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Psycho Girlfriend: 10 Alarming Behaviors That Confirm Her Craziness

Psycho Girlfriend: 10 Alarming Behaviors That Confirm Her Craziness

It’s easy to assume that the beginning of your relationship will be pure bliss and that you’ll spend endless hours laughing with each other. But, have you ever wondered if your partner has traits of a psycho girlfriend? 

Although you believe that she’s the love of your love, she may be pretending to be someone she’s not. Even when you face obvious red flags that she’s a crazy girlfriend, you brush them aside with the excuse that even the most beautiful girls in the world have their flaws. 

If you haven’t dealt with any psychopath girlfriends, then I have to congratulate you. You’re one of the lucky ones. 

Let first clarify, though. In this context, psycho doesn’t mean that anything’s wrong with her medically speaking. It’s just a general expression for when someone behaves creepier and more wacko than others. 

A psycho girlfriend is also someone who is a bit unstable, needy, or clingy. And the truth is, she’ll make your life a living hell. She has only one thing on her mind – to keep you by her side as long as she can. And she’ll do anything, and I mean anything, to achieve that. 

A psycho woman isn’t usually able to control her behavior. Rather she simply can’t help it, it’s in her nature. 

Therefore, never judge a book by its cover – always gather all the facts before you tell someone that they’re crazy. You never know the reason behind her clinginess. Maybe she loves you too much or she got attached too fast. 

Whatever the case might be, even if this is normal for you, it’s not exactly easy to deal with. 

Signs of a psycho girlfriend 

Just like in those Hollywood films, victims of psycho girlfriends usually can’t predict that their partner will end up terrorizing them. However, like in those movies, it’s really obvious when you come to think of it. 

This is the reason I compiled a list of alarming behaviors that confirm you’re dating a psycho girlfriend. And the only thing you can do in this kind of situation is to run for the hills.

1. You’re incapable of identifying your own feelings 

DONE! Psycho Girlfriend 10 Alarming Behaviors That Confirm Her Craziness

Do you have a problem identifying your own feelings in your new relationship? Perhaps, in the past, you were filled with natural love and compassion, but now everything feels different?

All those beautiful emotions that you had with your previous girlfriends have now turned into anxiety and panic with your current one. Every time you apologize to your crazy girl, it’s like you’re taking one step forward and two steps back. 

You wake up with that odd, unhinged feeling, but you can’t pinpoint why this is happening to you. And when you finally look yourself in the mirror, all you see is a selfish, boring, and tense guy who once was fun and easy-going. 

Here’s the truth bomb: Your psycho girlfriend changed you completely.

Once you let that kind of woman into your life, you’re left feeling exhausted, empty, and shocked. Why? Because she’ll do anything in her power to make your life miserable. 

She’ll tell you that you don’t need anyone except her in your life. And the worst part is that you’ll believe her.

A relationship like that will bring you more harm than good. Eventually, all the people who truly care about you will abandon you since you’ve sided with her. 

On top of that, you’ll experience emotional abuse on a daily basis. After some time, you won’t believe that you’ll ever be good enough for her. Your self-esteem will be shattered. 

2. She’s nosy 

DONE! Psycho Girlfriend 10 Alarming Behaviors That Confirm Her Craziness

A real woman who respects your boundaries will protect you from anything and anyone. She will listen to you, show interest in your life, and remember the things that are important to you. 

But what happens when you’ve got a psycho girlfriend on your hands? Well, she’ll often exaggerate and step it up a notch to prove that you’re the only one for her. 

A psycho woman usually doesn’t have a life outside of her relationship. Instead, you become her everything – and that’s when problems start to pile up. 

In fact, the moment you two start dating, she’ll try to become part of every aspect of your life. She will be nosy and won’t let you have your own privacy. 

Most of the time, you’ll feel as if someone is trying to rob you of your secrets. And this girl will do her best to gain unlimited access to your thoughts and feelings. Her goal is to penetrate your mental barrier and have full control over your mind. 

She will interfere in all aspects of your life. Even those insignificant things that women usually aren’t a fan of, such as sports, cars, and stuff like that, will suddenly seem appealing to her. 

The main problem is that she’ll want to know literally everything about your life. All your previous relationships, your business meetings – even your friends’ secrets won’t be safe from her. Your personal space will be attacked by her. You’ll live in constant fear that you didn’t tell her everything.

But it doesn’t end there. Don’t be surprised if you catch her eavesdropping on you. And when you do, she might give you an excuse and just tell you that she’s curious by nature. 

3. She demands your undivided attention 

DONE! Psycho Girlfriend 10 Alarming Behaviors That Confirm Her Craziness

If a man doesn’t give his significant other his undivided attention, then he doesn’t deserve to be with her. As simple as that. But the problem with a psycho girlfriend is that she wants all of your attention. And by that, I mean all of it. 

If she was in charge of your life (which is possible), you wouldn’t have any friends. You’d only see each other and no one else.

