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13 Otherworldly Signs Of Telepathy Between Lovers

13 Otherworldly Signs Of Telepathy Between Lovers

Telepathy between lovers is a topic that many individuals have been bringing up for a while now. People have been seeing changes in their own surroundings once they’re with someone special and then they’re starting to put two and two together. 

It’s been said that soulmates or twin flames can communicate with each other without actually saying a word but is that true? Is that really something that happens to people or are we all just being delusional? 

The ability to know each other’s thoughts without actually saying them aloud is a romantic notion that we all want to achieve. The loving bond between two people can be so strong to the point where they can share one simple look and they know what the other is thinking. 

Telepathic communication has been mentioned time and time again over the centuries and we finally have a specific list of signs that actually show you whether you and your partner can communicate like this. 

These signs aren’t something that can be ignored. They’re everywhere around you; you just have to pay attention to see that your true love is the connection that has brought you to this point. 

You and your lover can probably communicate telepathically at this stage in your relationship and sometimes, it doesn’t even take more than one look to do so. So, let’s figure this out together. 

Signs of telepathy between lovers

DONE! 13 Otherworldly Signs Of Telepathy Between Lovers

Before we start this list, it’s important to know that most of the time, you won’t be able to get particular words across to your partner. 

It’s not like you can send a message that instantly lets your partner know what you’re thinking. You can’t send them full-blown paragraphs through your mental connection. 

It’s more about understanding and altering each other’s moods and emotions. It’s usually about creating a connection where you’re able to sense each other’s emotions. 

This is important to understand so you don’t think that just because you’re not able to read his mind, there’s no telepathic connection between you two. 

There are other signs that show there’s telepathy between lovers and here’s what you need to look out for. 

1. Emotions are easily understood

DONE! 13 Otherworldly Signs Of Telepathy Between Lovers

Have you ever met someone and it scared you how accurately you could sense their emotions?

I know that there are many empaths in this world who are able to observe emotions to the point where they can easily spot them. Are you one of those or do you simply have a very good connection with your significant other? 

​Telepathy between lovers is usually shown in this sense. You’re able to understand each other’s emotions and feelings without having to say a word. 

You can just look at your partner and you know that they’re happy. You look at them and you know that they’re uncomfortable, sad, mad, or anything in-between. 

Even before you say anything to them, you know the emotional reaction they’ll have to those words. 

There are times when all you have to do is look at your partner and they just know you love them. They can feel it as if you just hugged them or told them. 

For so many people, this is something they dream about. For you and your partner, it’s just your reality. 

2. When you’re not together, you can sense when something’s wrong

DONE! 13 Otherworldly Signs Of Telepathy Between Lovers

It’s said that twin flames know what the other one’s feeling even if they’ve never met. That soul connection and their bond are so strong that they don’t even have to see each other to know things. 

You and your partner can be in two completely different locations in the world and still be able to sense when something’s wrong. 

A sense of dread washes over you, you’re sad for no reason, or you woke up that day feeling like you could conquer the world but now all of your energy has just disappeared. 

When this happens, you try to rationalize your emotions. You try really hard to come up with a reason, any reason, for why you’re feeling this way.

That’s when you’ll remember your partner. Something must have happened and you don’t know how you know this but you just do. 

You’ll text him and he’ll tell you what transpired. You’ll be surprised to find out that something bad really did happen and that he feels awful. 

However, this also goes for positive emotions. You can simply sense that your partner’s happy wherever they are and you yourself feel energized. 

3. You’re able to perceive their mental state with ease

DONE! 13 Otherworldly Signs Of Telepathy Between Lovers

Sometimes, we don’t tell our partner about our mental state because we don’t want to worry them.

When you love someone so much, you don’t want to trouble them with your issues and it’s unpleasant to see them sad because of you. 

You’ve sometimes tried to keep things a secret but your partner instantly knew. They knew when you were anxious or depressed or if you were disassociating from a certain situation as a means to cope with stress. 

A person’s mental state can be very fragile. It can change depending on the situation or scenario and because of that, we’re usually unable to really see someone else’s frame of mind. 

However, telepathy between lovers can be so strong that even when you’re trying to mask your mental issues, they can still see them clearly. It’s like they’re inside your head.

This can manifest in a way where you feel anxious yourself or you can even fall into a depressive episode if your bond is that strong. 

Twin souls experience this the most. You may think that you’re just able to sense vibes but deep down, you know that it’s so much more than that. 

4. Your emotions influence them

DONE! 13 Otherworldly Signs Of Telepathy Between Lovers

This is when you know that telepathic communication between lovers isn’t just a myth. You see it firsthand when you feel awful one day and you look at your partner and it’s like you’re looking in a mirror. 

Has it ever happened to you where you felt bad about something that happened at work or with your friends and you got home to your significant other just to see them in the same mental state as you are? 

