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15 Signs You Have A Loyal Girlfriend And Tips On How To Keep Her

15 Signs You Have A Loyal Girlfriend And Tips On How To Keep Her

Loyalty is one of the most wanted but also rarest personality traits nowadays. Especially when it comes to romantic relationships where you need a trustworthy partner. Having a loyal girlfriend can save you a lot of trouble in the future.

However, how can you know if the person you meet is loyal? What are some of the most common signs that she’s trustworthy? And at last, how can you attract and keep a loyal girlfriend?

Dating life today is not an easy one. There are risks everywhere and one of the most dreaded ones is the risk of getting hurt or being fooled by someone you love.

You don’t want that happening, but sometimes life has its own plans. What you can do to prevent this from happening is to choose the right partner for you.

Here are some of the signs you should look out for when choosing the person you’re going to share your life with.

This is how a loyal girlfriend acts

1. She has faith in you

15 Signs You Have A Loyal Girlfriend And Tips On How To Keep Her

Your partner is a person who will spend most of the time with you. She will know all about you and everything about your future plans.

If you mention some of your childhood dreams to her that you would like to pursue or you reveal that you’re going to propose an offer to your boss, she’ll support you.

A loyal girlfriend will boost your confidence and do everything it takes to make you feel safe. She will not only believe in you but also make you believe in yourself.

Your partner sees all the good in you and doesn’t understand why couldn’t you. With a loyal girlfriend by your side, you’ll be able to live through some of your wildest dreams all while having someone to support them.

2. She always has your back

A loyal girlfriend will never leave your side and will always be there for you in both good and bad times. You’ll notice how she always sticks up for you especially if you’re not around to cover up for yourself. If she does that, then you know she’s a keeper.

The way she defends you if someone’s talking behind your back tells you a lot about what kind of a person she is and just how loyal she can be.

People can be deceiving and it’s one thing to talk about someone in front of them and a whole other to speak of them behind their back.

If your friends go around telling you how they hear her bragging about you, then you know you’ve got yourself a partner for life.

3. She doesn’t flirt with other people

DONE 15 Signs You Have A Loyal Girlfriend And Tips On How To Keep Her 2

Flirting is common, even in relationships. There’s always an excuse as to why your partner has done it, but let’s be honest – nothing can really justify it.

Staying true to one person can be demanding for a lot of people, especially nowadays. I understand why you feel concerned about finding a loyal girlfriend. I would be too!

If you’ve ever been cheated on before, then you know that giving second chances is not an option.

There are people out there who will flirt with someone just to get back at their partner and do that to spite them. You don’t need that kind of person in your life, so make sure you stick with your loyal girlfriend.

So, if your partner doesn’t go around striking up conversations with good-looking guys just for fun, you’re a lucky one.

4. She shows her love

A partner that sincerely loves you and cares for you will show it. It doesn’t have to be expensive gifts like watches, taking you on car trips to the beach, or anything of that kind.

It could be small things such as remembering your birthday, your sister’s name, or your favorite color. This way you’ll know that she’s paying attention to you and picks up on these little things.

It means the world to have someone care about your interests because life is all about little things, right?

5. She speaks highly of you

15 Signs You Have A Loyal Girlfriend And Tips On How To Keep Her

If you have a partner that loves you, she’ll make sure others share the same opinion with her. She won’t simply brag about how you’re the best boyfriend ever, no.

She will speak highly of you and bring out all of your best personality traits, while trying to hide the ones that are not as enviable.

By doing this, she shows how highly she thinks of you and how nothing could convince her to think otherwise.

6. You’re all she wants

She doesn’t have to tell you this, she will show you that you’re all she wants. Having a loyal girlfriend doesn’t just mean that she won’t flirt with other people, but it also means that she doesn’t care for anyone else but you.

Your partner will make sure to let you know that you’re the only one who can make her feel that way. This can be either vocalized or you’re going to get proof by her diverting her attention to you.

When you think about it – what’s the point of being in a relationship if you’re not going to be the center of her world and vice versa?

7. You’re her priority

DONE 15 Signs You Have A Loyal Girlfriend And Tips On How To Keep Her 4

Having a loyal partner is rare, so if you do, you’re a lucky one. If she puts you first and treats you as a priority, then you know how serious she is about you.

You don’t have to worry about your partner canceling your date because her friend wants to hang out. If she can’t keep the promise she gave you, then it’s a red flag.

A loyal girlfriend will make you feel like you’re her priority and truth be told, we all want to be treated that way.

8. Her friends know about you

When a girl is in love with you, be sure that her friends know everything about you. If you meet her friends and they are already familiar with you, she’s been going around and telling them all the good stuff about you.

You can even hear She can’t stop talking about you! and that’s when you know your girlfriend is loyal. If she had someone else on her mind, her friends wouldn’t even acknowledge your presence.

For example, I can’t stop talking about my partner and somehow find a way to always bring him up in a conversation. It may sound goofy, but that’s how girls are when it comes to someone we love!

9. She introduced you to her family

15 Signs You Have A Loyal Girlfriend And Tips On How To Keep Her

Introducing a boyfriend to your family can be a big deal for someone. Family is a closely-knit circle that you won’t just bring anyone into.

If your partner wants you to meet her parents and siblings, she wants to tell you she’s faithful to you and doesn’t intend on leaving you any time soon.

It can be especially tough for her to introduce you to her dad because we all know how dads can be. She puts so much thought into it and wants it to be perfect.

Also, you can see how much she cares for you because she goes all the way to introduce you to her family in the best light! This will show you how she feels about you because dads can be a pain in the neck!

