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What A Leo Man Looks For In A Woman: 14 Sizzling-Hot Personality Traits

What A Leo Man Looks For In A Woman: 14 Sizzling-Hot Personality Traits

Have you been wondering what a Leo man looks for in a woman? 

At first glance, it’s easy to think that you can figure him out without any outside help. He’s so extroverted, you believe you can see right through him. 

However, he seems to surprise you with his little outbursts every now and then. You’re not even sure if you know the basics about him at this point. 

People born under this zodiac sign give the wrong picture to other people. They seem so outgoing and loud, people believe their compatibility revolves around these qualities. 

You’d be surprised to find out that there’s more to him than what meets the eye. A Leo guy has a lot of depth to him and you need to pick through all the layers that he’s trying to hide from the world. 

The king of the jungle has standards when it comes to his queen. His lioness will be the center of his world, so the type of woman he’s looking for is quite particular. 

Are you able to become the woman he’s looking for? Or are you already the girl a Leo man wants? 

Good thing we can find all of that out by simply consulting the stars. His horoscope will be able to tell you everything you’ve been wondering about for so long. 

What a Leo man looks for in a woman

1. Attractiveness

What A Leo Man Looks For In A Woman 14 Sizzling-Hot Personality Traits

It’s hard to pinpoint what a Leo man looks for in a woman, but it definitely should be easy to understand that he’s looking for someone attractive. 

I know that there’s a misconception that men are purely visual creatures. Not every man falls into that category, and even to a Leo male, there are more important things. 

However, you need to understand that a Leo loves to be the center of attention. He’s the type of person who will dress so eccentric that everyone’s heads turn when he enters a room. 

This fire sign doesn’t expect anything less from his partner. Attractiveness isn’t just about the way you dress, but about the way you walk, talk, and take care of yourself. This just means that you need to be confident enough in your skin. 

If your hair is dirty, there’s no way you’ll look or feel attractive. Or if you wear clothes that don’t look flattering on you, it simply won’t make you feel like the lioness that he should fall for. 

If you’re a Capricorn or Taurus woman, then you may not even have an issue with this because you’re always put together.

2. Unquestionable loyalty

Have you ever seen how a true lioness behaves in the wild? She’s extremely loyal to her cubs and her man. 

A Leo man likes to know that he can trust you unconditionally. Even if something bad happens between you two, he has to be sure that you won’t run into the arms of another. 

If you’re not loyal to him then he won’t try too hard to please you. He’ll move on before you even realize what’s going on. So, don’t think that you can go around and talk badly about him or sleep in someone else’s bed without any consequences. 

When he starts to question you, he probably already knows something and he’s just making sure you won’t lie to him further. But if you’re the perfect woman who only has eyes for the man in front of you, then you have nothing to worry about. 

Your loyalty will mean the world to him and he’ll do everything he can to show you his undeniable devotion. He’s the type of guy who won’t take long to commit to you (unless you mess something up, of course). 

3. Undivided attention

DONE What A Leo Man Looks For In A Woman 14 Sizzling Hot Personality Traits 2

A Leo is a huge attention seeker. Like Aries, he’s energetic and loves to be the center of attention, the life of the party, and everyone’s favorite person to invite to places. 

The weird thing is that the attention he gets from his peers isn’t enough for him. He has to know that you’ll be able to provide him with the needed consideration and care. 

He’ll want to text you the entire day, while also wanting to spend as much time with you as possible. More than that, he’ll be able to listen to the things you have to say to him, and the one to really be invested in your life. 

However, he needs to know that you’ll listen to him as well. When you go to a party and you pay more attention to other men, he won’t try too hard to get you to look at him. 

He’s going to think of your behavior as a means to avoid him. You may be an Aquarius who thinks that this is attractive, but when you don’t show interest in him, there’s no way to catch his attention. 

If you want to get into a long-term relationship with a Leo man, you need to glue your eyes to your man. It sounds radical, but you know just as well as I do that I’m right. 

4. Passion in the bedroom

One of the best matches for him is a Leo woman, exactly because of this. When you’re thinking about what a Leo man looks for in a woman, you also have to understand that he’s the incarnation of passion. 

If something like that even exists. It doesn’t matter. You know what I mean!

The fire within him shines brighter than the one within a Sagittarius man, so you could easily say that his fire is the reason for his behavior. The flame within him gets to the peak of its power when he’s under the sheets with a woman who can reciprocate his enthusiasm. 

Someone bland and boring has nothing to offer him. If you’re the type of girl who just lies there and enjoys herself without trying to reciprocate any effort, then you should probably go for another man. 

