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How To Make A Leo Man Chase You? 11 Tested Ways To Catch His Eye

How To Make A Leo Man Chase You? 11 Tested Ways To Catch His Eye

If you’ve recently met a guy with this particular zodiac sign, then you’re probably wondering how to make a Leo man chase you.

Truth be told, this isn’t an easy task, regardless of sign. Men have minds of their own, and just like women, they can be a bit complicated at times.

However, if you really have eyes for him, you’ll find a way to win his heart. Now, you’re thinking about how this shouldn’t be a problem, right?

It’s a commonly known fact that modern dating has been hard nowadays. People are full of mistrust because it’s difficult finding someone who’ll stay faithful to you.

Perhaps you feel like you’ll never find your soulmate, just like most of us feel sometimes. But there’s just something about this Leo man that intrigues you.

We know how Leos have strong characters with some desirable personality traits. So, why not give it a shot? You’ll never know if you don’t try.

Leos are notorious for being in love with themselves, so you expect it to be a challenging task. To an extent, this is true. Their infatuation with themselves could be perceived as egoistic.

This may even scare you off at first, but it’s important not to listen to others. Leos aren’t the type to pretend to be something they’re not just to knock someone off their feet. They’re more likely to present themselves as they are.

Therefore, once you meet a Leo man, you’ll know what he has to offer from the start. On the other hand, in order to make him interested in you, you have to possess the strength and will that’ll make a Leo man chase you.

What are Leos like?

How To Make A Leo Man Chase You? 11 Tested Ways To Grab His Attention

There are different myths about Leos and what their sign actually represents. People think of them to be highly egocentric and self-involved.

This can be true in some cases, but not all of them. The egoistic part is usually mistaken for their high confidence levels.

It’s a desirable trait when you think about it. You’ll have a partner that doesn’t question his self-worth and has no problems with his self-esteem.

However, they can sometimes be a bit too much for people who aren’t ready to compete with their leadership skills.

They always want to do things first and, truth be told, they like having a head start. Leos aren’t really competitive, but they might simply think of themselves as up to the task even when it’s not true.

They’re not sour when admitting defeat, but will be persistent in a rematch. Besides, some can see dollar signs in their eyes and they’re not entirely wrong.

It’s true they’re after money and like being successful and well-situated. However, it’s mostly about ambition and accomplishments.

If they were only after the money, they wouldn’t put up with all of the struggles they’ve gone through. They’d simply give up on pursuing their dreams when life decided to knock them down.

All of this can be ascribed to their big ego if you choose to believe it. But once you meet a Leo man, the truth will reveal itself. You’ll understand that he’s necessarily not the person others take him for.

Actually, he’s caring and compassionate. A Leo will lend a helping hand whenever you need it and won’t ask for anything in return.

How to make a Leo man chase you?

DONE How To Make A Leo Man Chase You Interesting Ways To Steal His Gaze 2

It’s a tough situation when you’ve got eyes for someone but you’re not sure if the feelings are mutual. If you want to make a Leo man chase you, it’ll take more than simple flirting.

This zodiac sign is determined and is bound to get what they want. You want to make yourself their focal point and weasel your way into his mind.

This is easier said than done as Leos ooze confidence, so it’s hard to sway their opinions. They can also tend to be a bit self-absorbed, so you really have to outshine their infatuation with themselves.

It may be a difficult task, but it’s worth it. Once you feel the intensity of Leo’s love, you won’t look any further or ask for anything more.

However, you shouldn’t be the one chasing a Leo. He wants to do that. If you just comply with his wishes, he’ll lose his interest.

It’s really about knowing reverse male psychology. Instead of going after him, you have to make a Leo man chase you. This way you’ll embed the idea of him wanting you into his mind.

There are some top tips to accomplish this. Remember, it might be a difficult task. After all, don’t forget who you’re dealing with.

1. Try to look your best

We know that not everything’s about looks. However, it’s true that appearance is the first thing that catches one’s eye.

A Leo likes a good first impression. Therefore, if you want to charm him, make sure to look fancy. This sign likes to see a woman dolled up because for them it means she takes good care of herself.

If you like a bit of extravagance mixed with elegance, I’m sure you’ll knock him off his feet. Leo is attracted to women who care about their appearance.

2. Be confident

How To Make A Leo Man Chase You? 11 Tested Ways To Grab His Attention

There’s nothing more alluring to a Leo than a self-reliant woman. If you’re not afraid to speak your mind openly, he’ll find you irresistible.

Leo needs someone who isn’t afraid to confront him because he likes a bit of feistiness. He requires a partner who’s able to challenge his confidence.

Your self-assurance won’t only present you in the best light possible. It’s how he’ll know that he’s got an equal. It’s his way of knowing he’s got someone who will support him.

If you’re outspoken and know what you want, a Leo won’t be too much of a challenge to you. You’ll make a Leo man chase you in a heartbeat.

3. Be mysterious

Everyone likes a bit of mystery, right? You can’t go to Leo and tell him all about yourself. Well, you can, but it’s not something you should do.

