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150+ Good Titles For Friends To Suit Any Occasion

150+ Good Titles For Friends To Suit Any Occasion

Are you looking for good titles for friends that describe your friends to the bone? Are you looking for cool captions about friends that you can easily use with every friend-gang picture you post? Then you’ve come to the right place!

A good title that shows how close your friend(s) are is a great way to deepen the connection that you share. It’s an expression of your bond that will give a deeper meaning to your already strong friendship.

But, no matter how close you are, it can still sometimes be hard to find the right words to describe how much your friends mean to you.

Especially because you know that your life would be completely different if you didn’t have them by your side.

You want to thank them for everything they’ve been doing for you and show them that you appreciate their efforts.

That’s why a good title for friends can be a great way to show your gratitude to those who stick by your side, through thick and thin. It lets your friends know that you cherish them and never want to lose them.

You’re thankful for all the moments they’ve spent giving you advice and listening to your problems. You’re thankful for every time they’ve given up their plans just to be with you when you needed them.

And showing them that can be as simple as choosing the perfect nickname for them or a heartfelt caption under your Instagram photo. And the fact that you know it’ll make their day makes it that much more special.

So, let’s see what you could use to show your friends how much they mean to you.

Good titles for friends to show them how much they mean to you

 150+ Good Titles For Friends To Suit Any Occasion

Sometimes, you want to show your friends how much you love them. You want to show them that you see everything they’re doing for you and that you can’t thank them enough.

But even though you feel so grateful for them, you just can’t manage to find the right words to show them your love.

Worry no more. We’ve got you covered!

1. Beary special friends

2. Best friends forever and ever

3. My bridge over the troubled water

4. The one I’m thankful for

5. My everlasting friend

6. My ray of sunshine in the world full of rain

7. A friend who hugs my heart

8. A friend who brightens my world

9. The best gift I ever got

10. Friends are a special hug from God.

11. The person who makes this life worth living

12. Life long friends

13. Friends are angels without wings.

14. My guardian angel

15. Friends are hugs for hearts.

16. My right hand in everything

17. Friends are flowers that never fade.

18. The one I would do anything for

19. Two friends who share one heart

20. My chocolate chip in the cookie of life

21. Seeds of friendship bring flowers of joy.

22. The one who warms my heart

23. Diamonds may be precious but your friendship is priceless.

24. Secrets, stories, and sometimes tears. We make it all work.

25. Great times are even better when shared with a best friend.

26. If friends were flowers, I’d pick you.

27. If all people looked the same, my heart would still find yours.

28. My biggest support

29. Best friends forever, no exceptions

30. Someone to watch over me

Sweet titles for friends to use on any occasion

150+ Good Titles For Friends To Suit Any Occasion

Sometimes, you need something sweet that easily shows your friends how much they mean to you.

Maybe it’s their birthday and you want to surprise them with a cool book about friendship you’ve made yourself. But you’re still missing a title that will be touching and cute at the same time.

Have a look at these great options.

1. Lucky to be your friend

2. I love chocolate. But I love you more.

3. My life would be a fail without you.

4. Life is like a lemonade. And friends are there to sweeten it.

5. You’re the Rachel to my Monica.

6. My non-biological sibling

7. You give me that special kind of bond.

8. Friend to friend, heart to heart

9. The one who gives me a hand to hold and a heart to understand

10. Always there for you, through good and bad

11. Real friends are worth more than diamonds.

12. The day we became friends, God smiled.

13. You’re my sugar and spice and everything nice.

14. Whenever you call me, be sure that I’ll pick up the phone.

15. You changed my life for the better.

16. You’re the cure to my blues.

17. Always there for you. Hand in hand, back to back.

18. With you, there’s no chance that I’ll fail.

19. I measure my journey in the amount of memories we’ve shared.

20. For the one who understands me, even when I speak without words

21. The greatest of all blessings

22. You help me never face my fears alone.

23. My happy pill

24. You’ll always have a friend in me.

25. The best things in life aren’t things – they’re friends who are always there for you.

26. Our friendship brings light into my life.

Good titles for friends to show them how much you appreciate them

150+ Good Titles For Friends To Suit Any Occasion

You see everything your friends have been doing for you. The emotions hit you and you want to thank them for all of their efforts.

It could be by writing them a letter, by uploading a photo to social media and letting everyone know about the bond you share, or even by creating a scrapbook with all of your memories.

But which words do you use to show how thankful you are for having them in your life?

