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Here’s What Makes A Woman Magnetic And Irresistible

Here’s What Makes A Woman Magnetic And Irresistible

What makes a woman magnetic and irresistible? We can all speculate as to what men find attractive and captivating but there’s no actual list of things that every single man in this world will find irresistible.

Each man in this world has his own preferences. One man may go after a more cute and shy girl while another man will chase an independent woman who’s strong and assertive.

We often believe that a man finds a girl alluring when she has long, flowy, blonde hair or when she wears a certain type of dress but it’s very hard to pinpoint a certain physical appearance that’s attractive to everyone.

There’s really no ‘one size fits all‘ description of a woman that every single person in this world will find beautiful. However, there are a few universal things you can pay attention to.

What makes a woman magnetic and irresistible?

Before we begin to list what men tend to find to be very interesting in women, we just need to make one thing clear: You don’t need to change yourself for anyone!

This may sound somewhat contradictory because you’re here to figure out what’s attractive in the context of the male gaze. However, that’s a social construct.

You don’t have to fit into a stereotype just to be liked by someone. If a man likes you, let it be for the person you genuinely are.

Don’t change your entire personality simply for what a man may want. You deserve to be loved for the woman you are and not for a fake representation of who you may want to become or who you think he wants.

You already have everything that someone will love, you just need a reminder that you’re lovable just the way you are because I can almost guarantee that you have most of these traits.

1. You’re friendly

DONE! Here's What Makes A Woman Magnetic And Irresistible

If we’re being honest right now, men probably don’t even understand that they look for this trait in women. It’s something they all talk about when they speak about their perfect partner but they don’t know how to describe it.

So what does it mean when a woman is friendly? When you’re thinking about what makes a woman magnetic and irresistible, it isn’t likely that you’d choose this trait right away.

What do you think of when you hear the word ‘friendly’? You think of someone you can talk to without any reservations, someone who smiles with you when you’re happy, and someone who’s kind.

That’s exactly what men find to be so absolutely enticing about a woman. They want someone who can be their friend first and then everything else after.

You can be attractive and intelligent but if you’re not friendly or welcoming to a man, he won’t even try to catch your fancy.

2. You’re confident

Many of us don’t exude confidence and it’s so obvious when a woman’s insecure about a certain part of her.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re unconfident about your body, voice, laugh, or knowledge on a certain topic; regardless, your insecurities will show.

Confidence is one of the most magnetic and irresistible things a woman can express, though. You know how absolutely beautiful it is to see a woman who’s completely feeling herself.

When you yourself walk into a room with your head held high, your shoulders leaned back and your back straight, you look like you could conquer the world if you needed to.

That doesn’t mean that you don’t have any insecurities. You probably have things that you would love to change about yourself.

Just because you’re confident, it doesn’t mean that you’re narcissistic. There’s just something so attractive about a woman who knows what she’s capable of.

3. You’re independent

DONE! Here's What Makes A Woman Magnetic And Irresistible

It’s hard to be attracted to someone who’s co-dependent on you. Men can sense when a woman is insecure and depends on others for validation and affirmation.

You know what it’s like when you’re in the presence of a girl who constantly makes self-deprecating jokes and needs you to tell her that she’s beautiful or else she gets extremely depressed.

A woman should be emotionally independent before anything else and she should be able to get those affirmations from herself.

This also includes being financially independent. This is not really something every man will look for right away and he likely won’t mind if this part of your life is not stable but it’s so attractive when a woman doesn’t have to depend on him.

If you’re a woman like that, a guy will gladly let you into his life because it’ll look as if you have your entire life together. You’ll also inspire him to work on himself more and to become just as independent as you are.

Of course, however, this doesn’t mean that an independent woman doesn’t need to be taken care of from time to time.

4. You’re intelligent

When you ask the question, “What makes a woman magnetic and irresistible?” every man in this world will tell you that she needs to be intelligent.

Sometimes, though, they’re lying, as not every man can handle a brainy woman simply because they find it to be too intimidating.

That doesn’t mean that you should play dumb just to make a man feel better about himself. A real man will find your brilliance extremely appealing.

When you’re knowledgeable, you can give him advice and make him think about things he never thought of before. You can recommend books and movies to him, which he can use to learn more.

You’re an intelligent woman and you’ll constantly try to learn new things yourself. You’ll never just think that you’re smart enough, so you’ll always work on yourself.

This is exactly why he wants a girl like you next to him. He wants someone with substance who can help him and challenge his worldviews.

If a girl’s playing dumb, he won’t have anything in common with her. Any man will be more attracted to a girl who’s more than just a pretty face.