Don’t be shocked if she tells you that you need to stop visiting your parents, siblings, or other relatives. The problem is a crazy girlfriend is very needy and clingy.

She can’t stand the fact that you had a life before she came along. She refuses to comprehend that you can’t be in two places at once or that you need some “me” time. 

In fact, as soon as you tell her that you want to go out and have some fun time with your best friend, she’ll make a fuss about it. 

A woman will get the message that you’re tired of her when you stop including her in your plans, but this isn’t the case here. This girl is possessive to the point where she refuses to accept the bitter truth. 

The worst thing is that she’ll shift the blame on you and accuse you of not giving her enough attention.

Keep in mind that when you’re dealing with a psycho girlfriend, you’re the center of her world. Falling in love with you day in and day out is her only mission and focus, and she expects the same from you. 

Of course, her thought process is different from yours and she doesn’t realize that this is not what a healthy relationship should look like.

4. She calls you in the middle of the night 

DONE! Psycho Girlfriend 10 Alarming Behaviors That Confirm Her Craziness

Checking up on you regularly while you’re awake seems a bit mild for her. A girl like her will call you even when you’re sleeping to see what you’re doing. 

You know how women will wait for you to call them once you get home from a boys’ night out? Psycho girlfriends take it a big step further – they will camp outside your home waiting to see who you bring home.

They suspect that you’re always cheating on them and will never trust you fully. With a partner like that, it’s almost impossible to have any social life because they’re always doubting your intentions. 

A stressful relationship like this can definitely take a toll on you and your mental health. After some time, you may start to think that you’re the crazy one because you’re not calling her enough. 

Your friends and family will warn you that you’ve changed, but it’ll be difficult for you to recognize that. 

5. She’s overly protective 

DONE! Psycho Girlfriend 10 Alarming Behaviors That Confirm Her Craziness

One of the most important things in a healthy relationship is that both partners need to have each other’s backs.

I mean, everyone loves to be spoiled and pampered to a certain point, even men. Don’t get me wrong, asking you if you are tired or have eaten anything is a good thing. It shows that she’s worried about your health and doesn’t want you to feel ignored. 

But what happens when you’re in a relationship with a psycho girlfriend? Well, in that case, your partner will be overly protective and most of the time, she’ll act like your mother. She’ll treat you like you’re her child who can’t take care of himself.

In the beginning, you may think that she’s only madly in love with you and that’s why she’s being overly protective. After all, you never had a woman like her before. But as time passes, this type of behavior will start to get on your nerves and you’ll feel like you’re caged in. 

Your personal life will become a concern of hers and whenever you say that you have to go out somewhere, she’ll bombard you with questions such as where you’re going, what you’ll be doing, etc.

There’s a big difference between being psycho and being attentive. Being psycho means she’ll do errands for you, buy your family member a gift instead of you, or make appointments for you without you even asking. On the other hand, an attentive girlfriend will only offer you help.

The list can go forever, but the main thing is that she exaggerates in her intention to take care of you. 

From your first date onward, you may see her as some kind of a savior, but be careful not to fall into her web of lies and deceptions. She has a secret agenda and she’s using you for her own selfish purposes. 

6. Her stalking skills are next level 

DONE! Psycho Girlfriend 10 Alarming Behaviors That Confirm Her Craziness

If you’re looking for telltale signs that you’re dating a psycho girlfriend, this one’s a dead giveaway. Have you discovered that she’s been stalking you both online and in person? If so, you definitely need to reconsider continuing your relationship with her.

The thing is, it all starts with stalking you on your social media profiles. She’ll create dozens of fake profiles or burner accounts just so she can track your every social media activity. 

At first, she won’t ask you why your number of followers suddenly increased, but as time passes, she’ll be courageous enough to attack out of the blue if anyone new adds you. She might even go as far as to follow your exes to investigate if you’ve blocked her or not. 

Also, a psycho girlfriend won’t miss the opportunity to like or comment on every picture that you post to your Instagram feed or Snapchat story. 

In some twisted way, she sees herself as this secret agent whose job is to snoop around and find as much as she can about you and your friends. She’s always searching for unfamiliar girls in your friends’ lists and going through the comments and likes to see if there’s anything suspicious. 

But her obsession with you doesn’t end there. After she finds out that some girl has added you, she’ll make a scene about it and even start accusing you. 

Also, she’ll get mad at you if you don’t reply to her text messages immediately, especially if you leave her on “delivered.” She doesn’t understand that you’ve got a job to do and that you don’t always have the time to reply right away. 

But her stalking doesn’t stop with your online presence. Tell me, do you have a feeling that you’ve had this shadow following you recently? Perhaps you think that you saw her a couple of times in front of your house but were unsure whether or not it was actually her? 

If this sounds familiar to you, then you better believe that it’s true. 

Since she’s your romantic partner, you may think that it’s normal for her to know your habits and schedule. Unfortunately, the problem is that she takes it to the extreme and uses that information against you. 

