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Stop Choosing A Person Who Doesn’t Choose You

Stop Choosing A Person Who Doesn’t Choose You

Are you crying over someone who would’ve never caused you tears if they loved you? Stop choosing a person who doesn’t choose you and stop coming up with excuses for them.

You know that they didn’t treat you right and it’s time to accept that fact. A person who doesn’t choose you back is not the person you should chase because it’ll only cause you more pain.

Be honest. Did you give them multiple second chances? Did they blow each and every one of them like keeping you around didn’t even matter to them?

You have to stop loving this person and start loving yourself instead. Put yourself first for a change and think about what you need.

You surely don’t need a person who is just going to keep hurting you like they did this entire time. And trust me, if they didn’t change their ways after hurting you the first time, they’re never going to.

Instead, you’ll just have more reasons to spend your nights crying over someone unworthy of all that pain.

Love yourself enough to stop choosing a person who doesn’t choose you. So, you’re not perfect, but who is?

DONE! Stop Choosing A Person Who Doesn’t Choose you

A person who breaks your heart is certainly not perfect, so stop idealizing them. Instead, focus on your own good qualities.

You are worthy of love and there are many things about you that make you a great catch. If this person can’t see that, that’s their problem, not yours.

Don’t worry too much about them – they’ll eventually realize what they’ve lost. The thought of what they could’ve had with you will hurt even more than losing you.

Maybe they didn’t even know the real you because they didn’t bother to really get to know you for who you are.

Perhaps you’re even pretending to be something you’re not just to please them and be the person they want you to be.

Stop doing that. Realize that you need someone who’ll love you for who you truly are. The most important person who needs to be that someone is you.

Show yourself the love you deserve until you find the right person who realizes just how amazing you are. If you keep thinking poorly about yourself, you’ll only end up making yourself unhappy and chasing others away.

Stop choosing a person who doesn’t choose you and choose to be happy instead. Choose to show yourself love and finally see what you truly deserve.

DONE! Stop Choosing A Person Who Doesn’t Choose you

It’s not someone who’ll never text you first and forget that you exist unless it’s convenient for them to see you. Stop choosing that person and see all the other people out there who’d gladly pick up the phone whenever you call.

Choose a person who’d never stop choosing you, no matter what.

This is the person who’ll accept and love the real you, not the image they have of you in their mind. Stop chasing after someone who doesn’t even appreciate you when you can find one who’d gladly enjoy your company.

You’re one of a kind and you’ve achieved a lot in your life, even if those achievements don’t seem that big. If you’ve worked on yourself and made your life better, you’ve achieved something amazing.

Don’t be the person someone else wants you to be when you’re amazing just the way you are. You need to believe that, even if it’s not easy right now.

Once you stop feeling sad, it will get easier. And if you pay attention, you’ll notice great things about yourself. Maybe you can make killer pancakes or you have an adorable laugh that could melt someone’s heart.

You probably also have some quirks and, to the person who loves you, they’ll be the best things about you. So, stop choosing to settle when you can decide on a better life for yourself.

DONE! Stop Choosing A Person Who Doesn’t Choose you

You don’t have to dance to someone else’s tune. Listen to the music of your heart and dance to your own rhythms.

Instead of trying to get someone to love you by pleasing them, make yourself happy. Get yourself to realize everything you want this person to see.

Maybe you are a sensual, free-spirited person or you’re a romantic old soul. Whatever the case, that special description of you is why someone won’t ever stop choosing you.

Quit acting the way someone else wants you to act, but let your soul run free. Cleanse it of all the toxicity you’ve been through and let it experience the joy of being truly loved.

Don’t like people who don’t like you. Regardless of how much you want them to care about you, don’t put their needs ahead of your own.

Stop choosing a person who doesn’t choose you because you deserve better than one-sided love. You deserve someone who’ll reciprocate your feelings. So, realize the importance of choosing yourself over your abusive relationship.

It’s time to forget about the bad past experiences and leave them behind with all the heartbreaks they came with. You’ve given your love to selfish people for long enough and what have you gotten in return?

DONE! Stop Choosing A Person Who Doesn’t Choose you

You chose to love them and what did they choose? Instead of treating you the way you treated them, they took your love for granted.

They used it while it was convenient for them and tossed it aside when they didn’t need it anymore.

Whenever you’re in doubt about whether you should keep choosing someone, ask yourself whether they make you happy. Do they even try?

The answer is all you need to know about their feelings for you.

You need someone who treats you with the love and respect that you deserve. Anyone who can’t do that doesn’t belong in your life and is surely not worthy of your tears.

Stop fighting for someone who’d never fight for you because it’s a losing battle. Don’t choose someone who’d fight against you instead of for you and alongside you.

You deserve someone who never stops choosing you, so don’t ever settle for crumbs of someone’s affection.

Stay strong!

Stop Choosing A Person Who Doesn’t Choose you

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