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7 Undeniable Signs Of Twin Flame Telepathy And How You Can Use It

7 Undeniable Signs Of Twin Flame Telepathy And How You Can Use It

Twin flame telepathy is probably one of the most controversial topics out there. 

You have probably heard of twin flames and what it means to find someone in this world who actually is more to you than just a soulmate. 

Finding your twin flame is like giving someone free rein of your being. It doesn’t matter how much you push them away, the bond can’t be broken. 

A twin flame is where two people share a soul. Your soul has been split ages ago and now your twin flame owns the other half of it. 

So logically there would be a much bigger connection between the two of you. 

That same connection gives twin flames the power to have a telepathic connection. 

This phenomenon is actually a form of non-verbal communication between two souls who have a strong karmic connection. 

7 Undeniable Signs Of Twin Flame Telepathy And How You Can Use It

Your souls are connected even when you’re physically apart, because you can’t escape your twin flame even when you try. 

There is just one thing you have to realize and that is that there aren’t any two twin flame connections out there who have had the same experience.

Every twin flame journey is different, which means that the twin flame telepathy would also be different. 

I think it’s important to understand that – there is no “one shoe fits all” type of solution. 

For you to have a good relationship with your own twin flame, you may try to find advice everywhere, but only you two can figure out what works for you.

What is twin flame telepathy?

7 Undeniable Signs Of Twin Flame Telepathy And How You Can Use It

This phenomenon is believed to be sacred.

In many religions and beliefs throughout the world, the bond between two people with mirror souls is something everyone craves. 

Telepathy between twin flames can manifest itself in many different forms. 

If the twin flames are aware enough and absolutely in touch with their higher being, they’re able to feel the connection before they even meet their mirror soul. 

Their telepathy can manifest itself in different ways, but it’ll always serve the twin flames in a way that’ll help them through difficult times. 

Just like any other type of relationship, there will be many difficulties. 

So you can imagine how difficult it is for twin flames who exist because of a karmic cycle that bound them to each other. 

When these two people go through all the stages and finally understand each other, they will experience something called the twin flame union. 

This is when they’ll be able to understand each other without a word said. They look at each other and they’ll be able to read each other’s thoughts. 

7 Undeniable Signs Of Twin Flame Telepathy And How You Can Use It

There are instances when twin flames don’t even have to share eye contact to be able to read each other’s thoughts. 

You’re probably thinking that this is all crazy talk at this point.

That telepathic communication is nothing more than a myth and a superpower used in movies and comics. 

But it’s true. The only reason you’re even doubting it is because you haven’t met your twin flame yet. 

We are made out of energy and that energy vibrates at different levels.

When you feel that vibrational pull from your twin flame, everything will fall into perspective for you.

7 signs of twin flame telepathy

How can you be sure that you’re experiencing twin flame telepathy?

Is there a way to tell if you’re just being paranoid or actually experiencing something this sacred?

There will be many signs for you to pick up on that’ll show you toward your twin flame and your undeniable connection. 

Twin flame energy won’t be easy to ignore – it’ll rattle your entire body. 

So what are the signs you’re experiencing a telepathic connection with your twin? 

Disclaimer: Just because you might be able to experience this and you’ll probably be able to send telepathic messages to your twin, doesn’t mean that you actually have psychic abilities. 

Most people can only experience this with the person who holds the other part of their soul. 

1. Intuition

7 Undeniable Signs Of Twin Flame Telepathy And How You Can Use It

You know that unexplainable feeling in your chest that wants to smother you every time something bad is about to happen?

Something inside of you is trying to warn you not to go through a certain alley or not to talk to someone. 

That same feeling can also lead you to do amazing things.

When you have to decide whether to take or refuse a job offer, your intuition may tell you that great things are around the corner if you decide to wait. 

You’ll always feel this emotional pull.

It’s known as intuition and it’s powerful if you know how to detect it and listen to it. 

Your brain can’t logically process it anyways, so you have to learn how to listen. 

Intuition is the beginning of your spiritual awakening. It’ll help you in finding your twin flame. 

Long before you meet your twin flame, you’ll be able to sense them. There will be a constant feeling in your gut that you won’t be able to explain.

That same feeling will alert you that something is coming your way. Something life-changing. 

Your intuition will tell you when you meet your twin flame.

Your body relies on five senses, so when you see them, hear them, touch them, things will fall into place and it’ll all finally make sense. 

Your twin flame energy will attract theirs and vice versa. You’ll feel them before they even make an appearance. 

That same intuition is what keeps you attached to them. When someone asks you why you love each other, you don’t have an actual explanation for it. 

You’ll just know that you were at the right place at the right time.

You saw them and you just knew that they were the one. Something inside you responded to something inside of them. 

2. You can sense when they’re going to leave and come back

7 Undeniable Signs Of Twin Flame Telepathy And How You Can Use It

The first time it happens, you’ll think that you’re going crazy. You’re seeing things that aren’t there and it’s making you feel extremely insecure. 

