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What A Taurus Man Wants To Hear? 12 Phrases He Wants You To Say

What A Taurus Man Wants To Hear? 12 Phrases He Wants You To Say

Dating men is never easy and they are sometimes more complicated than women. You’re seeing someone and want to know the ways to get into his head, but you’re worried about his Zodiac sign. You’re not sure what a Taurus man wants to hear that would make him fall in love with you?

Honestly, this sign isn’t easy to win over because they’re notorious for their stubbornness. When they set their minds on something, there’s not much that could divert their attention.

This can be a quality trait for some people, but it can be quite a task for girls that are trying to date them. It’s easy to make friends with this sign, but what about a romantic relationship?

You know about the compatibility of certain signs but this doesn’t stop you from trying to win his heart. However, you need some help to understand what a Taurus man wants to hear.

What a Taurus man wants to hear? All the things he wants to hear you say

We all want to be treated the best way possible by our partner which is understandable. However, when you’re dealing with such an adamant Zodiac sign, you may feel a bit terrified.

You don’t know what ways and how to please him because it seems he requires special treatment. Rest assured, because we’re going to reveal all the things a Taurus man wants to hear.

1. “I’ll be there for you”

What A Taurus Man Wants To Hear? 12 Phrases He Wants You To Say

Probably the best thing to say to a Taurus man is that you have his back. They’re a highly reliable sign and expect the same in return. If you don’t show him that you mean it at the very start of your relationship, he might not be convinced to keep it going.

It’s a huge deal-breaker for a Taurus man and something he wants to hear constantly. This will indicate your devotion to your relationship which means a lot to him.

2. “You’re the best!”

It’s no secret that a Taurus man wants to be praised all the time. It boosts his confidence and he’ll sense your appreciation towards him.

These can be small things like You’ve done such a great job on your interview! but they also like being the person who saves the day. If you’re having any kind of a problem, make sure he’s your go-to person.

This way he’ll feel special and it will undoubtedly feed his ego. If you do that, you’re on the right track to winning him over!

3. “I’ll support you no matter what”

DONE Read Carefully Because This Is What A Taurus Man Wants To Hear 8 1

What a Taurus man appreciates a whole lot and is never tired of hearing is that you’ll support him no matter what. You’re sending him a message that you’ll always put him above everyone else by doing so.

Truth be told, he likes to be your priority and will soak in all of the attention you’re giving him. It’s a widely known fact that a Taurus man is an attention-seeker, but will try to keep it low-key.

4. “Honesty is the best policy”

You may not expect this from such a determined Zodiac sign, but a Taurus man is full of surprises. He’ll be thankful for your honesty because he despises people who lie to his face.

A Taurus man wants to hear what goes best in his favor, so he won’t tolerate any falsity. If he senses you’re lying about something, he will push for you to reveal it and won’t put an end to it unless you confess.

I’ve mentioned they’re headstrong, right?

5. “You can trust me”

What A Taurus Man Wants To Hear? 12 Phrases He Wants You To Say

You may not perceive your new date as someone very emotional, but you’re wrong. A Taurus man is very demonstrative about his feelings unless you choose to play with him.

He needs to know that he can trust you before he confides in you. They’re not very mysterious as Scorpios, for example, but need that assurance that they’re not being fooled by someone they love.

6. “I wouldn’t wish for anyone else”

Their ego is big and sometimes, they can’t keep hush-hush about it. Sooner or later, it will show itself; perhaps even when you’re least expecting it.

That’s why a Taurus man wants to hear you have great respect for him and you wouldn’t wish for anyone else. It’s crucial for him to see you don’t have another guy on your mind and that you’re faithful to him.

It’s something you thought was already implied when entering a new relationship, but this is on a whole different level. You have to be there for him because this is something that a Taurus man needs to hear.

7. “I won’t let you down”

DONE Read Carefully Because This Is What A Taurus Man Wants To Hear 6 1

When you decide to get involved in a romantic relationship with a Taurus man, you have to know what he wants to hear. However, saying things out loud isn’t always enough.

