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How To Make A Leo Man Miss You: 10 Tips & Tricks

How To Make A Leo Man Miss You: 10 Tips & Tricks

Has your Leo guy started pulling away from you? Are you wondering how to make a Leo man miss you? 

Since Leo is a fire sign and is considered the king of the jungle, you might think that making a Leo man miss you is difficult, but it’s not if you know the right ways to go about it. 

Unlike some other zodiac signs that aren’t considered that friendly (think of Scorpio, Aquarius, as Pisces), a Leo man is quite the opposite.

A Leo guy is very outgoing, sympathetic, and attentive. But that doesn’t mean that it’s impossible for them to miss a particular person.

You can do certain things to make him think about you and make him chase you. 

Compatibility plays a huge role in Leo’s love life, so before you do anything outlined here, ask yourself whether you two are even compatible.  

Once you’ve established that, then you can move to the next stage and get your Leo man back into your life. 

Sometimes it’s difficult to know what a Leo man wants. In most cases, they’re pretty honest and straightforward, but just like any other man, they tend to keep certain things to themselves.

As a consequence, you might have a tough time attracting your Leo male, but if you apply the tips listed here, then you’re sure to make him fall in love with you again.

How to make a Leo man miss you

How To Make A Leo Man Miss You 10 Tips & Tricks

Unlike a Virgo or Libra man, a Leo man is very friendly and affectionate. Most times, he’ll be surrounded by friends or family, so finding the chance to spend some time alone with him can prove to be challenging.

If you want to get a Leo man to miss you, your best bet is to make an impact when you’re around him. You have to stimulate the part of his brain that is associated with affection and love.

If you want him to miss you, help him activate his primal instincts within him. This is also known as the “hero instinct.”

If you achieve your goal and stimulate this instinct, then he’ll be flooded with emotions of power, pride, joy, and purpose. And as you know, these are the feelings that men want to have in a romantic relationship. 

Your goal is to make him feel like he’s the best in the world. Once you have such an impact on him, he’ll miss you like crazy and come running back to you. Why? Because he’ll be addicted to you.

Characteristics of a Leo man

Leo is one of the most loyal and faithful zodiac signs out there. When you get married to a Leo man, you won’t have to worry about him finding another girl because he’ll stay devoted to only you.

And this is a personality trait that all women look for when they want to tie the knot with someone. 

But this isn’t the only thing you should be thinking about when starting a relationship with someone or even deciding whether or not you’re ready to say “yes.” 

It takes much more than being loyal to make a relationship work. 

DONE! How To Make A Leo Man Miss You 10 Tips & Tricks

In most cases, if you’re thinking about ways to make him miss you, you would consider it to be a red flag. It means that you lack some excitement in your relationship and that the honeymoon stage is over.

According to some astrologers, Capricorn, Cancer, and Scorpio men won’t respond positively if you apply some of the tactics mentioned here. But fortunately, that’s not the case with a Leo.

He’ll be different because he can’t call it quits. He can’t so easily give up on something – he’s too proud to do so. A Leo man will do anything in his power to make things work. 

The worst mistake you can make if you want to make a Leo man miss you is to make him jealous. You’ll never get him to miss you if you play the jealousy card – you’ll only succeed in losing him for good.

Have your expectations set first before moving forward. 

Don’t expect him to stay by your side if you question his loyalty and commitment. And whatever you do, don’t ever make a Leo compete for your attention, love, or time. He’ll never do that.

Instead, he’ll leave you and never return. His pride doesn’t allow him to play those silly games. 

Tips & tricks to make a Leo man miss you 

If your relationship has grown stale or if he left you, there are tips that you can follow to make him miss you. Leo man loves seeing that you’re ready to put in extra effort to make the relationship work.

A Leo man likes to be at the center of attention, so don’t be shy to try out some of these tips next time you’re around him. 

1. Show him that you’re confident

DONE How To Make A Leo Man Miss You 10 Tips Tricks 3

I know that you’re crushing on this guy big time or you might even love him, but don’t fall for him that hard. Or at least don’t be too obvious in showing him that you can’t live without him.

You sense that he’s the one and every ounce of your being is reaching out to him, but be sure to tone it down a bit. 

The best thing you can do is show him that you can live without him. At the end of the day, your happiness doesn’t depend on him. Show him that! 

Be happy with yourself without faking it. Let that confidence shine through. By doing this, you’ll exude your natural confidence and he’ll be instantly attracted to you because of it.

He won’t have the power to resist you and that’s when you’ll see that he misses you. 

Unlike Gemini and Aries who aren’t that impressed by others’ confidence levels, a Leo man isn’t like that. Your natural confidence will resonate with him as you two will be filled with positive energy. 

Wondering how to get a Leo man interested in you? 