You thought that you were just imagining things but it was so obvious. 

When you asked your partner what was wrong, he explained to you that he just felt a huge drop in energy and that his state of mind turned bad all by itself. 

That was the moment when you told him your own story. You said what happened and that’s when you were both made aware of your connection.

It might have been scary at first but look at how absolutely beautiful it also is. 

This can make you quite conscious of your emotions because you don’t want to transmit negative ones through your bond. However, that doesn’t mean that you have to negate your feelings. 

Your emotions are valid. The fact that your partner can sense them more easily is simply a clear sign of your telepathic abilities. 

Telepathy between lovers is something so sacred that you should never want to hide it. Even when those negative emotions sneak up on you, who’s going to be there for you other than your partner? 

5. You have vivid dreams

DONE! 13 Otherworldly Signs Of Telepathy Between Lovers

Our dreams are a mystery that no one can easily explain. They’re a big part of your subconscious mind and many people think you can receive messages through them. 

We use the term clairvoyance when you’re able to receive messages in a visual form. 

You can take some very simple steps if you want to know whether you receive messages this way or if you really want to know whether you have any psychic abilities.

One thing you can do is keep a dream journal, where you write down all the things that you dream about, and then analyze them. 

If you have vivid and recurring dreams, they can be a way for you to receive messages from your partner. More times than not, you can see their mental state and you can even dream the same dreams.

Some people report dreaming of something bad regarding their partner’s physical health.

They were so clear that the couple would go to the doctor and actually find out that they were predictions, and many dreams have actually prevented bad things from happening in this way. 

So listen to your dreams and try to keep a dream journal. You know how fast we forget what we see in our sleep, so don’t let them slip your mind, as they’re a big sign of telepathy between lovers. 

6. You accept each other unconditionally

DONE! 13 Otherworldly Signs Of Telepathy Between Lovers

No one is perfect and we need to understand that many people grow throughout their relationship. A person can evolve into someone you can spend the rest of your life with but you may have to help them out. 

Accepting a person can be a tough thing to do and that acceptance stage can take ages. So many people spend years with someone until they realize that they never accepted each other for their actual authentic selves. 

So if you and your partner accept each other unconditionally, it can easily be a sign of your bond. You know why they do the things they do, you understand their feelings and emotions, and you’re in love with all of it. 

Everything that may be considered bad to someone else, you love about them. You don’t mind the fact that they’re chatty, overly emotional, or clingy. 

You love each other exactly the way you are and you don’t try to change each other. Even though you’re not the perfect couple by any means, you still get each other. 

This can be a powerful sign of telepathy between lovers because you unconditionally accept what the other has to offer. This doesn’t happen between people who don’t have this sort of connection. 

7. You have the ability to know each other’s thoughts

DONE! 13 Otherworldly Signs Of Telepathy Between Lovers

The best example of this is when you meet someone new and you instantly know that your partner doesn’t particularly like them. You can simply sense when something’s on their mind.

They’ll try to mask it, they’ll smile and move on with their day as if nothing ever happened. However, the very moment you bring this up, your suspicions are confirmed. 

If you have a true twin flame connection, you’ll even be able to know exactly what the other person is thinking. The bond is so strong that you can hear them say everything you just thought about. 

You get those messages due to your bond and you’re not even able to explain it to yourself at this point. Even if you’re still skeptical, I believe that this shows you that telepathy between lovers is real.

8. You see through each other’s lies

DONE! 13 Otherworldly Signs Of Telepathy Between Lovers

I’m not saying that you lie to each other to hurt each other; if anything it’s the opposite. 

You know when you ask your partner what’s wrong and he tells you that everything’s all right? Or when you can simply sense that something doesn’t sit right with him even though he’s laughing and having a blast with you? 

He’s not really trying to lie to you to hurt you but he would rather not make a scene at that time or he doesn’t have the energy to talk to you about it there and then. 

This is one of the more subtle signs of telepathic communication because most empaths are able to decipher when someone around them is lying about their emotions.

However, it’s also very clear that you and your partner have taken this to a whole new level. 

An example is where you ask him by text if his mom is okay and he says that everything is fine but you know that there’s something fishy about it.

It just doesn’t seem right even though your partner seems just like his usual self and then it turns out that you’re correct – she’s not well. 

That’s exactly why I’m saying that the twin flame union is special. You two have a spiritual connection and your psychic powers come up to the surface when you communicate.

You don’t even have to see his face to know that he’s lying to you about something. Because of that, you avoid lying to him because you know that he’d know right away. 

9. Silence is very comfortable 

DONE! 13 Otherworldly Signs Of Telepathy Between Lovers

You don’t have to have some extreme spiritual awakening to know that being able to enjoy the silence with someone is special. Telepathy between lovers gives you the absolute best times even when you don’t speak a word. 

