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What Attracts An Older Man To A Younger Woman: Truth Revealed

What Attracts An Older Man To A Younger Woman: Truth Revealed

You probably had a chance to see some pretty big age differences between the couples you know. It’s nothing unusual, but it raises one question. What attracts an older man to a younger woman? Was it always like that or does it appear when they reach a certain age?

Take a look at these couples and try to answer what is something they all have in common (and don’t say they’re celebrities): George Clooney and Amal Clooney, Leonardo DiCaprio and Camila Morrone, Adam Levine and Behati Prinsloo, or maybe Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds. You’re correct, it’s the age gap between them.

So, it’s something we see in person, but also something that’s often presented on TV. Are you ready to find the truth behind older men choosing younger women? If you are, don’t hesitate to scroll down. Some answers might really surprise you.

What attracts an older man to a younger woman: 15 explanations

I won’t keep you long here. I just want you to take a few seconds and try to think of some answers to “What attracts an older man to a younger woman?” on your own. Don’t cheat! You aren’t supposed to read the answers yet!

Okay, did you think of some possible answers? Great! Now I’ll let you read the rest of the article. While reading check whether you guessed some of the reasons without my help. Enjoy!

1) They look beautiful and attractive

What Attracts An Older Man To A Younger Woman Truth Revealed

Let me start by saying that older women are also beautiful, hot, and stunning. But men usually perceive younger women as more attractive. It also has to do with the way they dress and act. Because the younger ones are behaving more freely when it comes to that.

Did you know that nature also plays a big role when it comes to finding the answer to what attracts an older man to a younger woman? Hear me out. It all happens on the subconscious level.

When a man sees a woman who’s visibly much younger than him, he is attracted to her because he sees her as a fertile human being who can help him create a family.

I’m not saying this in a way that they appear creepy, these thoughts come to them unintentionally. It’s their brain that sends those signals. It tells them that the young girl they’ve noticed has a much bigger chance of giving birth to healthy offspring than the one who’s closer to their age.

2) Young women make them feel younger

Most people aren’t very happy and excited to see themselves getting older and older every day. When we’re young it seems like we have all the time in the world. But one day, it will switch and we’ll stop acting like that. And think about how quickly time passes and how soon we’ll get old.

This is something that already happened to older men. Some of them ignore that fact and continue living the way they did before. Some panic and forget how to enjoy the little things. But there are also some who try to do something different about it.

Those men seek a younger woman who will make them feel younger. But how will she help them feel that way? She will include him in most of her daily activities that will remind him of those he used to do when he was around her age. That will make him gain more will for life and he’ll start feeling young again.

You know how they say “You are who you surround yourself with”, so men like that use this logic too. If they’re around younger people, they’ll feel younger too.

3) They have more energy

DONE What Attracts An Older Man To A Younger Woman Truth Revealed 2

This one is closely connected to the previous one. An older man is attracted to a young woman because she has more energy. And if he’s around her she’ll motivate him to stay active and show how he also has lots of energy to keep going.

Younger women will always want to do something interesting. And being active will wake the feelings he felt when he was young and happy about every new day that rises.

Younger women are usually described as more dynamic and energetic than older women. That’s mostly because they are usually in better shape, they probably didn’t have to face any serious health issues, and they’re mentally sharper.

An older guy may find it refreshing and exciting to be in a relationship with someone who is so active and full of life. Someone who will make him jump out of bed every morning and be excited for the new opportunities that day is bringing.

4) Older men like to guide

If two people who are approximately the same age are together, none of them will get the chance to be the wiser one. Of course, they’ve been through different things in life, but the small age gap won’t give either of them an advantage.

However, when one partner is much older than the other one, that partner gets the chance to guide the younger one through life. For example, if a man knows the right way to give advice and talk about possible problems or positive sides of certain situations, then she’ll be happy to hear what he has to say.

And that will also make him happy because he’ll feel useful and he’ll cherish the experiences he had throughout his life. Having the opportunity to guide a person he loves, will help him feel that all he’s gone through was not in vain.

