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26 Obvious Signs She Is Developing Feelings For You

26 Obvious Signs She Is Developing Feelings For You

How many times did it happen that you hit on a girl and she said “I’m sorry, but you got it wrong”. Did you see some signs she is developing feelings for you and you’ve decided to approach her? Unfortunately, it turned out you were wrong?

It’s really hard to understand when a girl is actually falling for you because she mastered a game of hiding her feelings. But fear not, I’m here to help you.

Most of the guys will read random online articles, find just one or two relevant signs a girl is developing feelings for him, and conclude that she’s actually madly in love.

But no, that’s not how things work. Just one or two clues mean nothing if I’m being honest with you.

If you, for example, read that a girl smiles at you and teases you when she likes you, and made the conclusion based only on that, then no wonder you’ve got the cold shoulder. It’s possible that she may not see you as anything more than a friend.

However, if you notice a number of these signs and realize that they keep repeating, the chances that she is developing feelings for you are extremely high. So, let’s start right away!

26 obvious signs she is developing feelings for you

If you’re not sure when a girl is shoving you subtle hints and you’re desperate to solve that riddle, I recommend you to keep reading.

1. She wants to spend time with you

26 Obvious Signs She Is Developing Feelings For You

She may find some silly excuses just to see you. For example, she asks you to help her with Math even though you know she’s the one that should be helping you. Or she’ll accidentally forget her hair tie at your place.

She’s going to actually ditch everyone just to have more time with you. Even if she will never admit it, she’s going to miss you when you’re busy. She’ll want to know how your day was, if you got tired at work, and she may insist on spending time alone with you.

2. She’s nervous in your presence

Well, maybe not exactly nervous, but she’s definitely going to be shy. You’ll notice her playing with her hair more often, she’ll fix her shirt or she’ll quickly check herself out in that window you just walked by.

She’s going to be more twitchy, but there’s nothing wrong with her. It may also happen that she starts struggling to find words during your conversation or stutters a bit, but it’s just one of the signs she is developing feelings for you.

3. She asks you personal questions

She’ll want to know everything, and I mean literally everything. What is your favorite band? Which song do you listen to when you want to cheer yourself up? How many girlfriends did you have so far?

She is going to ask you some fairly personal questions because she’s curious about your life. So, if you’re looking for signs she is developing feelings for you, this is one of them.

4. She’s always texting you

DONE 26 Obvious Signs She Is Developing Feelings For You 2

Did she answer your message instantly? Of course, it means that she had her phone in her hands for the whole day and was impatiently waiting for you to text her.

Most women don’t like having a conversation over text messages, so if she’s texting you a lot, it means she enjoys your attention. That’s why, next time she answers right away, you can be sure she likes you.

5. She’s teasing you

Does she immediately tease you back after you teased her? Is she calling you out on a super cheesy pick-up line you just used?

This is, for sure, one of the signs she is developing feelings for you, but only if it’s combined with something else. Because on its own, it just means a girl is comfortable in your company and she is being playful.

6. She laughs at your lame jokes

How many times have you cracked a joke that made no sense? Did she laugh? If the answer is yes to my second question, that’s clearly one of the signs she is developing feelings for you.

Believe it or not, girls tend to laugh more at jokes a guy tells if she likes him. Maybe it was a lousy one and your friends got tired of hearing the same joke all over again, but she’s still going to like it.

7. She makes you feel special

26 Obvious Signs She Is Developing Feelings For You

You cannot turn a blind eye to this one. She’ll spoil you. She’s going to cook for you even if it’s not her best trait. She’ll remember what your favorite dish is and she’ll try to find the recipe online.

She’s going to buy you small and silly gifts, just because they remind her of you. When a girl is developing feelings for you, she may not tell you, but you’ll know it because she’ll do anything in her power to make you feel special.

8. She shares everything with you

She’ll share everything with you: memes, songs, even food. And I guess by now, you know that most people are like Joey from Friends. Nobody shares food. Unless you have strong feelings for the other person.

Does she randomly send you a meme she finds funny? Or is she sending you songs she thinks you may like? This is one of those wholesome signs you’re not just a friend to her. You’re one lucky guy!

9. She gives you her undivided attention

When she’s spending time with you, she’s going to give you her undivided attention. Yes, this could also mean she’s being polite, but I assure you, in this case, it’s not just that.

Did she ignore a phone call from her mum or sister because you were talking with her? Is she pretending that nobody else exists around you two? Like you’re in your own little world?

This is, beyond any doubt, one of the signs she is developing feelings for you.

10. She cares about you

DONE 26 Obvious Signs She Is Developing Feelings For You 4

She’s going to become your biggest cheerleader. She’ll support every decision you make and she won’t judge you. Even when you look at her, you’ll be able to see the honest concern in her eyes.

