good life, so they have a lot of grand plans for making it big time.

When it comes to the finer things in life, they have a taste for it.

Most of the time, they work really hard so that others wouldn’t see any problem with them indulging themselves every once in a while.

They are ready and willing to spend their resources and as much money as it takes to have luxuries and comfort in life.

4. Selfishness

Not only are they possessive, but they’re also very jealous and dependent in a relationship.

They’re very preoccupied with acquiring wealth so that they could live a comfortable life.

They are usually very successful when it comes to their career but they’ll often prefer an income that’s reliable over a dynamic and tough job.

When it comes to relationships, they find it hard to give up on one, even way after it has clearly been over.

To improve themselves, they need some sort of material payoff.

They are often selfish, and that selfishness can create problems for them; this is Taurus’ dark side that they don’t want anyone to figure out.

Freeing themselves from attachment would be possible if they developed themselves spiritually.

If they embraced their natural compassionate and creative sides, they’d feel better.

5. Imbalance

Taurus’ negative traits include being a procrastinator, so they find it hard to balance their time with relaxation and work.

They love both work and leisure time, but they don’t crave both of them at the same time. Taurus is either enjoying their leisure time or doing hard work.

6. Gluttony and laziness

11 Negative Personality Traits Of The Taurus Zodiac Sign 3

When it comes to food, they have a relationship with it that would be best described as love/hate.

It’s very easy for them to put on weight because of their love of rich cuisine (including cheeses, alcohol, and meats), and their stocky nature.

Even though they like hard work and engaging in sports, they have a lazy side and that side of them makes it hard for them to have an ideal body image, which they are very well aware of.

When it comes to their body image, Taurus is a perfectionist due to the natural connection they have to their physical side.

Therefore, even if they aren’t attractive themselves, they’ll expect their significant other to be manicured, firm, and fit.

They always like giving their partner and friends advice on self-improvement, diet, and exercise.

If you’re dating a Taurus man, don’t be surprised if he suggests that you get breast implants.

7. Dependency

They find it hard to find their autonomy.

Taurus individuals should learn about taking care of themselves independently and they need to understand that their loved ones cannot constantly revolve around them.

It’s impossible for them to always be the center of attention to those around them, and they need to realize that.

8. Emotional unavailability

Emotionally, Taurus individuals are closed off, which is the dark side of this sign.

When you go to a party with them, they’ll look dapper but they won’t speak to anyone the whole time, and they’ll just sit in a corner.

They definitely won’t ever be the life of the party, but quite the opposite.

The truth is, they don’t open up to many people, especially not right away so they only have a few close relationships.

9. Stubbornness

11 Negative Personality Traits Of The Taurus Zodiac Sign 4

They can be stubborn, especially when they think that they are right and once they settle into their routine, it’s hard to change their mind.

They stick to their guns, and they’re very strong-minded.

10. Irritability

Just because they’re emotionally unavailable, it doesn’t mean that they don’t feel.

They appear simple-minded, easy-going, and good-natured on the outside but on the inside, they are full of complex repressed desires and emotions.

Why is Taurus so mean? Well, those emotions sometimes come out in all sorts of unexpected ways, like in sudden angry outbursts or a deep depression.

This always happens when an authority figure gives them instructions on what they need to do, or when they’re around people they do not like.

Being the boss is what they definitely prefer; we’re talking about naturally dominant people who’ll argue as much as it takes till they get their way.

Just look at how many dictators were Taurus; Adolf Hitler, Catherine the Great, Vladimir Ilyich Lenin, and Saddam Hussein were all born under this zodiac sign.

There are many more infamous people born under this sign, such as Sid Vicious, John Wilkes Booth, and Albert Fish (the singer of The Sex Pistols, the man who killed Abraham Lincoln and a serial killer, respectively).

11. Jealousy

When it comes to relationships, they are dependent and extremely jealous.

Their concern with acquiring wealth is also something that bothers their partner, but let’s focus on the jealousy.

If someone threatens them or the things close to them, they become extremely jealous and when it comes to appearances and physical pleasures, they are naturally jealous.

All of these are Taurus’ negative traits, but you should never only look at what’s negative about them.

They also have positive qualities, and if you focus on them, you can help them deal with those that are negative.

Good luck!

11 Negative Personality Traits Of The Taurus Zodiac Sign

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