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When A Woman Goes Silent On You: The Meaning Behind Her Silence

When A Woman Goes Silent On You: The Meaning Behind Her Silence

When a woman goes silent on you, does it mean it’s going to be stormy?

I’m sure you’ve heard about the saying “calm before the storm” and you’re familiar with that serene period that actually comes before a storm hits your area. You know what I’m talking about, right?

Those big gray clouds slowly make their entrance, you can feel a warm breeze going through your hair and there is no moment that is more perfect. A spark of excitement lights up inside you because you’re about to witness something magnificent.

But not when it comes to relationships, though.

There’s nothing peaceful about these moments of tranquillity. They are announcing a turbulent period ahead, but they won’t necessarily lead to an end.

In this article, we’ll dive deeper into this topic and try to explain to you all of the possible reasons why your woman is choosing to stay quiet.

What does it mean when a woman goes silent on you?

When A Woman Goes Silent On You: The Meaning Behind Her Silence
When A Woman Goes Silent On You: The Meaning Behind Her Silence 13

As long as humanity resides in the Universe, arguments will arise. There’s no doubt about it. But there is nothing wrong with expressing your opinion and sticking to it.

You’ve probably heard a bunch of things about what can possibly happen when your partner is quiet. Is she giving you the silent treatment? Is she trying to process what you’ve just said? Did you hurt her? Is your girl going to end the relationship?

Yes, some of these may be the reason for her lull. However, it doesn’t always mean that this is the beginning of the end.

This being said, let’s discover what it actually means when a woman goes silent on you.

1. She’s hurt

You did or said something that hurt her either intentionally (I hope not) or unintentionally. It was a strong emotional punch for her.

You know how much your partner loves you and cares about you. She knows it goes both ways as well, but there was a certain moment when something went wrong.

If your woman is silent it means she’s trying to process what happened. She’s trying to stay strong so she doesn’t upset you, nor does she want you to think she’s whining too much.

She’s used to all those beautiful feelings you made her experience before, so this may be a bit strange. The only way she can react is to stay silent because she doesn’t want to cause more pain (to herself or to you).

2. She doesn’t know what to say

DONE When A Woman Goes Silent On You The Meaning Behind Her Silence 2

Believe it or not, girls can run out of words too. I’m not saying that her vocabulary is not abundant enough. Rather, you left her speechless.

Let’s say, you went out with your friends. After a drink or two in a local pub, you guys decided that it would be a great idea to hike the nearby hill. It’s 2 am, you’re halfway climbing and you have to meet with her early in the morning.

Your alarm goes off. Once, twice, three times. No matter how fun it was for you last night, now you feel bad because you’re late. If she chooses to listen, she won’t be happy or excited about your “trip”.

You can’t understand why she’s worried when you’re (still) alive or, she feels like you don’t value her opinion. Either way, she’ll need some time to bounce back.

Be patient. If you feel like you could talk it through, do it. But know when to stop. You’ll see her mood changing, or she’ll tell you. However, you should be able to notice when you’re going too far with your justifications.

3. She’s taking the high road

Usually, when a woman goes silent on you, she’s either frustrated or feels misunderstood. In these moments she feels like you’re not listening to her, so she’s not going to waste her words.

You probably gave her some ridiculous excuse why you slept over at your friend’s house while she was waiting for you to come back home. Maybe, you’ll even start listing all the good reasons for having a king-sized bed for herself.

This doesn’t mean she hasn’t prepared a killer come-back, but she chooses to stay silent. How many times did you say something awful during a heated fight? And how many times did you regret it?

She doesn’t want to react while she’s angry and she’s trying to cool down before she actually responds. You can be grateful that you have a mature woman by your side.

4. She’s busy

When A Woman Goes Silent On You: The Meaning Behind Her Silence
When A Woman Goes Silent On You: The Meaning Behind Her Silence 14

Sometimes, it is as simple as that. She’s busy. She has her own life and obligations that she needs to fulfill. Whether it’s something work-related or she’s giving a helping hand to one of her friends, she’s clearly occupied.

Normally, her thoughts will be all over the place because she’s hustling. And she’ll stay quiet. I mean, you have to admit that women do a lot of things. She’s probably doing the majority of the chores as well.

If she didn’t answer a message you’ve sent her a couple of hours ago, don’t overthink it. Yes, it may be a bit weird, but don’t make a fuss about it. She’s busy chasing her dreams, and career, and just doing her thing. What are you even complaining about?

5. She’s trying to manipulate you

It has been said that silent treatment is a weapon of choice and I couldn’t agree more. It is often used to manipulate another person, which is absolutely immature. And if she does this, my advice is: “Run Forest, run!”

It sure feels good to be desired and chased. Telling the truth, you’ve probably done the same to your high-school crush who desperately wanted to go out with you. Presumably, you were ignoring her even if she would sit next to you on a bus.

