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This Is What It Means When A Girl Gives You A Second Chance

This Is What It Means When A Girl Gives You A Second Chance

Broken trust is something most relationships never recover from. Having your heart broken by a person whom you gave all your trust is not an easy thing to get over.

But it is even harder to find it in yourself to forgive and give a second chance.

She already gave you one chance and you blew it up. Who’s to say that you won’t do that again? She questioned herself a lot. Her mind and heart were in a constant fight.

For a while, she threw you out of her life. Blocked all your calls and texts. Avoided the places you two have been. She was fueled by the anger at what you have done.

Every time she remembered how you walked out of the door, yelling that it is over and that you’re not coming back. She remembered every argument you had.

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For those last few weeks, you have argued so much, spitting poison at each other. Lastly, she remembered your betrayal. That is what hurt the most. The fact that you went to another woman when things got tough.

She tried to move on. To meet other people and heal herself. But she couldn’t. In every man she met, she was looking for you.

She missed you. Terribly. She realized that she still loved you, she loved you as much as she did the first day.

Her family tried to reason with her. They didn’t want to see her get hurt again. It was them that had to brush the tears from her cheeks. Nevertheless, she was adamant about trying again.

You called the next day, just as you called every day for the past 3 months. This time, however, she picked up. She knew the risk.

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There was a big possibility she would get burnt again. This time by her own choice.

You got surprised when she answered. Not knowing what to say, you stuttered and asked her how had she been. She was hurt, betrayed and tired, but most of all she was stronger.

And she used that strength to forgive you. She was still afraid you’ll break her trust again, but she was still in love with you, so she decided she owed it to herself to try and give you another chance.

Soon one call turned into many calls and texts. You would call her and text her every day. And every time she picked up the phone she felt her heart speed up in excitement and fear.

You stayed clear of the heavy subjects and continued on with casual conversations. It was like you were meeting each other for the first time. However, one day things changed.

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You realized you can’t put up with your fear of her moving on, so you asked her out. And you finally manned up and asked her what you have been dying to ask her ever since she picked up the phone that day.

You were met with silence on the other side of the phone line. For a few seconds, you even thought she hung up. However, after couple more seconds you finally heard a quiet- ”okay.”.

I want you to know how much strength it took to accept that call. How much strength it took to forgive you.

But she realized that people made mistakes. She realized that the love you shared deserved another chance.

You decided to meet at the cafe. The one you went on your first date. You kept analyzing what would does it mean. You two meeting in your special cafe.

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Not wanting to get your hopes up, you told yourself that maybe all she wanted was a friendly hangout. But you still felt as though your heart will pop out of your chest.

She saw you sitting in your booth through the window. She stopped and stared at you for a few minutes. All of her family’s warnings not to forgive you were swirling in her head. Yet she walked in.

You got up immediately after you saw her walking through the door, her stride sure and purposeful.

You spent a few seconds staring at each other. Remembering all the bad stuff…and all the good ones. The words seemed to flow through your mouth involuntarily :

”I love you.”

There have been a couple seconds of silence before she smiled and said ” I know.”

This Is What It Means When A Girl Gives You A Second Chance

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