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What To Do When Your Pisces Man Backs Off? 7 Tips To Win Him Back

What To Do When Your Pisces Man Backs Off? 7 Tips To Win Him Back

What to do when your Pisces man backs off? And is it possible to win him back again? 

There was nothing that prepared you for this. When you found out that he was a Pisces you were ecstatic! He’s a water sign, you probably thought that he’d be romantic, emotional, and very caring. 

But here we are. 

He decided that something was wrong and simply thought the best option was to ignore you. 

Or is he truly ignoring you? He may have taken a few steps back.

He does respond to your text messages, but only every now and then. He just doesn’t seem at all interested in you anymore. 

This Pisces man of yours is brushing you off and you don’t know why or what you can do to catch his eye again. He’s driving you crazy, but you know that you have to be smart about this. 

Should you give him space or walk away? Maybe his silent treatment is nothing more than a little game and you have to think about your first move? 

Who knows? 

That’s why I’m here to help you out of this conundrum. You need to understand the reasons behind his actions before it develops into a serious problem and you get your heart broken. 

Then, we’ll talk about what you can do if the possible reasons are good enough for you and you want to try to get him back.

9 reasons your Pisces man is backing off

1. You seem emotionally distant

What To Do When Your Pisces Man Backs Off 7 Tips To Win Him Back

If at any point in time, he feels like you’re being emotionally distant or that you’re holding your emotions contained, he’ll start drawing back. 

I know this may have nothing to do with the horoscope and zodiac signs, but take a moment to think about this. 

He’s always so emotional and he didn’t try to hold back his attraction towards you. That’s such a Pisces thing to do, as they are always very emotional. They first fall in love with the idea of being in love and then with the person. 

That gives them too much time to develop genuine feelings and with that, they tend to go overboard. 

That’s why the second he realized that you’re not as emotionally invested as he is, he decided to take a few steps back. It’s sad to say, but he’s probably doing it because he’s insecure that you may mock him for the effort he puts into everything. 

If you don’t reciprocate his efforts, then you may actually lose him for good. 

2. You don’t have the same views on life

Before you think about what to do when your Pisces man backs off, make sure that you have the same views on life. Because if you don’t, then there’s no point in fixing things between you two. 

Have you had this conversation already? Have you spoken to him about what you want in life? Has he said something that may indicate you have completely different wants and dreams? 

Well, if so, you should definitely try to understand why he’s taking a few steps back. People born under this sign are known for being overly dreamy.

They daydream about their future all the time. That’s why they know what they want every second of the day.

If your views on life and aspirations for the future don’t align with his, he won’t want to waste his time. Why would he want to be with someone who he can’t be within the long run, in the first place?

3. You were overly possessive

DONE What To Do When Your Pisces Man Backs Off 7 Tips To Win Him Back 2

Pisces are incredibly loyal. So if your Pisces man backs off, it may have everything to do with the fact that you were overly possessive of him. 

I know it seems like he’s over-reacting, but they don’t like to be caged. When you’re possessive and jealous, then he’ll feel like you’re trying to keep him contained. 

If his sun sign is in Pisces, he’s the loving fish. He wants to be free and roam the waters, but he always holds loyalty very dearly.

He’ll never put you in a position where you have to question his intentions. He doesn’t need anyone else if he’s dating you. 

That’s why your possessiveness and jealousy aren’t needed. He’ll back off until the moment you realize that. 

4. He feels like you’re playing games with him

What’s your zodiac sign? Have you ever explored your romantic compatibility with Pisces?

I mean, if you’re a Virgo or Taurus, you’d be perfect for a Pisces. However, air signs aren’t that compatible with water. For instance, if you’re an Aquarius, you may feel like you have to give up a lot of your emotional distance in order to please a Pisces. 

You may be wondering why I’m even bringing this up, but this is important. Water signs usually feel like they’re being played when it comes to Aquarians, Gemini, and Libra. 

He probably thinks that you’re just playing hide-and-seek with him. Because of the way you present yourself, he’ll feel like you’re making a joke out of his vulnerability. 

You have no idea where he could’ve gotten that from, as you think that you’ve been very genuine with your feelings. But Pisces is a born overthinker – even a small change in the tone of your voice can send a different message to him. 

5. He caught you in a lie

What To Do When Your Pisces Man Backs Off 7 Tips To Win Him Back

What to do when a Pisces man backs off? Well, did you lie to him? Did he catch you in a lie?

Pisces put a lot of importance on loyalty and honesty. One wrong move and you could lose his trust forever. 

He’s probably taking his sweet time trying to figure out what he’ll do next. Even if you’re his best friend, he’ll spend days thinking about how to forgive you and what he could do to show you that you hurt his feelings. 

