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A Letter To My Boyfriend About My Feelings: 7 Heart-Warming Examples

A Letter To My Boyfriend About My Feelings: 7 Heart-Warming Examples

I know it sometimes gets really tough to express how you feel inside, but writing a letter to my boyfriend about my feelings always helps me. It’s a bit easier to bleed out on those plain white pages and fill them with your thoughts. Especially if you’re an overthinker like I am.

Most of the time, I’d sit alone in my room and write down everything that was occupying my mind, because that way I was able to clear my mind and finally focus on things that matter.

I have my own little black notebook where I write everything that gives me a headache. I swear, life got so much easier since the moment I took that pen and started writing down how I feel.

If you’re struggling to find the perfect words to write a letter to your boyfriend, I’ll help you with something that you may use partially, or even completely if it suits your situation. Just remember, write from the heart.

If you think you may start writing down someone else’s words, use a pencil, because each one writes with their own heart, right?

Okay, enough with the intro, let’s write a letter or two together.

1. To my almost-boyfriend

A Letter To My Boyfriend About My Feelings 7 Heart-Warming Examples

Have you ever been in an almost relationship? You know, the type where you text daily, go out on dates, spend a lot of time together, yet nobody wants to define it.

For most of us, this kind of relationship is heartbreaking and leaves us wounded for a long time.

If you’ve never had an almost-boyfriend, consider yourself lucky. However, if you have been in this situation, here is a letter I wrote to my almost-boyfriend about my feelings when I needed closure.

Hey you,

Having you close has been a really beautiful period of my life. You’ve always been by my side, even in some of the worst moments I’ve gone through, so writing this hurts more than it normally would, I guess.

Those endless nights of face-timing or just talking with you will be something I’ll hold close to my heart. All the inside jokes we came up with will probably make me smile for years to come.

There will be a lot of memes and videos that will remind me of you, but I’ll stop myself from sending them.

I can see clearly now that you used me to fill in the void during that period when you didn’t have some fling. When you’d get bored of some random girl, you’d come back just to tell me how none of them truly matters.

You made me feel important, then you’d disappear. You’d tell me how you need me, how you enjoy spending time with me, and how you genuinely care about me.

And I’d fall for your words, over and over again.

Now, I feel like I was a side-chick all the time. Yes, I deeply care about you, but that doesn’t mean I want to feel this way anymore.

It’s time for me to move on. I don’t want to go to sleep anymore with the thought that you maybe won’t text me tomorrow. I’m tired of feeling like I’m not worthy of you, or your love. I have to put myself first and I have to take care of my shattered heart.

So I’ll use this letter to finally tell you how you made me feel and I hope it’s not too much to ask you a couple of things.

I need you to stay away from me, and please, don’t call me anymore. Cross to the other side of the street next time you see me. I won’t foolishly run into your hug again, but I don’t want to turn my head when I see you.

It may be painful to just walk by someone who meant something, so I’ll smile because of every wonderful memory we shared, because of those beautiful feelings I know exist thanks to you.

Another thing. Don’t hurt someone else, and don’t make another girl your almost, because being an almost hurts like hell.

I truly hope you’ll find the perfect girl soon and that you’ll be on cloud nine. That you’ll find the one who will steal your heart, one you’ll want to share the future with.

I choose to believe you’ll feel grateful to have her in your life and that you won’t make her feel miserable.

After all, I promise I’ll be happy for you.

2. A letter to my first boyfriend

DONE A Letter To My Boyfriend About My Feelings 7 Heart Warming Examples 2

Is this your first relationship and you need to write a letter to your boyfriend and express your feelings because saying them out loud scares you?

The whole concept of a relationship is probably a bit odd for you, but you feel like he’s someone special. I’ll write how I’d express my feelings on a paper, but use it as inspiration, since it’s up to you to add your personal touch.


It’s truly magical to finally call you mine. I’ve been waiting for this moment since the day we met.

You know, my family read a lot of fairy tales to me when I was younger, but I never believed in them. I thought that happily ever after was reserved only for books and didn’t exist in reality.

But you’ve changed that. You’ve proved to me that fairy tales are real.

I’m writing this letter to you because I feel the need to express my feelings. It’s a bit easier to make sense of what I’m feeling when I don’t have to look at those beautiful eyes of yours.

You know, there’s a whole universe inside of them and I get lost the second our eyes meet. I don’t understand why something as simple as your gaze can make me even forget my name.

It terrifies me, yet I find it so irresistible. It’s like there’s some inner force that only activates when you’re around and it just draws me towards you. And I can’t resist its influence, or maybe I don’t want to?