Also, if a girl is developing feelings for you, one of the signs is the way she defends you in front of other people. She’ll always speak highly of you, even if you’re not present. And if someone says something bad, she’s going to stand up for you.

11. She apologizes if she’s done something wrong

She will be genuinely sorry if she did or said something that hurt you. And she will apologize for it even though you didn’t ask.

Mostly, people will hardly admit they were wrong because their ego won’t let that happen. But if she does say she’s sorry and confesses her mistake, you can be sure she is developing feelings for you.

12. Her bestie knows you exist

Does her best friend know your name? Then she definitely sees you as more than a friend and this is a clear sign!

You’ve probably heard how girls share everything with their best friends, and that’s partially true. The only time they’ll talk about a certain guy is if he’s insanely hot or if she genuinely likes him.

Whatever is the reason out of these two – you, my buddy, win.

13. She’s jealous of other women around you

26 Obvious Signs She Is Developing Feelings For You

Have you noticed how she behaves differently when you mention other girls? Does her eye twitch at the sound of another girl’s name? Yup, she’s being jealous.

She’s going to be overprotective if you’re in company of other girls. But, at this point, she doesn’t have any “girlfriend” rights over you, so she will be a bit anxious. And maybe, you will be the only one who actually notices she’s behaving differently.

14. She’s being vulnerable in front of you

Does she keep telling you all her dreams and ideal travel destinations? Is she spending a lot of time being completely honest with you about her fears and hopes? Did she put her walls down in front of you?

The last time you two went out, she shared a story about her first pet out of nowhere and her eyes teared a bit. That’s one of the signs she is clearly developing feelings for you.

Nobody wants to be vulnerable in front of the people we don’t feel safe around. You may even be able to see her in home-edition clothes and without make-up. She is going to show you how clumsy she can be and how childish she can get. Hope you’ll appreciate it.

15. She remembers the smallest details about you

Have you told her how you like particular patterns on shirts? Later, for your birthday or on some random occasion, she got you a shirt with the pattern you were mentioning.

Do you like specific chocolate? Or do you have a fave bakery in the other part of the city whose pastry with cherries is super delicious? When a girl tries a bit harder to remember the smallest details about you, I can guarantee you that it means she is developing feelings for you.

Don’t be surprised if she brings chocolate or that pastry with her next time you guys arrange a meeting.

16. She blushes in your presence

DONE 26 Obvious Signs She Is Developing Feelings For You 6

Do those beautiful cheeks of hers slowly turn red when she sees you? Is she being shy in your presence?

Yup, that girl likes you. She even started developing feelings for you and this is one of those telltale signs.

Don’t we all blush when someone smiles at us and gives us a heartfelt compliment? Unless she’s a narcissist and she thinks the world revolves around her or it’s really hot in a room. Then, unfortunately, it’s not you who makes her blush.

17. She lights up when she sees you

If you notice a girl smiling from a mile away when she sees you, do I actually have to say something?

Her whole face will light up and her eyes will sparkle. She’ll look at you as if you’re the object of admiration, shoes she wanted badly, or that bag she had to spend half of her savings for.

You won’t be able to miss this reaction. It will be too obvious!

18. She smiles at you

Take it as one of the signs she is developing feelings for you – she’ll smile at you more often. Or, I’ll put it this way – she’ll smile at you timidly.

A genuine smile is, undoubtedly, proof that someone is enjoying our company. So if you notice she blushes and is jittery around you as well, take her on a date!

19. She hugs you longer (and tighter)

26 Obvious Signs She Is Developing Feelings For You

Who doesn’t like hugs? It actually became one of the most common ways to greet someone, especially your friends. So it’s normal that you won’t take this as one of the signs she’s developing feelings for you, right?

But what if she hugs you a bit longer each time? And tighter?

I’d ask you if you’re blind. Dude, it’s crystal clear!

She enjoys your company and she likes your touch. She’s going to use every opportunity she has to find comfort in your arms. She doesn’t like letting you go.

So yes, this IS one of those signs that indicate she sees you as more than a friend.

20. She touches you more often

Is she removing the invisible thread from your jumper or is she ruffling your hair playfully? Is she trying to find an excuse just to touch you?

You’ve guessed it right. If a girl gets a bit touchy-touchy from time to time, it is an undeniable sign she is developing feelings for you.

Yes, she is going to use every opportunity to touch you. Even if it’s just a high-five, or she’s touching your arm after you cracked a joke. She may playfully punch you too!

21. She flirts with you

Is she minimizing the space between you, tilting her head, or leaning in to hear you better? Is she playfully twirling her hair while she’s talking with you?

