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How Does A Sagittarius Man Test You? 15 Tests That’ll Mess Up Your Head

How Does A Sagittarius Man Test You? 15 Tests That’ll Mess Up Your Head

How does a Sagittarius man test you when you’re trying to figure out if you’re compatible? 

What are the chances that you can figure this fire sign out without much effort? Good thing is that he isn’t as complicated as you may think at first. 

He’s the commitment-phobe that everyone warned you about. He’s the crazy adrenaline junkie that keeps telling you to let loose and see life from his perspective. 

You’re so enthralled by him that you forget to breathe when he’s anywhere near you. Everything he does is so captivating that your brain seems to stop working. 

“Stupid brain! Why do you keep embarrassing me?! Thanks for nothing.”

Well, that’s the type of impact a Sagittarian has on a woman. This man is everything you wanted and more. However, it feels like you’re asking for more than you can handle right now. 

Either way, you look at his arms and you wonder what it would feel like to spend hours in his embrace. That’s exactly why you’re trying to understand the ways a Sagittarius man tests you. 

Once you ace his tests he’ll fall head over heels for you. He’ll become just as crazy about you and you two will experience the type of love that’s only presented in movies.

It’s a good thing for you that we can always consult the stars. His horoscope will tell you more than you may think at first. 

Let me help you understand his unusual ways so you can win the man of your dreams. 

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How does a Sagittarius man test you?

1. He’ll test your independence

How Does A Sagittarius Man Test You 15 Tests That’ll Mess Up Your Head

So, you’re wondering “how does a Sagittarius man test you”? It’s quite a simple question to answer once you understand what the stars have in store for him. 

For example, every fire sign is known to be extremely independent. Even if they’re very social creatures who are always there for their friends, they still need to know that you’re able to take care of yourself. 

He’s so focused on his own life, his needs, and his goals, that he doesn’t have time to babysit a grown woman. He’ll much rather have a partner by his side who thrives in her independence. 

Other than that, being independent means that you’re always working on yourself without relying too much on other people. He feels safer with a woman like you because he knows that you won’t crowd him with your needs. 

His entire focus is on himself when he’s single, which means that he has to find someone who will understand that. This doesn’t mean that he’ll completely ignore the relationship, he just wants to know that you’ll give him enough space.

He’s extremely loving and caring once you become important enough to him. Just know that clingy and needy behavior will drive him crazy until he chooses to run for the hills.  

2. He’ll test your loyalty

In a romantic relationship, there’s nothing more important than loyalty. Even a Sagittarius guy knows that. He doesn’t care about the compatibility between your two sun signs, he just wants to know that you won’t be unfaithful to him. 

Loyalty is more important to him than anything else. In his case, it entails that he can trust you with his secrets just as much as he trusts you with his heart.

If you flirt with another man or become a bit too touchy with him, you may as well consider yourself dead to him. He’ll also consider you a traitor if you talk about his deepest and darkest secrets to other people.

He doesn’t care that you’re also adapting to this new relationship. If he can be loyal, then so can you. 

When you tell others about the things he told you, he can only interpret that as a lack of confidence. You need to reveal his secrets so you can get more attention from other people. 

If that isn’t pathetic, what is? He doesn’t want a woman like that next to him. 

However, your loyalty will be greatly rewarded in the relationship in any way that you find to be pleasing. I understand that you doubt it because he’s not known for being a lover of commitment, but he’ll surprise you once he falls in love. 

3. He’ll test the adventurous spirit within you

DONE How Does A Sagittarius Man Test You 15 Tests Thatll Mess Up Your Head 2

What do you think? How does a Sagittarius man test you? Well, scroll through his socials and you’ll know that you have to be quite adventurous to please him. 

He’ll test your need for new experiences and adventures in many different ways. He’ll start by asking you to go hiking with him on a random Wednesday, then he’ll tell you that you’re going on a road trip on the weekend. 

If you’re always skeptical and you have a boring excuse for why you can’t come, he won’t ask you anymore. He wants a woman who always has a bag prepared and is ready for a new experience. 

You’ll get bonus points in his book if you’re the one initiating something. When you plan some type of sporty activity, he’ll be very impressed. 

I understand that this isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but that’s the point. 

He’s testing you because a Sagittarius man likes to know that he’ll be able to enjoy life even with someone else present. 

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4. He’ll test your stance on things

You’re asking yourself how does a Sagittarius man test you, but he’s searching for the type of girl who’s a lot like him. 

If you have a firm stance on things, you’re a candidate for a serious relationship in his book. Once you start spending time together, he’ll ask you questions about topics that are important to him. 

For the fun of it, he’ll try to argue with you. He’s not doing it because he doesn’t agree with you but because he wants to see if you’ll stay true to yourself. 

Sometimes, you’ll want to budge. However, unless you truly believe in the things he’s presenting you, don’t let yourself falter under his gaze. 

