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This Is What Dating An Insecure Girl Feels Like

This Is What Dating An Insecure Girl Feels Like

We’re all insecure about certain parts of both our body and soul. There’s always something we want to change about ourselves.

Even when someone falls for us and tells us that they love every part we’re made of, we still show signs of self-doubt. But once you’re dating an insecure girl, you then realize how serious insecurity can get.

Instead of loving herself the way she is, an insecure girl will focus all of her attention on the parts of her that don’t make her happy. There will always be something she’s dying to change.

Even if you shower her with love on a daily basis and try to remind her how much she means to you, she’ll never see herself as enough. She’ll compare herself to every girl who walks by and she’ll expect you to leave her at some point.

“I’ll never be like her,”, or, “Why did you choose to be with me when there are many prettier girls out there?” will be some of the sayings that will always keep coming out of her mouth.

She’ll never understand that you only love her and that everything about her is perfect. If only she could see herself through your eyes, maybe then she would be able to realize why you have no intention of walking away from her.

Every day, she’ll need to hear reassurance from you, a sign that shows her you’re not about to break up with her.
DONE! This Is What Dating An Insecure Girl Feels Like

She’ll constantly ask you for reasons why you chose her. She’ll keep looking for explanations as to why you’re still in her life as she doesn’t believe that she deserves you.

It’ll be hard to explain to her that you don’t want anyone else except for her. None of the other girls can compare to her as your heart chose her.

She’ll also act clingy from time to time, as she doesn’t know how to give you enough space. She believes that the moment you’re away from her, you’ll cheat on her.

She’s sure that the only way she can have you forever is if she’s there for you every second of the day. Anytime she’s not next to you is when she thinks she’ll end up without you.

At least, that’s how she sees things…

You’ll realize that dating an insecure girl isn’t the easiest thing in the world and by now, you may even feel like giving up. But if you stick with her for just a bit longer, you’ll also realize some of the following.

Dating an insecure girl feels like dating the most loyal person in the world. Once she falls for you, you’ll become her only priority.
DONE! This Is What Dating An Insecure Girl Feels Like

She won’t ever play with your feelings because she knows how bad it hurts when someone breaks your heart. She’s been through a lot and she doesn’t want you to go through the same.

With her, you’ll never feel like you have to fight for her attention. You’ll have her close to you every day of the week as she wants you to know what closeness feels like.

She’ll need you but at the same time, she’ll be there for you. She’ll be your safe harbor and will never make you feel like you have no one to rely on.

Dating an insecure girl may seem hard from time to time but every time she looks into your eyes and tells you that she loves you, you’ll realize how honest she is. She’ll be fully invested in your relationship and will never even consider cheating on you or playing mind games with you.

The only thing she’ll expect from you will be your loyalty. Once you give her that, she’ll know how to reciprocate, and the more you care about her, the more she’ll give you back in return.

Her mind is a mess as she constantly blames herself for the things she can’t control. She only sees a flawed version of herself.

DONE! This Is What Dating An Insecure Girl Feels Like

Even so, she’ll see you in the best light possible. You’ll be her idol, the only person she wants to be more like.

She’ll turn all of your imperfections into your best traits but she’ll never know how to do that for herself. While she’ll put herself down, she’ll also put you on a pedestal and worship every single detail about you.

Dating an insecure girl can be difficult, I’m not saying otherwise, but it will nevertheless be beautiful, as for the first time in your life, you’ll feel how much someone can love you.

Her feelings will always be honest and she won’t ever consider hurting you. She’ll be all in as she doesn’t know how to be anything else.

She’s loyal to a fault and will always be there for you. Call her in the middle of the night and she’ll find a way to help you; that’s how invested she’ll be.

I know that dating an insecure girl may seem hard from time to time but it’s all worth it once you realize how much she cares about you. Every word she says will be true and will come straight from her heart.

DONE! This Is What Dating An Insecure Girl Feels Like

She’ll do whatever it takes to not lose you and she’ll put all of her love into your relationship. Her heart will only belong to you, as your name will be all over it.

So, if you ever try to hurt her or play with her feelings, just imagine how much damage you’re going to inflict on her. You’ll crush her world into pieces if she senses that your emotions are fake and you’re only using her to boost your ego.

And if that happens, you’ll instantly lose the best girl who ever loved you. Someone who had no intention of ever walking away.

This Is What Dating An Insecure Girl Feels Like

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