You know when you’ll be separated with your twin flame. Something will happen that’ll make you want to protect them. 

You’ll want to keep them somewhere secluded just so they don’t leave you.

This doesn’t mean that they’ll break up with you, but you will be able to feel that as well if it ever happens. 

Somehow, you can sense their inner turmoil. It doesn’t make you doubt your twin flame love, it only makes you more aware of changes that happen within them. 

You’ll also be able to sense when they’ll come back to you, when they’ll come back from a trip, and so on. 

If you ever choose to separate, you’ll be able to sense every time they miss you, think of you, or want to return to you. 

Twin flame love isn’t the same as unconditional love, so it doesn’t mean that you’ll necessarily spend eternity together. But it also doesn’t mean that you won’t go back to each other every time you separate. 

You will sense their need to be with you before they even appear in your life again. 

The twin flame reunion can’t be ignored at that point.

3. You feel their emotions

DONE 7 Undeniable Signs Of Twin Flame Telepathy And How You Can Use It 6

Have you ever been with someone and just one look was enough for you to understand what they were feeling? 

On your spiritual journey, you will meet many people where you will be able to understand their emotions without uttering a single word to them. 

You can sense someone’s well-being.

When their face falls, when their smile doesn’t reach their eyes, or when their eyes flicker to someone across the room. 

You’re able to see everything.

This especially happens when you’re an empath.

You’re able to sense the emotions of everyone around you and those emotions can make you feel elated or awful. 

With your twin flame, it’ll be just a little bit different. 

Twin flame telepathy can manifest even when you’re miles apart. 

Have you ever felt bad for no apparent reason? You came home from work and, even though the day was absolutely wonderful, you still felt drained. 

Or maybe you spent days curled up in your bed without any desire to get out of the house. 

All those times it could have been because your twin flame is going through something and those emotions are trickling down the bond. 

You’ll feel their emotions – even when you haven’t met your mirror soul yet. 

That’s twin flame telepathy and it’s extremely powerful. 

You can experience this even while you’re sleeping. You’ll wake up in the middle of the night and without a reason for it, you’ll feel scared. 

There’s fear coming through your bond with your twin flame. They’re sending you these emotions telepathically. 

4. You’ll have similar tastes

7 Undeniable Signs Of Twin Flame Telepathy And How You Can Use It

Another thing that happens when you’re experiencing twin flame telepathy is that you’ll have similar tastes. 

You might think that it happens often. After all, you often meet someone who has the same interests as you do. 

Either it’s a certain music genre you like, or perhaps a TV show that they enjoy just as much as you do. 

So you end up talking about these things for hours.

Yes, you may feel connected with this person, but that doesn’t mean they’re your twin flame. 

When you meet your twin flame, you will find out that you have the little things in common too.

They’ll enjoy eating food a certain way you do, they’ll love a certain line of a book just as much as you do.

The little things will be extremely obvious to you. 

And even when you’re miles apart, your twin flame telepathy can send a message down the bond and you’ll start liking something. 

For example, have you ever randomly thought to start doing sports? You got into basketball or swimming on a whim.

You didn’t even try to understand why your interests changed and why you want this right now. 

Later you’ll find out that it was your twin flame who played that sport, so you just felt the urge to do it as well. 

Another feeling is when you listen to a song and you feel like you know it already, even though you know that you haven’t heard it anywhere. 

Even if it’s completely not your taste, you still enjoy it and listen to it afterward. 

You will share many of these random similarities with your twin flame even before you two meet, so when you do finally find each other, you’ll know that they’re not just a false twin. 

5. You experience synchronicities

DONE 7 Undeniable Signs Of Twin Flame Telepathy And How You Can Use It 8

Something that you’ll experience with your twin flame is an abundance of synchronicities. 

Synchronicities are meaningful coincidences. Little things happen that simply can’t be explained rationally, but you know that they’re meaningful.

This can mean that you and your twin soul say the same thing at the same time, or out of the blue, you start singing the same song simultaneously. 

Maybe you haven’t seen each other in a long time, but exactly today, when you wanted to take another route to your favorite cafe, you run into them. 

Something pulled you that way and you completely lost yourself to that intense feeling. 

You’ll think of them for one moment and then you’ll bump into them at the store. It’s your twin soul. 

These little synchronicities are a sign of twin flame telepathy. 

You’re calling to each other and you can’t deny the fact.

You wouldn’t be meeting them so unexplainably often if you didn’t feel that pull toward each other. 

Synchronicities can only happen when your connection to your twin flame is extremely strong and you’re not closing yourself off to them.

6. Reaching for each other at the same time

7 Undeniable Signs Of Twin Flame Telepathy And How You Can Use It

When I say that you’re reaching for each other, I don’t mean that you’re reaching your hands toward the same napkin at the same moment. 

No, it’s not that simple. 

Have you ever picked up your phone just for them to send you a message the very moment you unlocked it? 

