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27 Undeniable Signs You’re More Than Friends

27 Undeniable Signs You’re More Than Friends

Are there signs you’re more than friends?

If you’re wondering whether the two of you are just friends or more, you are about to find out.

Can a friendship turn into love? Sure it can; in fact, the best love stories are the ones that start out as friendship.

So, if you want to find out whether your crush sees you as more than a friend, be sure to read these signs of friendship turning into love.

1. You talk to them every day

27 Undeniable Signs Youre More Than Friends

How often do you and your best friend contact each other and talk on the phone?

Compare that to how much you talk to the person who could be more than a friend.

It is perfectly normal to call your friends from time to time and hang out with them.

However, if you talk to this person almost every single day, it seems like you’re already acting like a couple, and it’s one of the signs your guy friend is falling for you.

2. They give you hints that they would like you to make the first move

This person could be too shy to admit they like you and come right out with it. It could be that they are waiting for you to make the first move.

If you haven’t done that yet, they could start getting impatient and that is when they’ll start giving you subtle hints about the two of you becoming more than just friends.

This is one of the clear signs your guy friend is falling for you.

3. You have chemistry and use every opportunity to touch each other

Do you use every opportunity to touch each other?

An essential part of seduction is physical contact so if this person puts their hand on your back while you’re with them, it could be one of the signs you’re more than friends.

In any case, one of the sure signs of attraction is the chemistry between the two of you.

Have you noticed you have more chemistry with this person than with any other friend? If so, it shows that something is different.

Signs of friendship turning into love are if you had chemistry from the start as well as if you have recently noticed that there’s more and more physical contact happening.

Getting tapped on the shoulder is one thing, but if they are touching your hand or sitting in your lap, it answers the question of whether you are friends or more.

4. They don’t speak about you as a friend

27 Undeniable Signs Youre More Than Friends 1

A lot of times, the way someone feels about you is revealed by how they refer to you and speak about you in everyday speech.

If you have a higher status in this person’s mind than simply a friend, they probably won’t refer to you as one.

Instead, they’ll refer to you as a close friend, not simply a friend, or by using only your name.

The manner in which this person speaks about you will let you know how they really feel about you, so you’ll know whether you’re friends or more.

5. Others have noticed it, so they tease you

Can a friendship turn into love? Yes, and the first ones who’ll notice it will be those around you.

Other friends will probably notice the change in your relationship and behavior and realize something’s different.

If you already act like a couple, even if you’re not aware of it, your other friends will notice it and realize something’s going on.

Maybe the two of you haven’t yet realized it, but others will, so they’ll even start teasing you.

You may be surprised by what they say… but deep down, you’ll know that they’re on to something and that the signs you’re more than friends are there.

6. They give you hints that they’re single

When this person lets you know that they’re single, it’s probably because they’re interested in having a romantic relationship with you.

Of course, it could be just because they want to share that information with you, but it’s more likely because they want you to do something about it.

They could say it in a casual manner, but a lot of times, it’s because they want you to be aware that they’re available and ready to start a relationship with someone new… You.

7. You’re always trying to spend some time alone together

27 Undeniable Signs Youre More Than Friends 2

Friends who want to spend time together clearly enjoy each other’s company and have fun together.

If the two of you are always trying to be alone together, and even plan special activities just with each other, it’s one of the signs of friendship turning into love.

After all, don’t those special activities actually look a lot like dating?

8. You have sweet nicknames for each other

At first, you called each other by your names or the same way as other friends.

However, lately, you have a need to call each other by sweet nicknames, and it’s one of the signs you’re more than friends.

Nicknames are something personal that shows that you care about each other more than you care about other friends.

Baby, honey, sweetie, and similar are not the nicknames you use when referring to a friend… so when that starts happening in your friendship, you should know that you’re already more than a friend to each other.

9. They’re constantly asking you out on dates

One of the signs your guy friend is falling for you is when he constantly asks you out on dates.

Of course, it could be perfectly normal for a friend to ask you to go with them to a movie or a concert.

However, you’ll realize whether it’s just friendly or more than that by considering how casually they request it and how often it happens.

10. The two of you don’t go out with other people

Do you like spending time together and don’t want the opportunity of meeting or getting in touch with others and starting a relationship?

If you’re wondering if a friendship can turn into love, it can, and that’s exactly how.