Some women, as well as men, use this method to feel powerful and boost their egos. If you notice that your girl may be giving you the cold shoulder for this reason, think twice about chasing her.

6. She’s tired of fighting for your relationship

DONE When A Woman Goes Silent On You The Meaning Behind Her Silence 4

How many times did she call you out for leaving your socks next to the laundry basket? Do you remember all those times when she gave you genuine feedback? How many times did she criticize something you’ve done, without being offensive?

Yet, you ignored it all.

There comes a point when every girl says “I’m done trying.”

She tried everything in her power to keep you by her side, she even ignored your flaws. You always explained why she was wrong, and even argued with her or gave her the nod when you clearly didn’t agree with something.

She got tired.

She’s done being in a one-sided relationship and she’s slowly packing her things and getting ready to leave. No flower blossoms in a toxic environment. She knows her worth and she’s ready to give you up.

7. She’s overthinking

Almost every girl overthinks her actions. Hell, she even overthinks her overthinking. That’s how far we go.

She may be worried about something she did or said when you guys saw each other earlier. Did you like the dress she wore for your anniversary? Are your parents going to like her? How will she survive another day in the office?

There are plenty of reasons why your girl is overthinking. Yes, some of them may be connected to you, but that’s not always the case. So, when you notice she’s being distant, try to understand that something is happening.

She’s trying to shut down all the noise in her head and unintentionally, she may push you away (just a little bit).

8. She’s ghosting you

When A Woman Goes Silent On You: The Meaning Behind Her Silence
When A Woman Goes Silent On You: The Meaning Behind Her Silence 15

The benefit of online communication and technology nowadays is that you can completely ignore a person. You don’t have to answer the call or leave them on read. You just lower the notification bar, read the message, and (un)intentionally forget about it.

If you’re doing this constantly, you are ghosting someone. You’re not even trying to explain the reasons for doing so, nor do you want to continue communication. Who knows what is the reason behind it?

From my point of view, sometimes we’re just not in the mood to deal with certain people. So avoidance is bliss in those times.

In other words, when a woman goes silent on you, she may be ghosting you, and she won’t justify herself.

9. She met someone new

I know this one may be a hard pill to swallow, but it may actually be true. You’ve neglected her one too many times and she doesn’t feel loved anymore.

As I said before, when a strong woman feels that the environment around her is not helping her grow, she’ll leave. It’s not even a question.

Now, imagine if someone is giving her attention, appreciating her opinion, and actually listening to her. Wouldn’t you want to spend more time with that person?

But, let’s be clear here. I’m not trying to justify cheating here. I’m just saying that if your girl is not feeling loved or appreciated, she may not be able to completely ignore the fact that there exists a guy who listens to her and validates her opinion.

So yes, when a woman goes silent on you, it is possible that she’s met someone new.

10. She’s trying to deal with problems on her own

DONE When A Woman Goes Silent On You The Meaning Behind Her Silence 6

Did you have any problems you didn’t want to bother your girl with? Did some of your colleagues at work say something that you found offensive? So you took some time and solved it yourself.

Women are self-sufficient beings, as well as men, and sometimes we just want to handle our things without any help. Yes, we will appreciate you being there for us, but you don’t have to be our hero all the time.

It’s nice to have someone with whom we can share all the baggage we’re struggling with since that can be really difficult. But sometimes, just sometimes, we need to handle things on our own.

So, don’t be worried when your woman goes silent on you for this reason. You have a warrior by your side!

What should you do when a woman goes silent on you?

After explaining what it means when a woman goes silent on you, it is time to discover what to do in those situations.

Being able to decipher a woman’s behavior and thoughts is a challenging task. Good luck with that!

The most important thing in every relationship is communication. Being able to openly talk about the problems you guys are facing is crucial. If you’re dating an overthinker, it requires more effort. But if you’re truly in love with her, nothing will be a problem.

Go ahead, check out what should you do when a woman goes silent on you.

1. Try to figure out what went wrong

When A Woman Goes Silent On You: The Meaning Behind Her Silence
When A Woman Goes Silent On You: The Meaning Behind Her Silence 16

This is the first thing you should do! Try to figure out what actually went wrong. Did you say something that hurt her? Have you ignored something she told you?

Reach out to her! You can directly ask her what is the reason behind her silence, and ask her what can you do to fix things. If you get an answer, perfect; and if not, it’s okay as well.

Be careful not to push it too hard tho. If she’s getting annoyed, stop talking and go hide somewhere!

Joking aside, if she’s being silent, there is a reason behind it. Either try to get to the root of the problem or just leave it for some time.

We’ve mentioned a lot of reasons she may go silent on you, so try to understand what is the issue and figure out how to approach it.

2. Give her space

Just give her space. Leave the room, let her be on her own for some time. That way she can figure out what to do next. She’ll (definitely) see clearly where she stands, and respect you more for giving her space.

Go out with your friends, do something without her, just so she has some privacy. But please, don’t forget about what made her upset and come back to it later when you both cool down.