For me personally, it was always a mystery how my parents could sit next to each other for hours and not say anything but I would still catch them exchanging glances as if they had an internal conversation only they could hear. 

I was so confused because I always needed words to communicate with every single person I ever met but there they were, enjoying the silence as if they’d just had the best conversation ever. 

That’s how I know that my parents are real soulmates. The telepathic messages they exchange give them the possibility to enjoy every single moment they’re together.

The telepathic connection between lovers makes their silent moments just as beautiful. You two can probably walk around town holding hands for hours, with just a few exchanged words. 

This is one of those clear signs that you and your loved one are two human beings who were meant to find each other. 

10. You trust each other wholeheartedly 

DONE! 13 Otherworldly Signs Of Telepathy Between Lovers

Besides the fact that you two aren’t able to lie to each other at all, you simply know that you can trust each other. 

I hear about people who have trust issues and I don’t think that they’d feel like that if they were truly in a relationship with their soulmate. 

I don’t believe that any of us can deny that there are people with whom we can trust our heart. We can trust them with everything we are – our deepest, darkest secrets and desires. 

You don’t have to ask them for their social media account passwords, you don’t have to go through their phone. You just know that they’re faithful. 

It’s a weird sensation that no one truly understands until the time they experience it. You know that your partner won’t cheat on you, wherever in the world they may be. 

Telepathy between lovers also includes knowing when someone would be attractive to your partner but you don’t feel any insecurity or jealousy because of it.

You don’t make a fuss about it because you know that your partner would never betray your trust like that. 

It also means that you know you can tell them everything about you and that you won’t be judged for it. You can trust them with tasks, you can trust their promises, and you can trust that this will last forever. 

11. You have the same thoughts at the same time

DONE! 13 Otherworldly Signs Of Telepathy Between Lovers

Have you ever said the exact same thing at the exact same time as them?

People around you think that you’re so cheesy for doing so but it’s not like you do it on purpose. You don’t do it to show how superior you are to everyone; it just happens naturally. 

Some spiritual people would say that it’s because you’ve opened your third eye to each other. Your pineal gland is aligned with theirs to the point where you simply have the same thoughts. 

You don’t have to do that spiritual growth consciously. After a while, you can simply sense what the other person is thinking and it leads to you both having the same thoughts at the same time. 

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where your partner said something that you were just thinking? Like you were talking to your friends, they were telling a story, and your partner replied with your thoughts? 

By now, you may be thinking that it’s creepy and scary but it’s nothing more than a sign that telepathy between lovers is real. 

Sometimes, you can even tell them to reply instead of you because you’re so sure that they’ll say the exact thing you’re thinking at that time. 

At other times, you’ll exchange a glance or two to make sure that you’re on the same page. You can still communicate those thoughts through your eyes but the fact is that you share the same views and can express them for each other. 

12. You just know things about each other’s past

DONE! 13 Otherworldly Signs Of Telepathy Between Lovers

This may be the most frightening thing you can ever experience with your soulmate. Your telepathic love means you have permission to know things about each other’s past without having to talk about it. 

I’ve seen it firsthand. 

When I’m around a couple who are obviously meant to be and one of them tells a story about the other while the other says that they’ve never talked about it, they get genuinely confused because they’ve never had that conversation.

However, the other automatically knew what happened. 

It’s said that twin souls have gone through centuries loving each other. Through every reincarnation, they’ve found each other and that connection is completely unbreakable. 

Because of that link, they simply know each other’s past. It’s like a window to a completely different life that they didn’t live. 

So it’s completely normal if your partner knows some things about you that happened before even meeting you. They don’t have to be specific scenes but rather simple facts that aren’t that well-known. 

For example, your partner may know that you grew up without one of your parents but when did you tell them that? You can’t remember bringing that up in conversation. 

Just like you know that they’ve experienced a certain trauma without ever having to talk about it. You weren’t together that moment in time when it happened but your connection is letting you know that it’s true. 

13. You experience many synchronicities 

DONE! 13 Otherworldly Signs Of Telepathy Between Lovers

People say that everything happens for a reason, that there’s a divine power behind everything. Well, they’re not wrong. 

If you’re with your soulmate, you’ll experience telepathy between lovers quite easily and it’ll be shown through your synchronicities but what are they? 

Well, do you have the same interests in life? Do you have the same goals and desires, do you like the same food, and watch the same movies in your spare time? 

You might have even visited the same countries at the same time. For example, you’ve just met this person and they tell you they were in a random town in a random country and it was at the same time you were.

How many times will you experience this in your life? Not many, I can assure you that. 

Because of this, you should never doubt the power of two souls and their real connection. Communicating telepathically is just one of the powers you will uncover during your life together.

13 Otherworldly Signs Of Telepathy Between Lovers

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