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15 Signs There’s Chemistry Between You And Your Partner

15 Signs There’s Chemistry Between You And Your Partner

“You can’t force chemistry to exist where it doesn’t, in the same way you can’t deny it when it does.”


You found that right person for you, and no one is more happier than you. That person is everything for you, and you can’t imagine your life without them. You are sure that you are meant to be together.  

Maybe you are already sure that between you and your partner chemistry exists, but here are some signs so you can be sure one hundred percent.

  • Smile, smile, smile, and smile.

You feel the connection with your partner, so when you are together there is likely to be plenty of smiles. Your partner is your reason to smile. There is no doubt that when we are happy, we smile.

  • You can show your weirdest self when you are with your partner.

You have a relationship where you don’t have to pretend or hide your habits and things like that. Both of you can show your weirdest self and that is not a problem at all. This is a good sign that between you two chemistry exists.

  • There is no need to make plans to enjoy time together.

You are spending time together and it feels like the most natural thing in the world. You don’t have to make plans to enjoy time together, it just happens.

  • Spiritual connection.

When you are together you have feeling that your souls are actually connected. Between you two exists spiritual connection, and that is a good sign that there is chemistry between you and your partner.

  • Doing the simplest things with your partner seems magical

Both of you feel excited and alive when you are doing simple things. Whatever you are doing together seems magical. This is a pretty good sign that there is chemistry.

  • Sense of humor.

You have same sense of humor, so you understand each other pretty well. When you are joking together, you know what to say to make other laugh, and things like that.

  • Feeling comfortable.

When you are together you are feeling instantly comfortable. Sense of comfort with someone is a powerful indication of chemistry.

  • You can sit in silence.

You are meant to be together so even when you are sitting in silence for hours, that is not a problem. For a lot of people this can get uncomfortable, but not for you two.

  • You find your partner attractive as you did the first time when you saw them.

Every time when you see your partner you feel little tangle in your stomach. This feeling gets stronger over time, you want your partner as badly each day as you did on the first.

  • You are best friends.

You have chemistry as a couple, but also you have chemistry as best friends. It seems like a magic.

  • You accept each other for who you are.

Actually, you don’t try to change each other, and you push each other to become the best version of yourselves.

  • You care about them more than you care about yourself.

Your partner always come first, no matter what the situation is. Also you are on their first place. There is no doubt that between you chemistry exists.

  • You have the same interests.

When you have the same interests it is a really, really strong component of chemistry that is exceptionally powerful.

Innocent touching is sign of chemistry. You can tell everything with just touching, sometimes there is no need for words.

“My atoms love your atoms, it’s chemistry.”


15 Signs There’s Chemistry Between You And Your Partner