The possible answers are right below!

1. The one who’s been there for me through thick and thin

2. Gold has nothing on you.

3. Rain or shine, you’ll always be a friend of mine.

4. Thick or thin, I’m not leaving you no matter what.

5. The one who makes my life sweeter

6. Always thankful for having you by my side.

7. Thankful for everything you are

8. Together is my favorite place to be.

9. Without you, this world would lose meaning.

10. Two bodies, but one soul

11. Friends are family we choose ourselves. And I choose you.

12. Forever grateful for the difference you’ve made in my life

13. Every time I count my blessings, I count you twice.

14. My friend, the reason for my happiness

15. One in a million

16. I would never trade you for anything.

17. The one who accepts me as I am

18. Thank you for never giving up on me.

19. If I were to choose all over again, I’d still pick you.

20. Thank you for always walking beside me.

21. A best friend accepts you for who you are but also helps you become who you should be.

22. Thank you for always freeing your time to talk to me.

Good titles for friends to show them you never want to lose them

 150+ Good Titles For Friends To Suit Any Occasion

Once you find friends for life, you don’t want to risk losing them. And sometimes, you simply want to let them know how you feel about their presence in your life.

These sentences can help you with that.

1. You can always count on me.

2. Day or night, rain or shine, I’m always there for you.

3. If it weren’t for you, my heart would never know what happiness feels like.

4. It’s a joy to know you.

5. A good friend is like a four-leaf clover – hard to find but lucky to have.

6. My partner in crime

7. The PB to my J

8. The sister I chose myself! And it’s obvious that you never bail on your family.

9. I would feel incomplete without you.

10. Always better together

11. It’s the friends we meet along the way that help us appreciate the journey.

12. Laughing with you is my best medicine.

13. A true friend is the greatest of all blessings.

14. Lucky to have someone like you in my life.

15. Friends make the world beautiful.

16. Friendship is never about those you’ve known the longest, but those who walked into your life, said “I’m always here for you,” and proved it.

17. Being with you is all the therapy I need.

18. You’ll always be the sister of my soul, the friend of my heart, the remedy to my worries.

19. A best friend fills your life with never-ending love.

20. My favorite human being

21. My best friends are like fairy tales – they’ve been there since once upon a time and will be there until forever after.

22. You’re not rich until you have something money can’t buy, and I have you, my best friend.

Titles to remind your friends of all of the memories you’ve shared

 150+ Good Titles For Friends To Suit Any Occasion

Chances are, you and your friends have made a lot of memories together. Sleepovers, chases after different guys, and troubles you went through are the things you’ll never forget – or want to.

You’re thinking of creating a memory book for your friend but you don’t know what to call it. Here are some cool ideas that you can use.

1. Little by little, day by day, friends and flowers grow that way.

2. Always better together

3. Match made in heaven

4. They say that a good friend knows all of your stories. Well, a best one helped you write them.

5. Friends are like flowers, they add color to your life. And you certainly made my life the brightest it could be.

6. You’re a frosting to my cupcake.

7. Good times might pass, but the memories will stay forever.

8. Checked off for the memories. Gotta say they’re totally worth it.

9. Best friends until the end of the world.

10. We went through a lot together and because of that, I could never let go of you. It would feel like letting go of my best memories.

11. Friends forever, in sunshine and in shade

12. Memories we’ve shared are forever

13. All of my lifetime moments were spent with you.

14. Throughout life, you’ll meet a lot of people. But only real friends will leave traces in your heart.

15. I’ll always be there for you, these six words I swear to you.

16. Our friendship was never an accident. It was a gift from God.

17. Good times are even better when they’re shared with you.

18. Our memories will always stay with me, even when I’m old and gray.

19. Our special moments now will become our memories.

Funny titles for your bestie

150+ Good Titles For Friends To Suit Any Occasion

Sometimes, you just need a witty title for a caption under a crazy besties picture that you know your friend will laugh out loud at.

Congrats, you’ve found exactly what you’re looking for!

