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This Is What Really Happens When Two Souls Fall In Love

This Is What Really Happens When Two Souls Fall In Love

When two souls fall in love, they recognize each other and the connection between them becomes stronger than ever before. They feel like the connection’s always been there, but now it’s so intense that it makes them tremble.

When two souls fall in love, it’s an earth-shattering experience, or at least it feels that way because the ground beneath them seems to disappear. Time flows differently as they gaze into each other’s eyes and wish they could somehow get even closer to each other.

Two souls want to become one, and it is one of the reasons I believe in soulmates. There are people who are just so right for each other, so much so that it’s like they fit together perfectly.

It seems as though they’re one person made of two opposite parts that have incredible power when they’re together. They always feel each other’s presence and fear each other’s absence.

I’m sure that you know about stories where one partner simply knows when there’s something wrong with the other. It also often happens that a person you love calls you the very second you’re thinking about them.

It’s because of the connection that is strengthened when two souls fall in love. They even become synchronized because they are constantly in touch, even when it doesn’t seem that way.

When two souls fall in love, they “get in touch” in a way that we can’t truly comprehend. It’s like they have physically touched each other yet haven’t, and it’s why they keep yearning for that touch.

DONE! This Is What Really Happens When Two Souls Fall In Love

Sure, there are chemical processes that happen when people fall for each other, but science hasn’t yet been able to explain everything. How can you quantify the sensation of truly knowing someone, like you know their very soul?

It’s like you met them in a way you’ve never met anyone else. You’ve bonded and that bond is so strong that it makes you convinced it’s unbreakable.

That is why we always think that love will last forever. We can’t imagine such a strong feeling ever going away.

When you fall in love with someone, you see them differently. You don’t see what others see when they look at them and you know that this person is not just another stranger.

They are strangely familiar and so astonishingly beautiful that they leave you breathless. Are they really though?

Just try to get someone else’s opinion on how amazing and good-looking they are and you’ll notice something. It will be like you’re describing two different people.

DONE! This Is What Really Happens When Two Souls Fall In Love

Even if this third person thinks that they look good and seem okay, they don’t see what you see. That energy that love creates, it clouds our judgment and our vision too.

When two souls fall in love, they put on a special kind of glasses because they’re looking at each other through love… And love changes everything…

You don’t see just the person you love anymore, you see your love for them and their love for you when you look at them. And love is simply beautiful and amazing.

Two people who fall in love with each other’s souls feel so overwhelmed that it’s as if they’re bathing in love. It’s all around them, warm like the most genuine hug of a person who deeply cares about you.

Butterflies in the stomach isn’t a bad analogy either. But it’s more than something going on in your stomach, it’s as if you’ve got permanent stage fright.

You just want everything to be perfect and it makes you nervous because you also want to impress your partner. Somehow, you’re aware that they look at you with love and therefore see something different, so you want to live up to their expectations.

The last thing you want to do is let them down, so you feel a little pressured too. You just want to make them happy though, so you do whatever it takes to achieve that goal.

DONE! This Is What Really Happens When Two Souls Fall In Love

When two souls fall in love, love is not the only thing that surrounds them. There’s incredible joy and happiness, even if their love shouldn’t have happened.

They’re just so happy that they love and are loved that it radiates positive energy. Despite the nervousness and pressure of falling in love, there’s a peculiar sense of peace.

You just somehow feel that what’s happening is right, even if you know that it isn’t. You’ve found your missing piece and it makes you calm because you’ve been searching for it for so long.

Now that you’ve finally found it, everything starts to fall into place. You feel like you’ve been on a long journey and you’ve now finally reached your destination, where you belong – in the arms of the person you love.

Once they hold you, you feel like everything’s going to be okay. And the funny thing is, it does all work out in the end. When two souls fall in love – if they belong together – the entire universe will help them on their path.

Even when things seem hopeless, they’ll be happy because they have each other and they’ll send that energy out there. As long as they get along, everything else will sort itself out so that they can enjoy their love.

At least it feels that way because such positive energy has to influence our lives. When you’re in love, you don’t think about the bad things as much anymore.

Instead, you are filled with hope, love, and joy and that makes you see the bright side of life. You suddenly start noticing love everywhere around you because you’ve found it in you.

DONE! This Is What Really Happens When Two Souls Fall In Love

Instead of noticing the bad weather, you notice how romantic it is to kiss in the rain. Every love song and love story is about you and your love.

