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5 Intriguing Reasons Why Guys Fall In Love When They Miss You

5 Intriguing Reasons Why Guys Fall In Love When They Miss You

If I got a dollar every time someone told me that guys fall in love when they miss you, I’d be rolling in it. But do things actually work that way? Do men really start to crave you more the moment you pull away from them?

Do you trust the saying “out of sight, out of mind,” or do you put all your hopes into “absence makes the heart grow fonder”?

This is the ultimate question – the one that you’ve been trying to resolve your whole life. You’ve had many experiences in relationships, but you still aren’t sure what works best.

Should you give a guy enough space to fall in love with you? Or should you stick right next to him so he doesn’t remove you from his heart completely?

Do men fall in love when they start to miss you or is it just a myth – a story that we women have created to make ourselves feel better?

If you’re looking for the best solution, then you better choose the former. 

No matter how impossible it sounds, guys actually often do fall in love when they miss you. 

Their brains are wired differently, so they start to feel closer to someone the moment that person starts pulling away from them.

But why does this keep happening? Is there a logical explanation for it?

You’re about to once for all solve the dilemma that’s been bugging you for quite some time. Keep reading to find out what makes men fall in love with you when they start to miss you.

Why guys fall in love when they miss you

Believe it or not, there are various reasons why any guy might fall in love with you if you give him a chance to miss you.

So, the whole “absence makes the heart grow fonder” isn’t merely a myth. Instead, there are many explanations that support it and make it a fact.

Once you see the reasons behind this saying, it’ll be obvious why you need to make a man miss you in order for him to fall in love with you.

1. Guys are programmed to chase

5 Intriguing Reasons Why Guys Fall In Love When They Miss You

One of the initial reasons guys fall in love when they miss you is that they’re naturally born to chase.

They love the thrill a chase makes them feel and the challenge that it gives them. 

When you meet a guy and the two of you click, both of you start having feelings for each other. But instead of being the one to initiate the dates, calls, and text messages, you should let a guy do that part.

Let him be an active participant in what he knows how to do best: to pursue.

Don’t reveal everything about yourself from the start. Don’t share your feelings about him at the very beginning of the relationship.

If you do, chances are that you’ll push him away because he won’t have anything to work for. But if you back off for a bit, you’ll see a change in his behavior.

Did he send you a message? Instead of replying right away, give it some time. Let him wait for you – because that’s one of the ways he’ll start to miss you.

When he notices that you haven’t even opened his message three hours later, he’ll start to think about you more and more.

And when he thinks about you, he also thinks about all of the things you have to offer. This way, you’re making him chase harder after you.

But, if you were to reply to his messages right away, call him first, and be the one to arrange dates each time, you won’t make him miss you like crazy. As a result, you not giving him a reason to fall in love with you.

2. Guys don’t like it when women are too available

5 Intriguing Reasons Why Guys Fall In Love When They Miss You

Women fall for men who know how to be vulnerable with them and who aren’t afraid to show their real face from the start.

Men, on the other hand, love the mystery and the challenge of revealing it.

If you want to make your man fall for you and feel the strongest emotion there is, then you need to learn how available you should be with him.

Men love putting in effort and winning over a woman with their moves. They don’t like it when you put all of your cards on the table because there’s no challenge in that.

Both diamonds and coal are made out of the same element. But people will always choose diamonds over coal as they require much more effort, which immediately increases their value.

And guys look at women the same way.

A man needs to put in effort in order to fall in love with you. He needs to invest his time and energy to win you over.

If you let him know that you’re always at his beck and call and that he doesn’t have to fight for you, you’ll actually drive him away from you.

So, if you want to see him slowly falling for you, then make sure to back off for a minute. Let him sweat a little to win you over and see that you aren’t too easy of a catch.

Don’t be afraid to show him that you have your own life besides your relationship and that you won’t hit pause on it just because you’ve met him.

This will make him even more attracted to you and he’ll start craving you more. And that’s what you want him to feel in order to fall in love with you.

3. Guys are afraid of uncertainty

5 Intriguing Reasons Why Guys Fall In Love When They Miss You

Most of us would love to know that our lives would never get shaken drastically and that we’d never find ourselves having to lose someone we love.

The same applies to guys.

When they feel an emotional connection with someone, the last thing they want is to lose that person.

And if you pull away from him suddenly, take longer to reply to his messages, or plan your dates less often, you’re giving him a sign that something’s going on.

The uncertainty hits him and he wants to act fast before it’s too late.

He was head over heels for you and now there’s a chance that he might lose you. And he doesn’t want that to happen.