When a Pisces man pulls away you have to consider one thing. They can blow things out of proportion in a matter of seconds.

It’s important to remember that a Pisces man wants you to be honest with him about anything and everything. So don’t think that you have to play around with white lies to stay in his life. 

He’s done with you if he catches you in a lie more than once. These dreamers break up with people for less than a lie, so you’d be better off being honest right from the get-go. 

6. You weren’t as affectionate as he wanted you to be

As stated before, Pisces are overthinkers. A Pisces guy will feel like you’re not as affectionate as he is just because you don’t have the same love language. 

He’ll interpret it as rudeness. Even if you spend all your time with him, if you don’t want to cuddle as much as he does, then you’re not affectionate enough. In his opinion, people who don’t show him affection in a way he understands don’t love him enough. 

That sounds quite unreasonable, right? Well, to him, it makes a lot of sense and he doesn’t understand how you don’t see it. 

This especially applies if you’re a Capricorn who’s continuously trying to work on their career. You simply can’t give him all of your time and attention!

This also includes people born under the signs of Aries and Sagittarius. You have a whole life that you’re trying to navigate through and live to the fullest. You don’t have time to comfort a Pisces man 24/7. 

7. He doesn’t know what he feels for you

DONE What To Do When Your Pisces Man Backs Off 7 Tips To Win Him Back 4

Is this love? Are are you his soulmate? Would he really meet and fall in love with you this easily if you were just another human being? Or is he just confused? 

You’re racking your brain about what to do when a Pisces man backs off, but in reality, he may just need a little alone time. His disappearing act isn’t there to make you uncomfortable but to help him figure out his own feelings. 

This is especially the case if you’ve only communicated through social media and you just went on your first date. He doesn’t know you yet, but he has feelings for you. 

It’s weird. If that’s the case, then he’s definitely trying to analyze his emotions. 

8. He’s being passive-aggressive

There’s a good chance that he’s being passive-aggressive. One thing that you’ll notice with all the water signs is that they all like to act like children when something doesn’t go their way. 

Sorry, not sorry. 

It doesn’t matter if you’ve had a fight or you disagreed on something. He believes he can teach you a lesson by acting like this.

You’ll feel attacked, but he’ll do it in such a manner that you stop in your tracks and take a moment to figure out what he meant by that. 

9. He’s anxious

What To Do When Your Pisces Man Backs Off 7 Tips To Win Him Back

A Pisces man falls in love easily. He finds a connection where other people may not even see a chance. But he does. That type of compassion and love for others leads to a lot of heartbreak. 

They’re sensitive creatures who show off their vulnerability even if it costs them dearly. These men are hopeless romantics who’ve probably given too many chances to the wrong people in the past. 

So, now he’s anxious. 

He’s scared of what may happen if he caves in and gives himself to you. He’s pulling away from you because he doesn’t want to be hurt again. 

The reason he hasn’t completely ghosted you until now is that he does feel a connection between you. He’s just afraid to admit it. 

That’s what led him to walk away and hide behind his own indifference. It’s all fake, don’t let yourself be fooled. 

What to do when a Pisces man backs off?

Now that you’ve figured out why this Neptune-ruled sign would back away from you, let’s see what you can do about it. 

Whatever you choose to do, you just have to consider his feelings. Don’t brush them aside just because you’re not as emotional as he is.  

1. Give him space

DONE What To Do When Your Pisces Man Backs Off 7 Tips To Win Him Back 6

Your Pisces man wants space currently. Give him that – and don’t be too pushy. 

Pisces are usually honest. They wouldn’t want to make you feel awful about yourself because they know just how painful that can actually be. 

He needs space right now to think about everything and make the right decision. This will help you both on your quest to become perfect partners for each other. 

You also have to take into consideration that Pisces are usually very introverted. Just because a Pisces man backs off doesn’t mean that bad things are coming your way. 

Don’t just write him off because he’s taking his sweet time talking to you. He’s still trying to figure out if you’re a good pair for each other. That can only benefit you. 

2.  Examine your own behavior

I’m not blaming you for anything, but take a moment and think about your behavior. Did you do anything that may have hurt him and made him take a few steps back? 

Did you lie to him? Are you talking to another guy? Did you make fun of his feelings?

Analyze everything. Don’t just pretend things will be okay just because he’s doing all the thinking. Take some time and think too. 

Don’t let your ego get in the way. If you hurt him, the reasoning behind your actions doesn’t matter. You hurt him. Period. 

That type of behavior may easily hurt him to the point where he can’t even look at you until he figures everything out. 

If you can’t think of anything right now, take out your journal. Write about those times you saw each other and the things you remember saying to him. You could go through all of that and then identify words that he may have misinterpreted. 

