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How Does A Man Pursue A Woman? 10 Steps To Win The Chase

How Does A Man Pursue A Woman? 10 Steps To Win The Chase

Does a man overcome difficult obstacles to prove his love to a girl who pushes him away, while secretly hoping that he would keep chasing her?

This is what romance novels and movies teach us, but how does a man pursue a woman in the real world?

“Pursuit” seems like a somewhat outdated word, but “to pursue” shouldn’t be old-fashioned.

The world of modern dating shouldn’t forget the true meaning of pursuing a woman.

Times might have changed, but you should have no doubt about some facts that stand the test of time…

Women want to be pursued and men want to pursue.

What does this mean?

If you’re a woman, you should never chase a man, especially if he broke up with you.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t make the first move, just don’t pursue him.

If you’re a man, you shouldn’t pursue a woman you like just to win her heart.

You need to keep pursuing her even after she becomes your girlfriend… and even after she becomes your wife.

Let me explain this a little better by telling you a few things about the art of pursuit.

1. It will never go out of style to pursue a woman

DONE! How Does A Man Pursue A Woman 10 Steps To Win The Chase

Just like chivalry, the pursuit will never go out of style.

Being a bad boy might seem cool, but have you noticed that cool things are fleeting and temporary?

What’s cool one day is completely forgotten the next.

Just remember the toughest guy from your high school, the guy who was so cool that he didn’t care about a thing… Tell me, how did he turn out?

I’m guessing that he is different now and isn’t doing so well…

Yes, the world loves the glam and the glitz of rebellious spirits…

But it admires the consistency of people who are kind, loving, and respectful, so it gravitates back to these.

Regardless of whether you’re 18 or 88 years old, you should know that it will never go out of style to pursue a woman.

Whether you have a crush, a girlfriend, or a wife, she wants you to keep pursuing her.

Women want to feel empowered, loved, and truly seen, heard, and known by their men.

2. It doesn’t have a finish line, it builds over time

DONE! How Does A Man Pursue A Woman 10 Steps To Win The Chase

How does a man pursue a woman? By never stopping, if he does understand the true meaning of pursuit.

You might think that getting married is the culmination of pursuit…

A wedding ring doesn’t mean that you should stop courting the woman you love.

Pursuit is an investment in a relationship and it builds over time.

If you don’t stop chasing your woman even after she becomes your wife, she will feel respected, appreciated, and loved.

Don’t forget that every single thing you do and say in a relationship carries weight and affects it, either negatively or positively.

3. It fights against monotony

DONE! How Does A Man Pursue A Woman 10 Steps To Win The Chase

Routine is often unavoidable in relationships. There are a lot of chores and maintenance that need doing.

There’s a huge difference between monotony and rhythm though. When you have rhythm, it helps you move towards a healthier, better lifestyle.

It can feel like dancing to your favorite song that you know all the lyrics to but still enjoy singing it.

Monotony, on the other hand, is something boring that we all dread.

We have a good reason to, after all, since it can be very dangerous in a thriving relationship.

Pursuit doesn’t allow monotony, it fights against it.

When you pursue your girlfriend or wife, you actively look for opportunities to communicate and find value.

Instead of monotonous actions, with intentional ones, you show your partner that she’s worth fighting for and important to you.

This helps you both grow and prevents your relationship from falling into the trap of same-old, same-old.

4. It shows passion

DONE! How Does A Man Pursue A Woman 10 Steps To Win The Chase

Pursuit is the best way to show how passionate you are about your partner. Let me explain.

You probably have a skill or a hobby that you truly enjoy. Think of something that you’re really enthusiastic about.

Have you invested in your passion? You’ve probably spent a lot of time, energy, and money on it, right?

You’ve even studied it, talked about it with your friends and family, read books about it….

You always tried to become more informed and better at what you’re passionate about.

Do you know what this means? You’ve pursued your passion.

In the same way, you pursue your partner if you’re passionate about them.

5. It’s something worth enjoying

DONE! How Does A Man Pursue A Woman 10 Steps To Win The Chase

Pursuit is something worth learning as well as enjoying.

We often wish that we could just snap our fingers and have a perfect relationship.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way, but it wouldn’t be worth enjoying if it didn’t put the effort in.

Just talk to people who put their sweat, energy, and time into reaching a certain goal. You hear the satisfaction in the way they talk about it.

When you really want something, you pursue it and never give up.

Whether your goal is a powerful career or a happy relationship, you need to pursue it.

You’ll enjoy the process, but most importantly, it will totally be worth it!

How does a man pursue a woman?

So, how does a man pursue a woman anyway? There’s only one right way, and it’s by following the steps I’m about to tell you.

Whether she’s your crush, girlfriend, or wife, you’ll win (and keep) her heart if you pursue her right.

1. State your intentions

DONE! How Does A Man Pursue A Woman 10 Steps To Win The Chase

Before getting involved with a woman, make your intentions clear.

Whether you want something casual or something serious, it’s okay, as long as she’s aware of it.

