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Angry Girl’s Guide To When A Guy Stops Texting You Every Day

Angry Girl’s Guide To When A Guy Stops Texting You Every Day

When a guy stops texting you every day, you can’t help but feel like you did something wrong. 

There’s not much to figure out on your own because you’re not even sure what happened. You thought that things were going great and that you were on the right track towards a serious relationship.

Now, here you are. He’s ghosting you while you’re hoping for another text message to brighten your day. It’s been a couple of days at this point and you’re getting the feeling that he’s not going to text you back. 

He used to text you every single day. Your social media apps were always lit with notifications from him. Either he sent you memes on Instagram or funny videos on TikTok. He was always present in your life, but for the past few days, he doesn’t even seem to open your messages. 

Of course, you’d be confused when he stops answering your calls and avoids hanging out with you. At this point, you’re almost convinced these are signs that he doesn’t like you anymore. You just wish he could’ve told you that face to face. 

But what if I told you that there’s so much more to it? 

The psychology behind his behavior could be very interesting to you, so I hope you don’t lose faith just yet. At the end of the day, you can always be the one to simply block him and move on. 

You probably don’t want to do that, but as a girl who’s been through this more than once, I hope I can provide some guidance to you. 

When a guy stops texting you every day, what’s he thinking?

Angry Girl's Guide To When A Guy Stops Texting You Every Day

The first part of the article will be dedicated to understanding what’s on a guy’s mind when he stops texting you every day. There must be a specific reason, otherwise, he wouldn’t just ignore you like this. 

Is he playing games or is something going on? 

Before we get into everything that you could do in this situation, we really have to understand his inner workings. If we ignore this step, you may misinterpret his actions (or lack thereof). So let’s take things one step at a time.

1. He has other things on his mind

When a guy stops texting you every day, there’s always a specific reason behind it. For now, let’s hope that he has other things going on in his life. 

Has he mentioned a tough decision that he has to make in the near future? Or is there something going on at his work that demands his immediate attention? 

If you know for certain that he has a lot on his plate, then there’s no reason for you to panic. I mean, you’d put your job as your main priority, too. The difference is that you’re so used to getting messages from him that this doesn’t seem normal anymore. 

A day without his text is like a wasted day. But real life is calling and he has to answer! 

It’s easy to lose yourself in the thoughts of your blooming relationship, but we’re all human beings. We need to focus on other things as well. 

If you can’t understand this side of him and his need to get other things done too, then you won’t be able to maintain a healthy relationship. Understand that people don’t exist to please you. 

There’s a good chance that he already told you what’s going on, so there are no misunderstandings. This is not a red flag – all that’s happening is life itself. 

2. Things were moving too fast

DONE Angry Girls Guide To When A Guy Stops Texting You Every Day 2

One of the main reasons a guy will stop texting you each and every day is when he feels like things are moving too fast. 

You probably met through a mutual friend and after you realized that he’s the kind of guy you could fall for, you were ready to fall head over heels. 

However, if this guy likes you then he won’t just rush into things. Sure, he’ll want to talk to you on a daily basis, but if he at one point sees that things are moving too quickly, he’ll take a few steps back

This can happen out of fear of commitment. He’s scared because he hasn’t been in a committed relationship for a long time now. 

Everyone knows him as a player and all those little things he likes about you are putting him into a frenzy. This man doesn’t want to spend so much time thinking about you, but you continue to infiltrate his thoughts.

This isn’t your fault. He’s probably scared of heartbreak and he doesn’t yet trust that you’ll keep his heart safe or isn’t sure you’re worth the trouble. 

It’s a petty excuse, but it’s still valid to him. 

3. He’s testing you

A guy may text you every day and then suddenly stop because he’s testing you. He wants to know how you’ll react to him ghosting you. 

It’s obviously a mind game that you can’t win because he’s setting the rules according to his moods. 

If he used to send you good morning texts and now it’s been a while since you’ve got one, he’s probably trying to get you to send him one first. He doesn’t want to initiate these things anymore. 

You’re still hoping that he’ll change and that he won’t continue with his stupid games, but the chances are quite slim for that. So you need to make the next move if you want to see any plot development. 

This is definitely one of the possible reasons for his behavior. He’s looking for some sort of reaction from you. 

Another thing he could be trying to gauge is your possessiveness. You could easily get mad at him for not texting you and he’ll know if he can handle you at your worst. 

It’s a test that you can only pass if you know him well enough. I know that this attacks your self-esteem and that you don’t feel as confident anymore, but stop being shy because you can win this face-off easily. 

