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6 Ways To Make A Man Worship You In A Relationship

6 Ways To Make A Man Worship You In A Relationship

When you start a new relationship, you don’t even think about how to make him worship you. You just want him to love and appreciate you.

But what if I told you that it’s completely possible to get both?

I’ve seen the way my friends were always treated by their boyfriends. Those men treated them as if they were queens that they loved and adored. Of course, that type of behavior goes both ways.

However, we tend to give a bit too much and expect the bare minimum in return. I was definitely one of those women who would settle simply because I was afraid to ask for more.

You don’t want to lose this man. But when you’re trying to see him more, when you demand his attention and continuously ask what’s wrong, he won’t want to be around you anymore. He’ll think you’re too clingy for his taste and that’s when you’ll lose your chance.

Now I know that I don’t even have to ask anymore, I just have to listen to all the advice my friends gave me. So now I’m going to share those secrets and help you out.

It doesn’t matter if you’re currently in a relationship, if you’ve just freshly started one, or if you’re just casually seeing a guy and waiting to make things official. There are ways to make a man worship you – and here’s how.

1. Take care of yourself

DONE! 6 Ways To Make A Man Worship You In A Relationship

At one point, was taking care of yourself a way to get his attention? Well, let me tell you that it’s truly that easy. This is the first step.

As women, we tend to be too invested in the pursuit of a relationship. Men do it much more casually.

You can imagine the way he sees you when you take care of him and not yourself. He sees you as if you’re there to please every need he might have, which is an awful thing in the long run as you won’t get anything in return.

That’s why you need to take care of yourself first!

What do you need to do to feel like you’re cared for? Do you need to go see your friends? Make yourself an amazing meal? Hit the gym?

Do you need to have a creative outlet? Or do you simply love to make yourself a bubble bath more than once a week to just forget about the world?

Whatever it is, you need to take care of yourself. When he sees you looking after yourself, he’ll also start realizing just how important these things are for you.

And at some point, he’ll realize that you need him to accompany you or help you out.

We’ve always been taught that loving yourself is the first step to having a loving relationship. I completely agree with that statement! You should always love yourself above loving anyone else.

I know that it sounds hard to do, but with a little practice, you’ll get there.

2. Be your own biggest priority

DONE! 6 Ways To Make A Man Worship You In A Relationship

At the end of the day, making yourself a priority is crucial when you want to make a man worship you.

You can do this by telling him that you can’t do something because you’re tired.

For example, when you’re dating a guy and he always wants to see you on his terms only, you end up acting like a lost puppy. That’s definitely not what you want.

What you do want is to show him that you are your own priority. Not him.

You will have to tell him that you can’t go out because you have something else planned. Or if you’re already in a relationship and he asks for something, just tell him no because you need that time for yourself.

After a while, he’ll learn just how important this is for you and he’ll stop expecting things you don’t want to do.

Create your own life. Invest in your career, go out with your friends, spend time alone. A woman who makes herself the top priority is a woman of high value who’s worth worshipping.

3. Set your standards high

DONE! 6 Ways To Make A Man Worship You In A Relationship

Don’t just settle because it’s convenient. We as women truly have to learn how to walk away from a guy when he doesn’t meet our standards.

Too often we believe that we can settle for less and that through the relationship we’ll teach a guy how to treat us right. That’s not how things work. If he doesn’t meet your standards now, he probably never will.

It sounds harsh when you put it like that, but it’s the truth. You need to be ready to walk away from him the very moment he starts acting as if your own standards aren’t worth the effort.

At one point, you may even have to set an ultimatum. He either meets your standards or you’re out. That’s when he’ll realize that you’re not joking around and he’ll want to work harder.

You’re a catch! Where else is he going to find an amazing woman like yourself?

4. Show him how loving and caring you can be

DONE! 6 Ways To Make A Man Worship You In A Relationship

If you want a man to worship you, you need to show him your loving and caring side as well. You will need to show him that you can be not only strong and independent, but sweet and charming too.

Men are searching for a woman who will be able to take care of them.

You see, when you combine that caring nature of yours with your independence, you’ll get an amazing mix.

You won’t spoil him to the point where he believes that he can take advantage of you, but you’ll also show him that you can take care of him when needed.

It’s the best of both worlds! He will want that nurturing nature of yours, but he’ll understand that he has to work hard to get that from you.

5. Be curious about the things he enjoys

DONE! 6 Ways To Make A Man Worship You In A Relationship

I know men sometimes have weird hobbies and they like movies that you’d never watch even if someone paid you to. But you’ll need to show just a little more interest in the things he enjoys.

The next time he’s watching a movie, join him! When he’s playing his video games, ask him questions about it!

He’ll enjoy showing you and teaching you the things he likes to spend his free time on. Because of the fact that he can’t talk to any other girl about it, you’ll be extremely special to him.

When you’re genuinely interested and curious about these things, he’ll see that he can talk to you about anything and everything. And that’s when he’ll start to worship you.

6. Never let him cross your boundaries

DONE! 6 Ways To Make A Man Worship You In A Relationship

Being a woman of high value who’s worth worshiping means to set boundaries and never let them be overstepped.

A man will try to cross your boundaries and then pretend as if nothing ever happened. It may even reach the stage where he’ll act as if you’re the crazy one for having them in the first place. Well, this is the end of it.

Your boundaries are there to protect you. If you don’t set boundaries from the beginning of the relationship and stick to them, sooner or later, a guy will take advantage of you.

But when he sees that you respect your own boundaries, he will have no other choice but to respect them as well.

We tend to cross our own boundaries because we seek some sort of affirmation in the relationship, but that’s not what you should be doing at all!

Why seek validation like that when you’re the prize he has to obtain? Make him work for your love and affection because it is possible without ever once crossing your own boundaries.

6 Ways To Make A Man Worship You In A Relationship

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