Being with you makes me so happy and I can’t imagine my life without you in it. You make love the easiest thing to do, and you leave no space for doubt. I’m not sure if this letter will help me express the joy I feel when I refer to you as my boyfriend.

Baby, my day is not complete if I don’t hear your voice or feel your touch. I feel like I could conquer the world with you by my side. You’re everything I ever wanted and you make me fall in love with you every single day, all over again.

I hope that being this vulnerable won’t scare you off because I don’t want to lose you. In the end, I promise you one thing – I’ll try to be the best girlfriend you could ever imagine.

With love,

Your sweetie

3. A letter to my long-distance boyfriend

A Letter To My Boyfriend About My Feelings 7 Heart-Warming Examples

Do you want to surprise your long-distance boyfriend with a heart-warming letter filled with your feelings? No worries, here’s an example. All you now need to do is just spice it up a bit.


It’s been quite some time since I’ve seen your beautiful face, and I truly miss you. I wish I could tuck into your arms right now and forget the rest of the world.

You’re my favorite notification, my favorite call. You make me feel like I’ve never felt before and because of you I finally know my value.

I want you to know that if I sometimes miss answering your message, I’m really sorry. But I promise you, not a second passes that you’re not on my mind. I’m longing for the day we’ll permanently be together.

I’m looking forward to seeing you next to me when I wake up. And falling asleep next to you will be my new favorite sleeping position.

I can’t wait for us to dance in the rain again and I’m ready for all those beautiful memories we’ll create together. I’m eager to go on new adventures with you and explore uncharted territories.

I’m impatiently waiting to shower you with kisses every day. You are my true love, my soulmate. I love you with every fiber of my being.

You make the distance seem meaningless and I feel like our love is constantly flourishing. I love you more with each day – it feels like I’ll never be able to stop loving you.

Until we meet again,

Forever yours.

4. A letter to my boyfriend in the military

DONE A Letter To My Boyfriend About My Feelings 7 Heart Warming Examples 4

Is your boyfriend a military man and you’d like to surprise him with a letter in which you’ll pour your feelings? Here’s a little example, but make sure you add some quotes or memories you’ve shared together to remind him of happy times.

Salute my hero,

I hope you’re safe and sound. It’s been a while since you left home and I miss you so much it aches.

Don’t be mad at me for not washing that hoodie of yours you wore before you left. I hug it at night and pretend like I’m lying next to you.

You’re the bravest and strongest man I know and I admire you for that. I hope you know how much you mean to me and how proud I am of you and the sacrifice you’re making for our country and our future.

I think of you every morning when I wake up and you occupy my thoughts throughout the day. You’re always on my mind before I go to bed and I even dream about you. I’m longing for your hugs and kisses and I can’t wait for you to come back home.

I’m impatiently awaiting the day I’ll be able to snuggle up to your chest while we’re wrapped in that cozy blanket next to the fireplace. I’ll make us that hot chocolate with three marshmallows – just how you like it. And I won’t let you go.

I love you for who you are and by the time I can prove my words, you’ll have to believe me.

Stay safe baby.

5. A letter to my boyfriend who hurt me

A Letter To My Boyfriend About My Feelings 7 Heart-Warming Examples

Do you want to use a letter and put into words your feelings after your boyfriend hurt you? Whether it was something trivial or a big thing, you need to get it off your chest.

Maybe this letter of mine won’t cover your feelings exactly, but it may help you to kind of navigate through them. So here it is.

Hey my dearest,

I know life is full of ups and downs and we’ve walked through thorns to get this far. I’m not regretting anything and honestly, I’d do it all over again.

My love for you is immense and it’s just increasing. Sometimes it scares me how much I’m able to love another human being. I don’t know if it’s even possible not to suffer in return.

In order for the universe to be in balance, I’ll have to endure monstrous pain, right? If it’s true, I’m not sure I’ll be able to survive that, when this little thing hurts this much. I’m not trying to make a mountain out of a molehill, but you’ve hurt me.

When you’re not being honest with me, it feels like I’m not worthy of your love anymore. Also, when you choose to spend more time with your mates than with me, it just confirms that.

I don’t know what to do to make things right, so I’ve decided to write this letter. It’s not easy for me to tell you these things in person because I either won’t sound serious, or I’ll cry. And I honestly don’t know which one is worse.

Pen and paper are once again my best allies. I hope you won’t get me wrong and that we’ll solve this together. Going through this experience together will only make our relationship stronger, but if we start blaming each other, we’ll end up losing.

And the last thing I want in this world is to lose you. Please understand that all I need from you is honesty, respect, and some of your time. Make me feel appreciated and I promise you, you’ll get the same.

