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If A Man Wants You In His Life, He’ll Do These 16 Things For You

If A Man Wants You In His Life, He’ll Do These 16 Things For You

Be honest and tell me: How many times has a man promised you that he’ll stay by your side forever? And how many times has he broken that promise? The truth is, if a man wants you in his life, he’ll do whatever it takes to keep his word. 

It’s heartbreaking to be dating someone for years, thinking he’s the one, only to find out that he had no intention of making it official. 

It’s the kind of news that can leave you feeling sad and lonely for a long time, and cause you to have trust issues in every new relationship that you start.

Suddenly, you become one of those women who keeps asking herself whether she’ll ever get married or if the guy is being serious even though you’re only on the first date. 

It’s hard, I get it. 

Each of us is trying to protect our hearts from being broken into a million pieces. Healing from such a traumatic event can take months or even years. 

Many make the mistake and jump straight into a new relationship, thinking that a fresh start will cure their emotional wounds. But, in order to turn a new page in your life, you need to face your feelings first and deal with them like a mature human being. 

And luckily for you, there are obvious signs a man wants you in his life. It’s just a matter of noticing them and not listening to your heart all the time. 

If a man wants you in his life, he’ll do these 16 things 

DONE! If A Man Wants You In His Life, He'll Do These 16 Things For You

Truthfully, there are many guys out there who aren’t looking for a serious relationship and instead, want to keep things casual. Those kinds of guys have commitment issues and sooner or later they’ll have to change if they ever wish to settle down and have a family.

But how do you know if someone is serious about you or just playing games with you? Well, there are clues that can tell you when a man is really into you and doesn’t consider you a short-term fling. 

If you’re like the rest of us, then you’re probably blinded by love and you listen to your heart instead of your head. 

That’s why guys leave you in the first place. Once you stop being a challenge for a man, that’s when he’ll move away from you. It’s only natural for them to chase after a woman, and being a bit mysterious can help you achieve that. 

And if a man wants you in his life, then he’ll do the following things: 

1. He’ll show his true self

Many guys like to act tough and talk a good game, but if your potential partner can relax and be himself around you, then you can be sure he’s ready for a committed relationship. The reason is that he feels at ease around you and trusts that you won’t judge him in any way. 

And trust is pretty important for any relationship. Without it, two people can’t feel comfortable with each other and a relationship like that will lack stability. 

One way to see if he’s showing you his true self or pretending to be someone he’s not is to notice how he behaves when you two are alone and when you’re around his friends and family. 

If he acts differently in those situations, then that could be a red flag that he’s trying to hide something from you. 

If that isn’t enough for you, then pay attention to what he tells you about himself. Does he leave out important details about his life? Does he seem nervous when you ask him about his exes or family? 

If yes, then he’s probably not that into you and isn’t prepared for a long-term relationship.

On the other hand, if he reveals everything about his life, even the bad bits, then it’s likely that this man wants you in his life and isn’t afraid to show his true self to you. 

2. He’ll give you all of his attention 

DONE! If A Man Wants You In His Life, He'll Do These 16 Things For You

There might be other women out there, but for him, you’re the only one. So, if a man wants you in his life, then he’ll only care about what and how you’re doing.

Other women won’t hold any fascination for him at all. His eyes will be locked on you and he won’t be able to look away. 

The focus of his attention will be you and he’ll spend hours talking about your interests and goals because he wants to know everything about you.

This guy will always make you feel special even if you think that there are much prettier women in the room than you. 

A little self-doubt is healthy, but you can’t let it fool you. A man who gives you that much attention has fallen hard for you. And I know that you want to be part of his life too. 

There’s no need for you to have a negative mindset whenever you go on a date with a man like that. I understand that you’ve been heartbroken before, but that doesn’t mean you’re not worthy of receiving genuine love. 

Let go of the fear and start enjoying the process of getting to know each other.

3. He’ll slow down for you 

This is one of the best ways to find out a man’s intention and whether or not he’s ready to commit to you. 

So, ask yourself: Does this man respect your boundaries? If the answer is yes and if he still pursues you, then you can be certain that he wants you in his life. 

He sees you as his potential girlfriend and doesn’t mind slowing things down if that means he gets to be with you. 

A man like this understands that you haven’t set those boundaries for no reason. He knows that they exist to protect your soft heart from being broken again. 

He doesn’t care if he has to wait a while before taking it to the next level. He’s sure that you’re worth the wait. 

