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When Someone Is On Your Mind, Are You On Theirs As Well?

When Someone Is On Your Mind, Are You On Theirs As Well?

Are you familiar with the notion that when someone is on your mind, it means that you’re on theirs as well? Based on that, when you keep thinking about someone, it basically means that they’re thinking about you too.

But how much truth is in this saying? Does it really mean that just because you’ve been thinking about a certain person for some time, it actually signifies that they’ve been doing the same?

The answer to this question is linked to the well-known connection that souls can share. Based on a strong link, some believe that our thoughts can, in a way, be a result of the thoughts of another person.

Once someone thinks about you, they radiate the energy that your soul feels. Because of that, you start thinking about that person as well.

But do things really work this way? Are we able to achieve this strong connection with everyone or is it impossible to get even close to this?

The real answer is MAYBE. When someone is on your mind, it may be that they’re thinking about you as well but it’s not certain.

What does it mean when someone is on your mind all the time?

When someone’s constantly on your mind, it’s usually because you’ve either grown strong positive or negative feelings for them.

Every reason comes back to that – you either like them or hate them.

Let me explain it to you in detail so you truly know what you’re going through.

1. You’re attracted to them or you’re already in love with them

DONE! When Someone Is On Your Mind, Are You On Theirs As Well

Let’s be honest – if you can’t stop thinking about someone, it’s usually because you’re head over heels for that person, or at least you’re getting there.

Your attraction for them is growing, and you can feel it.

There hasn’t been a day lately when you haven’t thought about them, even though you’re trying to stop those thoughts the best way you can.

You’ve tried distracting yourself, focusing on a hobby, or spending time surrounded by people.

But no matter what you do, the image of that someone doesn’t seem to leave your mind.

Maybe you had no intention of falling in love with anyone at this time.

Or perhaps that person is completely different from everything you look for in a potential partner.

Because of that, you may be suppressing your feelings and trying to avoid reality. But your mind doesn’t let you do that.

Instead, it plays thoughts about that special someone over and over again until you look the truth in the eyes – you can’t get them out of your head.

It’s obvious that you’ve been thinking about this person because you’re growing more attracted to them. You could already be in love with them.

Your feelings know that but you’re trying to dismiss them, thinking they will go away.

But now that you’re aware of the reality of the situation, you can make a move.

Do you want to take this relationship to the next level or would you rather feel stuck? It’s all up to you.

2. You’re trying to figure out who they actually are and what they feel for you

DONE! When Someone Is On Your Mind, Are You On Theirs As Well

Maybe you like this person but you have no idea why. They’re different, but there’s something about them that pulls you in every time you see them.

Because of that, you haven’t been able to get them out of your mind.

Besides the fact that you’re trying to figure out what attracted you to them, you also want to find out how they feel about you.

Are these feelings mutual and is there a chance that the two of you could make things work?

At the same time, you’re probably afraid of your feelings.

You don’t want to admit to yourself why you can’t keep that special someone out of your mind.

It’s too scary to accept the truth because then things start to look too complicated.

Again, you’ve been avoiding your own feelings and trying to suppress them but you can’t keep doing that forever.

At some point, you won’t be able to hide things anymore.

Now that I’ve helped you see the truth behind your thoughts, you can do something about it.

Make a move and get yourself into a better position – one where this person will be in your arms and not just in your thoughts.

3. You’re infatuated by them

DONE! When Someone Is On Your Mind, Are You On Theirs As Well

That initial feeling of infatuation can turn your world upside down.

Everything around you changes – things look different, people act nicer than usual, and your feelings are riding on a roller coaster.

That special someone can’t seem to leave your mind no matter how hard you try not to think about them.

The truth is that you might be infatuated with them.

When you see them, you probably feel like you’re sixteen again, struggling to breathe as your chest tightens the moment you see their face.

Your emotions for that person are overpowering and that’s why you can’t control your thoughts.

They’re now under the control of your heart and it’s clear what it wants from you.

So, you can either admit to yourself that you’re infatuated by this person and that you see them everywhere you go or you can keep living in denial, thinking about them day after day, struggling to lead a normal life.

Make a decision that will make you happy!

4. They hurt you and you’re looking for ways to do the same to them

DONE! When Someone Is On Your Mind, Are You On Theirs As Well

Besides the above-mentioned possibilities that are connected with positive feelings about someone, this is on the opposite side of the spectrum.

It can be that someone’s on your mind because they hurt you, and you’re subconsciously looking for a way to get revenge.

You hate what they did to you or how they made you feel, and because of that, you can’t get them out of your head.

You keep thinking about that person for days on end.

To be honest, it’s likely that you don’t want to admit why you’re so obsessed with them because you know that you feel resentment for them.