You see couples holding hands and even literally stop to smell the roses. Most importantly, everything you see reminds you of your soulmate.

You want to buy them something to make them smile, and wish they were there to see something you think they’d like. Their happiness means more to you than anything else, and you just want their love for you to never end.

When two souls fall in love, it does feel like something from a fairytale. Even the entire world starts looking like a fairytale for a while.

Eventually, though, the initial excitement starts to wear off. You slowly take off your glasses… And you start noticing things they prevented you from seeing.

What’s more, time starts flowing normally again and life happens. You can’t be so focused on love anymore and you return to your old self.

DONE! This Is What Really Happens When Two Souls Fall In Love

Then your partner sees your real self, not the person who tried really hard to impress them.

If they love you for your soul though, not much changes.

The earth stops shaking, time starts flowing, and you feel the ground beneath your feet again. You stop putting as much effort into the relationship as you did, and things get complicated.

Now that there’s no fairytale romance, you’re just two people who are romantically involved. But what if your souls fell in love though and this is your actual soulmate?

If so, this is not the moment your love ends, it’s the moment it begins and you start truly loving each other.

DONE! This Is What Really Happens When Two Souls Fall In Love

You’re not falling anymore. So, the initial strong feelings have faded, but a new feeling that stands the test of time rises.

The passing of the honeymoon phase is the true test of love. This is where many lovebirds unfortunately fail. When you fall in love with someone’s soul though, it’s not that challenging.

You simply realize that they’re only human, and as such, aren’t as perfect as you imagined them to be. Their flaws and shortcomings become more obvious, but you start to truly love them for who they are.

Love is something you learn, build, and grow with time. Some people miss the butterflies but just because they’ve flown away doesn’t mean you won’t feel them again.

If this is the person you’ll spend the rest of your life with, you will get the feeling of falling for them every now and then. But it’s real love that never fades – just keeps growing.

When two souls fall in love, they don’t stop loving each other once they end in each other’s arms. They instead feel safe and want to stay there forever.

Unfortunately, love is not enough, so they have to adjust to the world.

As time goes by, they don’t become so distant that it’s like their souls have separated though. Instead, they learn to work as a team and never stop trying to make each other happy.

Maybe they don’t put in the same amount of effort as at first, but they never stop putting effort into the relationship.

Together, they grow and their love grows. They become best friends, not just lovers, and they make a choice to stay together, every day for as long as they live.

DONE! This Is What Really Happens When Two Souls Fall In Love

This is something a lot of people don’t understand, so they let their relationships fail as soon as love gets real.

You must realize that love isn’t going to make you daydream about your partner every waking hour. You’ll have them on your mind all the time, but not as someone you need to impress, win over, and convince to stay.

At that point, they’re already your companion in life and the person you know better than anyone else.

When two souls fall in love, they are discovering each other, and it’s exciting while there’s a veil of mystery over them. But they don’t stop loving each other once the veil is lifted.

As a matter of fact, it’s the moment they kiss and promise to love each other forever. They get married and start making plans for the next steps.

While their relationship might seem boring and monotonous to those who are hooked on the initial excitement, it couldn’t be further from the truth.

When two souls fall in love, they never stop growing together.

And they encounter new obstacles all the time. It’s just knowing they’ll stick together no matter what, that’s what makes them different from those who are yet to get there.

That awareness makes all the obstacles easier to overcome. Knowing that your love will never end and constantly maintaining and growing it makes true love more amazing than falling in love.

Maybe you’re not working as hard to win each other over anymore, but you’re working on achieving things together. You never stop showing your love and don’t let the romance disappear from your relationship.

When you pass an old couple sitting on the bench holding hands, you still picture the two of you in the future. Only this time, the feeling of uncertainty and fear isn’t present because you know you’ll be that couple one day.

DONE! This Is What Really Happens When Two Souls Fall In Love

You don’t think that all songs are about you, but you do know your song is unique. In a way, your heart plays it every time your soulmate is about to come back home.

When two souls fall in love, their hearts never stop beating for each other. Even after a long time together, your soulmate will still be able to take your breath away.

Eventually, you’ll understand each other on such a deep level that it will be a relationship like none you’ve ever had before. You will be able to know what the other one is thinking and communicate with them without talking.

Your souls are connected, so you can sense how they feel and what they need. You step up for each other and take charge when one of you can’t be strong anymore.

Every morning you wake up knowing that you’re loved, and you lie down next to your love every night. You’re not dating anymore, you’re constantly together, which changes things.