4. He’s interested in someone else

Angry Girl's Guide To When A Guy Stops Texting You Every Day

Is this a guy friend we’re talking about? If he’s your best friend, then you probably know that he’s been seeing someone else. 

You were texting every day since you met each other, but now he’s been really quiet. Well, it’s quite possible that there’s someone else he’s interested in. 

Why would he spend hours texting you when he has the attention of another woman on him right now? That sounds absolutely awful, but I can promise you that he’s not doing it out of spite. 

He may have had strong feelings for you, but there was no development in your relationship. He was watching from the sidelines as you were falling in love with others, so he got tired of waiting around. 

That’s why he’s not texting you anymore and I have to say that he has every right to do so. This entire situation makes you feel awful, but you need to understand that he can’t control his feelings. 

He met someone he likes and now he’s pursuing her. You can’t control how you feel right now, but you should definitely think thoroughly about your next step. 

5. He figured out that he doesn’t like you enough

With all these dating apps at our fingertips, there are so many options in the world. Just when you think that you like someone, someone else pops up and your emotions shift right away. 

A lot is going on and there’s no way to know if he really likes you or if he’s just testing his feelings. Once he starts to think about this, it’s as if he likes you less and less each day. 

So, one way to know if he figured out that he doesn’t like you enough is if he gradually started to act differently towards you. They may have been small changes that you weren’t paying attention to at first, but they still rubbed you the wrong way. 

He didn’t compliment you as much as he did before, he stopped liking your photos, and then he simply stopped texting you as much as he did before. Now? He doesn’t text you at all. 

That’s obviously a sign that he doesn’t like you that much. He was intrigued by you, so he gave you a chance, but then he realized that you’re not the right girl for him. 

Is there really anything you can do about that? 

6. He’s scared of his own feelings

DONE Angry Girls Guide To When A Guy Stops Texting You Every Day 4

When someone hasn’t had the best love life, they’re going to be scared of those massive feelings that are burning inside them. 

The last time he liked someone this much, he got his heart ripped out of his chest. After that, he hasn’t been known as the most loyal man in this world. 

When a guy stops texting you every day, there’s a good chance that he didn’t expect to fall this hard for you. Whenever you send him a pic of yourself, he chokes on his own emotions because they consume him whole

This is completely next level and it makes him dizzy to believe that someone could have so much power over him. Now he’s trying to create a little bit of distance between you two to regain some self-control. 

If you ask me, this is stupid. Aren’t you man enough to handle your own emotions? Is vulnerability so scary to such a huge man like you? 

I don’t know. It upsets me to believe that a guy would hurt a woman just because he doesn’t know how to handle his emotions. That sounds pathetic. 

Get your life together, dude. 

7. It’s all a game to him

Online dating has become like a game to a lot of people out there. How many people can you catfish? How many can you convince to go on a date with you? Which personality will you embrace tonight? 

It’s horrendous. 

The first date you went on with this man, you felt like the only girl in the entire world. He made you feel so special! Now that he’s not texting you anymore, you feel like you misunderstood something. 

To be honest, it’s not even up to you anymore. You can’t make a player quit the game if he’s addicted to it. You’re just another boss he has to conquer to get to the top. 

The only problem is that there’s no grand prize when he does win. He’ll only walk around with a jar of hearts that he’s collected over the years. 

When a guy stops texting you every day, it could be because he believes that he won you over and now he can move on to someone else. This cat and mouse game was fun for a while, now he’s bored. 

And believe me when I tell you that this has nothing to do with you. Men just have so much audacity that it’s competing with their massive ego at this point.

8. You didn’t show enough interest

Angry Girl's Guide To When A Guy Stops Texting You Every Day

Good luck getting out of this one. 

Just kidding! This is probably the easiest one to handle out of all the other reasons we’ve mentioned. 

More often than not, you don’t want to come off too strong. You don’t want to be pushy or give him a reason to believe that he has any type of power over you. 

Now, that kind of backfired. When a guy stops texting you every day, it could also be because he believes that you’re not interested at all. He thinks that you have someone else or that he’s simply not your type. 

This happens when you don’t reciprocate every time he flirts with you or opens up to you. He tries to show you how much he likes you, but you freeze the second he starts talking about his feelings. 

What else is he supposed to believe but that you’re not interested at all? He can’t wrap his head around this entire situation, so he simply decides to stop simping over you. 

9. You ran out of things to talk about

With this busy life, we don’t have much time to talk about stupid topics. And you can’t always talk about the same stuff, especially if you’ve been texting for a long time. 