If you really are his true love, he’d be the same person ever again if he let you walk out of his life.

His thoughts will start driving him crazy and he’ll start missing you more and more. With that, he’ll realize that he’s also falling in love with you – unexpectedly, all of a sudden.

And there’s your answer if guys fall in love when they miss you!

4. Fear of losing makes guys act

5 Intriguing Reasons Why Guys Fall In Love When They Miss You

Fear is one of the major triggers of human behavior. Whenever we feel afraid of something, we start to do everything in our power to protect ourselves.

So, when you pull away from a guy and give him more space than usual, he senses that something’s off. As your behavior and body language change, he starts fearing that he might end up losing you.

And it’s especially hard to admit that when he already is emotionally attracted to you. He likes you and the last thing he wants to see is your back on your way out of his life.

This fear of losing you makes him acts quickly. If you’re his soulmate, he can’t risk you slipping through his fingers.

At that point, he falls in love with you as he realizes that it’s better for him to admit his feelings to you than to never see you again.

5. His feelings leave him asking for more

5 Intriguing Reasons Why Guys Fall In Love When They Miss You

In order for guys to fall in love when they miss you, they first need to feel some sort of emotion for you.

They at least need to like you.

If that’s the case, then your guy will already have an idea of what your relationship could be like. He would already feel some of the emotions that make his heart skip a beat.

Even if all you’ve been doing is flirting, he’ll still be familiar with the feelings of happiness this action brings. So, when you pull away from him and take a step back, he starts to miss all those feelings he’s already felt. 

He’s suddenly without the emotions you made him feel and his body keeps wanting more.

Instead of happiness, he feels down. Instead of attraction, he feels the separation.

Eventually, he realizes that nothing will make sense if he loses you. So, he won’t give himself a hard time, but he’ll rather admit that he’s in love with you and get you back in his life.

These are all of the reasons why guys fall in love when they miss you. Their love language might seem like a mystery, but once you know what to look for, it’s easy to decipher their behavior.

And now that you know what makes a man fall in love with you, it’s time to figure out how to make him miss you.

If missing you is a trigger and makes him show his feelings for you, then you need to know how to get him there.

How to make a guy miss you so that he falls in love with you

If guys fall in love when they miss you, then you need to know how to make them crave you in the first place.

It maybe sounds hard to achieve, but once you suss out what you’re supposed to do, you’ll see that it isn’t as difficult as it seems.

1. Stop reaching out first

5 Intriguing Reasons Why Guys Fall In Love When They Miss You

Because guys fall in love with you when they miss you, the first step to making them crave your attention is to stop reaching out to them all the time.

A lot of time, women make the mistake of being too available and revealing everything about themselves early on.

We don’t realize that guys don’t like it when we’re too available and reach out to them every single time. It makes them feel that they have nothing to fight for.

That’s why it’s better to rather wait for him to text or call you. And if he fails to reach out to you, then you better know that he’s giving you the first red flag – he’s not interested. 

But it’s always better to know that from the start than to invest your time and energy in him and get nothing in return. So, either way, you come out winning.

2. Don’t make him your priority

 5 Intriguing Reasons Why Guys Fall In Love When They Miss You

Once you’re in a stable and healthy relationship, it’s obvious that you’ll make him a priority and vice versa.

But until you reach that stage, you should keep him on his toes.

If you show him right now that he’s your priority and that there’s no one else who compares to him, there are low chances that you’ll make him fall in love with you.

It’s because a guy falls in love when he misses you and you’re not allowing him to feel like that if you’re always there for him.

Plus, when you put him as a priority, you take away from him that one thing he loves to do so much – chase after you.

Why would he pursue you when he’s already got top spot in your life? 

So, if you don’t want to end up in the same boat, you better change your priorities. Instead of focusing on him, you’d do better by focusing on yourself and making him climb up the priority ladder.

Once you do that, you instantly become irresistible in his eyes.

3. Leave your things behind on purpose

5 Intriguing Reasons Why Guys Fall In Love When They Miss You

Men fall for little things. They make him crave you harder.

So, when he finds your hair tie in his car, he’ll instantly start to think about you. Leave an earring at his place and it’ll stir up images of you.

If a guy falls in love when he misses you, then you have to be a bit sneaky to get him him to crave you. Even if it’s something as simple such as leaving your things behind on purpose.

If you can get him to think about you and crave your presence, then you’re making good progress.

In no time, he’ll realize that he can’t live his life without you and he’ll wish to have you by his side all the time.

You just need to be patient and play the long game.

4. Be the first one to end a conversation

5 Intriguing Reasons Why Guys Fall In Love When They Miss You

Every time you’re having a conversation, be the first one to walk away from it.