1. Having a best friend is so much cheaper than paying a shrink.

2. We’re real friends, we don’t judge each other. Instead, we judge others.

3. A good friend will buy you food. A best friend will eat it for you.

4. I would never risk losing you. You know way too many secrets.

5. A good friend will help you get up when you fall. A best friend will laugh at you first.

6. I need you in my life forever! I can’t risk all those ugly selfies I sent you going public.

7. You’ll never feel lonely as long as I’m in your life. I’m always there to annoy you.

8. I know that you’re my best friend as you never let me do stupid things… alone!

9. You’re my best friend as neither of us know what socially acceptable behavior stands for.

10. Real friends never let each other go on diet. Period.

11. You were hard to find, but I guess you’re worth it. At least you buy me donuts regularly.

12. All a person need is someone of their own kind. That’s how I found you.

13. In the world full of regular people, I’ve found my dose of uniqueness with you.

14. Thank you for being my shoulder to cry on. And the one to help me make my ex jealous.

15. My full-time bestie and part-time shrink

16. You’re the sibling God forgot to give me.

17. You’re the spice to my life that makes everything nice.

Good titles for long-distance friends

150+ Good Titles For Friends To Suit Any Occasion

Long-distance friendship is hard in itself. Your best friend is miles apart but you’re still thankful for having them in your life.

Because of that, you want to remind them of all of the love you feel for them, but you don’t know what to say. Well, here’s what you could write them.

1. Side by side or miles apart, we’ll still be best friends connected by the heart.

2. Friends are connected heart to heart. Distance and time can’t break them apart.

3. True friendship isn’t about being inseparable. It’s about being separated and having nothing changed.

4. Even though we’re far apart, you’ll always be in my heart.

5. Distance doesn’t change the amount of love I feel for my best friend.

6. I don’t need to be right next to you to know that you’re my best friend.

7. Even though we’re far apart, our hearts still can talk.

8. The bond between us is unbreakable, even though we’re far apart.

9. Friendship ties that bind

10. When friends become family

11. Friendship keeps our hearts in touch

12. Real friends are like angels. You don’t have to see them but you know they’re by your side.

13. It means to me so much that we still keep in touch.

14. You’re like a ray of sunshine to me. You might be far away but I still feel your presence.

15. Phone calls are visits when friends are apart.

16. Miles can’t break real friends apart.

17. You may be on the other side of the globe, but the place you have in my heart will always stay yours.

18. They said that we’d forget about each other, but the bond between us only strengthened.

Remember: Friends are priceless!

150+ Good Titles For Friends To Suit Any Occasion

Once you surround yourself with real friends, don’t ever let yourself lose them. Keep them in your heart and cherish every moment you get to spend with them.

When life gets hard and you feel like you can’t take it anymore, your friends will be there for you. They will help you move through the dark times and give you a hand to cross all obstacles.

They don’t say it in vain that friends are the bridges over troubled waters. Real friends always help you overcome every problem you stumble upon.

True friends teach you to believe in yourself. They’re your biggest and loudest cheerleaders.

They show you different parts of yourself that you didn’t even know about. With their help, you learn to see yourself in your best light, for who you truly are.

They teach you about your good sides and help you grow as a person. As a result, you become the best version of yourself.

Sometimes, the bond that you create with your real friends can get stronger than the one you share with your family.

And how couldn’t it? Your friends know everything about you, from your strongest desires to the darkest secrets no one else knows about.

So, you should always take care of your friends because it’s as if you’re taking care of yourself.

Always show them how much you love them and how much you need them in your life. Show them that you recognize all the effort they’re putting into your friendship.

Write them a paragraph or two and express your love for them, make them an album with all of the memories you’ve shared, and never stop telling them how much you love them.

To have a good friend, you need to be a good friend

150+ Good Titles For Friends To Suit Any Occasion

If you want to have great friends around you, you have to be a great friend yourself. You have to be a person others can confide in – someone others can trust because they know that you won’t hurt them.

Once you learn how to do that, you’ll show your friends that you’re there for them as well. You’ll show them that you’ll be their shoulder to cry on the same way they are yours.

And once you see how much happiness you bring into lives of others, you’ll feel proud of yourself.

But while the world is filled with good people whose intentions are pure, there’s also a lot of those whose only wish is to hurt you.

They will try to portray themselves as your real friends while the reality will be far different. They will bring poison into your life, manipulate you to get whatever they want, and then toss you to the side like you mean nothing to them.

So, be careful. Surround yourself with those who always keep showing you that they are trustworthy and don’t want to hurt you, no matter what.

Your friends have a huge impact on both your life and your personality. They shape you and have the power to change you. Looking back in time, you won’t be able to recognize the older version of yourself.

Now, it’s up to you to choose wisely.

Do you want them to shape you into the best person you could be or do you want them to negatively affect you? Because friends can do both, so it’s up to you to make the right choice.

150+ Good Titles For Friends To Suit Any Occasion

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