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How To Make A Ghoster Regret Ignoring You? 9 Powerful Tips To Try

How To Make A Ghoster Regret Ignoring You? 9 Powerful Tips To Try

There are many great perks of modern dating, but one of the worst things that can happen to you is man ghosting you. That’s when all the drama begins and all you can think about is how to make a ghoster regret playing with you. 

At first, he did everything by the book. He said the right words and behaved like any other normal guy you’d meet. Also, he seemed as invested in you as you are in him, and your first date was unforgettable. 

He bought you flowers, took you out for dinner, and treated you like a real lady. But suddenly, out of nowhere, he decided to ghost you. And that was the moment all of your insecurities start to kick in.

Was it you who made a mistake? Is it something you did or said? Perhaps he didn’t like the way you ate or how you were dressed? 

Before we delve in any further, though we need to clarify what is ghosting.

Well, ghosting means stopping all communication with someone without explaining anything to them. And it usually happens when they least expect it. 

Ghosting can definitely shake your self-esteem and confidence, making you question whether you’ll ever be enough for a guy.  You blame yourself for being single and feel like something is inherently wrong with you.

However, the thing about ghosters is that they want to make you feel that way.

They must feed their ego on a regular basis and in order to achieve that, they jump from one relationship to another. They can’t handle being alone with their own thoughts and emotions at all. 

That’s why they’re always on the lookout for their next victim, and they have to know they’ve made an impact in someone else’s life. They thrive on being in the center of attention. 

Why do guys ghost women? 

DONE! How To Make A Ghoster Regret Ignoring You 9 Powerful Tips To Try

Since most ghosters are narcissists in disguise, the last thing you should give them is your attention and a sense of accomplishment. Only then will they notice you resisting them – that’s how you’ll make a ghoster regret ignoring you. 

I get that you’re in pain now and that your thoughts are all over the place, but you have to be strong and focus on your end goal. 

Sometimes, you’ll fall. There’ll be times you doubt yourself. But with a couple of simple tips and tricks, you can make a ghoster think twice about playing games with your heart again. 

Still, why do guys ghost women in the first place? Is it for their own pleasure? Or do they have a secret agenda? 

Perhaps they think that a woman will chase after them if they start ignoring her completely? Or they want to prove themselves to their friends that they can have whoever they want? 

Here are the top reasons some guys ghost women: 

1. He ran back to his ex 

Some guys are real idiots and will use you as their rebound. Perhaps he said to you that he isn’t looking for anything serious and that he only wants a casual relationship. And now that he’s back with his ex, that could be why he suddenly stopped texting you. 

If that’s the case, then don’t be too bothered by his immature behavior. Let time heal your wounds and just focus on yourself. Enjoy your life! There’s plenty of other fish in the sea and you actually saved yourself from more pain. 

In fact, don’t be surprised if he tries to come back to you later after he and his ex hit a few bumps again. 

2. He’s afraid of commitment 

DONE! How To Make A Ghoster Regret Ignoring You 9 Powerful Tips To Try

You’ve probably heard that many guys have commitment phobia and that could potentially be why he ghosted you in the first place. 

Most men are petrified of losing their freedom and independence once they enter a romantic relationship. That’s because they think a woman might become needy or clingy after some time and that scares them. 

But what they don’t understand is that only happens when you’re with the wrong person. When you find the right one, those fears or issues are the furthest from your mind. You willingly open yourself up to the possibility of being with that person forever and you commit right away. 

Also, there’s a chance that your guy started catching feelings for you. If that sounds familiar, then he’d definitely ghost you to avoid breaking up with you later when you’re madly in love with him. 

3. He’s playing hard to get 

This is more common among guys who are in their early twenties and immature men who don’t know what they want in life. Usually, they do this because they think it’ll make them look more attractive and to show you that you have to work to gain their respect and attention. 

He might stop answering your calls and messages to see how you’ll react and whether or not you’ll step up your game to get him back. 

This is very childish behavior and a guy like this doesn’t deserve your time or energy at all. So, if you see him playing this old trick with you, then you need to leave him immediately and not give him the satisfaction of seeing you hurt. 

An immature guy won’t change his behavior that easily because he’ll always think that his way is right. 

4. Another woman is in the game 

DONE! How To Make A Ghoster Regret Ignoring You 9 Powerful Tips To Try

Let’s say that you met this man on Tinder and you really hit it off. He sent you a couple of texts, emojis, and cute memes – he was an all-around nice guy. 

But the thing about meeting a guy through social media is that you never know whether or not you’re the only one for him. And this is especially true if you haven’t yet agreed to be exclusive. 

It could be that your man clicked with another woman on some other dating app. If that’s true, then he might ghost you to avoid explaining himself to you or turning you down altogether. 

Also, there’s a chance that he doesn’t have the courage to say straight to your face that he doesn’t want you, so instead, he just decides to ignore you.