Do you notice she got flirty over text as well? Is she using a lot of heart emojis, or “heart-eyes” emoji, and the one that is blowing a kiss? Have you noticed how her mood changes from good morning texts, to those with random questions and back to the ones that are more intimate?

If she’s trying to include you in her daily life and she’s doing that in a relaxed way, without being pushy, it’s one of the utter signs she is developing feelings.

22. She bites her lips

DONE 26 Obvious Signs She Is Developing Feelings For You 8

Not only she’s staring at you while you’re talking, but you’ve also caught her biting her lip?

More often than not, the girl is going to fix her eyes on your lips if she badly wants to kiss you. Add to that licking her lips or biting them, and you know she’s really into you.

She is going to, unconsciously, do these things and if you’re paying enough attention, you may notice it together with other signs that she is developing feelings for you and finally make a move!

23. You get the stare when you dress up

We all get that mind-blowing, eye-popping, heart-stopping feeling when we see our crush all dressed up. And she is no exception. You’ll notice it every time you show up in a nice shirt or when you suit up. Hell, whenever you put a little bit of effort into your outfit, you’ll see her eyes shining.

When she finally manages to shoot the breeze, expect some compliments as well. She’ll use the situation to tell you how stunning you are and, at the same time, she will try to hide the fact that she’s into you.

24. She’s very active on your social media profiles

Nowadays, social media is a big part of our lives. We came to the point where we cannot spend a day without checking our profiles on Instagram, TikTok, or Facebook.

So, normally, if a girl is developing feelings for you, she will be very active on your profiles.

What I mean by this one is that she’ll like all of your photos and sometimes even comment on them. She’ll watch every Insta story and tap that heart button. She’s the one that often slides into your DMs and initiates the conversation as well.

25. Her body language is expressive

26 Obvious Signs She Is Developing Feelings For You

Is she standing taller in your presence, or turning her whole body towards you when you’re talking? Is she locking eyes with you when you’re in a room full of people?

No matter how hard she tries to hide her feelings for you, her open body language will reveal all her secrets. She may mirror your body language as well, which is one of the visible signs she is developing feelings for you.

26. She drunk texts you

She was out with her friends and she drank a bit too much. Even in those fuzzy moments, she’s thinking of you. And, of course, she takes her phone and texts you. In the morning you get an apology or silly excuses about how someone took her phone.

Even though she was out with her girlfriends, having fun, she may text you something like “I wish you were here” or just simply “I miss you”.

Does this scenario seem familiar to you? And are you still waiting for me to give you an answer if that is one of the signs she is developing feelings for you?

Dude, go ask her out!

At this drunk-ish moment, she is the most vulnerable, and her choosing to text you means she feels safe around you.

Bonus: Reasons why she’s hiding her feelings

There are several reasons why a girl is hiding her feelings for you. Whether she’s just being shy or there is something more serious happening in the back of her mind, I’ll help you crack the code.

In the next part of this article, we’ll mention the three most important reasons she would try to hide all those signs that she is developing feelings for you.

1. She’s not sure if you like her

DONE 26 Obvious Signs She Is Developing Feelings For You 10

No matter how confident a girl is, she’ll always be cautious in making the first move. She’ll do anything in her power to figure out if you feel anything for her before she actually tells you how she feels.

All of us play the hot and cold games sometimes, and this situation is no exception either. It may seem like she’s really interested in you one day, just so she doesn’t even notice you the other one.

She is going to speak the truth only if you show her you like her as well. So if you notice some of the signs that a girl is trying to hide her feelings, react. Don’t worry, you won’t be welcomed with that famous sentence “I like you as a friend”.

2. She’s been hurt before

You’ll agree with me when I say that all of us went through hell and back at least once in our lifetime. If she’s not sure about how you’re feeling towards her, she may neglect her feelings and try to hide them.

However, no matter how hard she tries, some of the signs that she is developing feelings for you will be more than obvious.

Try approaching her as a friend first, and learn what she’s afraid of. Figure out what happened before and try not to make the same mistake. When she sees you genuinely care about her, she’s going to relax in your company and most likely, you will end up in a relationship.

3. She’s afraid of losing you

26 Obvious Signs She Is Developing Feelings For You

Do you know her for a while or is she possibly your best friend? When a girl decides to hide clues that she likes you, it may be for one simple reason – she is afraid of losing you.

Naturally, we don’t want to lose people we are comfortable with. Especially those with whom we can share our fears, hopes, and dreams, without being judged.

This girl is aware of the fact that if she confesses her feelings, and you don’t feel the same, she may lose you as a friend. So, she chooses to stay silent even though her body language keeps screaming “I like you!”

26 Obvious Signs She Is Developing Feelings For You

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