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This Is Why The Girl Who Is ‘Too Much’ Is The One

Just look at her and you’ll see it in her eyes. This is why the girl who’s ‘too much’ is the one.

She’s everything that you could possibly need, so don’t ever think of her as a burden.

Is she too loud, too fragile, too caring, too opinionated, too loving, too happy, too tough, too caring, or too sensitive? She’s simply ‘too much’ of it all, all at once, and you can’t deal with her just because you’re not looking at it from the right perspective.

As a girl who’s been considered ‘too much’ most of her life, let me shine some light on the perspective you should have.

What on earth is so wrong with being ‘too much’? Are you afraid of her opinions and independence?

She probably seems a little intimidating because you’ve never met a woman like her before in your entire life. Her loud laugh and her big voice were what you noticed first because you didn’t bother to look beyond them.

You got scared when she’d look at you and that’s because you knew that she saw your soul and understood you. But is that a reason to run away from her?

DONE! This Is Why The Girl Who Is 'Too Much' Is The One

Maybe you think that she’s ‘too much’ because she’s seen too much. Too much of who you truly are but don’t want others to know.

Okay, so she is ‘too emotional’… All I can say about that is so freaking what?

Do you know what that really means? It means that she’ll burst into tears if you hurt her with your words and her pain will be too obvious for you to hide from.

She’ll be depressed and devastated but is it so hard to see why? Doesn’t it just make her human?

Knowing this will help you learn to never disrespect a woman and to treat her the way you should instead.

Are you worried that her emotions may rub off on you?

Would that make you see the world from the perspective of a person who can love with all her heart? Would it make you realize that you shouldn’t hurt a person like that?

DONE! This Is Why The Girl Who Is 'Too Much' Is The One

This is why the girl who is ‘too much’ is the one, because she makes you see the world through her eyes.

How in the world could she be ‘too happy’? Is being ‘too happy’ even a thing?

The smile on her face she so proudly wears should just remind you never to let the bad things in life take it away. This is why the girl who is ‘too much’ is the one, because she helps you look on the bright side of everything.

She can always make you forget about a bad day at work or a meeting that didn’t go well. She’s a free spirit and she knows how to lift you up whenever you feel down.

In fact, being ‘too much’ makes her who she is – an incredible, beautiful girl, with a heart of gold. You can see it in the way she moves, the way she tosses her hair and looks at you while the spark in her eyes glows just for you.

Don’t deny it when it’s why you fell in love with her to begin with. In fact, being ‘too much’ got you interested in her in the first place, didn’t it?

DONE! This Is Why The Girl Who Is 'Too Much' Is The One

She is different, independent, and incredibly attractive and this is why the girl who’s ‘too much’ is the one.

She’s too much of all of these things, though, isn’t she? You think that now because you’ve found everything you really need in a woman and it makes you want to run away.

The truth is, it’s not really ‘too much’ for you, it’s actually just the right amount…

The way she treats you will show you how she should be treated. Yes, it will be ‘too much’ but being too fragile, too gentle, and too kind is exactly what a woman is.

More importantly, it’s exactly what you need from her and this is why the girl who’s ‘too much’ is the one. She isn’t needy; she’s just madly in love with you.

Yes, sometimes she’ll be too aggressive or too angry but that’s just because she loves you a little too much. If she loved you less, you wouldn’t want her so badly.

DONE! This Is Why The Girl Who Is 'Too Much' Is The One

You can’t hurt her and complain about her being too mad at you for breaking her heart. Show her that you love her and that you’ll be there for her and you’ll see that she’s the one.

She’ll make you see the magical things in life that you never noticed before and it’s exactly because she’s ‘too much’. She feels too much and it will make you feel new things too.

Don’t be scared of her overwhelming emotions or loud words. If she can’t hold them in, neither should you, and she’ll just show you how to express your feelings.

Don’t walk out on her and know that she doesn’t need a man of words, she needs a man of actions. Maybe she seems too desperate or too needy at times but she isn’t.

She isn’t needy – she just needs love. And she needs you to prove your love for her with more than just your words.

If you can’t give her the love she needs, walk away but don’t give up on her just because you think that she needs ‘too much’ love. There can never be too much love!

This girl may suffer ‘too much’ if you walk out on her, so think long and hard before you do. If you do decide to leave her, she isn’t going to allow you back in.

DONE! This Is Why The Girl Who Is 'Too Much' Is The One

Someone else is going to take your place and love how ‘too much’ of everything this girl is.

If you can’t be that man, if she’s too much for you, let her go. Don’t think that you won’t regret it afterward, though, as you definitely will.

If she’s too much for you, there’s someone else she’ll be just enough for.

This Is Why The Girl Who Is 'Too Much' Is The One

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