7. She’s insanely jealous 

DONE! Psycho Girlfriend 10 Alarming Behaviors That Confirm Her Craziness

Being possessive and jealous are the most common traits of a psycho girlfriend. And sometimes they can be very difficult to recognize. 

You see, when you start a romantic relationship with a new girl, you’re mesmerized by the fact that she’s scared to lose you forever. You find her possessiveness and jealousy to be signs that she’s genuinely in love with you. But unfortunately, that’s not always the case. 

It’s possible that you’ve ended up with a woman who isn’t jealous in this cute way at all. In fact, what if her envy crosses every possible boundary of normal behavior?

Let’s say that she accuses you of cheating on her with one of your female coworkers. Even if you say that there’s nothing between you two, she refuses to believe you. Why? Because she firmly believes every girl around you is into you and wants to steal you away from her.

During your honeymoon phase, you might be tempted to treat this as some sort of compliment, but later on, you’ll notice that something is seriously wrong with her.

Eventually, a woman like this will start to accuse you of flirting with every waitress that serves you and that you’re fooling around behind her back constantly. 

Don’t expect her to say that she’s sorry if she can’t back up her accusations with proof. She’ll never do that. Instead, she’ll allege you’re hiding evidence like a real spy. 

She’ll say to you that her gut is telling her that you don’t love her anymore or that you’re actually a cheater. Soon enough, this stops being sweet and becomes exhausting. 

In these kinds of situations, don’t even try to retaliate. You’ll only make things worse. She takes the saying “offense is the best defense” very seriously and literally. She’ll think that you telling her she’s being jealous is your attempt to defend yourself. 

8. She’s a control freak

DONE! Psycho Girlfriend 10 Alarming Behaviors That Confirm Her Craziness

One of the obvious signs that your girl is a psychopath is when she tries to control your entire life.

Yes, you two are a couple now and should talk to each other whenever you have an important decision to make. For example, it would be inconsiderate not to chat with her if you’re thinking about moving to another city. After all, a decision that big certainly affects her as well. 

But just because she’s your other half, it doesn’t mean she gets to be in charge of everything you do or think. 

However, since she’s a real control freak who may or may not suffer from a mental illness, that’s exactly her goal – to gain control of your life. A girl like this would be the happiest person in the world if she could treat you like you’re her puppet and she’s your master. 

Such a relationship is doomed to fail because she’ll want to be in charge of your entire existence. Even the little things will matter to her, like how many hours you spend at the gym or what TV shows you’re allowed to watch. 

The core issue is that she’s actually paranoid and afraid that you’ll break up with her. She considers everyone and everything to be a threat to your relationship. 

She’s convinced nothing will get in the way of you two, as long as your romance is in her hands. Of course, this only makes things even worse. Instead of keeping you closer, she’s pushing you further away from her. 

9. She’s abusive

DONE! Psycho Girlfriend 10 Alarming Behaviors That Confirm Her Craziness

If you thought men are always the abusers, you couldn’t be more wrong. Yes, men are perceived as the stronger gender and they’re more prone to violent outbursts than women. But that doesn’t mean women can’t be rude.

In fact, this is the most common sign of a psycho girlfriend. 

She probably believes that you won’t hit her back since you’re a gentleman, and she uses that to her advantage. I’m not saying that she’ll necessarily punch you in the face (or perhaps she will), but nail scratches and yelling are also forms of abuse. 

Many men make the mistake of thinking that this is a one-time thing and that it won’t happen again. But if a woman is violent in nature, you won’t be able to change that, no matter how much you love her.

Men very commonly experience emotional abuse in a romantic relationship. And when you’re dealing with a psycho girlfriend, that eventually becomes your daily norm. 

Even though this is ruining your mental health, you’re sure that no one would believe you even if you said something to them. Or what’s even worse, everyone would call you a coward if you decided to speak up. 

Don’t blame yourself for feeling this way and don’t try to even the score. Instead, show her that you make your own decisions and break up with her. 

10. She always initiates fights 

DONE! Psycho Girlfriend 10 Alarming Behaviors That Confirm Her Craziness

Another sign that your dealing with a psycho girlfriend is that you two are forever fighting. 

In a healthy relationship, both partners bear the same responsibilities for everything going on between them. However, when you have a crazy girlfriend by your side, things are vastly different. 

A partner like that will always be the one picking fights. She’s incredibly volatile, with mood swings enough to give you whiplash. Often, you’ll forget why you’re arguing in the first place. 

In the beginning, you may think that you’re responsible for these changes in your relationship, but after some time you’ll notice that she’s been playing mind games with you.

Truthfully, everything with this woman becomes a problem. Even when you’re trying to maintain peace and doing your best not to respond to her provocation, she won’t leave you alone. 

Ultimately, all those arguments and fighting leave a trace on your heart. And it’s tough to accept she isn’t the woman you thought she was. 

Calmness and harmony aren’t things she’s familiar with. Your only option is to leave each other for good and focus on yourself. 

Psycho Girlfriend: 10 Alarming Behaviors That Confirm Her Craziness

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