If you want to have a long-term relationship, you need to build the foundations for it. Do this by being friends with the woman you like.

Of course, you don’t want to overdo it and end up in the friend zone… But the point is that the two of you have to get to know each other first.

Remember to be yourself if you want a committed relationship because you won’t be able to pretend for long.

If you want a casual relationship, there’s nothing wrong with that – assuming that the casual relationship is mutually consented upon, of course.

Otherwise, emotionally manipulating a woman just to hook up with her isn’t okay. It’s all sorts of wrong and even a little twisted.

Be honest and open about your intentions, both to your potential partner and to yourself.

You also have to respect your potential partner’s boundaries. If they don’t want the same things you do, you have to respect that.

2. Be genuine

DONE! How Does A Man Pursue A Woman 10 Steps To Win The Chase

Don’t throw yourself at the girl you like.

Constantly calling and texting her, convincing her that you’re great, and telling her that she is too – none of that will work.

It’s not the right way to get her attention. On the other hand, ignoring her and playing hard to get isn’t right either.

Both these ways show immaturity, and women don’t find immature men attractive.

Be genuine instead. How does a man pursue a woman by being genuine?

Treat her like someone whose respect you want to gain instead of an object you want to win.

There’s a lot more to her than what meets the eye, so you need to see what hides under the surface that attracted you.

She does the same things you do – work, think, make plans…

Show that you’re interested in the things that she does every single day. Ask her about her day, find out about her plans, and talk to her about her job.

When she sends you a text, don’t wait forever to reply. If she calls, answer the phone.

Don’t be scared to initiate a conversation. Ask her what she’s been up to.

Most importantly, when you do things for her, do them because you want to, not in order to get something back.

Appreciate her and the things she does, and you’ll get great things in return – her appreciation, respect, and trust.

3. Be confident

DONE! How Does A Man Pursue A Woman 10 Steps To Win The Chase

How does a man pursue a woman if he’s not confident? He doesn’t – he pushes her away instead.

Confidence exudes through everything you say and do.

Women love men who are confident, and they can easily tell whether men are self-assured or not.

They see it in their eyes, sense it in the way they walk, and hear it in the tone of their voice.

This means that your demeanor lets a woman know if you’re right for her and ready to do whatever it takes to make her yours.

She’ll immediately sense it, even if you don’t say a word.

Don’t focus all your energy on thinking about the possibility of losing her. Instead, be proud of treating her right and she won’t have a reason to leave.

Don’t let jealousy and insecurities get to you because it could prevent you from building a healthy relationship.

Quit comparing yourself to other men. In fact, don’t even worry about them.

There’s always someone who’s more successful, more intelligent, or better looking than you – or anyone else for that matter.

Don’t you know that everyone encounters someone better than them at some point?

Thinking about that too much could prevent you from being happy with yourself.

And this means that you won’t be able to make your significant partner happy either.

When you win a girl over, she’ll fall deeply in love with you. You’ll be the most successful, most intelligent, best-looking guy in the world in her eyes.

4. Be her friend

DONE! How Does A Man Pursue A Woman 10 Steps To Win The Chase

I know how guys can be terrified of ending up in the friend zone, but a lot of the time, friends turn into lovers.

If you’re looking for something serious with her, you need to get to know each other better.

Friendship is the best foundation for a happy relationship.

How does a man pursue a woman by being her friend without getting stuck in the friend zone?

When the time comes, simply tell her how you feel about her.

After all, what’s so wrong with being just friends? I know what you’re thinking, but hear me out.

A woman understands how other women think. If she’s your friend, she’ll be able to give you the best dating advice.

On the off chance she doesn’t become your partner, she’ll be the best “wingman” you ever had and find you someone great.

Besides, it’s always good to make a new friend – good company isn’t so easy to find.

5. Be spontaneous

DONE! How Does A Man Pursue A Woman 10 Steps To Win The Chase

The older we get, the more structure our lives require. We need to plan our days, from running errands to attending business meetings.

Most of the time, we don’t have time to do everything we planned to do during a single day…

Then we meet someone spontaneous and they show us that life is an adventure.

You can always make time to show a woman you like how fun it is to do things she didn’t plan on doing…

Help her explore new things and places by taking her to see a jazz show or your favorite play.

Wake her up in the morning to take her on a picnic and watch the sunrise.

Instead of going to a restaurant, take a long walk, and have meaningful conversations about life.

Show her that the best things in life happen when we don’t even see them coming.

She’ll never forget the spontaneous moments she gets to enjoy with you.

All women expect a typical date – dinner at a restaurant. Frankly, it’s gotten a little boring.

Put some thought into creating memorable dates. Surprise her and she’ll have one more reason to give you her heart.

6. Be respectful

DONE! How Does A Man Pursue A Woman 10 Steps To Win The Chase

Some men forget that a woman is exactly that – a woman. She’s not your buddy you can insult and pass it off as a joke.