Perhaps the worst thing that you could do to him is betrayal in any kind of way. Therefore, make sure to prove to him that you’re not going to let him down in any manner whatsoever.

This could mean staying by his side when he’s sick, supporting him with new ideas, and of course, being the girlfriend he deserves.

8. “I’m sorry”

Something unlikely for a man with this sign to say is a simple sorry. They find it hard to spit it out and it doesn’t matter who’s at fault.

This is a part of them that’s not so attractive but they won’t bother to make changes about it any time soon.

What a Taurus man wants to hear and what will make him satisfied is a plain apology. If you’ve done something wrong, it’s only the right thing to apologize.

However, if he’s the one that’s at fault and doesn’t want to admit the guilt, then you’re on your own. I’m sorry but you chose him, so bear with it!

9. “You’re so handsome!”

What A Taurus Man Wants To Hear? 12 Phrases He Wants You To Say

Something that matters to your new date is appearance. Now, I’m not saying he’s shallow and physical looks are his judge’s calls.

Still, he loves when a woman is good-looking and takes care of herself because he does too! A Taurus man is extremely clean, neat, and likes dressing up.

Therefore, he expects the same from you and enjoys lady-like behavior. He will give you all sorts of compliments that could swoop you off your feet.

While in this daze, don’t forget to tell him how handsome he is. That way you’ll notice his effort to look dashing and honestly, he just loves all the praise.

It’s something that he, as a Taurus man, wants to hear whenever he looks cute, which is all the time. I hope you like talking because it means you’ll be doing a whole bunch of it!

10. “I’m in for the long run!”

Let me tell you, this sign isn’t messing around! When a Taurus man sees something he likes, he goes for it. Thanks to his bullheadedness (pun intended), he will pursue his wants and needs.

So, if you are what a Taurus man wants, prepare to hear some good news. He will do everything in his power to make you like him and if you appeal to him, he’ll want to make something serious out of you two.

Taurus men don’t have a thing for a fling. Instead, they’re in for the long run and if you both come to terms with how you want to continue things, then it’s a happy ever after!

11. “Let’s stay in”

DONE Read Carefully Because This Is What A Taurus Man Wants To Hear 4 1

Don’t get me wrong, a Taurus man loves extravagance which includes fancy dates and everything. It’s just that they’re not much of a public person if you know what I mean.

He will rather stay inside and order a take-out than be somewhere where everyone could leer at him. Privacy is something he cherishes way more than showing off.

12. “I want to plan my future with you”

If you’re looking for ways to attract a Taurus man, you’re at the right place. A safe relationship for him means that he can plan his future with you.

So, try to get your point across and simply be open and clear about what you’re thinking. Taurus man is family-oriented and it will probably mean a lot to him if you showed that you look forward to spending your life with him.

What is it a Taurus man doesn’t want to hear at all?

Now that you know how to please your new date and you’ve taken the right steps, you have to know what doesn’t appeal to his senses.

This can be a tricky game to play because it can be so confusing sometimes. It may baffle you what a Taurus man wants to hear, but wait until you see his turn-offs.

1. “I don’t want anything serious”

What A Taurus Man Wants To Hear? 12 Phrases He Wants You To Say

If a Taurus man hears you saying this, he’ll be gone in no time. Surprising as it is, he’s not the type to get involved in meaningless relationships.

What he wants is someone to love him unconditionally. Saying things like this isn’t something a Taurus man loves to hear.

This Zodiac sign is extremely loyal and all they want is someone to care for them and vice versa. Therefore, there are some strings attached for sure.

2. “Tell me about your ex”

Whatever you do, don’t ever ask him about his ex-girlfriend. A Taurus doesn’t bring his past along because that’s something that hurt him.

He’s very emotional, so you won’t be getting too much information on his ex-love. Also, if you keep nagging him to reveal some parts of his past, you’re only going to push him further away from you.

3. “I’m not interested in what you have to say”

DONE Read Carefully Because This Is What A Taurus Man Wants To Hear 2 1

A Taurus man wants to be in the center of the attention and unless you’re ready to sacrifice, you shouldn’t try to make things work between you.