Well, be confident in yourself and in what you’re doing and you’ll definitely catch his eye. And not just that, he’ll stay hooked on you as long as you keep doing it. 

He’ll see that you’re a one-of-a-kind woman who isn’t fighting to get his attention (even though you are, but he’s unaware of it). 

As a bonus tip, try to not be that impressed by anything he does. If he sees that you depend on him, he’ll quickly distance himself from you. 

Be sure not to do anything over the top so that he spends more time thinking about your intentions. Analyze your words if you need to. Also, don’t be overly critical of him as he’ll interpret that as him not being good enough for you. 

2. Let him remember you by your fragrance

How To Make A Leo Man Miss You 10 Tips & Tricks

If you’ve played your cards right, then you must have gotten his attention by now. You might have gotten even more than that. 

So while the other women are clinging to him, he’s all over you. 

What’s your next step?

Well, if the two of you have spent the night together, then you should probably have left your fragrance on him. It might sound silly, but if you haven’t done that, then you should!

Next time you get the opportunity to be around him or in his apartment, carefully dab his pillows or bedsheets with some fragrance. You can also give him a long hug so he remembers your scent.

The thing is you already have his attention – now you have to maintain it. Try to find a way so that he doesn’t forget about you. We all know that scents will make you remember certain places or people.

That’s why when he recognizes your fragrance, his memories of your recent encounter will come alive in his mind. He’ll start craving you. 

You’ll see him sending you text messages of how he misses you and how he can’t wait to see you again. Thoughts of you will linger even when you’re not physically there with him.  

3. Ignore him a little 

DONE How To Make A Leo Man Miss You 10 Tips Tricks 5

While trying to make a man jealous can certainly backfire at you, especially if you’re trying to make a Leo man jealous, ignoring him can have a positive outcome. 

The truth is, even though Leos are constantly seeking attention, they will also quickly lose it if they see that they’re getting it too easily. 

As a result, he’ll start getting cool towards you. Your best move is to ignore him for a short while and see what happens next. 

If you’ve done your job right, then ignoring him will have immediate results. He’ll miss the attention that you’ve been giving him and return to you in no time. 

Usually, that’s when a Leo man starts to charm a woman so that she gives him her attention. He’ll be all romantic and cute just so he can satisfy his needs. 

On the other hand, if you ignore him and it doesn’t work immediately, then you might have deeper troubles in your relationship. 

In that case, be careful and ask him if everything is okay. Show that you’re concerned about him and that the state of your relationship is important to you.

If something bothers him that hasn’t anything to do with you, then he’ll tell you that. A Leo man isn’t that good at hiding his feelings. 

In either case, whatever it is that he does, you’ll have a better idea about what to do next. 

4. Challenge him

How To Make A Leo Man Miss You 10 Tips & Tricks

If you hadn’t figured it out by now, a Leo man likes a woman who isn’t easy to get. He’s not into casual relationships and wants a woman who will challenge him to be better.

But be careful not to overstep your boundaries and start telling him what he should and shouldn’t do. Words will have an impact on a Leo, but he’ll see if you’re worthy of him through your actions. 

Just like the king of the jungle, a Leo man will want to take the lead. That’s why you should challenge him through your actions to work on and improve himself.

If you try to control him, though, he’ll just feel threatened by you and see it as you questioning his dominance. 

But that doesn’t mean that a Leo man doesn’t know how to say sorry. In fact, when a Leo man says that he’s sorry, then you better believe it since he’ll talk from his heart and not just sweet-talk you.

Leos are virtuous and fair. They won’t have a problem accepting and apologizing for their mistakes.

5. Give him the space that he needs

DONE How To Make A Leo Man Miss You 10 Tips Tricks 7

Another surefire way to make a Leo man miss you is to make him see just what he’s missing out on. 

I know it might sound silly, but you have to show him that you’re a tough cookie and that you can easily spend the rest of your life without him. 

Keep some distance from a Leo man and he’ll start to miss you in no time.

For instance, you can always choose to give him the silent treatment if he hurt you. That way he’ll feel guilty for doing so in the first place, and quickly run back to you. 

If you don’t give him the benefit of the doubt and he knows he has you in the palm of his hand, then he’ll only take you for granted or – worse yet – leave you because you’re not interesting enough to him.

If you really want to make him miss you, then you’ve got to give him some space. Only then will he see how empty and meaningless his life is without you in it. He’ll start to reminisce on your past memories and how happy he was when he had you.

6. Be a bit unpredictable and mysterious  

How To Make A Leo Man Miss You 10 Tips & Tricks

Are you wondering how to make a Leo man miss you? You can keep his interest by being mysterious and even a bit unpredictable from time to time.

You see, if he knows everything that you’ll say or do, then he’ll quickly get bored by your relationship. Sometimes your best option is to keep him guessing a bit.