Knowing everything isn’t as enticing as gradually finding things out. The thrill of seeing you again and discovering more about you will always be present.

If you put your heart on your sleeve, he may think you have nothing more to offer. This, unfortunately, makes you too available in his eyes.

He knows everything about you, so he realizes it would be a rather quick task to win you over. This isn’t really spellbinding and before you know it, he’ll find another puzzle to solve.

4. Make him jealous

DONE How To Make A Leo Man Chase You Interesting Ways To Steal His Gaze 4

This is an old trick, but works every time! If you want to make a Leo man chase you, he needs some competition.

This zodiac sign can easily get bored. He likes throwing his hat in the ring for something worthy. If he sees other guys flirting with you, he’ll dive in headfirst.

This is attractive to Leo because he sees you as his prize. His confidence and ego will get the best of him, and before you know it, he’ll fight for you like the lion he is.

5. Be interested in him

But how do you show him you’re interested? How to make a Leo man chase you without running after him? Well, the answer is – don’t be pushy like you’re trying to win him over.

Instead, show that you’re curious about his personal likings, ideas, and future plans. Throw in a couple of compliments from time to time and it’s guaranteed to get him intrigued.

A Leo doesn’t love anyone else like himself, which is a widely known fact. So, if he sees you care about him, it’ll only increase your chances.

Try to be subtle and don’t give out mixed signals. Again, confidence is key, but remember the rules of the game. He’s the one who’s supposed to be chasing you.

6. Show off your skills

How To Make A Leo Man Chase You? 11 Tested Ways To Grab His Attention

It’s not all about looks, just as we previously mentioned. If you want to make a Leo man chase you, you have to draw him in mentally and not just physically.

This sign likes playing mind games but they also enjoy deep, meaningful conversations. He wants someone he can share his secrets with and not be afraid to call in late hours.

If you show him that you’re the whole package, you’re almost done with your work. Intelligence and other skills such as communication draw a Leo man in like a moth to the flame.

7. Be yourself

There’s nothing more captivating to a Leo man than nature. He connects with it on a deep level and seeks refuge in it.

This zodiac sign appreciates the beauty in its raw form. Therefore, make sure to be yourself around him because he’ll fall for the real you.

He doesn’t like sugarcoating things and chooses bittersweet over them. This implies he’ll more likely fall for your natural beauty and your mind than polished looks and a copy of someone else.

8. Stay loyal

DONE How To Make A Leo Man Chase You Interesting Ways To Steal His Gaze 6

Once you have him wrapped around your finger, you’d think your work here was done. Wrong. When you manage to lure a Leo man in, you have to find out a way to keep him by your side.

Now, this is easier said than done. The first half of work won’t be enough to charm him into loving you. Leos want someone they can rely on for a longer period of time.

This means that you have to show him you’re worthy of his time, affection, and effort. Show him how much he means to you by staying loyal to him.

Be faithful because you’ll get the same in return, for sure.

9. Be ambitious

With his high levels of confidence and self-dependence, you’re not going to please him that easily. When you’re trying to figure out how to make a Leo man chase you, then you need to be ready to step up your game.

This zodiac sign is highly accomplished and they need a partner who will keep up the pace. He doesn’t ask for a girl that’s going to be way ahead of him or follow in his footsteps.

When he seeks partners, he seeks someone who can walk with him side by side, hand in hand. They’re driven by ambition, so he expects you to be the same.

10. Be able to take a joke!

How To Make A Leo Man Chase You? 11 Tested Ways To Grab His Attention

The thing is, Leos have a great sense of humor and they like having fun. It’s safe to say they are the life of the party and soak in all the attention they’re given.

If you know how to take a joke, I’m sure this will win him over! You’ll make a Leo man chase you because of your light-hearted spirits and cheerfulness.

There’s nothing more attractive to him than seeing you smile and hearing you laugh. Especially at his jokes!

11. A little bit of challenge never hurt anybody!

This step is all about playing hard to get. Leos like a good chase, so if you give in easily, it’s possible he’ll get bored quickly.

However, don’t distance yourself too far away from him. You have to make sure you keep a balance between giving him space and paying attention to him.

This chase will have a positive outcome only if you play it right. There are rules to every game, so stick to them!

What not to do when you’re trying to make a Leo man chase you?

DONE How To Make A Leo Man Chase You Interesting Ways To Steal His Gaze 8

When playing these types of games, it’s easy to lose track of the rules. You might get confused because, after all, a Leo man isn’t an easy code to crack.

Perhaps you’ll stumble on your way to making your plan work. If you haven’t figured out how to make a Leo man chase you, you might feel discouraged.

Rest assured, all you need is a little bit of courage. I know they’re tough nuts to crack, but don’t let their strong-headedness get the best of you.

If you feel like you’re doing something wrong, there’s a chance you misinterpreted some of the advice. Perhaps you feel like there’s a loophole in your plan because it isn’t going accordingly.

