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Is There Pure Friendship Between A Man And A Woman?

Is There Pure Friendship Between A Man And A Woman?

Speaking about social life, when we look at history, basically we can see that women have been in the company of other women, just like men hung out with other men.

Let’s assume that there is friendship between a man and a woman. They have pure and platonic love for each other. They have had a friendship for many years and let’s suppose that they have never had a fight. Also, they have never had an awkward situation where their friendship comes into question. By that I mean they never kissed each other.

There were, though, many situations in which the man could have made a move, but he didn’t to maintain the connection. The woman is smart and she knew exactly when it almost happened. Since he is the one who prevented those situations to happen, she respects him even more. She knows his intentions and she is sure that they are clean.

Man can be attractive and a woman knows that, yet she doesn’t look at him that way. She considers him as honest and reliable friend with whom she can talk to for hours. His good look or charming behavior isn’t something she looks at that way. The question is, is it?Is There Pure Friendship Between a Man and a Woman

On the other hand, there is a man who sees his female friend as very hot. There are thousand times he has had on mind to get out with her to have a drink just like they used to. It would be fine if he doesn’t think of taking her to his place and having a little fun.

Certainly he couldn’t do that because her intentions are not to end up with him. She made it clear many times by telling him he is her only true and honest friend. Since he is someone who showed her how much he respect her, he would stay a friend even if he maybe doesn’t want to.

He is fine with her decision to friend-zone him, because that’s better than nothing. He would maintain the contact with her and perhaps wait until an opportunity shows up.

If the female friend is in a relationship with a guy and when they had a quarrel, she needs you to be her support. She needs you to tell her that she did everything good. You are sincere and you would never lie to her.

No matter how strong your female friend is, she still needs a shoulder to cry on when things go down. And you know for sure that she specifically wants you to be her person.Is There Pure Friendship Between a Man and a Woman

If male friend has a partner and they had a quarrel, he would definitely need someone to talk to. He will include his emotions because his female friend is someone he can trust to.

There is no one he would rather have emotional communication with. There is no time to make any move in his friendship, and above all there is no need to even try.

Usually, women are attracted to men who are honest and who have great personality. Isn’t it like game playing? Soon enough she is drawn to a situation where she can’t handle anything without her male friend, she can’t resist but to laugh at his stupid jokes, and she is more secure when he is around her.

Opposite than this, there is a man who has his beautiful female friend. She is gorgeous and very hot at first and with time, she becomes a notion of awe to him.

His feelings for her start to rise and he knows that he is in trouble. It is very difficult to understand or to explain. I only know that if a man becomes overly sensitive, it is hard for him to control his feelings.Is There Pure Friendship Between a Man and a Woman

To sum the things up, there doesn’t have to be any physical contact among male and female friends. They don’t have to cross the border ever. But, their pure friendship love couldn’t exist if there are any boundaries existing.

Friendships aren’t real if you need to modify feelings. It is an unhealthy friendship if you or your friend is not happy for each other’s happiness. If there is any sign that one of you perhaps want something more, ask yourself, is there pure friendship?

Maybe you should cross the border after all. Life is only one. Live it fully. Don’t miss the chance of being happy.

Only if there is flatly nothing that can attract you to each other, it can be a pure relationship. In every other case, if a male friend sees his female friend as hot, or if she sees him as a handsome and attractive man rather than a very good friend, friendship comes into question.

There is, however, a chance to pretend in order to stay in that insincere friendship. And what makes things more interesting is that people are often pleased with that.

Is There Pure Friendship Between a Man and a Woman?

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