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Do Guys Like To Cuddle? 12 Proofs They Have A Soft Side

Do Guys Like To Cuddle? 12 Proofs They Have A Soft Side

Ever since people started using the Internet more and more, we could find out what are some of the most Googled questions out there. And do you know what’s something almost every woman would like to know? It’s the answer to the question, “Do guys like to cuddle?”

It’s probably so common because most guys are so mysterious when it comes to their feelings. The stereotypes that are circling the world are making them hide their emotions and pretend to be someone they might not be. And we just can’t figure out what’s real and what’s not.

Sometimes the guys who seem so cold and tough, are actually just wearing a mask because they’re afraid of what the world would say if they showed their real selves. But, the truth is, most guys have a soft side, too. And that side of them shows up when they’re with someone they feel comfortable around.

Today we’re here to reveal all the secrets you’re interested in. Do guys like to cuddle? Will they cuddle with you if they don’t like you? What are some of the most common reasons they fancy cuddling? So, let’s not wait any longer, because we have some interesting things to discuss. Enjoy!

Will a guy cuddle with you if he doesn’t like you?

Do Guys Like To Cuddle? 12 Proofs They Have A Soft Side

Here’s the thing, every person is different, and they all have different intentions. That means that not every guy will cuddle you for the same reason. Some will do it because they like you and want to show you how much you mean to them, while others will do it hoping that it will lead to something else.

However, the good news is that guys will rarely cuddle with someone they don’t like. And when they do, women can easily figure it out. For example, if you had a difficult time and you talked about it with a guy, then you started hugging, it’s probably because he wanted to provide you with the comfort you needed.

This is mostly the case with guys who are a bit more sensitive and empathetic than others. That’s why he’ll feel the need to hug you and talk to you about everything that you’ve been going through. And he’ll hope that his presence will help you keep your mind off things that made you so upset.

On the other hand, rarely any guy will cuddle with you and make you feel peaceful if they don’t like you even the slightest bit. That’s because deep down they’ll be forming a special kind of connection with you that will stick with them for some time.

Therefore, we can conclude that even though every guy is different, and some will cuddle with you even if they don’t like you, there are still many more of them who will do that as a way of showing you their feelings.

Do guys like to cuddle?

Do Guys Like To Cuddle 13 Proofs They Have A Soft Side 2

In a world where men are typically seen as people who resist expressing their feelings to others around them, they feel that displaying vulnerability might harm their reputation. In other words, they are scared that the world won’t see them as manly enough (or as manly as they would like to be perceived).

The truth is, both men and women are humans. And every single human needs some physical touch in their life; especially if they’re trying to form a connection with another person. So, don’t let anyone fool you into thinking that guys don’t like to cuddle.

When in fact, they sometimes like it even more than women do! Yes, that’s true. When they feel safe around their partner and realize there’s no need to act all tough-guy around her, men will show their cuddly side too. And once they do, it’s never going away again.

The only reason why a guy would refuse to cuddle with his partner is that the world scared him into thinking he’ll be seen as too feminine if he shows how much he enjoys cuddling. But with the right partner, every guy will realize that cuddling is essential for every relationship.

They will realize there’s no need to hide the fact that they enjoy it too! It’s an intimate and relaxing activity that requires minimal effort, so is there anything simpler that can make someone so happy? No wonder why everyone’s crazy about it!

Why do guys like to cuddle? 12 most common reasons

Now that we’ve found out that most guys actually like to cuddle, it’s finally time to see what’s so special about it. Is it because it’s a great way to show love and appreciation, or there are actually some other reasons behind it?

Well, humans aren’t that simple, so there’s no single answer to this question. Instead, we’ve prepared the 13 most common reasons why guys like to spend their time cuddling. Let’s check them out and see how many of them you could guess.

1. They like being close to their partners

Do Guys Like To Cuddle? 12 Proofs They Have A Soft Side

The first reason isn’t that difficult to guess. Guys like cuddling because it means they get the chance to be close to their partner. Even though the world tried to make us believe that men aren’t all cuddly and sweet, we actually learned that they are.

Guys love spending time with their partners just as much as women do. Physical closeness is helping you form the psychological one, too. Therefore, it’s a great way to spend some free time with your loved one. You’re literally close to each other’s hearts and it helps form an incredible connection.

2. It’s comfortable

Imagine this, it’s a cold winter day and both of you got a day off from work. It’s snowing, but you have each other to feel warm. You make yourself some tasty cookies and hot chocolate, turn on a movie and cuddle for the rest of the day. Is there truly anything better than that?