5. Ambition

What A Leo Man Looks For In A Woman 14 Sizzling-Hot Personality Traits

What a Leo man looks for in a woman is obviously specific to him. But above anything, he loves an ambitious woman!

Being ambitious means that you’re really striving to make your dreams come true. It doesn’t matter what your goals are – if ambition is one of your main personality traits, then he’ll fall head over heels for you. 

There are so many people in this world who let life pass them by. They’re not doing anything to follow the dreams they set for themselves when they were children. They simply believe that there’s no point to it, so they let it go. 

It’s hard to stay ambitious when the entire world is trying to put you down. A Leo man will love you because of it and he’ll even motivate you on days when you don’t feel like the amazing woman that you are. 

There’s a good chance that you didn’t get out of bed for days and you’re not really sure what you even want to do with your life. That’s completely okay as long as you find the willpower to get up and start working on something. 

He’ll appreciate your work ethic even more on those days. 

6. Independence

An independent woman is the most attractive type out there. There’s nothing a Leo man wants more than a woman who knows how to take care of herself and has made it her life goal to be there for herself. 

He’s independent himself. He doesn’t like to be seen as a weakling who isn’t able to take care of himself, so he continues to fight the gender norms and learns everything there is to learn. He would much rather try his luck at cooking than expect a woman to do that for him. 

This mindset is also accurate when it comes to the woman he’s dating. Especially, if you’re the type of woman who’s taking care of her own life, then you’re a dream come true!

Do you take care of your home? Do you have a stable job that’s helping you build an amazing career? Is your future bright because of your efforts? 

Well, if you can answer these questions affirmatively, then there’s no need to worry. He’ll see the possibilities that lie before you. 

7. Self-awareness and self-respect

DONE What A Leo Man Looks For In A Woman 14 Sizzling Hot Personality Traits 4

Is there a woman more beautiful than one who knows her own worth and respects herself? She knows that she deserves to be treated like a queen, and she doesn’t care that other men are low effort yet think of her as high maintenance. 

Signs a Leo man thinks you’re the perfect candidate for the love of his life is when he sees you stand up for yourself. There are so many girls nowadays who try so hard to be likable that they totally forget about self-respect. 

They’re not aware of the things they’re doing because they’re so clouded with the adrenaline from all the compliments they’re getting. This way, they end up in an unhealthy relationship, forget to take care of their mental health, and even fall into disgusting addictions. 

A confident woman knows that she can’t let a man treat her badly because she’d automatically walk out of his life. That’s extremely attractive to the lion who’s pursuing you. He may even test you just to see how you’ll react and the very moment you pass his test, he’ll be all over you. 

8. Someone who’s into PDA

How many men like PDA? Most will say that they’re not into it and that it makes them feel uncomfortable. What a Leo man looks for in a woman is definitely her willingness to let everyone know that they’re together. 

And what better way to do that but to be affectionate in public? There are so many ways to display affection without it making other people uncomfortable. 

Do you like to hug him? Do you like to feel his hand on your thigh? 

Those are small things that he does on a daily basis to show you that he loves you and that he’s proud to call you his girlfriend. You can’t push his hand away and expect him to be okay with that. 

Especially, if the placement of Lilith in his natal chart is in Leo. Then you shouldn’t even think about the subtle displays of affection, because he’ll want you in his lap all the time. No matter who’s watching. 

I know that this isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but a Leo man isn’t everyone’s cup of tea either. 

9. Enthusiasm

What A Leo Man Looks For In A Woman 14 Sizzling-Hot Personality Traits

Are you a Negative Nancy? If you are, then you have nothing to look for here. You’re the girl he’s trying to avoid at any cost. 

Enthusiasm is contagious. When one person is excited about something, it’ll transfer to the other person immediately. At least, his goofy happiness will make you the happiest girl alive. 

You’re probably not prone to showing this side of yourself if you’re a Libra or a Virgo. You’re more reserved, but you really shouldn’t be because it’s extremely adorable when you get excited about things. 

Once you start to play down the things he’s so happy about, his attraction towards you will be gone in the blink of an eye. So when he starts talking about something important to him, show him that you care and cheer him on. 

If you’re not up for the adventures he wants to take you on, then there are other men out there who’d be a better fit for you. He’s looking for a best friend and lover rolled into one – not someone who’ll only bring more clouds into the sky of his life.

10. Someone who’s brave and adventurous

The best answer to the question “How to attract a Leo man?” is to remind yourself that he can’t stay long in one place. So, go on an adventure!

Adventure isn’t something you should shy away from. On days that the sun is out, you should definitely make plans to go somewhere. 

