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Strong Women Are Created Not Born

Strong Women Are Created Not Born

Life isn’t easy, but strong women are created by the storms they survive. They don’t let hard times bring them down and discourage them and instead, they fight and survive every storm that comes their way.

They survive the hard times and learn from the mistakes they made. Strong women understand that hard times can only make them wiser and stronger.

Such women are independent and can serve as an inspiration to all of us. That strength they have gives us hope and motivation to move forward. Strong women show us that anything is possible as long as you believe in yourself.

Are you one of the strong women? Find out by reading these traits of strong women:

1. You believe in yourself

A strong woman knows exactly who she is and what she wants out of life. She has an inner voice that guides her on her way to success and keeps her on the right track.

Anything is possible when you believe in yourself, and strong women are well aware of that. They prove it to us every day when they face challenges that make them wiser.

To be a strong woman, you have to believe in yourself and know what you want… but that’s not enough because you also have to fight for it. As long as you have faith in yourself, it’s a fight that you will win.

2. You know your worth

Are you very well aware of your strengths and weaknesses? If you are aware of your limits, but aware of your capabilities as well, you might be a strong woman.

Strong women don’t compare themselves to anyone else. Maybe you’re not perfect, but you are unique and knowing that makes you a strong woman.

Such women are never taken for granted because they’re not ones who settle. They feel good in their own skin and demand to be appreciated.

3. You are a survivor

Strong women are brave and strong warriors who wear their pain like armor. They don’t let any challenges that life brings their way bring them down.

A strong woman is someone who learns from her mistakes and carries on so if you see failures as more like stepping stones, you’re one of the brave women who is a survivor.

You don’t let the mistakes you made in the past prevent you from living in the present. Instead, you learn from them to prevent them in the future. Nothing can keep you from achieving anything you put your mind to.

4. You’re not afraid of your feelings

A strong woman is never afraid to show her vulnerable side and let others know she’s only human. Whatever life brings her way, she is strong enough to deal with it.

She isn’t afraid to tell anyone the truth about how she feels, and she won’t hesitate to express her feelings. When a strong woman is angry with you, you’ll know it, but when she loves you, you’ll know just the same… and you’ll be one of the lucky ones who gets to be loved by a strong woman.

So, if you are a female who isn’t afraid of her emotions and knows very well how she feels and how to show it, you’re a strong woman. Such women aren’t scared of falling in love, even if it gets them hurt.

5. You seek respect, not attention

You’ll never see a strong woman begging for attention or anything else for that matter. She doesn’t care if you give her attention as long as you respect her. All she really wants is respect.

She won’t feel the need to explain why she wants to be respected because she believes she deserves to be and that is why she won’t hesitate to walk away from those who don’t give her respect.

If you’re like this, congratulations, because you’re one of the strong women. These women deserve nothing but respect, and they are well aware of it.

6. You are a forgiver

These women don’t have time in their lives to plot revenge or hold grudges. Their loving hearts are full of forgiveness because they don’t burden themselves with unnecessary negativity.

A strong woman chooses to forgive instead. After all, don’t we all make mistakes? The only way one can learn from mistakes is by getting the chance to try again.

So, if you are someone who likes to give second chances, you’re a strong woman. You know how important it is to forgive those who have hurt you in order to leave the past in the past. Only positivity is welcome in your life, and you don’t want to take any baggage with you into your future.

7. You are honest

Strong women’s hearts are made of pure intentions. Isn’t honesty the best policy? If you agree, you could be one of the amazing strong women. They walk proudly through life, knowing that they haven’t deceived anyone.

A strong woman would rather choose to hurt someone’s feelings with the truth than by comforting someone with lies. Being honest is necessary for building healthy relationships. The best relationships are built on honesty, and strong women know this very well.

Why would someone go to all the trouble of remembering all the lies they have spoken just so they could deceive someone? If you don’t get this either, you’re one of the strong women who goes through life with pure intentions and honesty.

So, are you a strong woman? Don’t worry if you aren’t there yet because as I said, strong women aren’t born, they are created. The more storms you survive, the stronger woman you’ll be.

So, try to keep your head high and walk through life knowing exactly who you are and what you want. Don’t be afraid of your feelings, and know that you deserve nothing but respect. Forgive those who have hurt you, get rid of all the negativity from your life and surround yourself with positive people who will help you reach your full potential. 

Being a strong woman isn’t always easy, but it’s worth it, I guarantee it.

Strong Women Are Created Not Born

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