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What Makes A Man Fall In Love And Commit? 11 Essential Qualities

What Makes A Man Fall In Love And Commit? 11 Essential Qualities

Many women struggle to attract the guy they like and in most cases, they think that something’s wrong with them, even though it’s far from that. So, precisely what makes a man fall in love and commit to a woman? 

Let me tell you straight away that the secret recipe for a successful and committed relationship doesn’t exist. There isn’t a universal rule you can follow to make the man you like start falling in love with you. 

You don’t need to have incredibly high value or possess some insane skills in order to land the guy you like. Every woman is beautiful and exceptional in her own way, and every long-term relationship is unique. 

Keep in mind that not all men and women think the same way and love the same things. 

What I’m trying to say is that there’s no magic formula for a man to fall in love and commit. It all depends on you and how much you’re ready to sacrifice for the love you deserve to receive. 

I’m almost certain that you’ve already been in a relationship where you genuinely thought he was the one. You thought he was your happily ever after, until suddenly everything came crashing down and you were left alone.

It was either you or him who felt that the spark was gone and you had to go your separate ways. 

Perhaps you weren’t on the same page regarding how many kids you want to have. Or you didn’t like where your relationship was heading.

Whatever the case, you can’t blame him or yourself for searching for the person of your dreams. 

Maybe you didn’t pay enough attention or simply didn’t see the signs, but the real reason many men fall in love is actually hidden in the special qualities many women possess.

Most of the traits that I’m going to mention here represent something men crave. And if you think about it, men aren’t that difficult at all. 

It’s just that we’re afraid to show our real faces out there because some guy or girl might reject us. But even if they do pull away from you, you can still learn a valuable lesson and grow from the experience. 

What makes a man fall in love and commit?

1. A woman who enjoys her own life 

What Makes A Man Fall In Love And Commit 11 Essential Qualities

There’s no better way to draw a man to you than to enjoy life not only with him, but also on your own. If you do that, then he’ll see he has the freedom to do the same thing and will commit to you in no time. 

Many people make the mistake of becoming too comfortable in their relationships, but you can’t grow if you’re afraid to seek discomfort or if you dedicate your every second to your boyfriend. 

You need to stay in touch with your friends and keep yourself occupied with your hobbies, or take up new ones. Only when you strive to become the best version of yourself, will he keep falling in love with you over and over again. 

Even if you’re a busy woman who doesn’t have a lot of free time, make sure to maintain a close relationship with your friends or go to a gym class every weekend. That’s when he’ll notice that you’re a mature woman who knows how to have fun without him. 

And if his wish is to spend a night or two out with his friends, then let him. Don’t try to cage him in or strip him of his independence. That’s when you’re sure to lose him as he won’t have the desire to spend time with you. 

A healthy relationship includes both you and him enjoying other things so you can keep things fresh. You can’t always have something to talk about if you don’t experience new things and rather spend every breathing second with each other. 

2. A woman with many different qualities 

DONE What Makes A Man Fall In Love And Commit 11 Essential Qualities 2

Maybe I’m being a bit ambiguous here, but what I mean with different is opposite. You can’t always be the nice girl and hope that a man will fall in love with you. 

Women with different qualities or traits don’t always act the same. They are ready for anything at any given time. They adapt according to the situation.

For example, you have a woman who’s gentle and kind – one who wouldn’t hurt a fly – but underneath all of that, there’s some spiciness and a hint of a bad girl. That’s the kind of a woman a man commits to. 

She’s the perfect mixture of both good and bad. You know those stories of how some women fall for bad men? Well, the same applies here. Men adore such qualities in a woman. 

Perhaps you have a friend who is highly intelligent and you’d never say that she likes to go out just by looking at her, but in fact, she’s a party animal. That’s the type of woman I’m talking about. 

And when a man finally meets a woman with these opposite traits, he can’t help but chase her and see if he can “tame” her spirit. 

The truth is, men don’t want a boring, stay-at-home kind of girl who only knows how to do one thing and lives an uninteresting life. Also, you can’t be too nice or too physically appealing because it only shows that you’re insecure about yourself. 

They’re looking for the best of both worlds – the whole package. And I’m sure you are too. 

A lot of time, women think that guys are complex human beings, but that’s not true at all.

Many women ask: Do men fall in love and are they even capable of staying faithful to one girl? The answer is yes, but you need to be confident in yourself and show him that you can be whatever you want to be. 

Don’t think that being all nice and peachy will make the guy fall in love with you; it probably won’t. You have to let him see the other sides of you as well. And don’t try to hide it, because everyone has it.

