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What Does The No Contact Rule With A Libra Man Look Like?

What Does The No Contact Rule With A Libra Man Look Like?

Every breakup is hard, but this one might’ve shaken you up a bit more. It’s one of those that completely rock your world and turn your life upside-down. If you’ve recently gone through it, you might wonder what will the no contact rule with a Libra man look like.

First of all, don’t engage in it if you’re not sure what you’re going after. A lot of the time girls can desperately try to make up and fix a relationship. And it can go exactly how you planned it and you’ll get back together in no time. However, there’s a second option as well.

It might not go just as you wished and you’ll end up empty-handed and without your Libra man. This probably isn’t what you’re wishing for, so pay close attention.

I know how Libra man thinks and feels most of the time. Usually, they can communicate their feelings very well, but they’re also very good at hiding them.

If he decides to stash away his emotions and play the cold-shoulder card, he’s definitely giving you a silent treatment. This will make your plan harder than it already is.

No contact rule can be applied to every zodiac sign. However, it won’t take the same path for a Libra man and any other of those.

Each sign is unique, so you must deal with their differences first. You might have previous experience, but for starters, you must know the way a Libra man acts.

Of course, you know him, but that was back when you two were like two peas in a pod. This time it’s different and he might change his behavior a bit.

What to expect after you end things with a Libra man?

What Does The No Contact Rule With Libra Man Look Like

Although it concerns both parties involved, people believe that women are the ones who always get the short end of the stick. Well, that can be true, but not necessarily. Everyone tends to carry their burdens in a unique way and feels emotions in a particular way.

However, when talking about a Libra man and the no contact rule after everything went downhill, you might be surprised.

Usually, men are the ones who will get over the split up more easily, or at least pretend to. It’s us women who are more prone to expressing what we’re experiencing at the moment.

Not everyone can hide their true emotions and this is also true for a Libra man. He might think he’s doing really well at covering it all up, but he’ll occasionally slip up once in a while.

Therefore, the no contact rule with a Libra man might just be the opposite of what you were expecting. However, it doesn’t have to mean it’s going to be a bad thing.

Due to a Libra man not being the best at hiding his emotions, he just might give away all of his steps. This could possibly make the whole process a whole lot easier for you.

However, don’t jump at him telling him you know he still feels something for you. Even though he might not be able to hide it very well, it doesn’t mean he’s ready to admit it.

Take it easy and remember not to rush things. That way, you can only ruin your plans of getting him back. You only recently split up and that would be a bit embarrassing.

So, what does the no contact rule with a Libra man look like?

If you’re really keen on trying everything to get your ex back, you first have to think about how he’s feeling at the moment.

Not all men are the same, especially after something major like this happens. However, things might depend greatly on the fact of who was the dumper and who was the dumpee.

It’s not the same being the one to blow that punch and being the one on the receiving end. If you’ve been there, you know what I’m talking about.

Without further ado, let’s get straight to the point. Here are the stages of the no contact rule that a Libra man goes through after a breakup.

1. He’s confused

DONE What Does The No Contact Rule With Libra Man Look Like 2

Once you decide to untie the knot, it might fall heavily on his shoulders. If he was the one to get dumped, you may not see him for quite some time afterward.

Libra man can withdraw and be confused about what just happened. Like all of us, he’s just a human and needs time to grasp what just took place.

They’re a highly protective zodiac sign, so the feeling of loneliness may not be something he’s used to. First, he’ll need to get acquainted with being on his own and that can take a long time.

Men don’t usually show how they really feel, especially when their ego’s been hurt badly. On the contrary, if he’s the one making that decision, things might be slightly different.

If a Libra man is a dumper, the no contact rule will look completely different than if he was the dumpee. This is most commonly called the oblivious state.

He made the call, so it’s only right he sticks to his decision. If not, then he’s putting his ego at stake and that’s not something a man will easily do.

2. He feels lonely

Once the state of confusion is over, then the real fear starts kicking in. Something just doesn’t feel quite right for a Libra man.

This is the stage of the no contact rule when he still doesn’t really want to let go of his determination. Therefore, he might still try to put up a facade and share his perfect life on the social media.

People will oftentimes tend to do that after a breakup. This particular stage of the no contact rule can bring out the worst in a Libra man. It’s just that he still hasn’t quite gotten out of that confusing stage and is trying to play it cool. He might end up deceiving himself that he’s living the best life possible.