And no one wants to admit that they’ve been thinking about a person for whom they feel a kind of hatred.

However, it’s obvious that this person has captured your thoughts and has no intention of leaving them, as long as you don’t admit the truth to yourself.

After that, you can either decide to let go of all of your bottled up emotions or confront them.

It’s obvious that you need to do something to get them out of your mind.

When someone’s on your mind, does it mean that you’re on theirs as well?

DONE! When Someone Is On Your Mind, Are You On Theirs As Well

There are certain times when this will be true. Someone will be on your mind all the time because that same person is also thinking about you.

But these situations are rare, which means that most times someone’s on your mind, it won’t be because they’re thinking about you as well.

So, let’s see how would things work in the following cases.

Could it be that people in the subsequent categories are thinking about you because they’re on your mind?

Find out the truth now and see the way that thinking about someone actually works!

When a twin flame or soulmate is on your mind

DONE! When Someone Is On Your Mind, Are You On Theirs As Well

First, let me tell you the difference between a twin flame and a soulmate so that you never again get these two wrong.

Twin flames can be expressed in the form of a romantic relationship but they can also be completely platonic in nature.

So, it doesn’t necessarily have to be someone you fall in love with.

Still, they change your life significantly, as this relationship is all about spiritual growth.

After you meet them, you start seeing things differently. Your soul wishes to become better so it changes and grows.

It becomes thirsty for experiences that can improve you in every possible way.

And it’s not only that your twin flame changes you but you also change them. You help them grow the same way they do with you.

When the two of these energies meet, you become a better version of yourself.

As they unite, you feel the growth in you and you simply know that you’ve met a person who makes your life ten times better.

On the flip side, a soulmate is someone who gets you from the moment you meet each other.

It’s a person who understands you and accepts everything you are.

Soulmates usually share a strong connection so we usually associate this term with romantic relationships.

But there are other types of soulmates that we can meet through life.

Each and every one of them will affect your life in different ways and change you as a person.

So, the main difference between soulmates and twin flames is that the latter are thought to be two halves of one soul, while soulmates are two different souls who understand each other perfectly.

Now that you know the difference between the two, we can start unraveling the answer to the question of whether it’s possible that someone’s thinking about you because they’re on your mind.

And the answer is that, when it comes to soulmates and twin flames, this actually is possible.

Thanks to the strong spiritual connections you have with these two types of people, it can be true that they’re on your mind because you’re on theirs as well.

While they’re thinking of you, they radiate energy that is felt by you. Your soul receives a message, which makes your mind think about them too.

Subconsciously, in the middle of the day, while you’re doing something random, your soulmate or twin flame will be on your mind.

Your strong spiritual relationship made it possible because they were thinking about you at that exact moment.

So if that someone who’s on your mind is your soulmate or twin flame then the chances are that you’re on their mind as well.

Due to the energy that you share, your thoughts mirrored the other’s.

When a close friend or family member is on your mind

DONE! When Someone Is On Your Mind, Are You On Theirs As Well

When the person on your mind is your close friend or a family member, things get a bit more complicated.

Sometimes, you think about these people because you have something to tell them.

Maybe the night before, you told yourself that you should call them, and now, your mind is reminding you of that in the form of a thought.

Other times, it can happen for no particular reason. An image of a friend or family member you haven’t seen in a while pops up in your head.

Now, it’s hard to say why this happens and whether it has anything to do with the possibility that you’re on their mind at that time.

It can be that they’re on your mind because they’re thinking about you, but it’s not definite as there are many more possibilities.

Maybe you miss them, but you haven’t been aware of that. In that case, your mind sends you a signal that you should reach out to them.

Maybe you want to hang out with them but your busy lifestyle keeps preventing you from doing so.

In that case, you’ll be subconsciously thinking about them and they’ll be on your mind often – as long as you don’t see or call them.

So, it’s hard to know why someone’s on your mind when it comes to friends and family.

It may be that they’re thinking about you, but it can also be because of a different, more logical, reason.

It could be because you miss them, want to see them, or feel the need to talk to them.

All of these make more sense than attributing your thoughts to the fact that they’ve been thinking about you.

It’s a bit of a stretch and is more likely to be due to something else.

When anyone else is on your mind

DONE! When Someone Is On Your Mind, Are You On Theirs As Well

When it comes to strangers and people you barely know or hang out with, it’s near impossible that they’re on your mind because they’re thinking of you.

There’s no connection between your souls, which makes it hard to believe that you’ll be thinking about them because they’re thinking about you.

Instead, it’s probable that your thoughts are accidental, and that it’s because of some unknown reason that you find yourself thinking about them.