If he’s not a big texter, then he’ll feel like he’s wasting his time on the phone. He likes talking to you, a lot. But he really isn’t into mindless texting. 

So, once you run out of topics to talk about, he simply won’t text you as often. That’s not because he’s bored of you, but he feels like there’s no reason to go into detail about everything. 

Small talk isn’t his cup of tea, but his absence from your life makes you feel like he’s sending you mixed signals. I hope you understand that the very moment you go out, there will be something new to talk about. 

What should you do when a guy stops texting you every day?

Now that we know all the possible reasons behind his behavior, let’s also talk about everything you can do to get over this. 

I know that you want him in your life, you like him a lot, but you have to put yourself first. 

1. Ask him what’s going on

DONE Angry Girls Guide To When A Guy Stops Texting You Every Day 6

The best thing you can do is ask him what’s going on. When a guy stops texting you every day, there’s probably a reason for it. 

He’s not ignoring you just for the sake of it. Something’s up. 

If you choose not to confront him, then you’ll end up guessing through sleepless nights. But you deserve so much better than that, so contact him and ask him what’s happening. 

If he doesn’t like you anymore then you deserve to know, but if he just continues to ghost you then block him. It’s extreme, but he doesn’t deserve anything less. 

2. Tell him you won’t spend your time waiting on him

It’s important to tell him that you have something better to do with your life. What you have to remember, though, is to keep true to your words. 

You can’t just tell him this and then continue to lose your pride when he asks to hang out again. Tell him that you have a life to live and that there’s no reason for you to continue staring at your phone. 

You deserve better and he isn’t worthy of your attention anymore.

3. Set clear boundaries

Angry Girl's Guide To When A Guy Stops Texting You Every Day

There’s a good chance that he’ll feel bad about this entire thing because he didn’t mean to make you doubt his intentions. That’s a good time to set clear boundaries!

When a guy stops texting you every day, it’s likely because he didn’t understand that this was something important to you. So, tell him what you’re expecting from your relationship.

You can’t let this happen again. So tell him that you expect him to text you when he’s busy just so you know that he’s not ignoring you. It takes him a few seconds to reply to you – he’s got enough time for that. 

4. Don’t blame yourself

One thing women do (which makes me so angry because I do this as well) is we blame ourselves. We’re so convinced that we did something wrong that we don’t even consider the man’s behavior. 

Stop blaming yourself! If you actually did something wrong then he’d tell you what happened. He would try to talk about this problem rather than ignore you while you’re overthinking everything. 

If he thinks that you’re going to spend sleepless nights thinking about him, then he’s being passive-aggressive and you deserve so much better than that. It’s not your fault until he actually confronts you about something!

5. Don’t contact his friends

DONE Angry Girls Guide To When A Guy Stops Texting You Every Day 8

He’s online. He’s liking pictures of other women. 

There’s obviously something going on and he didn’t invite you to that party! Instead of trying to catch his attention by texting his friends, just ignore him. 

Show him that you can play this game better! 

Once you contact his friends, you’re actually telling him that you’re desperate. It’s not like something happened to him and he’s in danger! It’s been days and he’s still not reaching out to you. 

This is obviously something personal and there’s no way of knowing when he’ll come to his senses. Put yourself first and unapologetically ignore him. 

6. Try moving on

When a guy stops texting you every day, it’s like a punch that brings you back to the reality of things. It completely erases the illusion you created in your head about your relationship. 

You thought that this would turn into a romantic story no fairy tale could compare to. Now that there’s this huge red flag clouding your view, all you’re feeling is anger. 

Embrace that feeling! Use that anger and disappointment as motivation to walk away from him and start anew. 

Why would you be this angry? Well, because he didn’t respect you enough to tell you what’s going on. He’s just taking the easy way out instead of trying to talk to you about this like a grown adult. 

Just imagine if you tried to start a relationship with him. Would he act this way even if you were together for years? Do you want to deal with this any longer? 

If you believe you deserve better than this, go after your happiness. He’s obviously not the guy who can make you happy nor does he know how to treat you right. 

All he knows is how to run away from his responsibilities. There’s nothing in it for you. 

It’s better to stay single than with a man who’d much rather avoid you than confront you. At least, when you’re single, you don’t expect anything from anyone. You don’t expect a man to contact you to keep up a conversation. 

So, keep yourself safe and try to move on. I can promise you that you’ll be better off without him.

Angry Girl's Guide To When A Guy Stops Texting You Every Day