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Is He Nothing More Than A Serial Dater? 5 Ways To Find Out

Is He Nothing More Than A Serial Dater? 5 Ways To Find Out

Is it that bad to date a serial dater? Well, if you’re one yourself, then there’s nothing bad about it. You’re just there for the thrill of the game and to meet as many different people as you possibly can.

That’s completely fine. Many people are like that and you have the full right to be one of them.

However, when you want a serious relationship and you want to be with someone who’s there for the long run, then you can’t just ignore the red flags.

There are so many other people in this world who’ll love you the way you want to be loved, so the fact that he may be nothing more than a serial dater may just leave you heartbroken. Do you truly want that?

1. He’s extremely arrogant

DONE! Is He Nothing More Than A Serial Dater 5 Ways To Find Out

You know what the difference is between arrogance and confidence, right? I once heard the best explanation for this and it’s that arrogant people exaggerate their positive traits, while confident people simply know how good they are.

Confident people don’t need to overvalue themselves, because they know that they’re good, while arrogant people will never admit their shortcomings.

The guy you like acts like he’s perfect. Because he’s been with so many women in his life, he feels like he’s God’s gift to women.

That’s why you feel so insecure when you’re with him. He makes you feel like you’d fall for him no matter what and he could have you. You can see just how high his opinion of himself is.

A serial dater will have that type of arrogance because he thinks that he can have any woman he wants.

2. He always talks about the women he’s been with

DONE! Is He Nothing More Than A Serial Dater 5 Ways To Find Out

A serial dater has been with many women. You need to be aware of that.

He’s the type of person who searches for his perfect match but the very moment he doesn’t get the satisfaction he’s craving or he finds the smallest flaw in someone, he walks away. He craves perfection (which he’ll never get) so he goes from one woman to the next.

You’ll know that he’s a serial cheater when he can’t shut up about other women. He’ll tell you their deepest and darkest secrets and he may even tell you details that you never wanted to know.

That’s because he wants you to know how desirable he is. He wants you to see that he’s been with many women. It’s his way of teasing you and to see whether you’ll be better than them.

Don’t fall for his petty little tricks.

3. He doesn’t shy away from huge promises

DONE! Is He Nothing More Than A Serial Dater 5 Ways To Find Out

Usually, people like to take things slowly. They like to meet you, get to know you, and see whether you’re a person they can commit to. You’re probably like that as well. You don’t just want someone who’ll break your heart.

But this guy doesn’t seem to mind the fact that you don’t know each other that well. He promises you the entire world and seems so genuine about it.

That’s very romantic when you know that it’s time to talk about your future together. However, he starts making these huge promises at the very beginning.

You’re still trying to figure out whether you even like him but here he is, making sure you know that he’s ready to leave everything to spend his life with you. Isn’t that very suspicious?

He says those things because he’s said them a million times before. He knows that women fall for that type of thing and he continues to use this tactic. The fact remains that it’s just a whole lot of stupid promises but you could still fall for it if you’re not careful enough.

A man who wants something serious with you will be real about everything and he won’t need to lie.

4. He’s too good at flirting

DONE! Is He Nothing More Than A Serial Dater 5 Ways To Find Out

We’re all so clumsy when it comes to flirting. Some of us are better than others but someone who’s been in a serious relationship before isn’t going to just sweep you off of your feet right away.

People forget how to do these things. A good guy can definitely be good at flirting but he’ll still have moments when he’s very insecure.

However, a serial dater is too good at flirting. He does it so much that you feel like he’s rehearsed it to the point of perfection. He always knows what to say to get your attention and to keep you interested.

It’s like the perfect balance between aloofness and interest. He knows what he’s doing and you feel like you’re at a disadvantage as this man always leaves you blushing.

5. You catch him lying to you quite often

DONE! Is He Nothing More Than A Serial Dater 5 Ways To Find Out

For a serial dater to continue living his life in a way that benefits his so-called ‘addiction’, he has to lie. He needs to pretend that you’re the only woman he’s seeing and the only woman he’s interested in.

Those promises he makes are nothing more than lies that he continues to spout so that you can get more hooked on him by the minute. That’s just an awful way of deceiving you into believing that he’s the perfect man for you.

However, you’ll be able to catch him lying if you pay close enough attention. He’ll tell you that he isn’t seeing any other women but then you’ll see him with someone or when he says that you’re the only girl he talks to, you’ll find he’s texting others daily.

His lies could also be obvious at times like when he promises to pick you up and he never appears.

He just isn’t that serious about you. Pay close attention and don’t let yourself be fooled by a man like him.

Is He Nothing More Than A Serial Dater? 5 Ways To Find Out

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