He can be quite convincing, especially because he’s so aggressive. Just brush it off and show him that you’re capable of holding your ground. 

I can guarantee you that he’ll fall for you even if you don’t share the same opinion on everything. Simply because he’ll want to learn more about you. 

5. He’ll test your trust

How Does A Sagittarius Man Test You 15 Tests That’ll Mess Up Your Head

As someone who never once wanted to be confined in a relationship, he only goes for women who can trust him. Contrary to popular belief, he’s not avoiding commitment, but rather he’s avoiding being in a codependent relationship. 

If you’re the jealous type of girlfriend who makes her boyfriend her entire world then you’re not the right one for him. If you’re that type of woman, you should probably go for a Scorpio man or a Taurus man. 

However, if you’re an Aquarius woman you’ll understand his needs and you’ll be perfect for him. He wants someone who’ll trust him as his loyalty isn’t questionable when he’s in a committed relationship. 

A Sagittarius man wants to know that you trust him because he knows he can trust you, too. One of the obvious signs that he’s testing you is when he leaves his phone unlocked next to you and then leaves the room. 

He’s doing that to see if you have enough faith in him to not go through his messages. This is obviously out of his comfort zone, but he needs to know that you’re not an obsessive freak. 

6. He’ll test your need to label the relationship

Just like the other fire signs (Aries and Leo), a Sagittarian man will want to see that you can be friends. He doesn’t feel the need to label your relationship as exclusive before he sees that you can function well in a platonic setting. 

That’s why this is one of the answers to the question of “how does a Sagittarius man test you?” He doesn’t want a woman who’ll push him into a relationship he doesn’t want to be in. 

If you have the indescribable need to label your relationship, then he’ll just watch you with distaste. He’d much rather take things slowly than jump into a relationship without having time to think about it. 

That was obvious considering that he’s testing you beforehand to make sure that you don’t emotionally scar each other. Either way, make sure that you’re not pressuring him into anything. 

An easy-going attitude will show him that you’re the girl to whom he should give his heart. 

7. He’ll test your reaction to his flirtiness

DONE How Does A Sagittarius Man Test You 15 Tests Thatll Mess Up Your Head 4

Are you a flirty person? If not, we should probably change that before he finds out. 

Your reaction to his flirtatious behavior will tell him a lot about you. He’s a flirt who doesn’t understand that it can make other people uncomfortable. He just wants to see your baffled state. 

This could give you a hard time if you’re close friends with him. But you already know that this is one of his most prominent personality traits. 

You need to be able to reciprocate his flirty behavior. He’ll want you even more once he understands that he’s found his match. 

His flirty comments can range from giving you compliments on your appearance to your personality. What you do in these situations is quite crucial. 

Understand this as a challenge and show him that two can play his little game

8. He’ll test your need for freedom

You can’t keep his fire contained. How does a Sagittarius man test you to see if you love freedom just as much as he does? 

Well, let me start by telling you that his need for freedom will always be above his need for a relationship. He believes that there’s nothing he can find in a relationship that he can’t find outside of it. 

For that exact reason, he has to know that a committed relationship isn’t going to take that away from him. You can show him that you love freedom as well by going out with your friends and not spamming him with messages when he’s out enjoying himself. 

Do things without him present. Always be adventure-ready for those days when you want to remind him that you don’t need him to have fun in your life. 

He’s doing his own thing and you should do the same. Freedom just means that you’ll both be able to live your life without your partner breathing down your neck. 

9. He’ll test your reaction to his reckless behavior

How Does A Sagittarius Man Test You 15 Tests That’ll Mess Up Your Head

If you couldn’t guess this until now, it’s the right time to remind you: he’s an adrenaline junkie. 

His reckless behavior can include things that you didn’t even know people do on a casual Thursday. One day he’ll just send you a photo to remind you that he went skydiving. 

He’s hiking the most dangerous trails, he’s training in weird circumstances, he’s running in extreme conditions, and he may even start a fight just because he’s bored. 

He wakes up and chooses to be reckless almost every day. 

It’s uncommon for other people to act this way, which is why you’re also very confused by his behavior. However, if you want a family guy who won’t give you a near heart attack every day you should probably go for a Cancer man. 

Even a Capricorn or Virgo would be good for you if you’re not into these stunts. There’s no way to know what your Sagittarius will do next, so if your gut isn’t able to comprehend it, maybe you should move on. 

10. He’ll test you to see if you’ll hold him back or push him forward

Above anything, he’s ambitious. He’s the type of guy who knows what he’s working towards and he’s dead-set on it. 

His dreams won’t make sense to everyone, but he’s not concerned about that. He doesn’t need you to understand his motivation, all he needs is your support. 

How does a Sagittarius man test you to see if you’re going to hold him back or push him forward? Well, he’ll start by telling you his crazy ideas. 