But things are always different in reality, right? The poor attempt to try and console himself over the decision he made won’t do anything for him.

Instead, it might just make it even harder on him. If you want to get him back, the confusion and all the mess he found himself in may give you a head start.

3. He tries to get over it

What Does The No Contact Rule With Libra Man Look Like

Just like any other man, a Libra man will eventually realize that it would be best if he tried to get over it. However, he’s already said that to all of his friends right after you broke up.

I know, what an unexpected move from a man. But this time, he’s really feeling it. At this stage, a Libra man comes to the conclusion that it would really be his best choice.

There’s no point in lamenting over what’s long gone, right? Well, we know better than that, but men don’t usually think about other options.

Especially if he’s the dumper. He made that decision and he’s going through with it. At this moment, he’s still pretty convinced that it was the best scenario possible.

However, he will soon find out just how much of a mistake he made, if you play your cards right. Don’t get all up in his face just yet.

He will soon get stuck in a place where he begins to doubt himself and his confidence. This will gradually make him second-guess his choice.

4. The feeling of grief kicks in

If you’re still trying to keep your cool and not rush into things, you’re doing great. Now, I know what it’s like to want something that you can’t have just yet.

You feel like a child that’s waiting for ice cream after eating all of your green beans. Well, real life isn’t much different than that.

You have to be patient and chew through all of the bad stuff to get to the good ones. And those good times are just starting with this stage of the no contact rule with a Libra man.

This is when the future starts smiling down upon you. It’s those times when he feels the loneliest he’s ever been and just can’t cope with it.

Feelings of grief start to surface and he can’t fight them off. At first, he tries, of course. But once he doesn’t feel any more content with posting his fake self on social media, he starts to give up.

The no contact rule with a Libra man can be quite challenging as he can hide his feelings very well. But there are a couple of dead giveaways that can signal you the green light.

5. Alarm bells start ringing

DONE What Does The No Contact Rule With Libra Man Look Like 4

It can take a lot of time for a Libra man to really grasp the fact that he’s made a mistake. However, when that time comes, it’s usually in a full, explosive style.

Alarm bells start ringing, he starts seeing things as they actually are, and beats himself for not giving it a second shot. Men feel things on a deeper level, so it was never easy for him to turn his head away from you.

Imagine how an emotional sign like this must feel when he finally realizes he should’ve done something differently.

It’s not easy being the dumpee, but it’s also not easy being the dumper. It’s a tough decision he had to make.

Therefore, next to grief, he might begin to feel remorse. He starts to question himself, but most of all, he starts to question his actions.

The no contact rule with a Libra man may be unpredictable at times because they’re so emotional. This won’t make it easy but will give you that extra thrill to keep going.

6. He missed you

Just like any other man after ending things, he misses you terribly. Now, he doesn’t want to admit it just yet. He’s a man after all!

I know, they can be so proud sometimes. Usually, Libras aren’t this proud. However, he made a mistake and he was so keen on doing it.

Perhaps he just feels a little bit embarrassed and doesn’t want to deepen that feeling anymore. How would you feel if you had to tell your ex that the breakup you initiated was a horrible mistake?

I know, right? It’s a difficult task mustering up the courage to say this when you’re being dumped, let alone when you’re the one who’s dumping them.

In this stage of the no contact rule, a Libra man starts to feel everything at once. All he’s ever previously felt – confusion, oblivion, freedom, loneliness, grief – it all comes crashing down on him.

It all becomes just a mix of emotions that can easily overwhelm him. They’re used to feeling emotions, it’s just that he was trying to hide it for quite some time now.

7. He stalks you

What Does The No Contact Rule With Libra Man Look Like

This is an unusual behavior for a Libra man. But hey, you gotta do what you gotta do, right? Now, I wouldn’t call this proper stalking like sunglasses, a black coat, and a hat kind of thing.

I’d say it’s more of an “I miss you but I don’t want you to find out“. Yeah, it’s just how they can be sometimes. Thankfully, this is the stage of the no contact rule where he’s about to decide whether he’ll come back to you or not.

It’s a tough one, so don’t make it even harder for him. You have to be gentle and subtle because any wrong move you make can just push him further away.

You don’t want this happening. Instead, you want to get closer to him as much as possible. And you’ll do this most efficiently by giving him space.

I know what you’re thinking now; how much space does he need? I understand your annoyance but if you want to do it right, it has to be without any pressure.

