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God Will Send You The Right Person Just At The Right Time

I know you’ve had enough. Enough of failed relationships and heartbreaks, enough of the wrong men, enough of toxic assholes, enough of trying to be strong…

You’re probably one step away from giving up on love. You’re probably one step from accepting that you’ll be forever single, that you’re just not meant to be loved and you’ll never find the one.

So, this is what exactly when you need to keep going. The moment when you’re tested and the moment you have to be stronger and braver than ever.

You might not know it but this challenge is a kind of a test. It is a test of your strength and power. And it is a test of your faith. You’re being tested for your patience. God is testing you.

Believe me when I say God always has a plan.

Maybe you’re still single because God is trying to teach you another kind of love, the kind of love that you give to your friends, your family, your job and yourself. Maybe he wants you to learn how to live without the constant reassurance and validation you need from a partner and maybe God knows that your journey is full of traveling, self-exploration and movement that getting tied to a partner is not going to be the right fit for you. Maybe he’s teaching you how to walk before you run.

God figure out your entire life. God already has a good man who is made only for you. A man who won’t be perfect, but he will be right for you. A man who is your destiny. And that is all that matters.

You need to know that you won’t meet this man when you want, but he will come to you when you become ready. You need to know that you won’t meet him when you think you’re ready, but once you become the woman he needs and once he become the man you need.

Can’t you see? God has a perfect timing. Just at the right time you’ll find your soulmate. Just at the right time you’ll find your love. Maybe it’ll happen when you lose all hope and when you start to think you’ve given up on love. But trust me your soulmate exist.

All of those failed relationships and wrong guys serve just as lessons to you. You need to meet a few wrong ones before you meet the right one. It is all the part of preparation.

Everything will make sense when you meet the one. You’ll see how your life is perfectly planned. You’ll see that everything happens for a reason. After all, you’ll realize how all of the hard times and wrong people made you just the way you need to be.

You’ll finally understand how it couldn’t work out with someone before. Every time you were cheated on, every time you got dumped and every time you had your heart broken will make sense because you’ll understand it happened for a reason. You’ll be grateful.

You’ll realize why you didn’t get who you wanted.

Every obstacle along the way will bring you exactly where you need to be. Because without the difficulties and challenges you would’t be prepared. It will all turn out just the way it need to be. God will make everything perfect for you.

Don’t fall into despair, please. Believe me that your light at the end of the tunnel await you, despite all of the tough times you’re going through.

Have faith and be patient. God always knows what He is doing. Love will find you, soon.

God Will Send You The Right Person Just At The Right Time

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