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How Do I Tell Him I Like Him? 29 Ways To Let Him Know You’re Into Him

How Do I Tell Him I Like Him? 29 Ways To Let Him Know You’re Into Him

I’m into this guy and I just can’t take it anymore, so how do I tell him I like him?

This is a question many girls ask themselves. Admitting to yourself that you like someone is easy but letting them know about your feelings is a whole other story and it can be very difficult.

Does he like me back and what if he doesn’t? How do I tell him I like him and will it lead to a relationship or will I get rejected?

It’s only natural to ask yourself these things but please don’t stress about it too much.

For starters, be subtle and flirt with the guy. If he flirts back, it’s a very good sign.

You can keep flirting for some time and see whether it will get him to finally ask you out.

It would also be good to know whether this guy shows signs he likes you. Does he always smile around you and use every opportunity to touch you?

Maybe he instead opens up to you and shows interest in you and your life. If so, he may be interested but scared to make a move.

You should know that his friends can be a great source of information about him. If he likes you, his friends probably already know about it, so, they may let you know.

Once you confess your feelings to him, don’t say too much. You can tell him that you like him but don’t keep talking about how you’re crazy about him and can’t get him out of your head.

Keep it short and stick to the point and most importantly, don’t worry too much about it.

If this guy likes you back, there’s not much you can do wrong. Maybe he’s not interested but in that case, there’s not much you can do about it.

When you’re wondering, “How do I tell him I like him?” don’t just daydream about this man and instead take action. Keep reading because you’ll learn the best ways to tell this guy you’re interested in him.

“How Do I Tell Him I Like Him?” 29 Ways To Let Him Know You’re Into Him

1. Know how his response will make you feel and be prepared for either outcome

DONE! How Do I Tell Him I Like Him 29 Ways To Let Him Know You’re Into Him

When someone doesn’t reciprocate your feelings, it can hurt like hell. Maybe this is the reason you’ve been avoiding letting this guy know about how you feel.

If he doesn’t like you the same, you’ll probably feel devastated. This is why the first thing you need to do is make sure you know how he’ll react or feel indifferent regarding his reaction.

Being indifferent means that you’re going to let him know about your feelings for your own peace of mind.

You have the need to express your emotions and that you can do. The rest is up to him and you can’t control his reaction, just your own.

So, let him know that you like him because you want and need him to know. Be prepared for either outcome and find a way to be okay with either of them too.

2. Be sure about how you feel about him

Don’t start wondering, “How do I tell him I like him?” before knowing what exactly you feel for him. Is it love, infatuation, or a crush or do you simply think he’s good-looking?

Before acting on your feelings, make sure to know exactly what you feel for him and whether you really want a relationship.

The way you feel about him may change over time so you could regret it if you admit your feelings right away.

This is especially true if you’re not entirely sure that you genuinely care about him.

3. Ask him about his relationship status

You can let him know that you’re into him without actually saying it. Ask him about his relationship status and find out whether he’s single or taken.

Maybe you already know but he doesn’t have to know that.

Asking him about it is a way of giving him a hint that you’re interested. Say, “Are you seeing anyone?” and he should get your point.

4. Find out whether you have something in common and talk about it

DONE! How Do I Tell Him I Like Him 29 Ways To Let Him Know You’re Into Him

When you’re wondering, “How do I tell him I like him?” ask yourself what you and he have in common. Maybe you both like hiking or video games and you could do these things together.

Find out about his interests, hobbies, likes and dislikes, and beliefs. Talk about the movies and music that you like and see what you can agree on.

You already know how important communication can be, both in dating and relationships. When you have small conversations with your crush, you’ll get to know him better and he’ll learn more about you too.

Listen to him while he talks and it’ll show your interest in him. Ask him about his goals, his past, and his family and anything else that will help you learn more about each other.

Try to get to know this man and he’ll notice it and take it as a sign you like him.

5. Radiate confidence

Confidence can be incredibly attractive and on its own, it demands attention.

Be confident around your crush and stay self-assured because he’ll surely notice it. Men love confident women and it’s a great way to get him to notice you.

6. Don’t build the whole thing up in your head before you’re even in a relationship

If you’re asking yourself, “How do I tell him I like him?” you’ve probably replayed this imaginary scenario in your head a hundred times. You’ve thought about what you’d say, what he’d say, and come up with various different outcomes.

Stop! Don’t build the whole thing up in your head before you’re even in a relationship.

Your crush may be amazing but he’s just a human being and as such, full of flaws. Don’t imagine him as the perfect man or get intimidated by him.