3. A woman who doesn’t play mind games 

What Makes A Man Fall In Love And Commit 11 Essential Qualities

Some relationship coaches will tell you that in order to attract a man or keep him by your side, you need to play certain mind games so that he doesn’t lose interest in you and move on to another girl. 

But that’s completely wrong. You don’t have to put your man through the hoops so that you feel powerful or in control. You don’t need to test him or play the waiting game to see his reaction and whether or not he chases you back. 

Many women make the mistake of not answering their man’s call or replying to his messages because they think they’ll increase their chances by appearing mysterious and hard to reach. But what they don’t know is that they’re doing the complete opposite. 

Playing mind games can be counter-productive and in most cases it is. 

Instead, men want a woman who is honest and open with them. They want someone they can share everything with at any given time. 

If you’re acting cold-hearted and distant and you’re forcing him to put in extra effort just to talk to you, then it won’t take long before he pulls away from you. 

Show your true, authentic self and the right guy will come. That’s the best relationship advice you’ll ever get. 

If you pretend to be someone you’re not and continue with these silly games, he’ll never commit to you.

Remember that giving him a hard time just to get to you won’t make him fall in love with you. Instead, the dynamics of your relationship will change and, sooner or later, he’ll break up with you.

4. A woman who is vulnerable 

DONE What Makes A Man Fall In Love And Commit 11 Essential Qualities 4

Whether or not you want to admit it, women are more emotional than men. So, what makes a man fall in love and commit?

Well, a man wants a woman who is honest when it comes to her feelings and isn’t afraid to show those emotions. Men can’t resist a girl who openly speaks about her internal feelings and gives them permission to see what’s going on inside her head. 

After all, they want to get to know you better, so you need to open up if you wish to make him fall in love with you and commit. Love is all about the little things, trust me. 

You can’t be scared to be honest with him because that’s the only way you can show him how you’re really feeling and what you think about him. 

I’ve seen too many women keeping their distance and not letting a man be close to them. They think that if they keep things to themselves, they’ll avoid getting hurt. 

Perhaps those women already know what it means to be heartbroken, but how do you expect to meet the love of your life if you can’t display your vulnerable side in the first place? 

By closing yourself off, you’re not protecting your heart. You’re unintentionally rejecting a man who may or may not find you attractive. Sooner or later, he’ll move on because you refused to let him anywhere close to you. 

Remember, it’s in a man’s nature to protect those he cares about. If you don’t show vulnerability, you won’t be able to trigger his hero instinct, which is a must if you ever want him to commit to you. 

Perhaps you didn’t know about the hero instinct until now and that’s okay. It’s a relatively new concept in psychology that is tied to a man’s innate desire to make sure everyone around him is safe and secure. 

How do men fall in love, you might be asking? Well, you need to make sure to give him enough opportunities to prove himself to you. He has to feel useful. 

And the only way you’ll achieve that is by letting yourself be vulnerable. 

5. A woman who has motherly warmth 

What Makes A Man Fall In Love And Commit 11 Essential Qualities

It’s a well-known truth that men are rather sensitive when it comes to their mothers. In most cases, a man feels more connected to his mom than his dad and you’ll usually hear that a man’s best friend is his mom. 

At the end of the day, that’s exactly what they’re looking for in a woman, even though they may not say as much. 

The worst mistake that you can make is to think they want someone who’ll feed and bathe them, because, believe it or not, men can take care of themselves just fine. What they are looking for is someone who’ll be kind and gentle. 

Don’t get me wrong, showing your wild side and being adventurous is great, but not all the time. After all, men crave that deep and meaningful emotional connection as well. 

The only way he’ll ever be close to you is when you create a safe environment where he’s not afraid to express himself. You can achieve that by showing your gentle side and giving him that motherly vibe. 

Even though men like to portray themselves as “macho” and sturdy, they also want to feel protected and warm. And that’s exactly what they’re looking for in a woman. 

He’s programmed to be attracted to a woman who exudes motherly warmth. 

6. A woman who accepts him for who he is 

DONE What Makes A Man Fall In Love And Commit 11 Essential Qualities 6

So, what makes a man fall in love and commit? For starters, there is no need to fix a man or to change him so that he suits you more. 

After all, falling in love is easy, but staying in love is definitely challenging. That’s why many relationships fall apart – because of compatibility issues. 

A man likes to be accepted for who he is. He doesn’t want a woman who’s constantly nagging how he needs to change this and that. Instead, he wants to feel appreciated. 

If you’re wondering how do men fall in love, the answer is straightforward: Don’t try to change him!

Give him space to express himself freely and don’t try to hold him back in any way. Only once he feels comfortable around you, will he allow you see his vulnerable side. Encourage him to be authentic and always support him in his dreams and goals, no matter how unrealistic they seem. 

