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To Every Girl Who’s Ever Thought ‘She’s Prettier Than Me’

To Every Girl Who’s Ever Thought ‘She’s Prettier Than Me’

Somebody once said that all the women who know they are pretty are ugly, and all women who believe they are ugly are not pretty, and there is truth in that. Women check out other women more often than men do, but for a different reason – we check out, “is she prettier than me?”. A prettier girl is like a constant reminder of how not good enough we are, and you must admit – we do think we’re ugly and stress about it.

The truth is, deep down inside, we still remember how we felt around the prettiest girl in school and how we dreamt we were the prettiest girl in the whole world. I say “we” because you are not alone, and in fact, most of us girls feel that way. Feeling good about yourself is something that can easily be shaken if it’s not grounded. We see a prettier girl everywhere, she is on the TV, on the cover of a magazine, on a bus add, in school, in a cartoon, as a toy… That is bound to make us self-conscious and question our own beauty.

My ex left me for a prettier girl. I could see it in his eyes the day that they met – she is so beautiful, he thought to himself. This made me question everything I am and was a huge strike on my confidence. I thought about how to make myself prettier but just didn’t have the strength or hope that life could be great again.

It made me question who’s prettier in the first place. Guess what! As I was typing this my husband looked at me with love in his eyes and a smile on his face. She is so beautiful, he thought to himself. I know that because it doesn’t matter is there a prettier girl than you, as long as you are the prettiest girl to someone who loves you and be assured you are.

You have to understand that there are different kinds of beauty. There is a universal beauty that is pretty to everyone – this is the beauty of models, actresses, TV personalities… That beauty is often artificial since there is a lot of Photoshop involved, and you have to understand that their makeup and everything else is done by professionals.

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Unfortunately for us average-looking people, sometimes we will encounter some of these beautiful people who have regular jobs and regular lives. And that can be intimidating. Especially if that regular life is being the prettiest girl in school.

A lot of girls believe that a prettier girl has it better than them. They believe beauty is some kind of guarantee for success in life. We learned that from movies where she is so beautiful that she finds prince charming, and they live happily ever after.

But most people don’t react just to the beauty they see, but to the feeling they get when they are around charming people. People don’t want a statue next to them, no matter how pretty, but a live person who is warm, dynamic, spontaneous, and knows how to entertain and love.

Maryl Streep posted a picture from her way home from an audition for King Kong, where she was told she was too “ugly” for the part. This could have either ruin her hopes of becoming an actress or make her shake it off and believe in herself. She told them, “I’m sorry you think I’m too ugly for your film, but you’re just one opinion in a sea of thousands, and I’m off to find a kinder tide”. Today she is the greatest actress alive.

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Psychologists agree and say that beauty is actually a subjective experience, but since most people are the same, there are characteristic features everyone finds attractive, and that dictates the beauty standard of a certain period of time.

Also, what makes a woman beautiful is her behavior, manners, attitude, and movements, as well as care and hygiene. If you have been wondering how to be prettier, consider that a beautiful inside is a precondition to having a beautiful outside. Work on yourself and build your personality with a healthy curiosity, thirst for knowledge, and always be ready for new things.

There is a saying, “if the words you spoke appeared on your skin, would you still beautiful?”. A part of the beauty is communicating with beautiful words, and leaving a good first impression. Feminine movements are always emphasizing the beauty of a woman. You also might have noticed that all those beautiful people look like they really care a lot about hygiene and care about their hair, face, teeth, nails, and the whole body.

All in all, feeling good about yourself and caring for your body can make you prettier in no time. In the meantime, consider who’s prettier – a girl that has the perfect face and body shape, or a girl who is happy with who she is and glows from the inside.

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The answer is – universal beauty can seem cold and empty, that kind of girls often seem like beautiful statues you do want to look at, but don’t really want to have in your life. While, girls who have a characteristic beauty and are unique have that special something that glows from the inside, and you want to know more about them. Men fall in love with women’s flaws. Sure, every one of them enjoys turning around to check out that supermodel looking girl that walks past them, but that’s really all they need from her.

When they are looking for someone they could love and share a life with, they are looking for an average looking girl that has that characteristic flaw on her face that separates her face from all the others. Trust me, your special someone won’t care that you don’t have full lips or big eyes like a doll.

He will fall in love with that mole on your face you hate because that is what makes you you. And if you glow with confidence and feel you are good enough, no matter if there are better girls than you out there, that will be noticed, and after all, we are not being printed out in a factory like dolls so we would all have those beautiful features of models. What is different about you is what is unique about you, and it makes you attractive.