5. You have good manners

DONE! Here's What Makes A Woman Magnetic And Irresistible

This is something that goes both ways. Just like women don’t like men who have very bad manners, men don’t like women who don’t know how to behave properly either.

This means that they don’t appreciate a woman who doesn’t have table manners or one who doesn’t mind letting out weird noises when the occasion doesn’t call for it.

You wouldn’t like to see a man eating like a pig right there in front of you. You want someone who will be polite and know how to charm you with their manners.

When a man uses only his hands while eating, doesn’t close his mouth while chewing, or anything else along those lines, he’s immediately less attractive to you. In the same way, men genuinely do look for women who have good manners.

6. You have a sense of humor

What makes a woman more magnetic and irresistible than an amazing sense of humor?

When a man tells you a joke, he wants to hear you respond to it. Women make the mistake of just laughing at jokes and expecting the man to continue making them until he’s all done with his little stand-up act.

Who would feel comfortable in the presence of a woman like that, though, especially if she doesn’t try to make him laugh as well? That’s a big turn-off for all men.

On the other hand, it’s extremely attractive when a woman can be funny too. So let your wit and humor show and don’t hold back when you have something to say that may make him laugh very hard.

He’ll feel welcomed by you and he will want to hear more of the jokes that you have to say because he’s mesmerized by you. A woman like you will put him in a good mood and he won’t be able to get enough of you.

Sometimes, a man will feel threatened by you with this and they’ll think that you’re just trying to outsmart them. However, that’s an issue with insecure men who have nothing good to offer you other than very bad jokes.

7. You have empathy

DONE! Here's What Makes A Woman Magnetic And Irresistible

Men are naturally drawn to women who exude empathy.

Most men aren’t used to others understanding their emotions as they grew up not knowing how to express them and now they’re very weirdly attached to women who show them empathy and understanding.

But let’s be honest here for a moment; everyone looks for an empathetic partner. You want someone who understands you and is patient with you, just like a man would want the same thing from a woman.

Being empathetic means giving yourself time to put yourself in the shoes of the person you’re talking to. This gives you the possibility to understand each other’s point of view and to actually communicate everything through.

When a man sees that you are empathetic and that you can listen to him when he needs to vent or ask for advice, then he’s immediately drawn to you.

He feels safe next to a woman like you, which is why an empathetic woman is considered to be very magnetic and irresistible.

8. You take care of your health

Taking care of your health can mean lots of things but it usually refers to someone who exercises regularly, eats healthily, and drinks plenty of water.

You can usually spot a woman who takes care of her health, as she looks more alive than anyone else.

She has more energy, she’s happy, and on top of that, she looks good. This doesn’t always mean that a skinny woman is a healthy woman; she doesn’t have to have a thigh gap for it to mean that she’s in good health.

When we’re talking about health, we’re talking about something we all need to do for ourselves. Our bodies are unique and we need to take care of our own in different ways.

If you haven’t been taking care of your body lately, this is your reminder to do so. Exercise may seem like a bore but it truly does wonders for your mental and physical health.

When you’re taking care of yourself, you also have more energy to work on the other things you want to achieve in life (and it’ll definitely make you irresistible too).

9. You have goals

DONE! Here's What Makes A Woman Magnetic And Irresistible

A man can get bored of a woman very easily if she doesn’t have goals in her life.

We set objectives that we want to work toward during our lifetime and even if we don’t know what we’re doing, we should all have some sort of goals that we want to work on.

Your goals can change at any time but it’s always important to work on something. There’s just something so endearing and magnetic about a woman who sets her own.

A man will love to listen to everything you have to say about yours and he’ll always ask you for more information and this also means that he’ll get inspired by you.

You’ll give him the motivation he needs to achieve some of his own objectives.

This is so much better than someone who doesn’t want to do anything with their life and just lives one day after another. Being driven by something is extremely important.

When you set your own goals, you also probably know whether you want to have children in the future or not. This gives him the perfect insight into what your future together may look like if you actually do pursue a relationship.

10. You’re open-minded

What makes a woman magnetic and irresistible, you may be wondering? Well, let me tell you that being open-minded is a great trait for another human being to see you have.

When you’re open-minded, you’re ready to hear everyone’s perspectives on life without an ounce of judgment in your voice.

You know that everyone thinks differently and that no two people are entirely the same, which is exactly why you’ll always be the first one to listen to his crazy stories.

If you have an open mind, it won’t stand in the way of new experiences either and whenever a man has a crazy idea, he wants the woman in his life to be onboard with it.

This doesn’t include dangerous things but rather things that are out of the ordinary.

