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6 Signs He’s Texting Another Girl And Trying To Hide It

6 Signs He’s Texting Another Girl And Trying To Hide It

You’re baffled by how easy it is to lose trust in a person. You’re so certain that your man is texting another girl and he’s trying to hide it, that you have to make sure you’re seeing the right signs.

I know that it can become very frustrating at times because you want to believe that he’s faithful. However, that smile on his face when he’s texting someone is just too suspicious.

Neither you nor I believe that his friend Brad is that funny all the time. If anything, you’re getting more suspicious as the days go by because you’re sure that there’s someone else in his life.

Your man keeps smiling at his phone and you’re just wondering if you should confront him or continue to act like there’s nothing wrong. What if I told you that there’s a way for you to know exactly if he’s texting someone?

Here are a few signs that you should definitely look out for.

1. He doesn’t let you anywhere near his phone

DONE! 6 Signs He's Texting Another Girl And Trying To Hide It

Does your partner get extremely protective over his phone? I know that privacy should be respected even in relationships, but he seems adamant about not letting you anywhere near it.

Whenever you ask him to use his phone, he makes you feel like you just asked him to give you one of his kidneys. You just wanted to call your mom, but he made sure to dial her number for you. He gets so weird about it that it makes you question him even more.

It has gotten to the point where he doesn’t even leave his phone alone with you in the room. What is he hiding? Is he some type of an SSA where he has to keep it on him all the time? Highly doubt it.

It’s one of the signs that he’s texting another girl while he’s trying to hide it from you. A guy who has nothing to hide will happily let you near his phone and he’ll always make sure that you know just how loyal he actually is.

2. He tilts his phone away from you when he’s texting

DONE! 6 Signs He's Texting Another Girl And Trying To Hide It

Is he talking about you? Or is he talking to someone he’s not supposed to talk to?

Either way, it makes no sense. He shouldn’t be tilting his phone in a way that lets you know that your presence isn’t welcome in the room. Why would your partner be doing this if it wasn’t for something that could get him in trouble?

You’d not only get angry, but you would probably break up with him if you knew what he was doing. He’s still hiding it even though you’re intrigued by who he’s texting.

It’s weird when your partner isolates you like that. You don’t want to believe that he’s texting another girl, but why else would he keep things from you? This is just one of those little signs that he’s doing something he shouldn’t be doing.

3. He always leaves his phone upside down on the table

DONE! 6 Signs He's Texting Another Girl And Trying To Hide It

This is one of those signs he’s texting another girl and hiding it but we somehow choose to ignore it. Whenever he sits down to eat with you and he puts his phone screen down on the table, you know that something’s off.

You know why that is, right? It’s because he doesn’t want you to see when a notification pops up on his phone. Most phones light up completely and the message is right there for everyone to see. Don’t you think that you’d want to hide it from him if you were up to no good?

He’s just making sure that your eyes don’t travel to the screen of his phone because there’s something you’re not supposed to see – like text messages from another girl!

4. He gets defensive when you ask him who he’s texting

DONE! 6 Signs He's Texting Another Girl And Trying To Hide It

I would like to believe that telling your partner who’s texting you is a completely normal thing. I mean, there shouldn’t be any type of secrets between the two of you and this is a logical thing to ask.

Especially if you’re out on a date and your partner keeps scrolling through his phone. First of all, it’s rude. Second of all, who’s more important than his partner?

Well, another girl could easily be the answer. He obviously doesn’t want to make you feel any better about this, because he continues to act as if you’re the villain for even asking him about it.

5. He mentions a random girl casually

DONE! 6 Signs He's Texting Another Girl And Trying To Hide It

This is most definitely a red flag if he continues to mention a random girl even when he knows that it makes you feel uncomfortable. Whenever he says her name there’s something weird in his voice that tells you he’s not saying everything there is to know about this woman.

When you ask him something more about her, you can tell by his expression that he’s annoyed. That happens because he feels like he’s going to give himself away before he’s even sure if the things with this other woman are going in the right direction. He doesn’t want to make you suspicious at this point.

However, he can’t help himself. He’s probably thinking about her constantly, so her name will slip through his lips before he’s able to stop himself completely. Now, you can be quite sure that he’s texting her if he mentions her more than once in a couple of days.

6. He doesn’t talk to you as much as he did before

DONE! 6 Signs He's Texting Another Girl And Trying To Hide It

When someone starts to get attention from someone else then they simply stop talking to their partner. Why would he tell you what’s going on in his life when he already texted about it with someone else?

Especially if we’re talking about the smallest things that he used to share with you. He doesn’t need to repeat them twice.

You’ll know that there’s someone else in his life when it feels like he’s been acting strange in general, but the way he starts to choose his words more carefully or avoids talking to you is very telling.

It could also be that he’s going through something tough in his life. However, if you know for sure that there’s no real problem and all he’s doing is being silent then you should probably look into it a little bit better.

6 Signs He's Texting Another Girl And Trying To Hide It

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