To every girl who’s ever thought “She’s prettier than me”, learn how to make yourself prettier and check out some practical advice you can use:

Drink more water and care for your body

To Every Girl Who's Ever Thought 'She's Prettier Than Me'

This seems to be the recipe for everything, but it is actually true that your skin can look tired if you are not drinking enough water. Switch coffee and sodas you drink for a healthy herbal tea. This is one small step to carrying more about your body and details that make it beautiful.

It is important what you put in your body and how you care about your hair, nails, teeth, and the whole body. Those pretty girls don’t just wake up and roll out of bad looking beautiful. They nurture themselves and invest a lot of money to make their hair like silk, their nails French manicured, and their teeth glowing white. Of course, you don’t have to go to extremes.

Regular visits to the hairdresser, dentist, and nail salon should do the trick, and you will notice the difference. The thing is, people notice details and “devil’s in the details,” they say. When someone looks at you, they notice the whole picture only and are maybe not aware of the details, but those details are what makes the picture glow as it does.

That is why something like drinking more water is a great example of how a piece of simple and easy advice we should all take can make a big difference when you start paying attention and noticing all the other little things you can do to make the big picture beautiful.

Watch makeup tutorials and go to beauty salons

To Every Girl Who's Ever Thought 'She's Prettier Than Me'

make up

There is like a billion makeup tutorials available online, and basically, every other girl has a Youtube channel where she posts videos on how to do your make up. Of course, there is a lot of extremely talented professionals from which to learn as well. But the point is, makeup does miracles.

If done right, makeup can have that Cinderella effect, which turns a cleaning lady into a princess. If your self-confidence is shaken and you are intimidated by a prettier girl, why not treat yourself to a beauty salon and get your make up done by a professional.

Why not get your hair and nails done as well? You will instantly feel better. But you are going to go broke if you try to have this kind of treatment all the time.

So why not learn it yourself? When you see how you look with the right makeup, it will inspire you to learn how to make that effect on your own, and as I said before, there is a lot of material online from which to learn.

Sleep more and be active when you wake up

To Every Girl Who's Ever Thought 'She's Prettier Than Me'

None of those pretty girls would look as pretty if they would stay up all night and wake up early in the morning. If you are tired, you will look tired. It’s not called beauty sleep for nothing.

Going to bed is a special routine before which you should be relaxed and stress-free. Go to bed about an hour from the time you should fall asleep, close your eyes, and empty your head. Rest and sleep tight.

It would be great if your schedule allows you to have time to work out in the morning. Maybe go for a walk after you wake up, or do a little yoga. If it replaces your morning coffee routine, that will have a significant effect on your overall appearance.

Fix your posture and keep your head high

To Every Girl Who's Ever Thought 'She's Prettier Than Me'

You can easily recognize depressed people simply by the way they stand or walk because they are usually hunched over and looking down. They often drag their feet on the ground, and you get the impression as if they are hanging from something with no energy to carry themselves.

Do you recognize yourself in this example? Then it is time to shake it off and walk proud. There is absolutely no reason for you to feel shy or less worth than anyone in the world. Your confidence should be visible by your posture.

Keep your back straight and your head high, never look at the ground but straight in front of yourself. Be proud of yourself for being who you are and not being afraid to show it.

If you have done your hair and makeup, why not use this fact to show your beauty to the world? Keep this in mind while walking from the beauty salon, and you will notice how you are walking differently. And trust me, other people will notice it too.

Keep lipstick and mascara always in your purse

To Every Girl Whos Ever Thought Shes Prettier Than Me 5

As I said, makeup can be an excellent tool for busting your self-confidence. But we don’t always have time for complicated makeup and expensive makeup professionals. This is why it is always a good idea to carry your favorite shade of lipstick and the best mascara in your purse at all times.

Every time you make your eyelashes pop and put color on your lips, you will instantly feel prettier, and just the fact you tried to fix yourself will give you some comfort in your moment of weakness. There is a movie about a woman who beat cancer and used red lipstick to be brave.

She would always carry it with herself and put it on when she is supposed to be brave. She even wore it on her surgery, and it was what made her handle it well. Red lipstick is a symbol of a strong, beautiful, and confident woman. Use that fact. Once you put on that red color on your lips, you are a fighter and a woman who can do anything.