Libra men who come back with their tails tucked under due to their mistakes are like puppies that you have to care for rather than scold for being bad.

8. He will reach out to you

Now, it’s one of those times when all your effort and patience pay off. If you’ve been applying the no contact rule on your Libra man, it’s almost guaranteed to work.

After all the time you’ve spent together, he starts to realize that this separation isn’t what he was looking for. You could even call it enlightenment if you would.

Jokes aside, the Libra man is bound to miss you terribly after all the time you two spent apart from each other. As I already said, they’re extremely protective of their partners and need to feel that closeness.

One of the previous stages of the no contact rule where he missed you made him understand that he was a better man when he was with you.

He stopped posting on social media just when you were only starting to. He saw you happier than ever and was a bit jealous. Jealous because he wasn’t there with you; jealous because he wasn’t the reason you were smiling that big.

If he decides to stalk you, he might even do that to your friends in order to get even closer to you.

How to behave during the no contact rule with a Libra man?

DONE What Does The No Contact Rule With Libra Man Look Like 6

Now, when you know all of this about your ex, it’s time you do some of the work too. He’s done enough by indirectly telling you how he feels.

This is the moment when you have to do a quick check and a self-reflection. Are you sure this is the right thing to do? What will be different this time? Is it going to hurt any one of us?

There are a lot of questions that are probably waiting to occupy your mind regarding the no contact rule.

However, if you have a strong will and you know what you want, no one’s stopping you. Determination is the key to a Libra man’s heart.

Therefore, if you put up a fight and invest all of your efforts, it might just shake up some of his old memories. This might even give you both a new start you were hoping for.

1. Give him space

This is advice you’re least wanting to hear, I know. It’s hard trying to distance yourself from someone that means so much to you.

However, it’s necessary for the final result. Think of this no contact rule as a puzzle. Without all of the suitable pieces, aka the right steps, it’s going to fall down.

Therefore, try to understand just how important it is to get things done the way they should be. I believe you probably miss him terribly, but let him come to you.

If you try to get his attention in any way possible, you might not only ruin your plan. Unfortunately, he may think of you as desperate and that’s often a repelling behavior.

2. Act busy

What Does The No Contact Rule With Libra Man Look Like

If you really can’t keep your hands to yourself and just want to get it over with, you might ruin everything. That’s why you need to occupy your thoughts.

When you’re trying to stand still and just wait for things to take their course, you might become a bit restless. Therefore, you need to get yourself a hobby or something like that. It will make you divert your attention from your ex to something else.

And the most important thing is that he won’t feel like he’s under pressure. Basically, it’s just a reverse male psychology if you want.

3. Don’t be weak

One of the most important things is to not grieve over the breakup. Sure, it stings too much, but how will you explain it to him?

The no contact rule with a Libra man isn’t as easy as it might seem. You might grieve, but don’t make it too obvious. Remember that guys don’t usually fall for tears and neither does a Libra man.

Don’t get me wrong, you’re allowed to feel and express those feelings. It’s just that if you overdo it and start acting all dramatic, you might deter him. Although Libras are an intense zodiac sign, they’re not that desperate.

4. Choose your options wisely

DONE What Does The No Contact Rule With Libra Man Look Like 8

Just when you think that this is the right time to just jump in and pour your heart out to him, stop. Stop dead in your tracks and reconsider it.

Women tend to get ahead of themselves and jump straight into fixing things up without even thinking about it. Is now the right time? What stage of the no contact rule is this Libra man in?

Make sure you take things slowly but steadily. Set yourself the end goal and you’ll get there eventually. Hopefully, it will go without any inconvenience.

Always make sure you see things from his perspective as well. Don’t get too selfish and forget about his needs. Dumper or the dumpee, it doesn’t matter.

5. Strike him with full force

Once the dust has settled down and he’s come forward with his apologies and everything, it’s time to take matters into your own hands.

You’ve done good so far without him even knowing you had your fingers in it this whole time. Now it’s time to show him what you really mean and how you feel.

What better way to show a Libra man just how you appreciate him and tell him what you want from him? Well, be honest and direct because that’s Libra’s style.

This zodiac sign is totally fine with you telling him the news straightforwardly. If you want him back, be completely open about it. Express your feelings freely and don’t hold back. This is your time to shine.

What Does The No Contact Rule With A Libra Man Look Like?

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