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A Short Guide To Interpreting Female Body Language

A Short Guide To Interpreting Female Body Language

Verbal communication is not the only way your woman expresses her emotions. Paying attention to body language signals is important if you want to truly understand women. That is why I wrote this short guide to interpreting female body language. Whether it’s her facial expressions or hand gestures, a woman’s body tells you how she feels.

Every human being has non-verbal behavior that expresses their true feelings. As we have learned from the show Lie to Me, mimicry of a person’s face actually tells us the truth. By paying attention to a woman’s body, you will know how that woman feels. When you learn all about interpreting female body language, you will know how to approach a woman and see her true feelings.

With non-verbal communication, a woman shows you if she feels comfortable but she can also show defensiveness or submissiveness with her body movements. Whether she is slouching or fidgeting, body language experts have revealed what it means and you will have become a body language expert as well, once you finish reading this article.

Body language is an amazing thing that tells us even the things that the person we are looking at doesn’t want us to know and would never say but if you really pay attention to the body language of a woman, she will tell you her secrets with her body movements. And you will know what’s going on inside her head if you just notice her body language.

I am going to tell you all the female body language secrets that body language experts know. So if you have been looking forward to learning about female body language, read on and interpreting women’s body language will be a new skill of yours.

A short guide to interpreting female body language

A Short Guide To Interpreting Female Body Language

Interpreting female body language correctly is important if you want to master female body language, so you have to learn all about body language signals.

After you read this short guide to correctly interpreting female body language, you will have a better understanding of women and better luck with them as well.

Reading female body language

Body language expert Joe Navarro pointed out that it’s not enough to notice her body movements in order to learn reading body language because you have to take into consideration the way she usually behaves.

For example, if she is always flirty, she probably touches people when she talks to them and she probably shows other body language signals characteristic of a flirt. But that doesn’t mean that you can consider it a sure sign of a flirt if she always does it and with everyone.

So, if she often touches you while you two talk, you have to compare that touching with the way she touches others. If it’s more frequently than with others or is different in another way, that difference is how you will know if it is a sure sign. For example, if she touches your chest but she touches others on the arm, that’s a different way of touching.

You don’t have to rely on verbal communication because you will learn how to understand non-verbal behavior.

To learn reading body language, read these examples:

1. The tilt of the head

This act shows the other person that you are listening to them and encouraging them to keep talking. Most women do this when they talk to people, especially if they feel like the person they are talking to holds authority over them but it can also be a sign of submissiveness.

Men often think that they are in a position of control when they see this gesture. Maybe women don’t intend for it to be interpreted that way, but that is how men in authority see it.

2. Space and height

A Short Guide To Interpreting Female Body Language 1

The space and height that a person takes up says a lot about their emotions and attitude. A lot of women tend to take up as little space as possible; it’s a form of female body language that has become a legacy and has been passed down through generations.

This is because women were submissive to men, and most of the time, they weren’t in the position of authority. Having a slouching posture or squeezing herself into a very small space are signs that she isn’t in control and is submissive.

However, a woman who is standing or sitting very straight, with feet spread apart and shoulders back, shows authority. Women use this non-verbal communication to show that they are feeling in control of the situation and demand respect.

3. Gestures during listening or talking to others

Gestures like grabbing upper arms, playing with jewelry or hair or touching the neck often mean that she is stressed or nervous but many articles teach men that these are clear signs that a woman is attracted to them. However, fidgeting is actually a sign of distress. When you notice it, try to make her feel more comfortable or end the conversation.

Sometimes it could be a sign of flirting but that isn’t always the case. If you are a woman, try to avoid doing this if you want to look like you are in control of things. To learn all about interpreting female body language, continue to read this article and don’t trust every article you see elsewhere, because there is a lot of disinformation around.

4. A smile

Almost everybody thinks that a smile is a sign of joy, happiness, and friendliness but women actually tend to smile when they’re nervous. Some women will smile at inappropriate times or they will smile excessively and that could confuse you.

To know for sure, it’s best to keep paying attention to other body language cues, as well as what she is saying at that moment. If she is nervous, it will probably show in other ways as well.