If you want to know the reason why you’re thinking about this person, once again read the part where I explained why we think about certain people.

Maybe you’ll be able to find your answer there.

6 physical signs that you’re on someone’s mind!

If you want to be sure that someone’s on your mind because they’re thinking about you, it’s not enough to find yourself in a situation where you’re thinking about them.

Making a conclusion based on that makes no sense and is a waste of time. You need some other signs if you want to be sure.

So, if you’ve been thinking about someone and you’re wondering whether they’ve been thinking about you as well, you need to look for more signs that can make you feel sure of your belief.

If you make assumptions based on one (not so sure) sign, you’ll only be fooling yourself.

So, to feel confident that someone is actually thinking about you, look for the following signs.

If you notice that you’ve experienced some or most of them, there are high chances that someone actually can’t get you out of their mind.

1. A burning sensation on your ears or cheeks

DONE! When Someone Is On Your Mind, Are You On Theirs As Well

Have you ever felt as if your cheeks or ears were on fire?

It’s not hot in the room, and you don’t feel warm at all, but you still feel a burning sensation that you can’t control.

Besides the fact that someone’s been on your mind for some time, one of the signs that someone’s thinking about you is if you start feeling this burning sensation out of the blue.

The universe wants you to be aware that you’re stuck in someone’s thoughts. That’s why it makes you feel the fire on your face.

If no one slapped you or made you feel embarrassed, it’s obvious why you feel that burning sensation.

2. You get random hiccups

DONE! When Someone Is On Your Mind, Are You On Theirs As Well

It’s a well-known belief that hiccups are a sign from the universe that someone is thinking about you.

You probably heard of this before, but is it actually true?

There’s no right answer, but if hiccups don’t appear due to a logical reason such as eating or drinking too fast, it’s possible that you’re on someone’s mind.

At least that’s what many cultures believe.

We won’t know whether these hiccups are related to positive or negative thoughts.

Meaning whether the person who’s been thinking about you feels love or hate for you.

Still, many people believe that that someone has been seeing an image of you in their head a lot, and your body is physically reacting to that.

3. You hear and feel them as if they’re right next to you

DONE! When Someone Is On Your Mind, Are You On Theirs As Well

If you’ve been stuck in someone’s mind, it means that they’ve been sending their thoughts into the universe shaped as energy.

And because energy can’t be destroyed, it wanders around you.

Through its journey, you can get the feeling like someone’s actually standing right next to you.

Or you can hear their voice as if they’re calling your name.

When you turn around, there won’t be anyone there and you might feel surprised at what just happened.

It’s scary to know that the person calling your name or touching your hand is nowhere close to you, but you still feel it with your senses.

There’s no need to worry. It’s just a sign from the universe that someone is thinking of you.

4. Your eye starts twitching

DONE! When Someone Is On Your Mind, Are You On Theirs As Well

Out of the blue, you feel that your eye is moving for no apparent reason. It happens randomly, without an explanation.

It feels weird but some cultures see it as a sign that you’re stuck in someone’s mind.

Your body is reacting to the energy that the person who’s been thinking about you keeps radiating into the universe.

Because of that, you feel a twitching sensation in your eye.

Some cultures believe that depending on which eye is twitching, they can make a distinction between positive and negative thoughts.

For women, a twitch in the right eye is seen as a negative omen, while one in the left is positive. For men, it works the other way around.

5. You get inexplicable goosebumps

DONE! When Someone Is On Your Mind, Are You On Theirs As Well

You don’t feel like you’re cold but you still feel unexplainable goosebumps all over your body.

Have you ever had that feeling like your whole body stiffens and goosebumps cover every inch of your skin?

Have you ever wondered why it was happening to you and whether there was a reason behind it?

As a matter of fact, there likely is – it’s a sign that you’ve been on someone’s mind a lot.

Similar to hiccups, some cultures believe that our body reacts to the energy that those who think about us send out into the universe.

Because of that, you feel random goosebumps that appear for no logical reason.

They make you stop for a second and then they’re gone, while you’re left with a weird sensation in your mind.

6. You start sneezing

DONE! When Someone Is On Your Mind, Are You On Theirs As Well

There are many cultures in the world that believe that sneezing is an actual sign that someone’s thinking of you.

This belief is especially popular in Asian countries.

They even have a belief that sneezing twice in a row means that someone’s having bad thoughts about you.

But if you sneeze three times, it means that they’re having positive thoughts.

So, if you’ve noticed that you keep sneezing all the time, even though you aren’t sick and don’t have any allergies, then it could be a sign that you’re stuck in someone’s mind.

When Someone Is On Your Mind, Are You On Theirs As Well?

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