Also, don’t get emotionally invested in this relationship before it’s even officially started. Remember that you’re just a girl and he’s just a guy and the entire Mr. Right thing is in your head until you get to know the real him.

7. Laugh when he cracks jokes, even if they aren’t funny

According to science, you’re going to do this anyway if you like him but make sure to pay attention to it. Put in a little extra effort and laugh at all of his jokes, whether they’re funny or not.

This is a sure way to get him to notice you and he’ll take your laughter as a sign you’re interested. In addition, people like it when others consider them amusing, so he’ll also take it as a compliment.

8. Tease him and be playful

DONE! How Do I Tell Him I Like Him 29 Ways To Let Him Know You’re Into Him

Instead of telling him that you like him, you can show it by poking fun at him and being light-hearted. Joke around, touch his arm, flirt, and do anything else you consider playful.

This is a fun way to show someone you’re interested and wish to get closer. Don’t tease him too much, though, and keep it light.

Whatever you do, make sure it’s fun for both of you and he’ll get the picture.

9. Be interested in the things that interest him

You don’t have to join a baseball team just because your man likes baseball but do ask him about it. Show interest in anything that he’s passionate about and it’ll get him to like you more.

If he’s a big fan of a certain type of music, let him know if you’ve been to a concert by one of the bands he likes.

Maybe he won’t get that you’re trying to show interest but he’ll see that you’re compatible and it’ll get him to notice you.

10. “How do I tell him I like him?” Show him that you’re a little jealous

Men aren’t so great when it comes to understanding emotions but they certainly understand jealousy.

If you show signs of jealousy when he’s with someone else, he’ll be able to tell that you’re into him. He’ll probably feel flattered but may pretend that he didn’t notice it, which is why you may have to give him other signs.

11. Surprise him by doing thoughtful things for him

Do something sweet for him to let him know that you’re interested. You can buy him his favorite coffee or even take it to his workplace when you know that he’s having a tough day.

Surprise him by giving him a book that you think he’d like. Don’t overdo it with grand gestures or expensive presents but make sure to do thoughtful things.

You can even cook for him or buy him his favorite candy. Try it with something that he mentioned in conversation and you’ll be on your way to his heart.

12. Ask his friends about him

DONE! How Do I Tell Him I Like Him 29 Ways To Let Him Know You’re Into Him

“How do I tell him I like him?” Well, if you don’t want to tell him directly, you can send him a message through his friends.

Hang out with his friends and ask them about him. Ask whether he’s involved with anyone and what his interests are.

Have no doubt about it, he’s going to hear about this as soon as you leave. His friends are going to tell him that you like him and you’ll notice that he knows.

13. Ask him for help

Men like feeling needed and it’s what we know now as ‘the hero instinct’. Ask your man to give you a hand when your car breaks down, when you’re having trouble with a project, or when your computer’s not working.

You can even ask him for his advice on something and listen carefully to his response. Show him that you admire him and appreciate his input and he’ll see that you like him.

14. Make eye contact

When you hold a person’s gaze, you’re practically demanding their attention. Don’t turn this into a staring contest but look this man in the eye.

Maintain eye contact and you may have the scenario where you see each other across a crowded room and instantly fall in love when you lock eyes.

15. Be yourself

I know you’ve heard this before but being yourself is important. You need a man who’ll love you for who you are, with all your little imperfections.

If you hide your true self, this man won’t be able to fall in love with the real you. Maybe he won’t like you but in that case, you’ll finally know that he’s not worth your time.

16. Open up

DONE! How Do I Tell Him I Like Him 29 Ways To Let Him Know You’re Into Him

You need to try to trust him even if you have trust issues, so open up to him and talk about your personal experiences and your goals in life.

Let him reciprocate by opening up about his life too and you’ll slowly get to know each other better. He may start liking you even before you get the chance to tell him you like him.

17. Take pictures together

Do you have a photo of you with this man? If you’ve known each other for more than a day, you should take pictures together.

This is a way to smile together, get close, and create lasting memories of the time you spend with each other and it’s going to make him realize that you want him to be a part of your life.

18. Smile more often

When you see a person you like, you feel happy and when you feel happy, you smile. If you often smile around your crush, he’ll notice that you feel happy whenever you’re with him.

He’ll assume that you like him and if you already smile even when you think about his name, he may already know.

19. Give him compliments

When you want to tell him something nice, say it! Everyone likes compliments and your guy is no exception.

If you think that he looks great in those jeans, let him know. You can even tell him that he looks attractive or handsome.

He’ll instantly check you out to notice how attractive he finds you, so sparks may start flying right away.

You can also compliment his work because it’s the one thing men like even more than being complimented on their looks. Let him know that he’s great at his job, whichever project he’s working on.