I understand that being a ghostee is awful and that you’d consider giving him a second chance if he ever contacts you again, but you have to move on with your life. Don’t miss out on those red flags that he’s not the right one for you, and rather take care of your mental health. 

5. He has a lot on his plate 

Has he mentioned to you that he recently got a new job or that he moved to another city? Maybe there’s some life-changing event that happened to him and it could be the reason he’s not able to get back to you? 

You may have forgotten about it, but this happens a lot more often than you think. 

Guys like this choose the easiest way out, which in this case is not calling or texting at all because they have a lot on their plate or just want to focus on their career rather than on their love life. 

They care about other people’s emotions, but they don’t know how to handle things properly. They’re afraid that their words might get misinterpreted, so that’s why they decide to just ghost the person instead. 

6. He’s already taken 

DONE! How To Make A Ghoster Regret Ignoring You 9 Powerful Tips To Try

Today’s dating scene is pretty chaotic, to put it mildly. There are many men out there who are already taken or even married that are still playing the field and trying to find their next victim. 

And the thing is, they became pretty good at hiding their relationship status when cheating on their significant others. 

Those men can sense when their partner is about to find out about their infidelity and then often ghost the women they’re seeing. They block your number and go no-contact to prevent you from reaching out to them and potentially exposing the truth. 

It’s difficult to spot these types of guys, but it’s not impossible.

For example, if you see him hiding his phone when you two are on a date, that’s a surefire sign that something’s off. Also, if he acts nervous whenever you mention any of your previous relationships, that could be another indicator that he’s hiding something from you. 

7. He’s genuinely not interested in you 

Being in love is great, but perhaps you both were just infatuated with each other and that initial attraction isn’t just there anymore. Have you considered that? 

Maybe the guy doesn’t want to string you along anymore and thinks that it’s better to go your separate ways. If that’s true, then he may decide to ghost you. 

This is very common with guys you meet in clubs or some other places where you’ve both partied a little too hard. It can also happen if you decide to sleep with a guy on your first date. 

Many people mistake physical attraction for being in love. That’s why most of them try to find an easy way out after realizing that they’re not compatible with the other person. 

8. He feels pressured by others 

DONE! How To Make A Ghoster Regret Ignoring You 9 Powerful Tips To Try

There’s a possibility that this guy is still attracted to you but his family or friends aren’t too keen about you being part of their circle. Maybe that’s the reason he stopped all communication with you.

Guys can be very susceptible to other people’s opinions, especially when it comes to best friends and family members.

How to make a ghoster regret ghosting you? 

When a guy disappears without a trace, that can really damage your emotional state and you may question your self-worth. You get all these ideas about where he is and why he decided to ghost you that it’s almost impossible for you to control your own thoughts. 

But once the dust settles and you manage to get out of that dark place, the only thing you’re thinking of is avenging yourself. 

So, how to make a ghoster regret ghosting you? Here’s how you can do it.

1. Be confident in yourself 

DONE! How To Make A Ghoster Regret Ignoring You 9 Powerful Tips To Try

Being ignored by a man is a tough pill to swallow and your self-esteem sure takes a hit. You feel less attractive and other people’s feelings seem insignificant to yours. 

After all, a guy you liked just stopped contacting you without giving you any reasonable explanation. It’s okay to have mixed emotions and wonder how to make a ghoster regret ignoring you. You’re not the only one, believe me. 

But don’t take it to heart because this doesn’t mean you’re unworthy of receiving love. Realize that this is just a reflection of him. It’s not your fault that he’s a player and manipulator who doesn’t care about other people’s feelings. 

Ghosters feed their ego by hurting others. Due to his lack of emotional intelligence, he has to put other people down to get a lift.

But let’s get one thing straight: This man wasn’t worthy of your love. There’s no need for you to listen to the voices inside your head telling you that you’re unattractive because that’s not true at all. 

You kept it real this whole time and this has nothing to do with you. Be confident in yourself and don’t waste time fixing something that isn’t broken in the first place. 

2. Get out of your comfort zone 

So this is the first time a man has ghosted you and it feels awful. I mean, how could you not? Anyone would feel that way.

But what are you going to do about it? Sit in your room all day and cry because he didn’t see how beautiful and amazing you actually are? That’s the worst thing you could do. 

Instead, you need to grab the bull by the horns and face facts. Yes, he ghosted you, but it’s not the end of the world. 

Get out there and go on with your life. Add new and exciting things to your daily routine and don’t mope about in your comfort zone. 

This will make him realize that you weren’t actually the girl he thought you were and that ghoster will eventually regret ignoring you. 

He has to see that he didn’t manage to break your heart and that he’s not the only one living his life to the fullest. 

3. Use social media to your advantage 

DONE! How To Make A Ghoster Regret Ignoring You 9 Powerful Tips To Try

This is closely connected with the previous tip. You have this awesome opportunity to post all the fun things you’ve been doing on your social media profiles.