Clothes might not be what makes a man, but it is what makes a beautiful woman

To Every Girl Who's Ever Thought 'She's Prettier Than Me'

Have you ever noticed a chubby girl that wears tight jeans or a flat-chested girl with a big cleavage? It happens to everyone; we see something in a store on a doll, and like it, so we buy it without considering is it the right choice for our type of body. Or we simply wear what we have without paying attention or dressing up. Wrong.

Clothes is a powerful tool, don’t underestimate it. And be assured there are the right clothes for every body type that will make it’s beauty pop and flaws hidden. The first thing you need to do is clean your closet. Invite your girlfriends over for a helping hand and make sure they are the ones that are always best dressed.

Use the advice from Sex and the city and write on pieces of paper “keep” and “toss”, add a paper with the “xD” smiley face for clothes that are just weird, and it is a mystery how they ended up in your clothes because no one should wear them. I don’t know about you, but my closet was full of weird things like that. Then it’s time for the fun part of cleaning out the closet.

You are going to try out different clothes, and your girlfriends are gonna hold out the paper as comments on your clothes. Listen to their advice, if most of them say “toss”, get rid of those clothes. We are all experts when it comes to judging others, but we often don’t see ourselves and are not aware of what is obvious to the others.

Hey, but this task has a very happy ending – shopping! Take the girlfriend that has the most knowledge of fashion and the best taste in clothes with you on a shopping trip after you got rid of the boring old clothes. Which brings us to the next great part of getting prettier:

Spend money on yourself

To Every Girl Who's Ever Thought 'She's Prettier Than Me'

Yes, that girl might really be prettier than you, but guess what, it costs her, and I do mean literary. Beauty costs and the price is not low. Why are designer things so expensive but popular? It is because people notice them. Even if they are not familiar with the brand, they can notice it’s a designer piece, because it has that special something that makes the piece noticeable.

I always liked handbags but was always too cheap to actually spend serious money on them until recently. Then my husband (and how great is that!) convinced me to buy myself an expensive designer bag. I felt like a million dollars (which is how much it seemed the bag costs), and I feel amazing every time I carry it. Trust me, people notice. Even if they don’t notice the bag itself, they notice the way it makes me feel.

A constant reminder of how much something is worth is somehow a constant reminder of how much you are worth as well. I guess that’s the secret behind designer things. This will also make you care more about fashion and follow the trends, but more importantly, it will help you feel more like a woman.

When you put on your Ray Ban sunglasses and open up your Guess bag with French manicured nails to get your Max Factor red lipstick from it, it will do wonders for your self-confidence. This will especially be effective if you have bought all this from your own money you earned from your successful carrier. In that case, you will never again feel you are not good enough.

You have to understand that exercise is a must

To Every Girl Who's Ever Thought 'She's Prettier Than Me'

That prettier girl didn’t get that body from sitting on the couch and eating snacks while watching soap operas. Ask her if you don’t trust me, I guarantee that she goes to the gym, or does yoga, or is in any other way physically active. But if you are anything like me, you would rather make peace with how you look than hit the gym, and yoga just isn’t effective enough.

Let me tell you about what worked for me. There is a wonderful thing called Zumba, and it is a fitness program that makes you sweat your worries out by dancing!

Flirting does wonders to your self-confidence

To Every Girl Who's Ever Thought 'She's Prettier Than Me'

Now that you have made yourself look and feel prettier, it’s time to put it in action and prove to yourself that you can have any guy you want! Put aside searching for a boyfriend, and enjoy the fun of casual harmless flirting.

Wink to a waiter, smile to the cashier, say something ambiguous to the guy that sells you newspapers. You might make someone’s day better, and you definitely will make your regular days amazing!

Smile more often

To Every Girl Who's Ever Thought 'She's Prettier Than Me'

Everyone is prettier when they smile. A frowning face is not pretty on anyone. A smile can make you glow, and the positivity it spreads around won’t be left unnoticed! Smiling is the best answer on how to be prettier.

Feel successful

To Every Girl Who's Ever Thought 'She's Prettier Than Me'

Having accomplished something in your life, having a powerful career, or being a wonder woman in the kitchen can do wonders for your beauty. Feeling good can make you the prettiest girl in the whole world. Successful people don’t have the need to compare themselves to others, in fact, others compare themselves to them.

Use this advice to never again have the need to compare yourself to others or feel threatened by the allegedly prettier girl… In the end, who knows, maybe she actually thinks you are the prettier one or envies you for some other quality! Good luck and keep your head high!

To Every Girl Who's Ever Thought 'She's Prettier Than Me'

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