See, how could anyone say no to such an activity? It’s not only fun, but it’s also very comfortable. A cozy atmosphere and cuddling with your beloved partner are among the moments that have the power to make us say “Wow, I really love my life!“

3. Guys want women to feel safe around them

We’re sure you’ve already heard that guys love being heroes. Even Enrique Iglesias said “I can be your hero, baby. I can kiss away the pain. I will stand by you forever. You can take my very breath away.” in his famous song “Hero”. See, they all like to be our protectors.

When they’re cuddling us, they feel like they are protecting us from every threat that might come our way. And they are hoping that we feel that way, too. When a guy wraps his arms around you, he thinks he’s doing his job of keeping you safe from the cruel world. That’s why cuddling is so important to them.

4. It makes them feel good

Do Guys Like To Cuddle 13 Proofs They Have A Soft Side 4

It’s easy to say “When life gives you lemons, make a lemonade!” However, it’s not always the easiest thing to do. Sometimes things that are happening in our lives can leave big scars that can hurt our self-esteem too. And when that happens, we need some help from the people we care about.

And who’s a better person for that than your girlfriend? When your partner feels down and he wants to cuddle with you, it’s because it will remind him of how lucky he is to have such an amazing girlfriend.

So, one of the reasons why do guys like to cuddle is that their self-esteem will be healed because they’ll know they must be worth it if they managed to find a girl like you.

5. It makes them feel important

If you’re a woman who loves cuddling and you made sure that your partner knows it, then it will actually help you have a healthy relationship. But how? It will make both of you feel good about spending time together and you’ll always look forward to it.

Even though men won’t gladly admit it, they need our attention to feel good. So, if you show him how much you look forward to cuddling with him when he comes back home, your guy will feel so happy and important. It will definitely make his day much better!

6. There’s no pressure

Cuddling is so special because it’s so simple. It holds enough power to make you incredibly happy, but there’s no pressure at all. Why? Because there’s literally no chance that you’ll make any kind of mistake.

Any other form of physical intimacy can stress guys out because they feel the need to always be the best. Even kissing can sometimes cause them to feel under pressure. Especially because they want you to think of them as the champions in everything they do.

But, cuddles give them a chance to enjoy spending time with you without worrying about anything else. You’ll just hug each other and daydream together while feeling all the best feelings in the world.

7. It’s intimate

Do Guys Like To Cuddle? 12 Proofs They Have A Soft Side

When we talk about intimacy, we mostly only have one thing in our minds. But, that’s not the only thing that intimacy represents. We all have different desires and wishes in our minds, however, there’s one thing that everybody wants.

It’s there because we all have a little fluffy bunny inside of us. We all want some cuddles! However, the important thing is who you’re with. That’s why guys like cuddling with a woman they love, as it’s a new way of intimacy they like to explore. And it makes them feel so special and appreciated.

8. It’s relaxing

Did you know that after cuddling for some time, even your breathing will start to sync? It’s great proof of how much power this simple activity holds and how it helps us form an even bigger connection with the person we love. So, do guys like cuddling? Yes, they do!

That’s especially true after they’ve had a stressful day. That’s when they like to come back home and spend time hugging the person that can always make their day better, their woman. It’s a great way to forget about all the problems haunting us and just relax and enjoy life for some time.

9. Their guard is down!

Here’s the thing, when you find someone that feels so nice to be around and that special someone becomes your person, you’ll start slowly letting your guard down. Cuddling will always be there to help you do that. But wait, what do we mean by that?

Cuddling, especially with someone you care about, will introduce you to a new level of intimacy that will help you bond even more. When you start feeling that comfortable around someone, they’ll become the only person who knows who you really are when your guard is completely down.

10. Men feel like they can be vulnerable, too

Do Guys Like To Cuddle 12 Proofs They Have A Soft Side

Since the world made many men believe that they always need to stand strong and not show their emotions, most of them started feeling exhausted. They started looking for women who will let show their true colors without being judged.

When a guy is cuddling with his partner, he finally feels like he can be vulnerable too. He’s finally not afraid to talk about his feelings or just hug his partner tightly until life starts feeling good again. It’s a great way to let go of the pressure that society has put on men.

11. Showing love without using words

It’s no secret that women love attention. We love hearing our partners talk about how much we mean to them. We like hearing stories about the first time we met. Or the story about the day when your partner realized you’re the one he wants to marry. It helps us stop overthinking and we can finally feel loved.