So, don’t deactivate your account just because an idiot decided you’re not worth his time. Don’t post sad songs or pictures of you staying in your house all day. 

Instead, if you want to make a ghoster regret ignoring you, then use social media to your advantage. Remember that this man wants his absence to be felt. He feeds on that. 

But you have to carry on without him by living your life as you did before or even better. Just make sure that you make it more public and keep it cheerful. 

Remember, revenge is a dish best served cold. 

4. Show him you’re over him 

It’s so tough to find a balance between preserving self-respect and making sure he doesn’t find out that he made an impact on your life. 

The sad truth is a ghoster thrives on drama and feels no regret or remorse for leaving a mark on someone after he’s left. He needs to feel he was important to the other person. And that’s exactly what you should avoid doing.

So, when you realize he’s ghosting you, simply move on with your life as if nothing bad ever happened to you and don’t even acknowledge it. That’s what’ll hurt him the most. 

Make him feel like he’s just some ordinary guy who had the opportunity to get to know you and that his absence didn’t affect you in any way. 

I know that’s easier said than done, but you have to show you’re strong and resilient. That way you’ll gain more respect from men. 

5. Don’t be available 

DONE! How To Make A Ghoster Regret Ignoring You 9 Powerful Tips To Try

Almost every manipulator will come back to haunt you once he sees that you’re no longer interested in him. So, next time he reaches out acting like he didn’t hurt you at all, definitely don’t give him the satisfaction to hear from you. 

This type of man only cares about numbers and doesn’t seek a meaningful and healthy relationship. He probably thinks that he can get away with anything and that he can pick up the game again whenever it suits him.

He’ll come up with a story as to why he couldn’t reply to you and he might even try to convince you to drop everything and talk to him. 

And that’s when you have to control your emotions if you want to make a ghoster regret ignoring you. Don’t let him come close to you and allow him to treat you the same way he did before. 

Truthfully, he doesn’t deserve even a fraction of your precious time and attention because he already wasted his only chance to be with you. 

6. Give him a taste of his own medicine 

Usually, ghosters will leave you without any proper explanation as to why they don’t want to call or text you anymore. They often think that the other person doesn’t deserve any sort of closure whatsoever. 

The reason they think this way is that they have narcissistic traits and a big ego. You can retaliate by turning the tables against him and giving him a taste of his own medicine. 

So, if he accidentally bumps into you or chooses to contact you again, simply act as if you don’t even know who he is. He’ll be intrigued as to how you managed to get back that easily.

You can say things like “Do I even know you?” or “I’m sorry, I changed my phone, who is this?” and stuff like that. 

The last thing he would expect is a woman ignoring him and giving him the cold shoulder. So this will force him to question his own decisions and worth. 

7. Find someone new to date 

DONE! How To Make A Ghoster Regret Ignoring You 9 Powerful Tips To Try

One of the most common reasons ghosters ignore others is because they think they can do better. 

But trust me, after some time you’ll realize that this man isn’t on your level and that you deserve someone who’ll treat you the right way. 

When you find someone new to date, you’ll not only make a ghoster regret ignoring you, but you’ll have your revenge. You don’t even have to start a relationship with someone – just have fun and meet new people. 

It might not be the easiest task to get out and be ready to mingle with other guys, but if you can pull it off, it’ll be the quickest way to make him feel insignificant. 

8. Learn to love yourself even more 

When you exude confidence and you do things that make you genuinely happy, that’s when he’ll notice that you’ve moved on. 

I get that you’re still head over heels for this guy and it’s difficult to ignore the pain you might be feeling, but if you take one lesson to heart today, it’s this: Learn to love yourself more.

Once you do that, you’ll realize that you don’t need a man to feel fulfilled and happy. 

If he ghosted you, don’t fall into a downward spiral of regret for ever getting involved with him. It just means that you were never meant to be his and vice versa.

But the person who’ll always be yours is you and you only. So treat your mind and body with the positivity it deserves. Don’t cloud your mind with what-ifs and buts – keep on improving yourself.

The most important relationship you have is the one with yourself! 

9. Delete and forget 

DONE! How To Make A Ghoster Regret Ignoring You 9 Powerful Tips To Try

It pains you that he’s not talking to you anymore. It’s frustrating knowing that he’s probably out with another woman and you’re here thinking how to get him back. 

You want him to suffer and to feel the same way you do. But you need to get to a point where he’s not even a distant memory anymore. You shouldn’t even be bothered when someone calls out his name, and his face should be barely recognizable. 

His words or actions shouldn’t affect you because you’ve made your life so amazing that he means nothing to you now. 

And when that day comes – the day you delete and forget about him – he may just try to hit you up. And when that ghoster finally regrets his actions, you know what you’ll do? You won’t even think about replying.

That’s when you know you’ve moved on. 

How To Make A Ghoster Regret Ignoring You? 9 Powerful Tips To Try

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