Because, in order to have a healthy relationship, you shouldn’t sweep things under the carpet.

3. Give her time

DONE When A Woman Goes Silent On You The Meaning Behind Her Silence 8

I’m sure you know how people say that time heals all wounds. You may or may not believe it. But in this case, it works.

As much as she’ll need some space to see things from the other perspective, she’ll also need some time to process what just happened.

Maybe the conflict was too much for her and she’s trying to figure out how to react. She needs time to put her thoughts in order. But, I’m emphasizing it again, you need to come back and talk it through!

4. Try to make her laugh

Who doesn’t like to laugh? I love it! I mean, it’s an effective way to relieve stress and a free exercise as well.

And, who doesn’t laugh in weird situations? I know I do, most of the time.

When a woman goes silent on you, try to make her laugh. That way, she’ll know you still care and that the situation is not as bad as she may be thinking at the moment. She’ll appreciate your effort to make things funny and easier.

Bonus points go for the fact that she’ll realize why she fell in love with you in the first place. She’ll remember all the good things you guys went through so she’ll start forgetting about this argument.

However, do this ONLY if the argument was not so serious. Otherwise, you may get the reaction I don’t even want to mention.

5. Hug her

When A Woman Goes Silent On You: The Meaning Behind Her Silence
When A Woman Goes Silent On You: The Meaning Behind Her Silence 17

Physical touch is really important. You feel loved and cared for. Even in these difficult situations, she needs you by her side. By hugging her, you’ll make her aware of your presence.

A hug is a universal sign that you care for someone. You’re letting them get into your personal space. They can even hear your heart beating.

When you hug her, she’ll feel safe and she’ll relax. She may even shed a tear, but don’t worry too much about it. Just be there for her.

Trust me, when a woman goes silent on you, she needs you more than she’s ready to admit.

Things you are NOT supposed to do when a woman goes silent on you

Last but not least, you should know what you’re not supposed to do when a woman goes silent on you. This article has covered a lot of things you should do, so by now you probably have your own don’ts.

Even so, I’m going to use this opportunity to point out all those factors that may cause your relationship to end. Let’s quickly highlight them.

1. Don’t react with anger

DONE When A Woman Goes Silent On You The Meaning Behind Her Silence 11

When you feel like you can’t talk with your girl, please, don’t lash out at her.

This way you’ll make the situation worse. If you meet silence with anger, nothing good will come out of it. It may completely destroy your relationship, or any chance to bring it back to normal if we’re being honest.

You have to listen to her, observe her reaction and facial expressions. Read between the lines before you make your next move.

Also, don’t give her ultimatums and don’t start threatening with the break-up. Are you such a narcissist that you can’t accept you were wrong?

If you don’t stop for a second and see things from her perspective, I guarantee you, she’ll leave.

2. Don’t push her to talk

When you’re pushing her to talk to you, she may say things she doesn’t really want to. She may hurt you, you’ll hurt her back, and there we are, stuck in a loop. This creates a never-ending circle of insults neither of you actually mean.

So whatever you do, do not push her to talk when she decides to go silent.

Don’t beg her either, because that will annoy her and she may see it as if you’re not respecting her. Don’t text her, don’t call her. She obviously doesn’t want to talk.

3. Don’t apologize if your apology is not genuine

When A Woman Goes Silent On You: The Meaning Behind Her Silence
When A Woman Goes Silent On You: The Meaning Behind Her Silence 18

An apology should not only involve the word sorry. That’s not enough. Your words and your actions have to align. When you’re saying you’re sorry, it has to be sincere and it actually means that you’re aware of how your behavior affected the other person.

So before you offer an apology, ask yourself why you’re doing it.

If you’re apologizing just because an article you read online sad you should do it, for the sake of the world, don’t! She’ll feel that this apology is not coming from your heart and it will make things worse.

Try to change your perspective on how you see the situation. Then, approach her with a genuine apology and I assure you, you’ll get through this tough period.

4. Don’t take it personally

Please, don’t take it personally. Yes, a woman will go silent on you because of something you did or said. That’s inevitable. But it takes two people to have an argument, right?

There could be plenty of reasons why she decided that being silent is for the best right now. After you communicate it clearly, she may even give you an explanation. So don’t assume it’s all on you.

Women have bad days as well. Sometimes it gets cloudy inside our heads, and sometimes, we can’t find words to express how we feel.

Maybe your girl is in a bad mood, and your idea, that she would normally consider funny, seems super immature right now.

Take some time to evaluate what happened and how you could react. Consider all the actions that led you to this point and try to figure out how can you fix things, together. Because it’s not only up to you to fix this issue.

She loves you and she deeply cares about you, even though she sometimes struggles with expressing her emotions. If her feelings for you haven’t changed then make sure to be there for her as this storm you’re facing is about to pass.

When A Woman Goes Silent On You: The Meaning Behind Her Silence

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