A Leo man in love will take the woman he adores to different places every single day just to experience life to the fullest. If he’s not taking you on adventures, then he doesn’t care enough about you.

Sometimes, his ideas will seem crazy to you. You may not like adrenaline as much as he does, but you’re not opposed to it – however, he makes you fear for your life!

This is when you have to be brave! You only have one life, which means that you should at least try to experience everything it has to offer you. Don’t ignore the urge to explore the world just because you’re scared of the unknown.

If you’re not into these things then you shouldn’t go for a Leo or Aries man. They’re just another breed of human who doesn’t like solitude. 

11. Protectiveness

DONE What A Leo Man Looks For In A Woman 14 Sizzling Hot Personality Traits 6

What a Leo man looks for in a woman is a protective heart that’ll make him feel cared for. 

One way or another, you’ll find yourself in a situation that requires you to stand up for him, which you should do without a second thought. He would do the same thing for you and you shouldn’t have to overthink it either. 

You may find yourself in a situation where someone badmouths the man you love. They may start gossiping or speculating without knowing the full backstory.

In those situations, you shouldn’t even take a moment to think about it. Protect him! Show him that you have his back. 

If you’re a Cancerian, you may have a problem with this. Especially because you don’t like to show off your relationship or your protective side. However, a situation like this is going to inevitably arise. 

This is exactly what he looks for in a woman because he knows that he can’t fight every battle by himself. He needs you to fight with him against a world that’s always jealous of you two. 

Sometimes, you’ll be sad that you can’t do more about these situations and stop his heart from hurting. You can’t do that without hurting yourself, so don’t stress about it. 

A little goes a long way if you know how to be there for each other. 

12. Someone who’s light-hearted and gets his sense of humor

What a Leo man looks for in a woman is a laugh that lights up the entire room! If you’re a Pisces or a Scorpio, you may have a problem with this one, but let’s take it one step at a time. 

One of the clear signs he’s trying to make you like him is when he does everything in his power to make you laugh. He loves to see you laughing and it’s important to him that you find the same things funny. 

He probably has a weird sense of humor that you can’t really follow, but you should be able to find him very funny if you keep your mind open. 

Don’t keep a stoic facial expression and expect him to fall in love with you. Don’t take life so seriously because you may lose the perfect man for yourself. 

If anything, try to always giggle a little bit because life isn’t that deep at all. There’s so much in this world that can make you happy and keep you positive, you just need to be reminded of it from time to time. 

And he’s the perfect man to remind you about these things because he enjoys life to the fullest! Even on days when you feel down, know that it’s a fleeting moment compared to the rest of your life.

13. Someone who takes care of their health

What A Leo Man Looks For In A Woman 14 Sizzling-Hot Personality Traits

It’s so attractive to a Leo when he meats someone who takes care of themselves. This includes things like taking care of your hygiene, your body, your mind, the food you put into your body, and so much more. 

Your health includes taking your vitamins on a daily basis, eating healthy, going to the gym whenever you can, and simply giving yourself the attention you deserve. 

You only have one body. This vessel is there to take you to all those places you’ve always wanted to see, so you have to take care of yourself. If you don’t, then how are you supposed to take care of anyone else? 

So many people struggle with mental health issues that take them down a rabbit hole and bring more health problems the deeper they dive. So if need be, make that appointment with your therapist to finally get a better feeling of what life should look like when you’re not preoccupied with awful thoughts. 

Don’t shy away from dealing with your battles, inside and out, because what a Leo man looks for in a woman is someone who won’t run away from these things. He’ll even hold your hand through it all. 

14. A pinch of mystery

Does he want a woman who’s outgoing as well as mysterious? Yes. Even though it sounds like an impossible combination, it doesn’t have to be that complicated. 

What you need to know is that you can’t let everyone in on everything that’s going on in your life. When you first meet him, he shouldn’t know everything there is about you, because that only says that you’re desperate for attention. 

Be mysterious. Only let your closest friends know what’s going on in your head. The moment more people are involved, they’ll only create more issues for you. 

This is especially important to remember if you have any issues in your relationship with your Leo man. He doesn’t like it when everyone knows his business because it makes it harder to deal with everything. 

No one wants to deal with intrusive questions from people they don’t even know that well. 

You’ll be so much more interesting to him if you’re mysterious and private, but at the same time outgoing and loud. After all, you don’t have to scream your deepest, darkest secrets from the rooftop to be considered an extrovert. 

What A Leo Man Looks For In A Woman: 14 Sizzling-Hot Personality Traits

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