He’ll be grateful and notice you in a different light.

20. Dance with him

DONE! How Do I Tell Him I Like Him 29 Ways To Let Him Know You’re Into Him

What could be more romantic than using those dance moves on your crush? If you’re ever at a party with him or anywhere else you can dance, do it!

It doesn’t matter whether the music’s slow or fast. As long as you get close to him, your hearts are going to dance too.

21. Beat the fear of rejection

“How do I tell him I like him if I’m scared of rejection?” Well, you can’t.

You have to change your mindset and beat that fear. Don’t worry so much about whether he’ll like you back or not

I know that this may be asking for a lot but try to realize that nothing bad is going to happen if he rejects you. You’re not going to look stupid and it doesn’t mean you’re unworthy of love or undateable.

All it means is that he’s not the right man for you. If he rejects you, know that someone else would never be so foolish to lose a chance with you.

You’ll never know whether this guy thinks like that unless you confess your feelings for him, so conquer your fear.

22. Get near him and use your body language

Try to get close to this guy to let him know you’re interested. Lean in when you talk to him and maybe even whisper something in his ear.

As long as you get close to your crush, he’ll get the point. You can even play with your hair or flip it flirtatiously and if he doesn’t get that, he’s not even worth it.

23. Kiss him

Maybe you just like him so much that while he’s talking, you’d like to lean in and kiss him. Well, maybe that’s exactly what you should do!

Sometimes, you have to go for it and see what happens. He’s surely going to get that you like him if you kiss him.

You need to make sure that he’s okay with it first. Look for signs he secretly likes you or wait for the perfect moment when you can feel the chemistry while you gaze in each other’s eyes.

If you see any signs he doesn’t like you, it’s best not to risk it.

24. Be bold and brave

DONE! How Do I Tell Him I Like Him 29 Ways To Let Him Know You’re Into Him

You’ll need to be brave if you’ve decided that you want to tell this man how you feel. It may be scary but have courage.

In the end, we don’t regret the things we did, we regret the things we didn’t do.

Also, you can’t get something you don’t ask for, so don’t be afraid to ask for it! Don’t spend your life wondering what might have happened and instead take a risk and see what actually happens.

The guy will most likely feel flattered, as people like being told that someone likes them for who they are.

If you keep wondering whether he likes you or not, you’ll just drive yourself crazy. Someone else may come along and steal him away from you if you just sit back and wait for a miracle.

25. Tell him directly

Don’t forget that you can always just come right out and say it. This takes guts but if you want to, no one’s stopping you from directly telling this guy you like him.

Maybe there will be a perfect moment and the words will just slip out. It may be the day you hook up or you’ll realize that you’ve been after the wrong guy.

26. Send him a message

Maybe you can’t tell him face-to-face but you can write it in a text. After all, it’s even easier than face-to-face and you’ll be able to react to his response without worrying about anything.

Tell him that you’ve been thinking about him and that you’d like to get to know him better. He’ll get it from that but you can even text, “I like you,” if you want.

27. “How do I tell him I like him?” Tell him with a GIF or a meme

These days, people often communicate with GIFs and memes and for a good reason. They’re not just funny, they show your personality and portray how you feel – and they’re simply fun!

Find one that best explains the way you feel and send that to him.

28. Ask him out

DONE! How Do I Tell Him I Like Him 29 Ways To Let Him Know You’re Into Him

Instead of telling him that you like him, you may want to use the oldest trick in the book. Get tickets to a concert by a band he likes and ask him to go with you.

Alternatively, you can simply ask him to go on a date with you instead. When you ask a guy out, he’ll certainly know that you’re interested and you’ll get your response.

29. Leave him a note

You can even leave him a cute little note that explains the way you feel about him. Check out some of the best love notes for him to get inspired and confess your love.

If you haven’t known each other long, try to keep it short and simple but if you’ve already been friends for a long time, pour your heart out.

If he rejects you, don’t let it break your heart

Hopefully, this guy is going to fall into your arms when you let him know that you like him. Maybe he’ll even tell you that he’s felt that way about you for a while already.

If, by any chance, he doesn’t reciprocate your feelings, don’t let it get to you. You took a risk and you would have forever wondered ‘what if’ if you hadn’t followed your heart.

If this guy isn’t worthy of it, at least now you know. Own your feelings and don’t try to pretend that you didn’t mean it.

Have a ‘your loss’ attitude and know that someone else wouldn’t ever let a girl like you go.

Good luck!

How Do I Tell Him I Like Him? 29 Ways To Let Him Know You’re Into Him

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