He’s not the type to constantly shower you with love and affection, but would much rather love if it was him being in the spotlight.

It may come off as selfish, and even if he cares, you can feel left out sometimes. This behavior may come as a consequence of you not being interested in what he has to say.

A Taurus man doesn’t like anyone interrupting him, talking over him, or not listening to him. If you have a short attention span, then the two of you may not be the perfect match.

4. “I don’t need your help”

Your new boyfriend loves helping people because it makes him feel special. If you need to get something fixed, he’ll be more than glad to give you a hand.

What a Taurus man wants to hear is how good he is at doing it because it boosts his confidence. However, don’t fail him in terms of not asking him for assistance.

If he notices you’re a damsel in distress, you have every chance of grabbing his full focus. It will attract him like a moth to the flame because deep down, he’s a people pleaser.

5. “I take things ambiguously”

What A Taurus Man Wants To Hear? 12 Phrases He Wants You To Say

Be careful with what you say around a Taurus man because it could be something he doesn’t want to hear. The person you’re dating is very straightforward and wishes for you to be crystal clear.

If you’re the type of person that likes beating around the bush, then it’s unlikely you’ll keep his attention for long. A Taurus man isn’t someone who wants to waste time, so be cautious with what you have to say.

If you take things ambiguously, he might think of you as insincere. He doesn’t want anyone to make a fool out of him, especially if it’s someone he loves.

6. “You should rethink your choice”

If you said this to a Taurus man, it’s possible he’s taken this as an insult. I know, they can be weird sometimes.

The thing is, they need support and reassurance all the time because they’re so emotional. He doesn’t want you to think of him as weak and that’s probably why he isn’t a fan of PDA.

He acts all confident but can crumple like a piece of paper if you don’t agree with him on a single thing. If you pointed out to him that he should reconsider something he has strong feelings about, it would likely end in a fight.

This isn’t what a Taurus man ever wants to hear because it makes his ego shrink. He loves being correct about something and will try with all his might to make you see it too.

7. “You should try harder”

DONE Read Carefully Because This Is What A Taurus Man Wants To Hear 10

This is something that could bring trouble if you decide it’s okay to just blurt it out in a heated argument. A Taurus man is someone that will put all of his efforts into something he seems worthy of.

Therefore, you’re losing his trust by saying this because he thought you appreciated him more than that. He knows how hard he’s trying and he doesn’t like to be belittled about it.

You can’t make him feel bad about something he didn’t do and he’s perfectly aware of it. So, if you were trying to play on the blame card, sorry to break it to you but it’s not going to work.

8. “You’re invading my privacy”

This Zodiac sign is very intimate and they tend to make a deep connection with the person they’re fond of. A Taurus man will want to know everything about you and he won’t be afraid of finding things out.

However, this may come off as clingy to you, especially if you’re not the type to share all of your wildest dreams with someone.

He doesn’t want to suffocate you, but rather show that he’s interested in you. It can get too intense at times. Still, he doesn’t want to hear that he’s invading your privacy because that’s not the message he’s trying to send.

Therefore, he may get confused and feel as if you don’t understand him. This could be a misunderstanding about him being worried about your financial status where you can even feel offended.

9. “You’re too shy”

What A Taurus Man Wants To Hear? 12 Phrases He Wants You To Say

You’d never think that you’ll be saying this to a Taurus man but is it something he wants to hear? What can make you think of him this way?

Your new boyfriend can come off as hesitant and lacking confidence at times, which is unusual for his sign. This is because he wants to make sure not to ruin anything and therefore, is cautious around you.

You may confuse this behavior with him being shy and if he likes you a lot, you can consider him a bit too apprehensive for your liking.

However, this isn’t the case with a Taurus man and there’s a high chance that you’ll end up discouraging him. It’s known that they’re not the ones to make the first move, so be careful not to blow up your chance with him.

What A Taurus Man Wants To Hear? 12 Phrases He Wants You To Say

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