You become a team and can’t imagine a life without each other anymore. Getting used to being kissed every morning, every night, and whenever you’re about to be apart is amazing.

DONE! This Is What Really Happens When Two Souls Fall In Love

You now see this person as your other half and feel more complete than ever before. They make you a priority and put your happiness first.

Even after being together for years, they still give you the last piece of chocolate. It’s in little things like this that you really feel how much you mean to them.

You know that they would still do anything to make you happy because your happiness comes first to them. They appreciate the things you do for them and show you affection every day.

Most importantly, they still recognize the person they fell in love with… And they fondly remember the day you met. What happens when you meet your soulmate is something magical.

It’s the feeling that you’ve finally found what you were looking for, an endless hope that you’re right. When you see them, you see the person you’ve been waiting for your entire life.

Imagine looking into someone’s eyes and seeing their soul. Because that’s how it feels when you look into the eyes of your soulmate for the first time – and every time after that.

You simply know them… And years later, when you’ve learned everything there is to know about them, you still love them. You’ve seen them at their best and at their worst, and you’ve loved them just the same.

DONE! This Is What Really Happens When Two Souls Fall In Love

You know that you’d stick by them no matter what because they mean more to you than anything else in the world. There’s an unbreakable bond between you and you can’t imagine anything ever separating you.

God won’t send you your soulmate until you’re prepared to meet them, but once you are, you’ll know it’s them. You’ll recognize this person as a gift from God because that’s how their love will feel.

Their voice becomes your favorite sound in the world, and it always calms you down. You feel at home in their embrace and feel the warmth of their love.

Trusting them is easy because you know that they wouldn’t ever do something to hurt you. They’re your safe harbor and the two of you have true closeness and intimacy.

And when they’re not near you, all it takes is to imagine them to feel their love. It’s like the thought of them can hug you and make you smile because you know that they would if they were there.

As soon as they look at you, they can tell how you’re feeling and you can sense what they’re thinking. It doesn’t happen always, but sometimes the strong connection shows itself in such a clear way.

DONE! This Is What Really Happens When Two Souls Fall In Love

Falling in love can come with a lot of possession and suspicion, while loving someone’s soul is more balanced and calm. It comes with stability and security, which makes you less worried about losing them.

When they are away, you still miss them, but you know that they’ll return to your arms every day. So, instead of torturing yourself with thoughts about what they may be doing, you talk to them and say it.

You can be more open and honest with each other and there’s no need to hide things or lie to each other. You’ve taken your masks off and shown each other your souls.

There’s no need to pretend when you fall in love with someone’s soul. You feel comfortable being yourself around them. And they help you work on the things you don’t like about yourself.

They try to make your life easier and even try to spoil you. When you’re afraid, they are there to hold your hand, and their simple touch makes you less afraid.

You are constantly reminded that they are in it for the long haul, but you don’t take them for granted. Instead, you cherish them and treasure your memories.

You remember the things they like and use them to make them happy. When they’re not feeling good about themselves, you compliment them, cheer them up, and make them see what you see when you look at them.

DONE! This Is What Really Happens When Two Souls Fall In Love

You don’t force them to change, you motivate them to become the best possible version of themselves. Together, you both grow and improve each other.

You know that you could talk to them about anything that bothers you and they can count on you too. Most importantly, you look forward to your future as a couple. So, you plan it together and always talk about what awaits you.

You celebrate your love and you don’t need a special occasion to do it. Why would you need a reason to make your loved one happy when love is the greatest reason of them all?

Don’t stop showing your love and don’t let the romance die. You’re supposed to love each other for a very long time, so make it count.

Make sure that you both feel loved every single day for the rest of your lives. Not every day is going to go great, but you’ll be together and you need to remind yourselves of that.

When souls connect so strongly that nothing could break that connection, love becomes a given. But just because you both know you love each other endlessly doesn’t mean that you should stop showing that.

Take care of each other and show affection every chance you get. Not much in life lasts a lifetime, but true love can, as long as you’re both not willing to give up on it.

When you find that person who considers ending the relationship out of the question, make sure that it stays that way forever. Don’t take them for granted and love the things about them that make them unique.

This is the one person in the entire world who you’re really going to know and keep in your life forever. Make sure they know that.

Don’t let your love ever end and keep showing it in everything you choose to do and say.

Good luck!

This Is What Really Happens When Two Souls Fall In Love

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