Let him know that you’re busy and that you really have to go. This way, you’ll leave him wanting more.

I know that you’d rather put your whole life on hold to spend time chatting with him, but if you want to win his heart and secure yourself a long-term relationship with him, there are some things that you simply need to do.

When you’re the first one to end a conversation, you give him the opportunity to realize that he’s sad you have to go. Besides that, he’ll also start to be aware that he misses you when you’re gone.

And since guys fall in love when they miss you, this is something you definitely want him to feel.

A word of caution: Don’t do it all the time, as he might realize that you’re doing it on purpose. That way he’ll feel that you’re playing with his feelings, and that’s not something you want.

5. Make some effort when posting on social media

5 Intriguing Reasons Why Guys Fall In Love When They Miss You

Since guys fall in love when they miss you, you have to use every aspect of your life to your advantage, and that includes social media.

Are your recent posts boring and not standing out in any way? Then change it up.

Attract his attention over social media and let him think about you for the rest of the day.

If you haven’t seen each other in real life for quite some time, you should use your profiles to remind him of what he’s been missing out on.

Once he stumbles upon your pic, he won’t be able to ignore how good you look. Don’t be surprised if you open your Insta in the morning and notice a ton of notifications from him.

He’ll most likely reach out to you as well as he won’t be able to resist the temptation.

6. Find yourself a signature scent

5 Intriguing Reasons Why Guys Fall In Love When They Miss You

Every time you go out with this guy, make sure to put on the same perfume. Believe it or not, this can do wonders to make him miss you.

Our brain processes different scents and it categorizes them into related memories. So, if you use the same perfume every time you go out with him, his mind will create a memory related to that scent.

Every time he catches a whiff of that scent, he’ll instantly think of you and realize that he misses you. And that’s exactly what you want right now.

You can even take it a step further by spraying your perfume lightly on his pillow – that way, you’ll be the last thing he thinks of before he falls asleep and the first when he wakes.

Once he starts to miss you, there’s a chance that your guy will eventually fall in love with you.

He’ll realize how much he needs you in his life, and after that, you’re sorted.

7. Be yourself

 5 Intriguing Reasons Why Guys Fall In Love When They Miss You

If you want a guy to miss you and eventually fall in love with you, the most important relationship advice I can give you is to be yourself.

When you let a guy see how unique you are, his feelings for you start to grow. He realizes that no one could ever compete with you and he doesn’t want to lose you.

Then, when you pull away from him, he misses you harder than he’s ever missed anyone before.

It happens because you’ll have a special place in his heart once you show him that you’re not like the other girls. There’s something about you that keeps pulling him in, and he’ll try his utmost not to lose you.

The only logical conclusion is that he falls in love with you because you’re so special and different from the rest.

8. Be mysterious

5 Intriguing Reasons Why Guys Fall In Love When They Miss You

Guys fall in love when they miss you because they like the feeling of the chase and having to make some effort to get to know you better.

So, do yourself a favor and don’t be an open book. At least not at the very beginning of your relationship.

Instead of being the one to talk all the time and reveal everything about yourself, rather ask him questions and let him be the one to answer. 

Instead of giving out all of your secrets, keep some for later and show him that he’ll have to put in some effort if he wants to win you over and know more about you.

It might sound like a good idea to share all of the details about yourself. But that does you no favors in the long run.

If anything, it signals to him that he knows everything about you and that there’s nothing more to find out. And that won’t make him miss you and eventually fall for you, but rather give the complete opposite effect.

9. Stop being clingy

5 Intriguing Reasons Why Guys Fall In Love When They Miss You

Guys fall in love when they miss you and if you’re being clingy then you’re not giving him a chance to crave your presence.

If you’re always around him, checking up on him, texting him every few minutes, there’s no way for him to find out what life would look like if you weren’t around.

Stop bombarding him with calls, reduce the amount of time you spend together, and don’t always feel the need to be on the phone with him.

If you keep doing that, there are slim chances that he’ll want to make you a part of his life since he’ll see you as overbearing.

Guys don’t like to feel like someone’s hanging over their heads because it stops them from enjoying their lives.

So, the next time you want to double-text him to see where he’s at, don’t. Instead, go take a relaxing bath and have some time for yourself.

And then when he gets home and replies to you, don’t open his message right away. This way, he’ll start to think about what you’re doing.

And that’s when you’ll give him an actual opportunity to miss you and eventually fall for you – hook, line, and sinker.

5 Intriguing Reasons Why Guys Fall In Love When They Miss You

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