I love you, but right now, it’s hard for me to like you. You’re neglecting me, us, for something that’s not really important and it seems like you can’t hear me when I’m speaking, so maybe this will help.

I’ll take some time for myself now, but I hope we’ll come to an agreement in the end.

Your love

6. A letter to my boyfriend after I’ve hurt him

DONE A Letter To My Boyfriend About My Feelings 7 Heart Warming Examples 6

Okay, I’ve given an example of a letter to your boyfriend after he’s hurt you, but what happens if it’s vice versa? Are you ready to write that one?

So in this part, I’ll write a letter to my boyfriend after I was the one to hurt him, and you can try to add some of your feelings to it. That way, it will be more sincere and true to your situation.

My love,

I know I’ve hurt you deeply and I know that sorry means nothing. I’m not sure if you’ll give me the chance to say what I have to, so I’m relying on this letter in the hopes that you’ll read it.

It’s really difficult to find proper words, but I’ll try. First of all, I never intended to hurt you. I mean, why would you want to hurt someone unless you don’t love them?

But I do love you with every atom of my soul, even though it’s hard for you to accept that now.

I could never love anyone the way I love you. You make me feel like the only girl in the world and I crushed your heart to pieces. There is no apology good enough, but I hope that all those good moments we’ve shared will not remain just memories.

I want to continue chasing adventures with you and I want to build my life with you in it. All I’m asking for is that you give me another chance so I can prove these words to you.

I know what I did was so wrong, and I’d do anything for you. Even if that means staying away from you, I’ll do it. It’ll be hard to accept the fact that I’ve lost the most important person in my life. It’ll hurt like a knife to the heart.

But, I promise that I’ll respect whatever decision you make. I’m just secretly hoping you won’t want to give up on me. 

After all, you’re my compass, remember?

7. An “I love you” letter

A Letter To My Boyfriend About My Feelings 7 Heart-Warming Examples

When I want to write a letter to my boyfriend about my feelings for him, this one is kind of the easiest. Oh, I wonder why? 

Expressing good feelings for someone can be either the trickiest or the easiest task. I belong to the second part, but only when it comes to writing letters. It’s extremely difficult for me to vocalize my feelings.

Most of the time I wonder if I’m not telling him often enough how much I love him. That’s why I prefer writing him letters about my feelings.

In fact, you can play a lot with this letter. Use some heartfelt quotes, add a few lines from his favorite song, or just write down all the reasons you love him. This is my version and I hope you’ll like it.

I know this kind of letter usually starts with “Dear..”, “My love..”, “Beloved..” but do you need to read those words first? It’s a bit too formal-sounding for us, right?

Writing to you is easy, but writing about you sometimes gets tricky.

When I’m writing about you, I hesitate because I’m afraid to share you with the world. Yes, it’s true what Everett said: “If a writer falls in love with you, you can never die.” You’re in every word I write, and every thought that goes through my mind.

But, does that sound scary to you? That’s what I’m worried about when I write to you. 

What if I push you away? Is it terrifying for you to know that you mean the world to me, to know that I’d be utterly lost if you’d leave?

Is that putting too much pressure on you? I don’t want to you feel this way. That’s why I sometimes hold back from verbalizing my feelings for you.

For the most part, I just write it down in my little black book, and maybe you’ll read it.

Perhaps when we’re old and gray, sitting on our porch and watching our grandkids growing up, maybe then I’ll be able to open up completely.

If I’m lucky enough, I’ll have my notebook tucked away in our attic, or hidden under one of the wooden floorboards. You know, the one that squeaks every time you step on it.

I’ll eventually tell you how every smile I saw on your face melted my heart, and it still does. We’ll move closer then and you’ll take my hand because you know how difficult it is for me to be entirely vulnerable.

Then I’ll continue.

Do you remember that day you took my hand for the first time? And that time you kissed me while the rain was pouring down, just because I once told you I saw it in a stupid romcom? You said you never saw my eyes shining like that before.

What about that time you gently removed a strand of my hair, because you wanted to plant a kiss on my cheek and it was in your way? You knew I loved it, so you kept replaying it every once in a while.

I can endlessly repeat how much I’ve loved you since day one, but I’ll never be able to accurately put in words how your actions make me feel. I can only go on and write things others may find cheesy, but I don’t want to share our moments.

After I finish my short story, you’ll probably ask me: How can one human being love someone unconditionally? I’ll just smile and crawl into your embrace because we’ll both know it was a rhetorical question.

I mean, what other explanation do people need after hearing our love story?

I love you forever baby,


A Letter To My Boyfriend About My Feelings: 7 Heart-Warming Examples

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