Don’t let him know everything about yourself. As I mentioned already, keep him feeling challenged the more he’s with you.

Don’t lay all your cards on the table on your first date or if you see him again after you two have broken up. Giving away everything about yourself can be your downfall as you’ll never make him miss you.

Take small steps and give him small details about your life. Use the pull-push tactic to keep him interested and attracted to you. 

Knowing how to cleverly play your cards works like a charm when trying to make a Leo man miss you.

7.  Take a break

DONE How To Make A Leo Man Miss You 10 Tips Tricks 9

Sometimes ignoring a Leo man won’t work for you. Instead, you can decide to take a short break from the relationship altogether. 

If you went on dates, just stop. And if you were in a long-term relationship, then say that you have to take some time out to clear your mind. 

Don’t try to be sweet and kind to him because it won’t work. He won’t miss you. I know it’s a hard thing to do, but refrain from sending him text messages saying that you’re wishing he’s there with you. 

Being in a long-term relationship is no walk in the park. Over time, you become oversaturated with each other’s presence and feel the need for some alone time.

You spend every single day with each other and that can be exhausting. So shake things up a bit by taking some time alone.

But be sure to talk to him and say that it’s only temporary. Explain how it would benefit the both of you as you’ll have more time to remind yourself that you both still have a life outside of the relationship.

It’s also a nice way to rekindle your romantic flame. 

8. Show him your playful side

How To Make A Leo Man Miss You 10 Tips & Tricks

Another tip to make a Leo man miss you is to show him that you know how to laugh and be fun-loving – that you have a great sense of humor.

It’s important for you to show him that you have a playful side – that you know how to take a joke and when to laugh at your own expense. 

It’s not good to always be serious and moody. Focus on the positive things in life and he’ll want to be around you. 

Also, it’s really important that you laugh at his jokes. A Leo really likes to throw a joke or two. He’ll appreciate you more if you laugh with him. 

Why? Because he knows that he made you happy and that brings him satisfaction.

Keep his interest by laughing at his jokes and you’ll see how he gives all of his attention to you. 

Even if you don’t find it funny, just appreciate that he made an effort to make you smile. After all, smiling won’t cost you anything. 

9. Build a strong emotional connection

DONE How To Make A Leo Man Miss You 10 Tips Tricks 11

Flirting and having fun come easy when you’re a Leo. But if you want him to miss you, then you have to build a strong emotional relationship with him. 

By doing so, you’ll satisfy any emotional craving that he has and he’ll want to stay by your side forever. 

If you tap into his emotions and connect on a deeper level, he’ll see you as the missing piece he searched for his entire life. 

Having a strong emotional connection with someone means a lot to Leo, and he won’t consider a romantic relationship without it. 

On top of that, he’ll miss you even in the presence of his friends. The best part is that he’ll only dedicate his attention to you. 

10. Let him chase you

How To Make A Leo Man Miss You 10 Tips & Tricks

Like every other guy, Leo enjoys the thrill of the chase.  So, how do you make a Leo man miss you?

Well, show him that you’re more interested in him than other people. Once you got his attention, he’ll be curious to see what you’re up to and why you’re asking all those questions. 

On top of that, you’ll leave him wanting more. The more he wants to find out about you, the more he has you in his mind. 

Signs that he really misses you

Now that you know how to make a Leo man miss you, you must be wondering how you can know that it worked. Well, there are clear signs a Leo man is attracted to you and genuinely misses you.

1. He uses every chance to be near you

How To Make A Leo Man Miss You 10 Tips & Tricks

He’ll show that he’s interested in you and that he misses you by being closer to you. Even if you’re hanging out with your friends, he’ll try to find ways to stay physically close to you. 

He does this because he enjoys your presence. Believe me, he’ll never fail to seize the opportunity to be with you if he genuinely misses you.

2. He calls you out of the blue

If he suddenly texts or calls you to see how your day has been or how you’re doing, then you know that you’ve hooked him.

He may not have a specific reason for calling you, but still, he contacted you because he genuinely misses you. 

He has become dependent on you and your voice. 

3. He puts in the effort to make you laugh  

How To Make A Leo Man Miss You 10 Tips & Tricks

Leos like when everyone’s eyes are on them. They want everyone to be happy around them, so that’s why they’ll crack a joke or two. 

But if he honestly misses you, then he’ll do everything he can to make you laugh. He does it because he wants to see your smile. Your smile is what makes you unique. 

And it’s an honor for him to see you smile. 

4. He prioritizes you

A Leo man who prioritizes you is someone who genuinely misses you and your company. Everyone wants their partner to put them above others, but Leo takes it a step further. 

He’ll drop everything he does just to see you if he misses you. That’s because he can’t get enough of you and his goal is to spend as much time as possible with you. 

How To Make A Leo Man Miss You: 10 Tips & Tricks

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