When a girl is narrow-minded and doesn’t want to see outside the box, she’s just boring to every man. It’s one thing to have boundaries but it’s another thing to completely avoid new experiences.

Having an open mind is truly important when it comes to dating because a person needs someone they can explore life with. That’s exactly why men are so attracted to open-minded women.

11. You’re forgiving

DONE! Here's What Makes A Woman Magnetic And Irresistible

Everyone makes mistakes. I know, it’s a cliché, but hear me out.

There are things that should never be forgiven under any circumstances, like cheating, abuse, manipulation, neglect, and so on.

Those things are unforgivable and if anyone experiences them, they need to walk away from that person completely.

A woman shouldn’t even be second-guessing her decision if she experiences any of these things; she should just leave. However, no one’s perfect, and a forgiving woman is extremely appealing to a man for many reasons.

Everyone knows that relationships require a lot of work. There will be situations in which you’ll both be mad at each other for a couple of minutes but then everything will be all right because you’ll talk things through.

It’s frustrating when he thinks that his woman has forgiven him and then she continues to bring up his mistakes throughout the entire relationship. Don’t be that woman!

Of course, this isn’t a trait that he can spot on the first few dates but he will somewhere down the line and it’s crucial. Later on, it becomes one of the reasons why a woman is so irresistible to her man.

12. You don’t obsess over the way you look

Let’s get one thing straight; we all love to look good! Women spend so much time in front of the mirror doing their make-up, fixing their hair, putting just a little bit more of that highlighter on their face.

We want to look presentable and that’s completely understandable. Everyone does that and if he says that he doesn’t flex his muscles in front of the mirror, he’s lying.

However, a woman becomes obnoxious when she’s overly obsessed with the way she looks. That’s the kind of girl who keeps looking at herself in every single mirror she passes.

She has to check whether her make-up is okay even though dinner has been served. She doesn’t even care that she’s late for her date just because she had to spend an extra hour getting ready.

What makes a woman magnetic and irresistible is never her outward appearance, I can guarantee you that much. He would much rather spend time with someone who is completely focused on him.

Also, you know how much men love to see a woman dressed casually? In just your sweats and a shirt, you’ll look so much more desirable to him later on in your relationship.

Of course, you can dress up to impress someone but just remember that there’s so much more to being attractive than looks.

13. You’re strong

DONE! Here's What Makes A Woman Magnetic And Irresistible

We all face challenges in life but it’s how we look at them and how we react to them that makes us irresistible or magnetic to others.

When I say a ‘strong woman‘, I hope you don’t think of someone who’s physically strong (although that counts, too) but rather someone who’s emotionally and mentally strong.

You’re someone who doesn’t crumble at the first sight of a challenge in life and doesn’t just give up on everything.

Life has many obstacles for us and they’re obvious in our day-to-day life. Some people deal with them better than others but a strong woman is someone who will never be brought down by them.

Yes, you may cry and fall apart at times but you will get yourself back up on your own two feet and then you’ll move on.

A woman like you inspires every man to become a better version of himself and that’s exactly why you’re so irresistible.

Although at times, you may seem a little bit too strong and in that case, a weak man won’t be able to handle you because he’ll be intimidated by your strength.

14. You’re honest

Unapologetic honesty is definitely something everyone appreciates. Most men want to know what’s going on in your mind because they can’t just simply read it.

There’s something so alluring about a woman who’s able to say what she does and doesn’t like. That also includes a woman who’s completely honest about whether or not she’s into the man she’s seeing.

If you’re not feeling the vibe and you don’t think that things can become serious anytime soon, you have to be honest about it. This way, no one’s time gets wasted and the guy doesn’t have to try harder to get you to like him.

An honest woman is an authentic one. You don’t feel the need to be anyone but yourself.

If you have to pretend or lie to get someone’s attention, then that’s not the man you want or need.

15. You know your worth

DONE! Here's What Makes A Woman Magnetic And Irresistible

The world tries to humble women so much. Others try to make us forget our own worth in order for us to forget the power we hold.

A woman who knows her worth is a woman who feels the pressure society tries to put on her and she still manages to thrive. She just doesn’t give up.

You genuinely know your worth and because of that, you won’t let anyone humble you to believe that you’re anything less than an amazing human being.

When you think about what makes a woman magnetic and irresistible, it’s definitely her self-worth and self-respect.

We have to look out for ourselves and when we do, that’s very attractive to men because that means that we won’t just run after someone and we’ll put our foot down when we know that we’re being disrespected.

We will speak up when someone says something that we think is insulting to us or anyone around us. When he sees a woman like that, he will never be able to get enough of her.

Here's What Makes A Woman Magnetic And Irresistible

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