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When Does A Man Start To Miss You? 10 Ways To Make Him Crave You

When Does A Man Start To Miss You? 10 Ways To Make Him Crave You

When does a man start to miss you? Does he miss you right away or does he need some time to figure out his feelings for you?

When a man misses a woman, does he feel the same way as you do?

The answers to these questions aren’t easy.

But keep in mind that it doesn’t matter if the guy is your ex or if you’re dating that handsome man you’ve met, the goal is to make him miss you.

If you want your guy to freely express his feelings for you, then you have to make him miss you.

He needs to have an opportunity to realize how much he cares about you and how he can’t live without you.

And when it comes to dating, there’s a point in your relationship when a man will become distant.

It’s in a man’s nature to pull away when things become more serious, where he’ll start to question whether or not he feels something for you.

Of course, you’re worried that he might not miss you or maybe doesn’t feel the same way he did when he met you.

Your head starts spinning, wondering how to make him miss you and commit once and for all.

When does a man start to miss you?

DONE! When Does A Man Start To Miss You 10 Ways To Make Him Crave You

The simplest answer would be when he feels like you’re slipping through his fingers. But there’s a lot more to it than that, let me explain.

Let’s face it, men’s feelings are very much tied to how attracted they are to the girl. It’s part of the male psychology.

Therefore, a man will feel attracted to you when he knows he has to overcome certain obstacles to get your unconditional love.

Men adore putting in the effort to sweep you off your feet. They don’t want a girl who is too available for them or they’ll start to lose interest.

They love to be challenged. Simply put, a man loves to chase and pursue a woman.

Men have this innate desire to prove themselves over and over again.

And when the desire is overwhelmingly strong, they become absorbed with possible ways to win you over.

That’s the exact point when a man starts to miss you.

Certainly, there are ways to make him miss you, and I’ll get to it soon, but first I’d like to highlight the specific things that determine whether or not a man will miss you.

Are his prompted feelings positive or negative?

DONE! When Does A Man Start To Miss You 10 Ways To Make Him Crave You

Whether or not a man will miss you depends on the emotions that you have generated in him.

It’s one of the most important factors when talking about a man’s feelings for you.

Maybe you’ve heard it somewhere, but generally speaking, people miss the emotions that others have caused in them, and not people themselves.

If you want your man to miss you, then the emotions caused in him must be positive.

That depends on several things. How good is your communication? Do you fight a lot or can you say that you have healthy and honest communication?

That being said, if you prompted positive emotions in your man, then he’ll definitely start to miss you.

How strong are the emotions that you triggered?

DONE! When Does A Man Start To Miss You 10 Ways To Make Him Crave You

Let’s get this straight. You didn’t trigger the same emotions when you were on a hiking trip as when you went to see a movie, right?

You didn’t and that’s okay.

But you have to realize that the more exciting things you did together, the stronger the emotions are and the larger of an impact they will have on your man.

Those strong emotions play a significant role in whether or not a man will miss you.

Can those emotions be replaced? 

This is really easy to figure out. You realize that different people trigger different emotions in us.

That means that the selfless love that is triggered by our parents can’t be replaced by any other human being.

The same thing applies here. If those feelings that you triggered in your man can be caused by another woman, then he may not miss you.

The level of intimacy that you have plays a huge role here.

If you are serious and intimate whenever you meet, chances are he’ll miss you right away.

And last but not least, how important are those feelings for him? 

DONE! When Does A Man Start To Miss You 10 Ways To Make Him Crave You

You have to realize that not all of us are the same.

Maybe it’s important for you to find a partner who you plan on spending the rest of your life with. But that doesn’t mean that he wants the same.

Maybe his priorities are different from yours. He might think that his career is the most important thing in his life.

Maybe he doesn’t want to find that one true love right now.

Your man’s mindset plays a key role in whether or not he’s missing you.

And keep in mind that the emotions you created in him play a significant role if he’s going to miss you or not.

So, when does a man miss you? How can you make him desire your attention and presence?

Regardless of whether you want your ex to miss you, or that handsome guy of yours, there are a few things that you can do to make that happen.

1. Stop calling and texting first

DONE! When Does A Man Start To Miss You 10 Ways To Make Him Crave You

The number one thing you should do to make him miss you is to “control” the situation.

And by that, I mean control when and how you’re going to contact him.

When a man becomes distant and starts pulling away, your natural reaction is to check up on him to see what’s going on.

You come up with a “valid” reason to send him a text message or call him.

But that’s exactly what you need to avoid.

You have to understand that the only way he’s going to miss you and your attention is when he hasn’t heard from you in a while.