And everything that happened to him will start to make sense when he starts being her protector and guide.

5) Younger women bring positive vibes into a relationship

What Attracts An Older Man To A Younger Woman Truth Revealed

There are many examples of situations when an older man said he’s attracted to a younger woman because she brings positive vibes into their relationship. Younger women are full of life, they seek adventures and different activities. On top of that, they look forward to every day that’s in front of them.

That positivity is what makes them special and so attractive. No one gives better energy than young women who will ‘force’ you to enjoy life and have fun with them every day. They are the ones who show you that there are tons of reasons to bring positive vibes with you wherever you go.

So it should come as no surprise that they are attractive to both, younger and older guys. Their smile and energy are so powerful, that they can make someone’s worse day, the best one. Who wouldn’t want to have a person like that as a partner?

Also, relationships that are full of positive vibes have a much higher chance of succeeding!

6) They make older men feel wanted

If an older guy is approached by someone, it’s usually a woman around his age. And that’s totally understandable and it should also be proof enough of how attractive and desired they are.

But there is something that can make them feel even more wanted. Something that will give them the special proof they’ve been waiting for.

And that’s being approached by a younger woman, or successfully approaching one. When an older woman wants to meet them it’s nothing that would surprise them. Because it’s expected for people who are approximately the same age to get together.

But when a younger woman shows interest in them, that’s something that can swipe them off their feet. It’s proof they wished for, and a situation that can boost their ego and make them appear even more attractive.

By showing interest she is stating that they are even better looking than those young guys she could’ve chosen. It helps older men feel wanted, and it reminds them of their youth.

7) They’ve experienced less drama than older women

DONE What Attracts An Older Man To A Younger Woman Truth Revealed 4

Older women are more likely to experience many tough situations in life. All those situations leave scars and fears that might be difficult to deal with for some guys. And some of them don’t even want to try to deal with that, so they look for someone who has as little life experience as possible.

That way they hope to protect themselves from woman’s obsessive ex-boyfriends or husbands, children from other marriages, drama from work, or anything else that could bother an older woman. Of course, there are many women who don’t carry this emotional baggage with them, but some men just don’t want to risk it.

Instead, they hope they’ll find a younger woman. Why? Because they believe she’ll have fewer problems from the past that they’ll have to deal with if they get together. They want something new and refreshing, and they possibly want to forget their old relationships that weren’t successful.

8) They are more adventurous

Younger women are more adventurous than older ones.

There are two possibilities that explain why is it like that. The first one is because those older women already passed their adventurous period of life. And the second one is that they are afraid they won’t be able to handle experiencing new things as they could a few years ago.

A young woman will always be open to new experiences, and that’s what will attract an older man to her. He will want to prove to her that he can still enjoy life with her, even though he’s much older.

He’ll be motivated by her energy and he’ll feel like a newborn person because she will bring back the light into his life.

On the other hand, he will also be happy because he will get the opportunity to show her places and activities he used to do when he was her age. They will always have lots of fun ideas about how to spend their time together. And their relationship will never be boring.

9) They are more naive

What Attracts An Older Man To A Younger Woman Truth Revealed

This is one of the more toxic reasons older men choose younger women. They’ve probably been with women their age and they are well experienced in that field. That’s how they learned that those women are hard to control.

They already know what they want and what’s something they definitely won’t stand in a relationship. As they are also well experienced, they’ll easily recognize the lies that men typically use, and the fake promises they make after a fight. That’s why older men try to find a younger woman for themselves.

They believe that she will be easier to start a relationship with. A guy will think that they still haven’t been through much in life and they easily believe everything the person they’re with says.

They only see the best in people, and they’ll hope you’re each other soulmates. Especially because the trend of ‘soulmates’ has been recently popularized by the younger generations.

Older men will choose these girls because they think they’ll control them more easily.