4. He’ll value your opinion 

DONE! If A Man Wants You In His Life, He'll Do These 16 Things For You

A man who asks for your opinion rather than rejecting it immediately is someone who values your presence in his life. 

I’m not talking about small silly decisions like where you’re going to eat or what you’re going to watch tonight. If a man asks for your opinion regarding bigger decisions like if he should move to another city for work, then that’s a clear sign he wants you in his life.  

He doesn’t just think about himself anymore. Instead, he values your opinion because he desires to build a future with you. 

You can expect that a man like this will make it official soon enough. 

5. He’ll keep his promises 

As I mentioned earlier, trust and honesty are the keystones of a healthy relationship. If this man you’re dating is keeping his promise to take you to see a movie on Friday night after a busy day, then that’s a good sign he’s really into you.

After all, as he becomes more invested, you become more and more important to him. His goal isn’t just to leave you hanging once he sees that you’re in love with him. 

He doesn’t want to disappoint you like that. And even if he does unintentionally disappoint you, a man who wants you in his life will be upset about it and do everything he can to make it up to you. 

He respects and values your time, and knows that you’re making certain sacrifices for him too. 

6. He’ll make you his priority 

DONE! If A Man Wants You In His Life, He'll Do These 16 Things For You

If it’s obvious to you that this man prioritizes you over everyone, then you can be sure he wants a serious relationship with you. A man who considers you his number one priority and shows that through little things, is a man who wants you to be part of his life. 

I’m not saying he’ll drop everything for you for your every little whim. After all, everyone has to have a life outside of their relationship. 

Instead, a man who makes you a priority will always organize dates with you in advance and he’ll never cancel your plans. Also, he’ll take action to show you that you mean a lot to him. 

You won’t doubt his intentions as he’ll be there for you whenever you need him. 

7. He’ll be honest with you 

It’s common for men to be pretty secretive about their emotions unless they’re certain that you’re the one for them. 

If a man wants you in his life, then he’ll be completely honest about everything that might concern you. He’ll tell how happy is when you’re around him and how he wants to spend more time with you. 

If you can relate to this, then that’s a great sign he wants a relationship with you. 

Everyone knows that it takes a lot of courage for a man to admit how he feels. So, if a man tells you that he’s in love with you, you’d better believe him. 

You don’t have to be a relationship expert to figure out that he’s head over heels over you. 

And even if he doesn’t tell you he has feelings for you, don’t be discouraged. Not all men are able to be totally honest with their emotions. 

Some men need more time to build trust and feel comfortable and safe before verbalizing their feelings. 

8. He’ll back up his words with actions 

DONE! If A Man Wants You In His Life, He'll Do These 16 Things For You

A man who genuinely wants you in his life won’t just say that he cares about you. He’ll show you that through his actions. After all, you can tell a lot more from a man’s actions than his words. 

So, if he’s serious about you, then it’ll be written all over him. He’ll go out of his way to help you whenever you call him and he’ll take himself off dating sites and apps. 

He won’t pursue any other women because he wants to make a good impression on you. He’ll delete and reject all contact with his exes and girls he was “talking” to. 

Now that he’s sure you’re the one for him, you become the main woman in his life. 

9. He’ll tell you that he wants to be exclusive with you 

This is probably fairly obvious, but many women tend to ignore it because they have trust issues. 

If a man makes it clear that he’s dating you and only you, then there’s no doubt he wants to be in a long-term relationship with you. 

You won’t see him spending time with other women because you’ll have his full attention. 

Also, he doesn’t want to see you with anyone else. He expects you to leave your past relationships behind and move forward together with him. 

I mean, it’s a well-known truth that most single men like to date as many women as they possibly can. But this guy isn’t like the rest of them. 

As hard as it is to believe, he wants to be exclusive with you. That’s why you need to look for other signs as well. Only then will you see that he means every single word he says. 

10. He’ll make long-term plans with you 

DONE! If A Man Wants You In His Life, He'll Do These 16 Things For You

Is he asking you about your future? Does he talk about his goals and dreams and where he’ll be in the next 20 years? 

If yes, then this is a sign he’s ready for a relationship. Because a man who speaks about his future plans has only one thing in mind – to see if you fit into them. 

For example, he may ask you whether or not you’re planning to move overseas in the near future or where your dream location is. This man considers you an option for building a strong relationship, so if you’re planning to move somewhere far, then that clearly won’t be possible. 

And if he’s making plans with you for the next month or even year, there’s a good chance he’s genuinely interested in being with you long-term. 