One of the clear signs you’re more than friends is if you don’t mention other potential partners in front of each other.

The two of you simply don’t show any interest in dating anyone, except maybe each other.

11. The two of you show signs of jealousy

27 Undeniable Signs Youre More Than Friends 3

If this person is jealous of those you go out with or breaks up with a person you don’t like, it shows that you mean a lot to them and they care about your opinions.

A clearer sign is if you feel jealous when you hear or see other people showing interest in your special friend.

12. You have met their parents

In every relationship, it’s crucial that a partner gets along with your family and you.

When people are dating, it’s only natural for them to meet each other’s families, since they have become an important part of each other’s intimate lives.

Does this person like to go with you to important family events and gatherings such as holidays and weddings?

This shows that they love spending time with you and your family members, and it’s one of the signs of friendship turning into love.

13. Their expectations from you are high

If this person has romantic feelings for you, they will feel very let down if you ever show a lack of regard for them.

They could get very upset when you show up late or forget some promise you made. 

It’s isn’t usual for those who are just friends to feel let down or angry because of that, since they usually simply forgive and forget.

However, if your friend has romantic feelings for you, they’ll expect a lot from you, because you mean a lot to them and your impact on their life is bigger than you think.

14. They make unusual eye contact with you

27 Undeniable Signs Youre More Than Friends 4

You can tell a lot about how a person feels about you by the way they look at you.

Eye contact alone actually nonverbally communicates enormous amounts of feelings.

The way this person looks at you will let you know whether you’re just friends or more.

What does unusual eye contact mean?

Well, an example could be when they stare into your eyes for an uncomfortably long time, or when they anxiously shift their eyes away, unable to keep looking you directly in the eyes.

Those are signs you’re more than friends, even if you’re not aware of it yet.

15. They want to know about your past relationships

Is this person curious about your past relationships?

Well, that’s one of the signs you’re more than friends because it means they are hoping for romance and are imagining what being in a relationship with you would be like.

By asking you for information about your past relationships, they are providing themselves with what they need to envision you as a partner.

They are creating a fantasy and letting go of the mental image of you as a friend.

Friends don’t usually care enough to ask about past relationships unless they’re interested in making their friend their partner.

Therefore, if your friend wants to learn all about your romantic history, they’re most likely interested in you.

16. When you go out, it’s usually at night

Do you feel disappointed when your friend says they would like to go for a coffee in the morning instead of going out at night?

Perhaps you notice in their voice that they feel equally disappointed when you cancel your date that’s supposed to happen at night?

Going out during the evening resembles going on a date, so, if you prefer to hang out at night, it shows that you’re trying to find yourselves on a date with each other.

You’re probably also hoping that by choosing beer at night instead of a coffee in the morning, you’ll eventually get drunk enough to let each other know how you really feel.

17. You have a lot of movie nights

27 Undeniable Signs Youre More Than Friends 5

There are many opportunities to accidentally touch each other when you’re at the cinema, like when both of you reach for the popcorn simultaneously.

Isn’t watching a movie actually an excuse for the two of you to spend more time with each other in a place that is romantic?

Friends usually don’t watch a movie together more than twice a month, but the two of you often use this excuse in order to make spending more time together possible.

Your movie nights seem like you’re secretly dating because when the lights are out, it gets dark, which makes it hard for anyone to see you.

18. You joke a lot

Sometimes your jokes go too far, and you often joke in a strange way that only the two of you find funny.

More often than not, your jokes actually look like flirting, and you even joke about being boyfriend and girlfriend.

They say that there’s a little truth to every joke, and in your case, it’s most likely true.

Your friend is interested in you and wants to make you laugh even if they’re actually telling you they want to be with you while making it sound like a joke.

You even joke on each other’s behalf, and your jokes aren’t always appropriate, but you find them funny and laugh together more than with anyone else.

Do you also have a lot of inside jokes that nobody else but the two of you get? That shows that you’re more than a friend to each other.

19. They flirt with you

27 Undeniable Signs Youre More Than Friends 6

Do they often flirt obviously with you?

Perhaps they’re scared to make the first move, but they’re trying to make it or to let you know that they want you to do it.

Some people aren’t the kind who flirt, and others are flirty by nature, but either way, if your friend is flirting with you, there’s something going on.

They could be playfully flirting without being serious about it or flirting without going through with it because they’re afraid of rejection.