5. Head nods

A Short Guide To Interpreting Female Body Language 2

What’s interesting about head nods is that women use them much more frequently than men. Men usually nod only when they agree with what the person is saying but with women, it could also mean that she is encouraging you to keep talking or she is showing that she is listening to you. So if you are a woman, be aware of that because men will often interpret your nodding as agreement or a sign of submission.

6. Leaning forward

Leaning forward could be interpreted as flirting because women sometimes lean forward when they are flirtatious. However, they also do it when they are involved in a conversation that is starting to become intense, so it is again important to consider other things besides female body language. If you are in a professional environment and in a heated conversation, she is probably just very engaged.

7. Hand gestures

You have probably already noticed that a lot of women talk with their hands. This is because they are emotionally invested in the conversation but using too much emotionally expressive hand gestures can seem to other people like the woman is overly invested or she will seem emotionally involved in the topic. Women seem like they aren’t in control of themselves or their emotions when they use hand gestures too much.

8. Handshake

A weak handshake shows that a woman is nervous, shy, submissive or intimidated. A strong handshake, however, shows that a woman is in a position of authority and is confident and in control.

9. Rolling her eyes

Eye-rolling is often a sign of frustration or impatience. If she is verbally reserved and quiet, she is trying to stay polite but she is losing her patience. Change the topic of the conversation or end it.

10. Direct eye contact

A Short Guide To Interpreting Female Body Language 3

If a woman is making direct eye contact, she is very engaged in the conversation and is not submissive. Maybe she is actually making direct eye contact to show you that you have her full attention. Some articles say that it is a sign of attraction, but that doesn’t necessarily have to be the case.

However, a lack of eye contact is often a sign of submission. If she makes eye contact but then quickly looks down, that usually means that she is flirting but it could also mean that she is being submissive to you.

11. Crosses her arms

When she crosses her arms, it could be a sign of defensiveness. Most of the time, this is the case if it happens that she is feeling threatened or is in the middle of an argument but women do this when they disagree with someone during an argument or a conversation. It could also mean that she is bored with the conversation and wants it to end. But again, pay attention to the other signs as well to know for sure.

12. Drumming or tapping fingers

Drumming or tapping her fingers on the table are often signs of boredom or impatience, so she is tired of the conversation or the situation. Maybe she is just tired of waiting, or the one-sided conversation is frustrating her.

13. Exposed wrist or open palm

Women often don’t realize it, but when they are submissive, they show an open palm or expose a wrist. She is either open to your suggestions on what to do next or is bowing to your authority.

14. Locks her ankles

She is distressed by the conversation or is feeling nervous. If she does it suddenly in conversation, it means that the topic is making her feel uncomfortable so change the topic to make her feel comfortable again. However, it isn’t always true that this means a woman is nervous because some women naturally cross their legs at the ankles.

15. Pupils dilated

A Short Guide To Interpreting Female Body Language 4

Eye contact will let you know how she feels. It has been proven that every human being has dilated pupils when they see something they want and since it’s true for every human being, it is also true in female body language. If you ask her out on a date and her pupils dilate, she is showing you that she wants to go out with you.

16. Blinking eyes

Because of cartoons and movies, many people think that blinking eyes are a part of female flirting behavior but that is most likely not the case because women often rapidly blink when they are uncomfortable or nervous. When you approach a woman, if she is rapidly blinking, it’s a sign that she is maybe feeling threatened or it’s a sign that she is anxious.

17. Lip biting

Lip biting often happens when she is worried, stressed or anxious but many men think of it as a sign of attraction. However, when it shows desire, it will be accompanied by intense eye contact. If it’s not, it probably just means that she is stressed or nervous. Tightening of the lips, however, means that she is distrusting or disapproving of you so if she does this when you approach her, give up on her.

18. Hands on her hips

Most women put their hands on their hips when they are having an argument or there is about to be one. Men usually see it as a sign of aggression but it can also mean that she is in control of the situation.

Positive body language of women

There is positive body language and negative body language and the more a woman is engaged and interested, the more positive body language you will see. If she leans in and faces you directly, that is positive body language. If she angles her body away or leans away, that is negative body language. When a girl is giving you attitude, or you don’t like what she is saying, angle your body away from her or lean away as this kind of behavior will make you more attractive to her because it shows you are a high-value man who doesn’t put up with that.