10) Older men want a safe future

Some older men aren’t old and single because that’s how they planned their lives to look. Many of them dreamt of having a family with a woman they love. But somehow every woman they met was the wrong choice. And now they’re considered older guys, and their chances of finding the one seem smaller than ever.

They’re probably able to find a woman who’s approximately their age, but they are worried because of one thing. They want kids, and the older the woman is, the harder it is to conceive. That’s why they’re focused on finding a younger woman.

They want to have a safe future. And they believe a younger woman will bring that to them more easily. Of course, it’s only okay if she wants that, too.

11) They are afraid of commitment

DONE What Attracts An Older Man To A Younger Woman Truth Revealed 6

Another possible answer to “What attracts an older man to a younger woman?” is that they are afraid of commitment. Maybe it sounds confusing at first, but you’ll easily understand it after I explain it to you.

Older men have been through lots of ups and downs in their lives. That means that they’ve probably been into at least a few failed relationships.

Maybe some of them didn’t succeed because of them, but some probably also turned out bad because a woman disappointed them. Situations like those can easily make a person fear commitment.

When they’re dating a younger woman they feel a bit safer when it comes to that. Why? Because they think she also probably won’t be interested in getting too serious too soon.

Some men also believe that young women are more prone to having short-term relationships and they also do not expect much to come out of them.

That’s what makes older men stress less about how their woman might look at the relationship. If it turns out to be the one, it’s great. But if it doesn’t, none of them will get very hurt.

12) They like the fact that they’ll treat her like a princess

An older man can be attracted to a younger woman because she will give him the opportunity to treat her like a princess. Some men really like to behave like protectors and princes whose purpose is to cherish their princesses and keep them safe from everything evil in this world.

When they get older, men usually start feeling anxious about their age and how fast time’s passing. They start thinking about the purpose of life and all the things they could’ve done so far. Then when they meet a younger girl who likes being treated like a princess, they feel like their life just got a new purpose.

It’s to keep them happy and try to make their dreams come true.

13) They believe she will help them live longer

What Attracts An Older Man To A Younger Woman Truth Revealed

Lots of men believe that if they start dating a younger woman it will help them live longer. And it actually can be true to some extent.

Don’t worry, women aren’t witches who’ll make potions so they can keep their men alive. But they have the power to motivate them to live their lives the way they did when they were younger.

As I said, getting older can be scary. You start thinking about how much you’ve already lived, and how much you’ve changed over that period of time.

Then you get anxious and possibly even depressed because you feel like you can’t live the way you did before. That brings stress, and stress can lower your lifespan.

However, if you meet a younger woman she’ll be your motivation to enjoy life. She’ll be a person who’ll help you get rid of thoughts that your mid-life crisis is forcing on you, so you’ll get a chance to live a stress-free life. And it will probably even add a few years to your life.

14) Other men will be jealous

If an older man has a girlfriend who is much younger than him. It won’t go unnoticed when they’re somewhere in public. Especially if they’re both really good-looking. There will be many comments; some will be positive, and some negative. But one thing is for sure, they will get people’s attention.

They will mostly catch the eyes of other guys who’ll pass by them. That’s something that will make older men feel great because they’ll be aware that someone is jealous of their life. They’ll notice every look that comes their way.

You know how men like competing, especially with each other. Seeing another man looking at him and his beautiful young woman, will definitely feel like a victory for the older guy. He’ll feel superior and that’s a feeling he probably hasn’t felt for a long time.

Think about all the thoughts going through the younger guy’s mind. “Why was I rejected last night?”, “If he can do it, why can’t I?”, “Wow, they look amazing, I wish I had a life like that”, and so on. This will motivate the older guy to work on himself even more.

15) It helps their ego

DONE What Attracts An Older Man To A Younger Woman Truth Revealed 8

The last answer I have that’s concerning the question “What attracts an older man to a younger woman?” is that it helps their ego. How? Well, it’s connected to the things I just mentioned under number 14. Guys love being better than other guys. It helps them feel more confident and powerful.