Whatever the case is in your situation, if your friend is flirting with you and shows interest in pursuing you, the reason for that is that they’re testing the waters.

They want to see if you’ll return their affectionate behavior.

Can a friendship turn into love? When friends flirt with each other, it’s getting there.

20. They communicate with you more than with others

What happens when you’re in a group of friends? Do you tend to talk just to your special friend?

Do they keep trying to talk to you, and you notice that they put a lot less effort into communication with other friends?

We always give more time and attention to those we’re interested in.

You can figure out how a person feels about you by noticing how much effort they make to have a conversation with you, even if they’re in the company of other people.

If you have noticed that they communicate with others but not for long before returning to you, it’s not because you’re friends, but because you’re more than that.

They want to have all of your attention even when you’re in a group of friends, and this is because they’re interested in having a relationship with you.

21. They talk to other friends about you

27 Undeniable Signs Youre More Than Friends 7

You know what happens when someone falls in love – everything reminds them of the person they love so that person is always on their mind.

As a result, they want to talk to their friends about this person.

What that means is that it’s very possible that their other friends get sick of always hearing about you and every detail of your life.

Don’t be surprised if their friends approach you and let you know that your special friend has constantly been talking about you to them.

It’s obvious that what you have is much more than just friendship.

22. Their body language shows it

Words are important, but so is body language.

Is this friend of yours constantly facing you, whether or not there are others around you? Perhaps you face your special friend just the same?

It seems like no one else exists when the two of you are together.

You’re always close to each other, and whenever possible, you sit or stand next to each other.

They’re interested in you, and you’re more than just friends.

23. You make plans for the future together

You’re more than friends if you keep making future arrangements and future plans to be together.

For instance, they could suggest that you go traveling next year, and it shows that they’re interested in having you in their future.

Maybe the two of you even mention getting married and having children in the future and no matter how much you make it sound like you’re just joking, it’s a very serious sign.

Don’t forget what I already told you – there’s a little truth in every joke.

24. You agree on important things

27 Undeniable Signs Youre More Than Friends 8

It’s great when you agree on interesting topics such as the state of the world, but these are not the important things I’m talking about.

An example of important things is where the two of you see each other in the future and what your life goals and opinions about relationships are.

If everything doesn’t go as you planned, are you willing to stick together anyway? You’re more than friends if you can agree on the important things in life.

25. You share everyday activities with each other and talk about everything

Your day wouldn’t be complete if you couldn’t tell your special friend about your day and everything that happened during it.

The two of you share information about yourselves and everything that has happened to you, and it’s completely spontaneous.

You’re clearly more than friends if you can’t wait to tell each other about the things you did and didn’t do.

That’s not all, because you don’t just talk about everything, but also do everything together.

I’m talking about everyday things such as going to the gym and buying groceries.

You actually already act like a couple, and that’s because you’re definitely more than just friends.

26. You’re ready to make sacrifices for each other

When you describe this person, you call them your best friend, your greatest ally, an important part of your life, and, above all, your sincere love.

For all these reasons, you are ready to make some sacrifices for them, and you know that they would do the same for you.

You would do for them the things you would never do for anyone else.

Even if it’s difficult and you have to make some difficult choices, you never hesitate, because it’s them who is in question.

After all, there’s nothing you wouldn’t do just to make them happy, and they feel the same way about you.

They’re willing to make sacrifices for your happiness.

You are special to each other, and you mean more to each other than anyone else does.

Sure, friends are often willing to make sacrifices for each other, but not as much as you do.

You would do anything for each other, and you wouldn’t do as much for anyone else.

Those sacrifices you make are sure signs you’re more than friends.

27. They told you that they want to be more than friends

27 Undeniable Signs Youre More Than Friends 9

Lastly, the most obvious sign is when they tell you directly that they would like to have something more with you.

It takes courage to come right out and admit your true feelings to your friend, so if they have managed to do that, it shows that they care about you deeply.

You mean a lot to them, and they are even ready to risk losing what you already have for a chance to have something more.

Your friend has probably been feeling this way for quite some time, but they only now managed to get the courage to come right out and say it.

Don’t forget what I told you in the beginning – the greatest love stories start with friendship, so enjoy writing yours, and I’m sure it will have a happy ending.

27 Undeniable Signs You’re More Than Friends

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