One of the body language signals that she’s into you is if she is facing you and playing with her hair, and another is if her body is aligned toward you. Maybe she has even started blushing or looks away but is happy. Perhaps she is making intense eye contact with you while she nods her head. If you touch her, she touches you as well. Maybe she even melts into your touch; she enjoys it, leans in, and relaxes her muscles.

Women and lying

A Short Guide To Interpreting Female Body Language 5

If you are looking to learn all about interpreting female body language in order to learn how to spot when she is lying to you, you should also know something about women and lying.

The thing is, men and women lie differently because their motivations are different.

Men usually lie to appear more interesting, successful, and powerful. Actually, a fun fact is that on average, a man will lie about himself eight times more than about others.

Women, however, lie more to protect someone’s feelings or to make someone feel better about themselves. They do it much more often than they lie about themselves.

Facial expressions and mimicry can give you body language cues when someone is lying to you.

Body language cues that she’s interested in you

Interpreting a woman’s body language won’t be hard once you learn all about female flirting behavior. This is why I am going to tell you about all the body language cues that you should be on the lookout for. You might not know this, but women are very conscious of their personal space… so if she often gets into your space, she likes you. Pay attention to her facial expressions and mimicry as well.

So, to learn how to interpret female body language, read about these signs that she is interested in you.

1. She touches her neck and plays with her hair

If you catch her doing this while making intense eye contact, there is no doubt that she is into you. But it takes more than one sign to truly master interpreting female body language so always look at the big picture when you notice the details.

2. She arches her back

The reason women do this is to bring attention to their legs and breasts. She actually wants you to notice her body but don’t get confused if she is simply stretching.

3. She blushes and giggles

The oldest and clearest signs that she is into you are when she starts blushing and giggling like a teenager. Let’s face it, you probably aren’t really that funny. Interpreting female body language in this case really isn’t that hard.

4. She calls attention to her lips

A Short Guide To Interpreting Female Body Language 6

When she is calling attention to a part of the body like her lips by slowly applying lipstick, she wants you to get the image in your head of you kissing her.

5. She invades your personal space

She will sit close to you and lean toward you and maybe she will be touchy on purpose, to show you that she is interested in you.

6. She gazes and smiles at you

She will let you catch her gazing at you because she wants you to notice her and realize that she is interested in going out with you. The smile is there to enhance the effect.

7. She bats her eyelashes, touches her face and twirls her hair

You will know that she is into you when she tries to get you to notice her by touching her lips, face or chin, twirling her hair, or even batting her eyelashes. She uses these to arouse you.

8. She acts like a damsel in distress

Men like to be protective and to defend women, so women will use that fact when flirting. She will get your attention by seeking your help for things that she could do on her own. The damsel in distress act is a body language cue to get your attention and make you feel wanted.

9. She can’t keep her hands off of you

A Short Guide To Interpreting Female Body Language 7

As I said before, compare how and where she touches you to how and where she touches other people. Only that way will you know for sure that this is a sign of attraction.

10. She likes to be close to you

If she likes you, she will want to be close to you. She will try to sit next to you and will invade your personal space when you two are talking.

11. She talks about the future

Although it might not be body language, when she talks about the future, it’s a sign that she likes you, so I think that’s also worth mentioning here.

However, body language cues that show she isn’t interested in you include her looking away and not making direct eye contact with you, as well as her turning away from you as if she wants to leave the conversation. Other signs that she isn’t into you are if her breathing is shallow and stilted, and if she is sighing and seems irritated. Crossing her arms is another bad sign, as well as drawing back a little and pulling away from you after you have touched her. If she really doesn’t like you, she will look like she is feeling unpleasant after you touch her in a friendly way and she will show it with an unhappy facial expression.

I hope that this article has helped you understand the body language of women and that it will help you when you are trying to attract a woman. But I have to point out once again that you should not jump to any conclusions just because you notice one small sign; you should instead always look at the big picture and consider the situation and the context.

It takes time to really learn all about interpreting female body language, so be patient and read this article again. Also find some books about it if you really want to be sure about what she is thinking when she is talking to you. And it will be a very useful piece of knowledge because you will never again have to wonder if a girl is attracted to you… since she will tell you with her body language.

Good luck!

A Short Guide To Interpreting Female Body Language

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