Maybe you wanted to call them, but as you were punching in their digits, their contact name popped up because they were calling you.

This is special when you’re dealing with a twin flame runner. They’re trying to run away from you, but you both still share such a strong connection. 

All you need to know about this is that it’s truly a sign of twin flame telepathy. You two have a soul connection that runs deeper than the skin. 

For example, my twin flame showed up on my doorstep just as I was about to run to their house to talk things through.

They knew that something was amiss and rushed to talk to me themselves. How often does that happen?

It’s not even a small sign that they’re truly your twin soul. 

This can’t be anything but twin flame telepathy, because how else would you be able to sense the turmoil inside each other?

7. You share dreams

DONE 7 Undeniable Signs Of Twin Flame Telepathy And How You Can Use It 10

Something that apparently all twin flames experience is that they share dreams.

Some, if they’re skilled enough, can even use astral projection to see each other. 

When the distance between two twin flames becomes bigger for any reason, it also increases the number of shared dreams they have. 

This can entail many things. Some say that they dream of each other, others say that they saw the world through the eyes of their twin soul. 

These shared dreams mostly go unnoticed unless you’re both able to keep a dream journal and write down what happened. 

Because we’re always on our guard when we’re awake, our mental shields are always up.

However, when we’re asleep those shields are down.

Our subconscious mind takes over and it’s very easy for us to share dreams with our twin flames. 

Even the twin flame runner may say something about how much they still love you.

They tell you how they feel about themselves and what’s happening inside their head as well.

The connection between you and your twin is very strong and it becomes even more obvious when you manage to astral project to see each other. 

Twin flames have witnessed having entire conversations with their twin flame. Sometimes even before they meet them face to face. 

These conversations are the most fulfilling you’ll ever have because you won’t be too proud to hide things from each other, you’ll more likely be extremely honest with each other. 

How can this be anything but a sign that twin flame telepathy is real? 

It’s okay to doubt twin flame telepathy

7 Undeniable Signs Of Twin Flame Telepathy And How You Can Use It

​Doubt is part of the journey. Just like you doubt yourself even though you’ve witnessed your own strength more times than you can count. 

You doubt yourself because of the lack of self-love and because people, with their own sets of doubts, make life hard for you. 

That’s the same thing that happens when we’re talking about twin flame telepathy.

People are unsure of it and they plant the seed of doubt into your mind – you can’t really shield yourself from it. 

That same doubt is part of the journey, but it doesn’t mean that you will never experience it. 

But how else do you explain all those things that are happening to you and this one special person?

You can see them so clearly, as much as you don’t want to. Even if you still don’t know them, you still feel them clearly. 

Other things, like those little synchronicities, can’t be ignored anymore. 

You can doubt it all you want, you can even think that you’re losing your mind, but once you experience twin flame telepathy, you’ll know that it’s true. 

How can you hear your twin flame?

DONE 7 Undeniable Signs Of Twin Flame Telepathy And How You Can Use It 12

As said before, a connection between twin flames falls into place before either of them knows who their other half even is. 

Of course, this bond will strengthen once you meet your true twin flame.

However, you can cleanse your energy to feel the bond.

Sometimes, we’re energetically absolutely clogged.

We accumulate negative energy, especially nowadays when we forget to connect to anything but the internet. 

When you clean your connection and strengthen it with meditation, you can easily hear your twin flame. 

This means that you’ll have to get rid of any type of blockages that you have created in your life. Some will be easier to get rid of than others. 

Trauma, unresolved anger, and many other mental issues can make you lose your connection with your twin flame. 

You can strengthen this bond by meditating regularly. There are many guided meditations to help you with this. 

Another thing that can help is listening to the voice that is talking to you from the inside.

Sometimes you won’t hear anything, but just feel the presence of something (or someone). 

Then again, the best way to clear your clogged energy and chakras is to connect with your roots.

Nature is the best place to search for peace in your soul.

This is will all help you connect to your higher self and establish a twin flame relationship that will enable telepathic communication.

You can use the law of attraction to access twin flame telepathy

7 Undeniable Signs Of Twin Flame Telepathy And How You Can Use It

The most used tool when people try to reach their twin flame is the law of attraction. 

People do it in a way that helps them sense their twin flame. And you can too.

When you sit down to meditate to open yourself to your twin flame and communicate with them, imagine pulling them toward you. 

You have to believe that they’re already part of your life and that you’re just trying to reach them to contact them. 

I know that it sounds so much easier than it actually is.

But once you make sure that you have no distractions around you and you let go of your doubt, you’ll be able to reach them.

Twin flame telepathy is a rather daunting concept, but you have to understand that you’re not alone in this.

There is someone out there trying to reach you.

Your other half is somewhere in this world and you can access their mind telepathically. Send them a message of pure happiness. 

Even if you don’t really believe in it, it will reach your twin flame.

7 Undeniable Signs Of Twin Flame Telepathy And How You Can Use It

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