It’s possible you messed things up a little along the way, but don’t worry. Fortunately, they’re not the type of person to bear a grudge against you.

All you need is to draw a clear line between things you should and shouldn’t do. When thinking about how to make a Leo man chase you, remember what doesn’t work in your favor.

The worst thing you could do is pretend to be someone else. Leos aren’t deceived easily, so pay close attention to that part.

1. Don’t be pushy

As far as he’s concerned, he’s okay with not hearing from you all day long. A couple of text messages and a quick call will do just fine.

Of course, Leos like spending time with their partners, but they don’t want to be forced into it. They’re obstinate, so you really won’t experience any success if you try to push it.

Give him some time and space to get accustomed to you. He needs to figure you out and he’ll do that best if he’s not under your supervision.

Draw some boundaries between spending your day together and having some alone time or an evening for yourselves.

2. Don’t be afraid of adventure

How To Make A Leo Man Chase You? 11 Tested Ways To Grab His Attention

If you’re the type of person who likes relaxing all day in a comfy apartment, I’m not sure that’s how you’ll make a Leo man chase you.

Leos have adventurous spirits, so it goes without saying that he’ll look forward to sharing his adventures with his partner.

It may be a small trip to another town, a walk in the forest, or a holiday vacation. Perhaps you’ll go together on a spiritual journey!

3. Don’t chase him

DONE How To Make A Leo Man Chase You Interesting Ways To Steal His Gaze 10

Whatever you do, don’t let the roles get reversed. He’s the one who should be doing the work of trying to win you over.

If you show him you’re so into him, it’s likely he’ll start to lose interest. Leo doesn’t mind someone liking him, but it’s just more fun this way.

If you can’t resist the urge to be hot on his heels, you’re risking his attentiveness. A man likes playing the game where he’s the hunter and you’re the prey.

So, if you don’t want to play along, it’s possible this will become a cold case.

4. Don’t talk all over him

If there is one thing that Leos love, it’s being the center of attention. If you constantly try to steal his spotlight, he sure won’t be excited about this.

It’s not that he doesn’t appreciate your opinion or personal preferences. He’ll be more than happy to engage in those types of conversations.

However, try to listen to him attentively in return. Don’t try to interrupt him because that behavior will just deter him.

5. Don’t lie to him

How To Make A Leo Man Chase You? 11 Tested Ways To Grab His Attention

Honesty plays a crucial role in the Leo world. They need to be able to trust their partner and vice versa. If you have tendencies to tiptoe around the truth for some reason, stop right now.

You shouldn’t fear judgment because that’s not how Leos are. Be open with him about anything that’s bothering you or you’ve been struggling with lately.

If you keep lying to him, you won’t get anything out of it. You’ll only succeed in betraying his trust, and we all know what the king (of the jungle) thinks of betrayal.

6. Don’t ignore him

A Leo loves to bask in attention just as much as any cat loves basking in the sun! If you try to play hard to get but overdo it, it’s likely you’re creating an adverse effect.

You want to make a Leo man chase you, not drive him away from you. A game of chase is totally different from ignorance.

It’s fun and a Leo man feels the thrill when on the hunt. But be careful, you’re risking him cooling off by not texting him back for a couple of days straight!

7. Don’t love-bomb him

DONE How To Make A Leo Man Chase You Interesting Ways To Steal His Gaze 12

It’s true Leos can be real cuddle bugs, but don’t overwhelm him. Don’t just throw your feelings at him and expect to get the same in return.

You may think this is the right thing to do because he enjoys the attention. But just like with every relationship, you need to take baby steps.

If you swamp him with your emotions, you may end up scaring him off (just like with any man). Therefore, take things slow and weigh your options carefully.

8. Don’t rush things

If he says he’d like to take you on a picnic with his family, you might get the feeling this relationship’s moving a little too fast for comfort.

You may want to be up to the task and think of different ways you can spend more quality time together. It’s fine, but don’t rush it and start planning your vacation trip all of a sudden!

As I previously mentioned, baby steps. Try offering him a movie night and see how that goes. Eventually and hopefully, you’ll get to that holiday getaway!

9. Don’t be selfish

How To Make A Leo Man Chase You? 11 Tested Ways To Grab His Attention

One of the major things that bother a Leo man is selfishness. This zodiac sign is ready to give you the world, but only if he sees you putting in the same effort.

Don’t be selfish with your emotions, experiences, and time. Also, don’t hesitate to offer to pay for your dinner.

He probably won’t let you, but this only shows him your consideration and care. A Leo man views this as an act of selfless devotion and willingness to make him happy.

10. Never underestimate him

You may think how nothing could possibly knock his self-confidence. Wrong. There are really few instances out there, but one of them is you underestimating him.

Leo men know what they want and what they’re capable of. Their aforementioned ambition and strong-headedness drive them towards their end goal.

Your unending support and confidence in him are key components in your strategy to attract a Leo man.

How To Make A Leo Man Chase You? 11 Tested Ways To Catch His Eye

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