The “no contact” rule really works if you are strong enough to resist the urge to call or text him.

And that also includes sending him some funny memes or gifs.

If you constantly check in with him, then you don’t give him the chance to miss you.

And why would he miss you? What is there to miss when he’s used to you texting or calling him every few hours.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t communicate with him at all. But go easy with the texts and calls. Let him initiate them first.

I know it might be a hard thing to do, especially if you like him a lot. All logic goes out of the window when feelings are involved.

But don’t message him unless he messages you. You can also make him wait a couple of hours before you respond.

I guarantee you, during this period, he’ll be wondering what you’re up to and he’ll start to miss you.

2. Be mysterious

DONE! When Does A Man Start To Miss You 10 Ways To Make Him Crave You

Men are really good at hiding stuff from other people.

They tend to keep certain things to themselves and by doing so, they create a certain mystery around them.

There’s nothing more attractive than a mysterious guy, am I right?

On the other hand, women generally aren’t like that. Women love to verbalize their feelings.

However, if you want to make a man miss you, you have to keep off his grid completely.

You need to make him wonder what are you doing and he needs to get frustrated about having no idea where you are or with whom.

That same goes for your social media.

If you’re someone who posts a lot of stuff on her social media, take a step back and don’t post everything you do on your profile.

You have to leave him some room so he can wonder what you’re up to and if you’re having fun without him.

Trust me, he’ll start to wonder whether you’re with another guy or not.

And when he finally decides to contact you, don’t tell him everything you’ve been up to.

Leave out some of the details. You don’t want him to know everything you’ve done for the past however long.

As I said earlier, men love challenges and they love the chase.

He’ll lose interest if he already knows everything there is to know about you.

It makes him feel as if he’s already achieved his goal, which will lessen his attraction for you.

3. Always look stunning

DONE! When Does A Man Start To Miss You 10 Ways To Make Him Crave You

When does a man start to miss you? Well, when he realizes how stunning you are, of course.

Men are visual creatures. You can kick against it as much as you like, but it’s a fact that they fall for your looks before they see your true inner beauty.

By looking your best, he’s going to remember you as the attractive and gorgeous woman you are, and this will be the image that pops up in his head every time he thinks of you.

Of course, it’s perfectly acceptable not to wear your full makeup every time you’re with your guy, but at least put in the effort to look as decent and neat as possible.

And if you’re thinking about trying to get back at your ex, then you have to make him become frustrated that he lost you every time he gets a chance to see you.

That means the next time you go to a party and expect him to see you, bring your A-game.

Wear that killer outfit and makeup so he’ll have something to think about later on when he’s alone and starts thinking about you.

If you’re unsure what to wear, you can always ask your friends for some advice, especially if you have a guy friend.

Luckily for you, your guy friend knows what your ex finds most attractive about you, so he’ll be missing you in no time.

4. Start living your best life

DONE! When Does A Man Start To Miss You 10 Ways To Make Him Crave You

When does a man start to miss you? When you start living your best life, of course.

Let’s be honest for a second.

You’re not attracted to a guy who spends every day playing video games in his basement, right? Well, the same goes for men.

People are naturally attracted to those who we think are living a great life. Why? Because we want to be part of it.

So, if you want him to miss you, then start living your best life. Become your own best friend and go out there and start having fun.

Don’t overthink too much. Just have fun and for a moment pretend like he doesn’t exist.

If you two talked about going hiking or bungee jumping, go without him and post it on social media. You’ll see how quickly he’ll miss you.

You don’t want him to think that you’re just waiting for him to dial your number before living your best life.

You have a life outside of your relationship, you know. It doesn’t revolve around him and if he wants to be a part of it, then he needs to keep up.

Don’t obsess over him, rather invite your friends to go on a trip together without him.

Simply pack your day full of fun activities and do things that interest you.

He’ll start to miss you and be worried about how can he be part of your tight schedule.

5. Be memorable

DONE! When Does A Man Start To Miss You 10 Ways To Make Him Crave You

When you think about it, we only remember those who broke our hearts and those who made our lives more beautiful and fun.

And that’s what you have to do to make a man miss you.

For a man to miss you, you have to make the most of your time together. Go out and do something exciting with him.

You need to make an impression on him that he won’t forget so easily. Go out and make the most of your time together.

Try to be memorable and easy-going. It doesn’t mean that you have to go out and do something crazy every time you two are together.

Even when you talk on the phone or text each other, you can make an impression on him. You just have to be in a good mood and engaging.

Find your inner happiness so that when you two are together, you have plenty to share.

Trust me, no one wants to be around negative people. He’s only going to miss you if you’re positive.

