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What Does It Mean If A Guy Waits For You?

What Does It Mean If A Guy Waits For You?

Modern dating has changed a concept of romantic relationships for good. In the past, when a man liked you, he would try hard to win you over. But, now, nothing is the same. If a guy likes you, he expects you to have an immediate reaction. If you don’t give him what he wants right away, he’ll move to his next victim right away. Nobody has the patience to wait for their perfect person any more. So, what does it mean if a guy waits for you?

If a guy waits for you, he is different than any other man in your life. This is usually someone who has always been a part of your life in one way or another but always kept himself in the shadow- a man from the background who you don’t even notice. This is the guy you’ve maybe had something with in the past, but whom you’ve never taken seriously. This is the guy you’ve kept on the bench for the most part of your life, but somehow, you never actually truly looked at him.

You were too busy chasing for guys who didn’t have his qualities. You’ve spent years dealing with men who used you, men who played mind games with you and men who took you for granted. This is life- you chase someone who doesn’t notice you, while you have a person waiting for you all along.What Does It Mean If A Guy Waits For You

But, when you think about it, this guy never actually chased you nor did he hunt you. He didn’t pursue you- he just let you be.

This guy was your friend all along. He helped you through sticky situations in life and always watched your back from the safe distance. When you come to think about it, there wasn’t a tough situation in your life if which he wasn’t there for you.

But, he was never too needy or too pushy and maybe that is the reason you took him for granted and never noticed him for who he truly was.

He waited patiently all these years for you to mature emotionally and mentally. He waited until you realize what is that you really want and need from life. He waited until you love yourself enough to be able to love someone else. He waited for you to build your personality before you could build a relationship.

He waited for you to grow into a woman you are now. He waited for you to be ready for him and everything he has to offer.What Does It Mean If A Guy Waits For You

And, now you are finally ready. You have finally matured enough to be with him.

But, you ask yourself what does it mean if a guy waits for you? Did he love you all this time? Will he change the moment he gets you? What will your relationship look like?

If you wonder what does it mean if a guy waits for you, you should know that this guy is certain that you are the one for him. He is mature enough to know what is that he wants from life and he knows you are the one.

He had many girls pass through his life, but he has never completely left your side because he has waited for the right moment for the two of you to be together all this time. He has been around you for a very long period of time and he doesn’t have any doubts about his love towards you.

If you give this guy a chance, you should know that you’ll never have to beg for the crumbs of his attention and love. This man will never take you for granted and he will never play mind games with you, into manipulating you to love him more. If he wanted to do this, he would have done it long ago.What Does It Mean If A Guy Waits For You

If you wonder what does it mean if a guy waits for you, be sure that this man knows who you truly are. He will never try to change you because he knows your real personality and has loved you for it all this time. This man will never try to manipulate you to be someone you are not, just to fit his standards.

He is very well aware that you are not perfect because he has seen you at your worse, but he loves your flaws, as well because he knows they are the part of who you are. This guy knows you very well- if he had considered he couldn’t deal with you, he would have given up on you ages ago.

If you ask yourself what does it mean if a guy waits for you, you should know that this is the only guy in your life who knows your true value and who will never diminish your worth. This is a guy who will never do something disrespectful to you.

He will never think you are not enough because, for him, you are more than enough. If you give this guy a chance, he’ll have eyes for you only. It is obvious that you are unique and special for him because he wouldn’t have waited for you all this time if it were any different.What Does It Mean If A Guy Waits For You

If you ask yourself what does it mean if a guy waits for you, be sure that you’ll always have this guy’s support no matter what. He knows it is easy to be around someone when things are going great, but that it takes real courage for a man to stay by your side when times get rough.

This guy has had your back even when the two of you weren’t together, so he’ll continue doing so if you finally give him a chance. This man will believe in you even when you stop believing yourself and he will always be the wind for your wings.

If he wanted to leave your side, he would do it a long time ago and the fact that he hasn’t is the proof that he won’t do it in the future either.

If you are wondering what does it mean if a guy waits for you, you should know that he will always put your needs first. This is not a typical man who will use you to boost his ego. It is apparent that he doesn’t have ego problems, otherwise, he wouldn’t have waited for you for so long.

For him, your common happiness is much more important than his ego. If it happens the two of you argue, he will always put an effort to make the productive conclusion and it will never be about who is right.What Does It Mean If A Guy Waits For You

He won’t have trouble making compromises and sacrificing himself for the good of the relationship and he will never put his needs in front of yours.

So please, come to your senses and give this guy a chance, because he is the only one who deserves you. But, don’t do it unless you are completely ready. Be sure that this guy is a keeper.

He is a man you want to spend your life with, so don’t waste all of his love and patience if you are not mature and ready enough for something serious.

And if you think you are ready to be with him, go for it without any second doubt. Don’t let him wait any minute longer. Trust me- you’ll never regret it.

What Does It Mean If A Guy Waits For You?


Tuesday 22nd of February 2022

To karen who wrote this... In today's date noone cares about love its all about lust and timepass.....yet yes i know the feeling of this as someone is waiting for me for past 15years and i cant be with him bcuz im married and have kids but yet nothing matters to him. He still stands like strong pillar for me when i need him and i hate the feeling of not being with him. Sometimes its not easy to express your feelings. Things get complicated and you cant be around each other but you still care for eachother. I wish i could tell him what he means to me but yet i cant be with him.HATE THIS FEELING people will write comments and say things noone can feel the pain he is in and i am in. Life is to smile and moveon. HATE TO SAY THAT.


Tuesday 12th of January 2021

Wow it really is true. My man waited for me for nearly four years.


Monday 11th of January 2021

This described him and me so well. Just reading it puts a smile on my face, because this is all him.