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10 Signs You’re Definitely More Than Just Friends

10 Signs You’re Definitely More Than Just Friends

It is not a rare occurrence to have your friendship evolve into something more than it was. Maybe you never even dreamed of it, but somehow, it happened anyway.

Here is how to know you’re definitely more than just friends.

1. Calling each other and texting has become your daily/nightly ritual.

Your days do not start without a message for a good morning anymore. Their voice is the last thing you hear every night before sleep.

Even your days rarely go by without talking to each other at least once more. Just that, by itself, is a sign enough that there is something more happening than a simple platonic relationship.

2. You share everything with each other.

When you tell each other about everything, including how you feel, it is a great sign. Especially when it comes to guys, as we all know that sharing feelings can go a little harder for them.

If he has no problem doing that with you, you are more than just friends. It is a sign he trusts you so much that he feels free to open up on his own.

3. His friends and family already know who you are.

It is a sign enough that he decided to take you to meet the people he cares about the most.

When you get there and realize they already know everything about you, and meeting you in person was the last link missing, you can be sure things are getting heated.

4. You do your best to make each other laugh.

When you cannot get enough of the sound of each other’s laughter, you can be sure it is more than just a friendship between you two.

Whatever you do, the goal is to make each other as happy as possible. And when your effort is successful, you automatically feel like the happiest person ever for achieving that.

5. You feel blessed for having each other in your lives and you make sure to let each other know.

Can it be more obvious than this? Especially when it is combined with some, or all, of these signs.

If all you can think of is how you never want to lose each other, it is definitely a different kind of a relationship than the platonic one.

6. You make each other a priority.

If you find yourself changing plans and planning things in a way that will make it possible to see each other, it is obvious how much you crave to spend time together.

Especially when the plans being adjusted are events that you waited for a long time or a gathering you were really excited about.

Right now, nothing is more important to you than to be in each other’s company as much as possible.

7. Even the other friends from your group have noticed something is happening.

They will comment on the way you act around each other. They have already noticed how you touch each other, how close to each other you sit, and the looks you exchange.

Once they make it known they have spotted it, the teasing will never end.

8. When you catch each other talking to other friends of the opposite gender, you feel slightly jealous.

10 Signs You’re Definitely More Than Just Friends

There is a fine line between being slightly jealous and completely possessive. But if you catch yourself feeling that tiny sting of jealousy, it is a sure sign that you care about each other more than you would for a person that is only your friend.

9. You like it more when it is just the two of you spending time together.

As fun as it is hanging out with that group of your mutual friends, you feel more and more that you would rather spend that time one on one. That group gathering can wait for some other time.

10. You care about each other’s happiness more than you do about your own.

You catch yourself thinking that there is nothing more you want than for the other one to be extremely happy. You realize you are ready to fight with all the strength you have in you just to protect each other from harm.

At one moment, you will finally realize that the feeling is mutual. If that is not a sign enough that your relationship has surpassed the friendship stage, I do not know what is. Be careful to have your eyes open for these signs, because if you miss them, you might miss your chance for something truly amazing.

10 Signs You’re Definitely More Than Just Friends