You need to respect her. Don’t curse at her or use your words to insult, devalue, or offend her in any way.

One day, you might become a father, so just think about how you would like a man to talk to your daughter. How would you expect him to treat her?

When you pursue a girl, don’t look at other women. Do your best to act like a gentleman.

Get to know her on a deeper level if you want to build a healthy relationship.

How does a man pursue a woman? By making her admire him for the way he shows her utmost respect.

It simple really: Show her respect and she’ll show you signs she likes you.

7. Be intelligent

DONE! How Does A Man Pursue A Woman 10 Steps To Win The Chase

Let me give you the best answer to How does a man pursue a woman? By using his mind as a powerful tool to stimulate her mind.

Every woman wants a guy who can master his craft, gracefully articulate his thoughts, and speak intelligently.

Always try to learn new things and find out more about the things she’s interested in. Talk to her about what inspires and motivates you.

Show her that you’ll be able to help her achieve her goals once you become a couple and start creating plans together.

Your finances and looks may attract some girls, but your mind can capture the soul of the right girl.

Use your mind when you pursue a woman and you’ll win her heart.

8. Keep up the communication

DONE! How Does A Man Pursue A Woman 10 Steps To Win The Chase

Strong communication skills are essential in all aspects of life, including your love life.

Being a good and effective communicator is not just about talking though.

You need to actively listen to the woman you want to pursue when she’s talking.

Even if you don’t agree with her opinions, listening to them will show her that you value them.

If you encounter a problem or there’s a misunderstanding, don’t accuse her – stay polite.

All matters can be addressed in a calm tone, and it’s always the best choice.

Besides talking and listening, there’s another important aspect of communication. Never underestimate the power of body language.

Your body can tell her more than what you say with your words. Smile, maintain eye contact, and lean in when you’re talking to her.

It’s not enough to be genuinely interested, you also need to show it.

Give her your undivided attention and don’t look at your phone while you’re with her.

This not only shows her that she’s got your undivided attention, but will also make it more likely for you to spot body language cues she gives away if she likes you.

There’s one more thing about being a good communicator though, and that’s to know when communication is undesirable.

If you’ve been constantly texting this girl, but she doesn’t reciprocate the same amount of effort, stop.

She most likely isn’t interested in talking to you, so all you can do is respect that and move on.

You can learn how to tell if a girl likes you over text but if she’s not showing any of those obvious signs, stop texting her.

9. Exercise patience

DONE! How Does A Man Pursue A Woman 10 Steps To Win The Chase

Women love men who can exhibit patience because it lets them know that they’re worth the wait.

How does a man pursue a woman if he doesn’t think that she’s worth it? He doesn’t chase her like he’s on a lion hunt. If she’s worth it, he uses patience.

Remember, if you don’t take it slow, you might appear desperate or pushy.

Just ease up, relax, and enjoy the long game.

If you’re honest and genuine, value her, treat her right, and show her respect, she’ll appreciate it all more than anything (unless she wasn’t worth it to begin with).

10. Be a real man

DONE! How Does A Man Pursue A Woman 10 Steps To Win The Chase

There are so many men out there who simply lack direction and passion.

They are afraid of being vulnerable, so they don’t let women really get to know them.

Instead of searching for true love, they search for the most attractive girls they can find.

Once they do, they try to impress them by pretending to be someone they’re not.

When it works, they take advantage of the girl they managed to deceive… and move on to the next one as soon as the opportunity arises.

They play games, make promises they don’t intend to keep, and eventually wind up alone and full of regret.

Let’s make something clear.

A man who belittles a woman’s ambitions, devalues her dreams, and treats her with disrespect isn’t a real man.

In fact, he’s much more likely just an insecure loser.

You need to value, honor, and support a woman if you want to have her, keep her, and watch her grow.

How does a man pursue a woman for real? By being a real man who makes time for her, tells her that she’s beautiful, and acts like her biggest fan.

If you can’t do these things, don’t waste her time, and don’t waste yours either. She wants something real and you need it too.

DONE! How Does A Man Pursue A Woman 10 Steps To Win The Chase

What does it mean for a man to pursue a woman?

The truth is that modern dating is full of games, and women are tired of it. They want someone genuine – a real gent who’ll show them that there are still good men out there. If you choose to pursue a woman, you choose to show her you’re worthy of her love and time.

In the end, it doesn’t really matter how handsome or wealthy you are. All that truly matters is how special you can make a woman feel.

Show her that you’re the real man she’s been looking for, and she’ll fall deeply in love with you. And when she does, don’t stop pursuing her.

How does a man pursue a woman? Now you know, but some men will tell you to do things differently.

Before taking their advice instead of mine, take a long hard look at their love life.

A lot of men have no clue how to pursue a woman, at least not successfully.

A real man who’ll show them what love is all about and that they have finally found it.

Women want to be pursued, but only by real men – men who’ll never stop pursuing them even when they’ve won them over.

How Does A Man Pursue A Woman? 10 Steps To Win The Chase

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