On the flip side, a man who doesn’t care about you and is looking for a casual relationship won’t ask you these types of questions at all. 

Usually, guys don’t reveal their plans publicly. They’re silent about them – unless they meet the right woman. 

11. He’ll tell you all about his past relationship failures

A man who wants you in his life won’t keep any secrets from you and that includes details about his past relationships. 

A mature man isn’t afraid to be vulnerable and let you know that he’s made mistakes in the past. He’ll talk about them openly with you so you know where he’s messed up and how he’s learned and changed over the years. 

But that’s not all. He also expects that you talk about your exes as well.

You know what people say: It takes two to tango. So don’t be scared that he’ll run away as soon as you start talking about your previous boyfriends. 

Don’t think that he’s living in the past just because he brings out old memories. It’s just that he wants to share his life with someone who respects all of him. 

12. He’ll introduce you to his friends and family

DONE! If A Man Wants You In His Life, He'll Do These 16 Things For You

A sure sign a man wants you in his life is when he introduces you to his family and friends. You may think that this isn’t a big deal, but it is. 

Once a man becomes comfortable around you and is willing to take things to another level, that’s when he’s likely to let you in his inner circle. 

On the other hand, you should be concerned about a man’s intentions if he refuses to introduce you to any of his close ones for no particular reason. That’s when you know he’s not in it for the long haul. 

Generally, men are rather protective of the people they care about. They won’t tell others that you’re their girlfriend unless they’re absolutely certain they have a future with you. 

A lot of time women, tend to ignore this sign, even though it’s one of the major ones that he wants you in his life. 

13. He’ll want to get closer to your family and friends 

If your man is serious about you, then he’ll try to get closer to your family and friends. 

Usually, guys with the wrong intentions will make up all sorts of excuses not to meet your loved ones. They’ll run away as soon as they see things are becoming serious. 

But a man who has the best in mind for you will be eager to meet your best friends and family. He wants to be part of your world and see how you treat your loved ones. 

Although, you need to be careful and figure out whether or not your guy is shy. If he is, then he might find it uncomfortable spending time around your friends. 

That’s why he’ll avoid it, but that doesn’t mean he’s not that into you. Eventually, when he finds the courage to meet them, he’ll suggest it to you. 

14. He’ll regularly initiate contact with you 

DONE! If A Man Wants You In His Life, He'll Do These 16 Things For You

Tell me, does your man text you frequently over social media or via texts? If your answer is yes, then you be sure that he misses you and that he wants to see you as soon as possible. 

You don’t need to be afraid that he’s a manipulator or a liar because he’ll always have a valid reason for why he wasn’t able to talk to you when you called him. He’ll send you good morning texts and before you go to sleep, he’ll wish you goodnight and tell you that he can’t wait to see you again. 

If a man wants you in his life, then he’ll initiate contact with you and you won’t have to wonder where he is and with whom. He’ll tell you everything about his plans for the day so that you don’t suspect he’s with another girl. 

15. He’ll try to resolve arguments instead of escalate them 

You may think that those Hollywood couples aren’t fighting at all and that their relationships are harmonious and sweet. Well, I hate to be the one to break it to you, but every couple has its ups and downs.

Arguments and fights are part of every relationship – even healthy ones. You can’t avoid them. 

But there’s a difference between a man who wants you in his life and someone who doesn’t – it’s in their way of dealing with arguments. 

A guy who genuinely cares about you will try to keep his composure and resolve the disagreement in a healthy way. He won’t let it escalate into something bigger. 

Also, he won’t let his emotions get the best of him, so you won’t hear him say any bad things to you just because he’s mad at that moment. 

He’ll show you respect even in those types of situations because he doesn’t want to lose or hurt you. That’s how you know his emotions are honest and pure. 

16. He’ll treat you like a lady 

DONE! If A Man Wants You In His Life, He'll Do These 16 Things For You

The right guy will always make sure to treat you like a lady. He’ll open doors for you, apologize for his mistakes, and he’ll never take you for granted. 

You won’t feel uncomfortable around him because he’ll slow his pace down to match yours. That’s a sign he has a deep respect for you and that your emotions and needs are his priority. 

But if he doesn’t behave in this way, it’s a clear sign he doesn’t care about your well-being at all. If you find yourself in a situation like that, the only choice you have is to walk away from him. 

It’s important that you’re proud of him and that you always feel safe with him. That’s why if a man wants you in his life, he’ll treat you like a queen.

If A Man Wants You In His Life, He'll Do These 16 Things For You

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