10. She plans her future with you

Having a loyal girlfriend doesn’t just mean not worrying about her cheating on you. It also means that you can trust her enough to stay with her in the future and make plans together.

If she’s planning on going on a vacation or spending a holiday together, you know what values she cherishes. Besides, if she involves you in her future plans, she wants you by her side no matter when and where you go.

If you two are family-orientated people, then be ready to hear her talking about marriage and kids. Loyalty is a trait for life; a loyal girlfriend is wife material and you know it!

11. She doesn’t make stuff up

DONE 15 Signs You Have A Loyal Girlfriend And Tips On How To Keep Her 6

I know one thing for sure – when girls aren’t that interested in guys but still want to keep hanging out with them, they’ll go all sorts of ways. If you notice your partner is constantly lying to you and making stuff up, she can’t be loyal to you.

It’s because your partner doesn’t see you as someone important to her and she doesn’t really care if you get hurt. Therefore, she can’t be trusted with your heart because it will probably end up broken.

If she seems to be saying one thing and doing another, it’s possible you’re being fooled by someone you love. However, if you have a loyal girlfriend, you don’t have to worry about her lying because that’s not something she’ll do.

You know her whereabouts, you’ve met her friends and vice versa. You trust each other so there’s no reason to fear that she’ll lie to you.

I think it’s of great importance that your relationship is built on trust because if you don’t have that, you’re off to a rocky start.

12. She talks about her day

If you have a partner that likes to talk about how her day went, it means she’s not hiding anything. On the other hand, when you have to get the words out of her mouth, it’s cause for suspicion.

Besides, she wants you to know everything, and that way, find comfort in speaking to you. This means you make her feel safe and there’s no one else she’d rather spill her heart to.

To be fair, we all want someone who we can confide in and come to after a rough day.

13. She brings you everywhere with her

15 Signs You Have A Loyal Girlfriend And Tips On How To Keep Her

If your partner is loyal, then she’ll have no problem taking you with her anywhere she goes. She wants to show you off to the world and wants to show you her world as well.

A loyal girlfriend won’t tell you to choose another restaurant for dinner because there’s this guy working there that she doesn’t like.

She wants you to be by her side all the time which means you’re her ride or die. That type of girlfriend is a keeper.

We can sometimes be seen as clingy, but it’s not true. When we love someone, we just want to shower them with affection anywhere and anytime.

14. She reaffirms her love for you

If this wasn’t clear enough for you, you’ll know she’s loyal if she constantly tells you how much you mean to her. It doesn’t strictly have to be I love you, it could be the smallest things like bringing you lunch or washing your clothes.

A partner that isn’t sure how she feels about you won’t really go all the way to make you happy. But if she always finds a way to cheer you up and notices you’re having a bad day, you mean a lot to her.

I know this makes you feel special and you’re always looking forward to seeing her at the end of the day.

15. She supports you in everything you do

DONE 15 Signs You Have A Loyal Girlfriend And Tips On How To Keep Her 8

Having a partner doesn’t mean just hanging out with them occasionally. It’s an emotional connection between two people that may or may not share the same interests, but will have respect for them nevertheless.

To have a girlfriend that supports you is a big deal and you may find yourself mustering up the courage to do something because of her.

You’re more confident to talk or confront someone just because she has your back. It’s especially amazing when she supports your biggest dreams and has faith in you.

What can you do to keep a loyal girlfriend by your side?

1. Be faithful

If she’s loyal to you and you want to keep her, it’s rather simple. You can’t have a loyal girlfriend by your side and not be faithful yourself. That’s just not how things work!

A relationship is a compromise and if you don’t mirror her actions towards you, I’m not sure if you’re going to impress her.

Make sure to show her how much she means to you and how much you respect her. If you do that, I’m positive your loyal girlfriend will notice it and mirror these feelings toward you!

2. Be thankful

15 Signs You Have A Loyal Girlfriend And Tips On How To Keep Her

A person that puts in effort likes to be given praise for that. You don’t have to kneel before her but simple signs of gratitude can mean the world to her.

Your partner will be overjoyed if you thank her in your own way. It can be cooking for her, taking her out on dates, or simply getting her a flower that you picked because it reminded you of her.

Remind her how much you love her for who she is and what she does for you all the time. Speaking from personal experience, I know this works wonders!

3. Give back to her

A relationship is built on trust and compromise and you have to try as hard as your partner. Otherwise, the burden to keep the relationship alive and secure will fall on her and it won’t be as fun and relaxing as before.

Your partner doesn’t need you to go all the way but reciprocating her acts of affection and loyalty is crucial. For example, if you know about her whereabouts, it’s only fair she knows about yours.

If you’ve met her family and friends, it’s only right you introduce her to yours. That way you’ll both visualize the amount of respect you two have for each other.

So, if you want to keep a loyal girlfriend around, you have to be up to the task.

4. Prove that there’s no room for anyone else!

DONE 15 Signs You Have A Loyal Girlfriend And Tips On How To Keep Her 10

A loyal girlfriend wants the same in return. If there’s a colleague of yours that’s been bothering her, make sure to bring back her confidence.

If there’s a problem that’s completely fixable, focus on resolving it because it’s not worthy of losing her. Don’t ever try to make her jealous or play mind games on her.

Trust me, this isn’t a way to keep your partner and is rather disrespectful. Loyal partners don’t need someone who views their relationship as just having some fun.

They’re in for the long run and will keep proving it to you. If you don’t meet her expectations, I’m not sure you’ll have a partner for life anymore!

15 Signs You Have A Loyal Girlfriend And Tips On How To Keep Her

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