3. Figure out if he’s just been busy

What To Do When Your Pisces Man Backs Off 7 Tips To Win Him Back

One thing that you’ll see with all men is them simply forgetting to tell us when they’re busy. This is something that happens too frequently, regardless of whether that someone is a Pisces, Scorpio, or whatever other sign. 

It’s just a male thing. 

Has he been busy and forgotten to tell you that he won’t be able to talk to you for a few days? 

He probably still finds a way to reply to you every once in a while. He does so between meetings or when he takes a little break between project planning sessions. 

Did he have some family troubles that he had to take care of? You could easily find out what’s going on with him. 

If it’s just a project that he’s working on that slipped your mind, then you genuinely do need to give him the time and space to get it done. Don’t run after him and don’t make him feel guilty for not talking to you. 

He’ll be available as soon as he gets the job done. 

4. Tell him how you feel

When you get the chance to talk to him, tell him how his behavior makes you feel. This is probably the best thing you can do when your Pisces man backs off. 

When you’re honest with him, he’ll understand what’s going on. He doesn’t want you to put on a brave face and play cool so that he doesn’t see your feelings. 

Your chances are much better if you open up and tell him what’s going on. Tell him that his absence hurts you, that he needs to be honest with you and make the heartbreak easier. 

If he doesn’t want to talk to you anymore, he should be able to tell you, not make you this desperate for his attention. 

You’re not guilt-tripping him into believing that he has to do something about it. Instead, he’ll genuinely realize what his absence does to you. That’s why he’ll try his best to make things good between you again. 

5. Stay loyal to him

DONE What To Do When Your Pisces Man Backs Off 7 Tips To Win Him Back 8

I know that this sounds like a bore, but trust me. 

Do you want this man to be yours? There aren’t many ways to get your Pisces man back after he backs off, but this one will always work. 

Show him that you don’t want any other man but him. 

It may be just a trick to see if you’ll run into the arms of the next man who shows you any type of kindness in your life. 

What you can do here is give him some type of deadline. Maybe give him two months to get his story straight or you’ll simply move on. In those two months, restrain yourself from talking to other men. 

Even if someone does try to flirt with you or something, just brush their advances aside. Turn your entire focus on him. 

A Pisces man loves to be the center of his woman’s attention. He wants to feel like he’s the only one you want and have feelings for. 

I know you’re not in a relationship with him right now and you don’t have to stay loyal. You’re not obligated to do that. But you’ll score serious bonus points if you do. 

6. Ask him what’s wrong

At the end of the day, confront him. Tell him that he’s been acting weird and ask him what’s going on. If he doesn’t want to talk about it, then you have nothing to search for in that relationship anymore. 

What to do when a Pisces man backs off is an easy question to answer, because you should always search for the answers in the person that’s confusing your heart. 

However hard you may try, you can’t read someone’s mind. You can try to decipher his actions, see the signs, and assume the reasons. But you’ll never come anywhere near the truth unless you truly give him time to explain himself. 

Your mind will be at ease that way. It’s better if you know what’s going on than to continue blaming yourself for things that you may not even be responsible for. 

If he doesn’t want to talk about it, tell him that you won’t wait forever. Stand true to your promise and take care of yourself. 

If he refuses to give you an explanation, then be done with him. There’s no way a Pisces man is worth limitless patience. 

7. Do something sweet for him

What To Do When Your Pisces Man Backs Off 7 Tips To Win Him Back

What to do when a Pisces man backs off? 

You know that he’s a hopeless romantic. You know that he wants you more than anything. Especially if he’s ever implied that he genuinely does see a future with you. 

He can be easily won back by just a few kind gestures. Water signs are easy to persuade, you just have to make sure that you do it with your whole heart. 

So, do something nice and sweet for him. 

What would that look like for you two? Does he like certain things that you can buy or make him? Is he more the type who goes crazy for a home-cooked meal? 

Or would he appreciate it if you were there for him while he was going through a tough time? 

Pisces men are rather easy to please and you’ll see that once you put a bit of extra effort into everything. 

If he’s backing off from you, you could reach out to him, show up at his house with a little gift. Be kind and patient, he’ll appreciate it. 

Even if he doesn’t want to talk to you at that particular moment, he’ll remember what you did and hold on to that gesture. 

That said, always look out for yourself. You may do everything to please him and then end up completely exhausted with the enormous efforts. If he doesn’t appreciate you and the things you do for him, then you may as well move on. 

There are enough emotionally manipulative men out there, you don’t have to cling to a Pisces man. 

What To Do When Your Pisces Man Backs Off? 7 Tips To Win Him Back

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