Keep in mind that a real relationship consists of two people who don’t pretend they’re someone they’re not, even though most of us hide their true faces at the early stages of dating. 

But a man will be naturally drawn to a woman who accepts his flaws and quirks. There’s no person on earth who is perfect. We all need and want to change something about ourselves.

But only when we accept our partners as they are, can we grow together as a couple. 

7. A woman who knows how to take care of herself 

What Makes A Man Fall In Love And Commit 11 Essential Qualities

A woman who is independent and knows how to be by herself is instantly more attractive to a man than those who are afraid to be alone. 

Although men enjoy being needed because of their innate hero instinct, that neediness has to stop at some point. 

You can’t ask for his help whenever you face a problem. Eventually, he’ll think of you as being incapable of handling things by yourself and start pulling away from you. 

That neediness never should become obsessiveness. 

At the end of the day, men are looking for a woman who knows how to get things done by herself but is able to put her ego aside and ask for help when she truly needs it. 

A woman like this will let a man into her life, but she’ll cling on to hers. 

So, how do you get a man to fall in love and commit to you? Well, by showing him that you’re an independent woman who isn’t scared of being alone and will leave him if she’s taken for granted.

You know what you want and you won’t settle for anything less than you deserve. 

Just don’t forget, independence is attractive – not neediness. 

8. A woman who doesn’t cage him in 

DONE What Makes A Man Fall In Love And Commit 11 Essential Qualities 8

You really want to know the secret to getting a man to fall in love and commit? Well, a man will be attracted to you when you give him space and don’t try to cage him in. 

As strange as it sounds, the more freedom he has, the more he’ll see you as his one and only woman.

One of the worst relationship mistakes many women make is to do all the deciding for the both of you. You don’t have the right to rule over your partner and neither does he. 

Men and women handle problems differently. When a woman is hurt, she’ll turn to someone and pour her heart out to them. That’s because women seek emotional support from the other person.

On the other hand, a man will generally close up when he has some kind of problem. He’ll distance himself and try to find a way to deal with it on his own. 

That’s why you cannot take away his freedom. If you see that he’s upset when he comes home, let him deal with it. Don’t try to interfere and only help him when he asks you for it. 

Trust me, once he’s done processing his feelings by himself, he’ll tell you all about it. Don’t be that girl who pesters him with a thousand questions because you’ll only make him feel worse.

9. A woman who values and appreciates him 

What Makes A Man Fall In Love And Commit 11 Essential Qualities

Even if men think they’re perfectly capable of achieving their goals on their own, they still need the feeling of being appreciated by someone. They want a woman who is there by their side and helps them in their dreams. 

A man needs a woman’s emotional, physical, as well as psychological support. And this is something that relates to their ego.

We all know that men have particularly fragile egos. That’s why my dating advice to you is to compliment your man and tell him how great he’s doing. Tell him how handsome, strong, and successful he is. 

Make him feel better about himself and he’ll give back twice as much. Your love life will greatly improve and he’ll only love you more. 

By showing him that you appreciate and admire him, you’re leaving the impression that you trust him and his judgment. That’s when you’re speaking his love language. It also helps him develop self-esteem and confidence. 

You’re sure that he’s doing the best he can for the both of you and that gives him the much-needed push to keep going. 

But be careful not to overdo it with the compliments, especially on your first date. Otherwise, it’ll just come off as insincere.

10. A woman who knows how to roll with the punches

DONE What Makes A Man Fall In Love And Commit 11 Essential Qualities 10

What really makes a man fall in love and commit is when a woman knows how to cope with stressful situations. Basically, men feel drawn to a woman who is capable of solving problems on her own.

Usually, women are wrongly portrayed as being over-emotional in times of crisis. I’m not saying that your duty is to change this stereotype, but you can help fix that perception. 

Being in a happy and successful relationship means fighting together through thick and thin. A man wants a partner who doesn’t go into panic mode anytime things get tough. 

11. A woman who knows how to make a man happy 

What Makes A Man Fall In Love And Commit 11 Essential Qualities

I know this doesn’t seem like a characteristic, but if you can make him feel comfortable and satisfied around you, that means you’re a pleasant person. That’s a trait that appeals to all men. 

A woman like this knows how to evoke those deep, meaningful emotions in a man and knows how to have fun with him. 

When this happens, he won’t be afraid to commit to you and he’ll stay by your side forever! 

No one in their right mind would ever leave a person who makes them happy. And even if he does, then those joyful memories will remind him how satisfied he was around you. 

What Makes A Man Fall In Love And Commit? 11 Essential Qualities

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