One at a time, he’ll tell you about his wishes for the future. If you look like you’re judging him for it, he’ll understand that you’re not the person he’s looking for. 

You can suppress your thoughts right now in favor of showing him that you’re his number one fan. Just because you don’t share his enthusiasm about these topics, doesn’t mean that you should berate him and lower his self-esteem. 

Show him that your support is unconditional. I can promise you that this will mean a lot to him.

11. He’ll test your confidence

DONE How Does A Sagittarius Man Test You 15 Tests Thatll Mess Up Your Head 6

Most of us fake it until we make it. When you feel your confidence fluctuate you also feel like the illusion is busted alongside your relationship with that person. 

The issue here is that you won’t be able to fake things in front of a Sagittarius male. He exists in this world to see right through your facade. 

One thing that you’ll realize is that every Sagittarius in this world is very confident. They’re just not ego-maniacs so you can’t see it right away. 

That’s exactly why he’ll test your confidence. He’ll watch the way you act around your friends, around strangers, as well as when you’re all alone. 

He’ll want to put you in slightly uncomfortable situations just to watch your attitude. He’s not doing it because he’s being mean, but rather to analyze you. 

So, leave the shy act at home and pull out your inner diva. I can assure you that he’ll fall in love with that side of you. 

12. He’ll test your reaction to his lack of organization

A Sagittarius man in love will let loose from the very moment you tell him that you love him. He won’t feel the need to play pretend around you and convince you that he’s anything less than his authentic self. 

With that being said, his lack of organization may throw you off your game. He’s the funniest guy you’ll ever meet and he’s so charming that he’ll sweep you off your feet, but he’s also so disorganized that it’s unbelievable. 

He loves to be spontaneous so don’t expect to know where he’s at. One moment he’s at home, but the next he’s waiting in line at the airport, ready for an adventure. 

His lack of organization can also be seen when you step into his house. Everything seems to have a place where it belongs, but looking from a wider perspective, it’s extremely disorganized. 

Can you imagine the chaos that goes on in this man’s life? Well, if you’re able to deal with that, then you won’t have any issues further down the road.  

His test will consist of a detailed analysis of your reaction to his humble home and his lifestyle. 

13. He’ll test you with his blunt honesty

How Does A Sagittarius Man Test You 15 Tests That’ll Mess Up Your Head

How does a Sagittarius man test you by being a bit too honest with you? Well, his bluntness is something to look out for. 

Let me warn you because he won’t go easy on you just for the sake of gaining your favor. He wants to see you flushed and fidgeting because of his words.

Do not let him win. 

His bluntness may include very inappropriate comments about your physical appearance, or even a very detailed description of what he’d like to do with you behind closed doors. 

Depending on your usual social interactions, this could become very uncomfortable for you. You don’t want to let him know that his words are leaving a bitter taste in your mouth. 

However, this is the perfect moment to tell him that. If he can be obnoxiously honest with you, then you can return the favor. Don’t hold back. 

I can assure you that it’ll only make him want you more. 

14. He’ll initiate physical intimacy

When a Sagittarius man initiates something that you’re not into, it’s not a good sign. If you want a lasting relationship with this man then you need to be prepared for this. 

Because of his issues with intimacy and his reluctance to commit himself to a woman, he’ll want to jump to third base before he even asks for your favorite color. 

There’s not a specific way to handle this. You can seduce him more than once, show him that you’re desirable and irresistible. This is your time to remind him what you want from a man. 

If you don’t want to sleep with this man, you need to hold your ground. This is the moment when you can remind him that your stance on this won’t waver so he’ll be even more impressed with you. 

The thing he’s trying to accomplish with this is seeing if you’re compatible under the sheets. If he gets bored, he won’t want to see you anymore.

15. He’ll test your priorities

DONE How Does A Sagittarius Man Test You 15 Tests Thatll Mess Up Your Head 8

What are your priorities in life? Do they align with his? Or are they completely different? 

Usually, I don’t think that you need to look up the compatibility between your sun sign and his. However, sometimes the stars won’t align for you two. 

For example, if you’re a Pisces or Libra there’s not much you have in common. A Gemini or Aquarius could have something more to offer, but those aren’t set rules that have to be followed. 

Your priorities need to be the same as his own. He doesn’t want a family and kids before he experiences his life to the fullest. 

A Sag man can only imagine a life like that once he doesn’t feel like he’s missing out on something. If your priorities involve a very domestic lifestyle, then you should probably try to get together with a water or an earth sign. 

A Sagittarius isn’t the guy for you in this case even if you’re crazy for him. His priority is seeing the world and experiencing everything it has to offer. He’ll go after it no matter what. 

He could even say that he loves you, but once the fear of missing out kicks in, he’ll move on with his life without you. And that’s not his way of playing with you, but his unique way of keeping you safe.

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How Does A Sagittarius Man Test You? 15 Tests That’ll Mess Up Your Head

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