However, men sometimes find it difficult to use words to describe their feelings and they’re looking for other ways to show their love. Cuddling is one of their favorite ways to prove to you how much you mean to them without worrying about which words to use.

12. It’s actually healthy

Do Guys Like To Cuddle? 12 Proofs They Have A Soft Side

Did you know that cuddling is actually healthy? Well, yes! So, hurry up and call him because your health is very important and you can always use it as an excuse when you miss him. Just tell him that you feel a bit sad and that you need some of his hugs to help you heal.

Don’t worry, your guy won’t refuse it as he probably secretly likes cuddles even more than you do. But, why are they healthy? Because of oxytocin, or as many people call it the cuddle chemical. It makes you happy and improves your mental health!

Of course, it will make him happy too, so you’ll end up in a cheerful and healthy relationship. One piece of advice that we always like to give couples is to make sure that you cuddle a bit every day. Make it your own tradition. For example, always cuddle after lunch, or at night before you go to sleep.

Find some time that fits both of you perfectly, and you’ll see how quickly your relationship will improve. Even if you had the best one, there’s always some room to make it even more perfect! So, what do you think now, do guys like to cuddle?

How to know if a guy is friendly or romantically cuddling you?

Don’t worry, we’re not leaving you yet. There’s still something that needs to be discussed. In case you’re here because you’re trying to figure out whether he’s into you or not, we’re here to help!

There are actually some tips and tricks that can help you find out if a guy is friendly or romantically cuddling you. Even though guys are sometimes difficult to decipher, we still found a way to do it. Here’s what you should pay attention to!

1. Is it a quick hug?

Do Guys Like To Cuddle 12 Proofs They Have A Soft Side 3

Let’s start with some of the things that might point out he actually only sees you as a friend. Let’s say the two of you just met and you hug each other. That’s also a form of cuddling, so we need to discuss it. Okay, now that you’ve hugged, we have some questions for you.

How long did the hug last? Was it just a light-touch hug or maybe you held onto each other tightly for a few seconds? If the answer is something like “Oh, we just hugged for a second, it’s our form of greeting”, then it’s more likely you’re in the friend zone.

However, if your hug actually lasted for some time and it felt like it was more than just a friendly greeting, then you might be in the game.

2. Where’s your head?

Let’s move on to situation number two. The two of you hugged, and now you’re sitting next to each other in a cafe drinking your favorite cup of tea. All of a sudden you feel the need to rest your head on his chest, so you actually do it. What’s his reaction to it?

Did he wiggle uncomfortably or completely ignore your move? Or did he hug you and acknowledge your new position in any way? If question number two is more relevant to your situation, then you’re swimming through the romance department. Congratulations!

3. Is he keeping his distance?

Do Guys Like To Cuddle? 12 Proofs They Have A Soft Side

Another way to figure out if he likes you or not is to pay attention to his body language. If you feel like he’s constantly trying to keep his distance, then it’s more likely he sees you only as a friend and not his love interest. Even if he hugs you for a bit, it’s probably in the friendship department.

That’s especially true if a guy only seems to cuddle you when you’re talking about something that made you upset. Then he probably only wants you to feel comfortable and keep your mind off your problems.

4. Resting and leaning

Okay, but what do we mean by resting and leaning? If you’re spending time together and he places his head on your shoulder and stays there resting, it’s a huge sign that he enjoys your company. Not only in a friendly way! He probably wants to take your relationship to the next level.

When a guy is constantly leaning towards you (pay attention to his feet too) it means that he feels attracted to you. In case you like him too, feel free to hug him or play with his hair if he places his head on your lap.

5. One-armed hugs

Finally, the famous one-armed hugs. What do they even mean?! We’re sure all of us have been in a situation when a guy hugged us with one arm and we just couldn’t figure out what it meant. Is it just a friendly hug or a way of showing us that they see us as more than just friends?

Here’s the real answer – it depends. Yes, the worst kind of answer! But don’t worry, we’ll teach you how to figure it out. If he hugged you with one arm and started to caress you, it’s a huge sign that he likes you. It’s one of the lightest forms of cuddling, which usually happens when you’re somewhere in public.

To confirm your theory, keep an eye on the rest of his body language. If he’s doing everything he can to be close to you, you can be almost sure that you’re his love interest. Congrats!

Do Guys Like To Cuddle? 12 Proofs They Have A Soft Side

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