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Wait For That Special Someone Who Makes You Feel Calm

Wait For That Special Someone Who Makes You Feel Calm

Each of us is patiently waiting for that special someone who’ll make our soul and heart finally feel at ease. You’re hoping to meet the one who’ll sweep you off your feet but have you ever asked yourself whether that’s really what true love is?

Don’t get me wrong, you’re definitely going to feel butterflies and nervousness on the first couple of dates or even for the first few months. You won’t be able to control your emotions or thoughts and it’ll feel like you’re losing the ground beneath you.

Your whole life, you’ve been searching for a man who will challenge you both mentally and emotionally, a man who’ll rock your world and prove to you why all of your previous boyfriends were wrong for you. A unique individual who would climb the highest mountain and literally do anything for you and your love.

And I know that you’ve had this image of love since you were a little girl. The thing is, you read all those fairy tales and realized that those perfectly portrayed people were surrounded by evil humans who wanted nothing other than to hurt them.

The fairy tale couples had to gather their strength to overcome obstacles and find a way to stay together forever. And their happily ever after is something that you wish would happen in your life as well.

You can actually relate to them in a lot of ways, since your romantic life has been similar to theirs. You’ve also had to fight your way through various obstacles and face evil people who only wanted to hurt your soft heart.

However, love should always be the most beautiful feeling that you can ever experience. It’s about finding someone who’ll prioritize you and make you feel like you’re on top of the world.

DONE! Wait For That Special Someone Who Makes You Feel Calm

And you should only fight for that man who’s worth your time and who’s able to make you feel calm.

Wait for the one who pushes you to become a superwoman and who challenges you to move out of your comfort zone.

There will be times when you’re overwhelmed with joy and happiness, when you feel like you’re in seventh heaven, and when you’re laughing and giggling with that person all the time because he caused you to lose control of yourself.

And in some situations, these emotions can be wonderful but sometimes they aren’t.

So have you ever asked yourself whether or not true love should feel like that? In most cases, people make the mistake of thinking that the above-mentioned feelings are true love when in fact they’re really about passion.

Usually, with passion comes an entire series of problems that can cause you to be stuck in an emotionally damaging and toxic relationship.

DONE! Wait For That Special Someone Who Makes You Feel Calm

Although something like this makes you feel happy and filled with positive emotions in the beginning, it’s unable to survive in the long run, even if you wish with all of your heart that it’ll last forever.

But that isn’t and shouldn’t be called real love. Instead, it’s a dangerous feeling of being in love with a toxic man, which is way different from genuine love.

When you really think about it, what it should be called is an obsession and no one in their right mind should settle for a relationship like that.

Whether or not you’ve realized it by now, instead of searching for that someone who’ll make you feel those awkward butterflies and arouse passion in you, in reality, you should look for a man who’s the complete opposite of that.

Wait for someone who makes you feel calm and brings peace to your soul, mind, and heart. That’s the only right thing that can’t be compared with anything else on this planet.

DONE! Wait For That Special Someone Who Makes You Feel Calm

That special someone should be able to weaken your negative thoughts and emotions and bring tranquility into your life.

Wait for a man who’ll feel like home and be your protector, your peaceful harbor, and your greatest supporter whenever you need him. Look for someone whom you’ll be happy to see after a long and stressful day.

With each new thing that you learn about love, you grow as an individual, and all those initial butterflies and the passion slowly start to fade away.

You’ll become aware that there are other things that are far more important than those superficial emotions.

Finding your happily ever after means experiencing unconditional love, friendship, and mutual respect between you and him. Even if you think of these things as boring, sooner or later, you’ll realize that they’re the real deal.

I understand that every girl dreams about her Prince Charming but the perfect guy won’t knock your socks off and make you feel butterflies in your stomach. Instead, his presence will soothe your inner demons and make you feel calm.

DONE! Wait For That Special Someone Who Makes You Feel Calm

You’ve always dreamed about being genuinely loved and finding someone who would have your back at all times and this person will give you that and much more. He won’t be just your partner, he’ll be your best friend and your family.

That special someone will have your complete trust and you’ll always find a way to compromise even when times are hard. You’ll be able to rely on him, without questioning his intentions or loyalty for a second.

On top of that, he’ll make all of life’s difficulties bearable and most importantly, you won’t keep secrets from him. He’ll make everything about you and life less complicated.

With the right person, you won’t feel like you’re hard to love.

He’ll make you feel calm you in any way and that’s what makes him worth waiting for.

Wait For That Special Someone Who Makes You Feel Calm

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  1. Jango says:

    While I agree with the premise of this article, I think it applies to men, too. Women can also be a toxic partner.