Let’s say an older man is dating a younger woman, and he goes to the bar with his mates. They start asking him questions about how the two of them met and how big the age gap between them is. Then they cheer on him for being able to attract a beautiful young woman.

When he comes back home his self-esteem bar will rise to the maximum and he’ll feel like the most attractive and successful man on Earth. And whenever someone says something about him and his partner, these feelings will get stronger and stronger.

These are some things that feed him and help him stay motivated in order to hear more people praise him and his life.

How to notice if an older man is attracted to a younger woman?

Now we know what attracts an older man to a younger woman, but there’s one question that could have some interesting answers too. How to notice that he fancies a woman like that? Are those the same signs everyone gives when they are attracted to someone or something changes?

Let’s take a look at how an older man will behave if he wants to flirt with a younger woman.

He talks about how beautiful younger women are.

He asks about her relationship status.

An older man always points out how young she looks.

He adds her on social media.

He doesn’t act like an older guy.

– It’s important for him to make sure she notices he’s following the same trends as younger people.

– He compliments her.

– He dresses like younger guys.

– If he has kids, he doesn’t mention them much because it points out his age.

– He likes to talk about how active and adventurous he is.

– Sometimes he might even mention his financial situation (if it’s something he’s proud of).

– He makes excuses to see her.

– He makes sure she feels wanted and appreciated.

So what do you think about this? Was there something that surprised you or could you already guess most of these behaviors?

How do these couples usually meet?

What Attracts An Older Man To A Younger Woman Truth Revealed

In order for an older man to be attracted to a younger woman, he needs to meet her first. But when a huge age gap is present, those people usually don’t hang out in the same places. So how do they usually meet each other?

So far, I found the two most common options. The first one is clubs. This one is mostly true for older men who still act like they’re much younger, or they just like to enjoy the things they did years before.

They go to the clubs and remember the times when they were approaching girls, and they do the same. They don’t let their age stop them.

But the things that sometimes bother them are when people look at them like it’s not okay to want to meet someone much younger. Or when girls act like they are creeps instead of saying they aren’t interested.

But some guys really are persistent even when women say “no” to them so you gotta understand why women perceive them as such.

The other option, which is even more common than the first one is social media. It’s a safe place for older men because they can present themselves with the help of their best-looking photos, and charming slides in the DMs.

They have tons of options to choose from, and they also don’t fear rejection as much as they do when they’re approaching someone in person. The worst thing that can happen online is that they’ll get blocked. But that will just open the possibility of texting someone new.

On the other hand, maybe she’ll show she’s interested and they’ll agree to go on a date.

What keeps their relationship alive?

Let’s see what we’ve learned so far. What attracts an older man to a younger woman, how does he behave when he wants to flirt with her, and how do they usually meet? Now it’s time to answer the last question I’ve prepared for you: What keeps their relationship alive?

At first glance, it seems like they are very different. Big age differences carry different opinions, different backgrounds, values, and even styles of dating. It seems like a relationship destined to fail. But take a look at how many examples of couples like that we are able to see every day.

I’ll go back to celebrities for a quick second. Beyonce and Jay-Z have an age gap of 12 years, yet they’ve been married since 2008. Ryan Reynolds is 11 years older than Blake Lively, but they’ve been having the most amazing marriage since 2012.

These are just some little proofs that show it’s more than possible to keep a relationship like that alive.

They have so much to show to each other. Younger women can help older men stay active, positive, and energetic for a longer period of time than they would usually be. And older men can help guide and protect their younger partners. All in all, they seem to make each other happy.

In the end, I would like to say that not all men would give the same answer to “What attracts an older man to a younger woman?”, but I tried to gather as many explanations as I could to show you the most common ones.

I hope you know understand the real reason why people with a significant age gap fall for each other. It may look weird to you, but as long as they’re happy, it’s all that matters.

What Attracts An Older Man To A Younger Woman: Truth Revealed

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