Get him hooked by being fun and outgoing. By doing so, you ensure that he misses you every time you two aren’t together.

6. Use social media to make him miss you

DONE! When Does A Man Start To Miss You 10 Ways To Make Him Crave You

Social media can be a very powerful tool to make him miss you – if you know how to use it properly.

As I said before, it’s good to be mysterious and leave some details of your life hidden, just so you poke his imagination a little bit.

But social media can also be a great tool for you to show him the parts of your life you want him to see.

Believe me, if he likes you, then he’s most likely stalking you online, so use that to your advantage.

Show your playful and cool side. Make him realize what he’s missing by not being with you at that moment.

Men want to chase a woman, so you have to show him you’re worth it.

7. Give him his space

DONE! When Does A Man Start To Miss You 10 Ways To Make Him Crave You

The top thing that scares men away is the feeling of being trapped.

In most cases, the guy suddenly starts pulling away from you and you’re left wondering what happened.

If you want a man to start to miss you, then you have to give him some space.

And it’s not that he’s the only one who needs that space – you need it too.

Don’t spend every waking hour with the man you like. You need to do your own thing too.

The truth is, the more time you spend apart, the more you’ll miss each other. And if you give him his space, then that’s exactly how he’ll feel.

It’s okay to check up on him and stay in touch, but don’t be clingy or needy.

Leave something to the imagination and make sure there’s still a reason for him to check in with you.

8. Don’t rush into things

DONE! When Does A Man Start To Miss You 10 Ways To Make Him Crave You

When does a man start to miss you? When you leave him waiting. Don’t rush into things just because he wants you to.

Take your time and let him get to know you first.

You don’t need to spend all of your time with him. If you decide to spend the night at his place, try to slip out once in a while.

Be mysterious or leave something of yours behind, so that he’ll be left craving you.

9. Don’t be a “yes” girl

DONE! When Does A Man Start To Miss You 10 Ways To Make Him Crave You

Whatever it is that you decide to do, never be the “yes” girl. Why? Because men like to chase.

They love the thrill of it and they like to compete for your attention.

Keep in mind that he can’t miss you if you run to him every time he asks you to join him. He can’t miss you if you’re only one phone call away.

It’s a huge turn-off for men when the girl they’re dating is always available. Don’t be a people-pleaser.

Don’t pick up the phone the second you get a text from him, but instead, turn the tables around.

Make him wait for you and you’ll see, he’ll miss you.

You need to make him realize you won’t be there for him every time he picks up his phone and calls you.

This doesn’t mean you should be rude to him with your nose in the air.

You shouldn’t make him wait for too long, nor should you cancel your plans at the last minute.

10. Just be you!

DONE! When Does A Man Start To Miss You 10 Ways To Make Him Crave You

Let’s face it, no one likes a person who pretends to be someone else. Someone who wears a mask every time you two are together.

Being yourself is attractive. You’re a unique person who’s spontaneous, fun, and honest.

What guy in his right mind can resist a beautiful, authentic woman like yourself?

And when you two aren’t together, he’ll miss you because he knows how remarkable you actually are.

Now that you know how to make him miss you, the question is when do you know that these tips have worked?

How do you know that he really misses you and your company? 

DONE! When Does A Man Start To Miss You 10 Ways To Make Him Crave You

Well, when a guy misses you, he’ll start to text you often.

He’ll be all over his phone trying to check up on you and he’ll send you text messages or pictures just to keep the conversation going.

Those texts may be random when you’re at work, but he’ll do everything he can to show you he’s thinking of you and wants to know what’s going on in your life.

Another way that you can tell that he misses you is when he responds to your texts and calls immediately.

No matter how busy he is, a man who misses you will drop everything that he’s doing at that moment and reply to your message or answer your call.

That’s when you know you hit the jackpot. He misses you badly and he doesn’t want to keep you waiting for him.

When a guy is curious about the things you’ve done in the past couple of hours or days, that’s when you know he misses you.

Is he curious about how your day has been so far or how your sick dog is?

If he’s inquisitive about those things and asks a lot of questions, then you know he misses you for sure.


DONE! When Does A Man Start To Miss You 10 Ways To Make Him Crave You

So, when does a man start to miss you? Well, when you show him that you can live just fine without him.

A man will start to miss you the second he realizes you’re perfectly fine without him and you’re having fun on your own.

That’s when he’ll know that he needs to make an extra effort to keep you around, and he’ll crave your attention.

Whatever you do, just don’t go around and chase him.

Make him chase you and he’ll be forever yours!

When Does A Man Start To Miss You? 10 Ways To Make Him Crave You

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