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Does He Find Me Attractive? 13 Undeniable Signs He’s Into You

Does He Find Me Attractive? 13 Undeniable Signs He’s Into You

So, you met this awesome, super cute guy and you want to find out whether or not he likes you back? You spend an endless amount of time looking for signs he finds you irresistible, but still, you’re asking yourself: Does he find me attractive?

Perhaps you’re not even sure what to look for or maybe you’re head over heels for him and blinded by love.

But what exactly does it mean to find someone attractive? Well, nature or God, whatever it is you believe in, has made us attractive to one another.

You can like someone, for example, their personality or the color of their hair, but if you don’t experience a mutual love or romantic attraction, the chances are slim for something to happen between you two.

That’s why it’s so vital that both of you have the same mutual level of romantic attraction if you’re thinking about being exclusive. It’s perfectly fine if you don’t feel fireworks immediately after you meet a man, but you have to open up yourself to getting to know him better.

All of us have experienced unrequited love. I’m positive that it was quite an uncomfortable situation because you had to say to the other person that the feelings aren’t mutual and that you see them only as a friend.

Perhaps you were the one who got rejected by someone you were attracted to. You might even have had the unfortunate experience of pursuing them for a long time before they finally told you they didn’t feel the same way about you.

Bottom line, mutual attraction is essential for any successful and healthy relationship.

Does he find me attractive?

Does He Find Me Attractive 13 Undeniable Signs He's Into You

Since it can be quite difficult to know what’s going on inside a man’s head, it’s good to be familiar with the signs that he finds you attractive.

I know that you’re brainstorming what your next move should be, so having a clear idea of what to look out for can help you decipher whether he’s interested in you or just being friendly.

Even if it’s tough to get a handle on how a guy feels about you, keep in mind that the situation isn’t any easier for men either.

Many researchers have concluded that men actually have a harder time recognizing those clear signs of attraction.

So, even if you know that he’s into you, he might not recognize the signals you’ve been giving him. That’s because men and women perceive certain things differently.

Emotional vs. physical attraction

DONE Does He Find Me Attractive 13 Undeniable Signs Hes Into You 2

Before jumping right to the signs he finds you irresistible, let’s cover the different types of attraction. The ones I find to be particularly crucial are emotional and physical attraction.

To better understand a man’s intention, you have to know the difference between these two.

Physical attraction is all about lust and desire, whereas emotional attraction is creating a deep and meaningful bond with the other person.

Being attracted to someone doesn’t always have to imply that you want to get them into the bedroom.

When you genuinely love someone, you want to spend more time with that person and that’s how you create a deeper bond with them.

Also, physical attraction focuses on what’s on the outside, while being emotionally attracted to someone means you’re drawn to who they are as a person.

That means if you’re physically mesmerized by someone, you care only about how they physically look. It’s more superficial.

On the other hand, emotional attraction digs a bit deeper and focuses on the other person’s personality and character.

Signs a man is attracted to you

Knowing the common signs a man displays when he’s really into you takes the guesswork out of the equation. You won’t have to spend countless hours investigating his social media profiles or asking his friends if he’s into you.

You can decide what your next move should be according to the signs you recognize.

1. He makes intense eye contact with you

Does He Find Me Attractive 13 Undeniable Signs He's Into You

If you think that people only communicate through words, then you’ll be surprised.

What if I told you that the most meaningful, deep, and real conversations that you could have with each other are through your eyes?

Would you believe me when I say that only those who share a special bond can stare at each other for hours and not say a single word?

So, if you’re wondering whether he finds you attractive, here’s your answer: He does, if he can’t take his eyes off you.

When he’s really into you and when he finds you attractive, then his eyes will follow you wherever you are in the room.

He’ll check you out from head to toe constantly. And once your eyes lock on each other’s, you’ll feel it in your gut how much he wants you.

Also, if you two are having a conversation, then he’ll probably stare into your eyes and not be distracted by anything. He’ll show you that you’re the focus of his attention in that moment and no one else.

On top of that, if he flirts a bit with you and then uses some eye contact with you, then it will probably make you blush and your heart will start beating very fast. But little do you know that this was his plan all along.

2. He’ll make sure to look a bit extra if he knows he’s going to see you

DONE Does He Find Me Attractive 13 Undeniable Signs Hes Into You 6

If you’ve known or been friends with each other for a long time, then this will prove to you that something feels a bit strange about him.

But if you recently met him in a bar where he was already looking stunning, then you might not be able to tell if he made an effort to look handsome for you.

You have to pick up subtle signs that a guy is really into you if you want to know what’s going on inside his mind. So, next time you see him, pay attention to how he looks.

Does he wear his ordinary old clothes and look unshaven? Or does he suddenly seem a bit extra and well-groomed? These subtle changes in his appearance could point out that his feelings for you have changed.

Perhaps he told you that he started working out and taking care of his body more. That’s all because he wants you to feel the same way about him. He might even check his hair and shirt as soon as he sees you coming his way.

3. He smiles at you a lot

Does He Find Me Attractive 13 Undeniable Signs He's Into You

Tell me this. Does he smile and laugh at your every joke even though you know it isn’t that funny at all? If so, that could be an indication that on some level he finds you pretty attractive.

But don’t be mistaken thinking that every man who smiles at you is interested in you. Some men may use this technique to suggest they’re interested in having a fling with you.

On the other hand, it could also mean that he’s really into you and wants to get to know you better.

It depends on the situation really, because if you see a guy smiling at you from across the room, then you can pretty much figure out on your own what his intentions are.

But if he smiles at you while staring deeply into your eyes and listening to what you have to say, then you can be sure that your beauty hypnotizes him.

Perhaps you notice him laughing the hardest whenever you say something funny.

That’s because he can’t help himself and he fancies you a lot actually. In most cases, your gut will be telling you if something’s going on, so you better listen to it.

4. He’s being flirty with you

DONE Does He Find Me Attractive 13 Undeniable Signs Hes Into You 8

If you didn’t know it by now, but this is one of the most obvious signs a man finds you attractive, whether that be emotionally or physically, it doesn’t matter.

Either way, he’ll make it clear to you that his intention isn’t to be friends with you, but rather something more serious.

But keep in mind that there are different types of flirting and each of them has its own meaning.

There’s romantic flirting that guys only use when they have genuine feelings for you, and then there’s the type of flirting which insinuates a guy is only looking for a casual fling.

The latter is a bit more fun and playful and will include positive physical remarks about your body. Also, a man will often try to touch you while he’s giving you a compliment about your physical appearance.

He could be putting your hair behind your ear or gently touching your hand while whispering something to you.

And if you recognize any of these things or anything similar, then you be sure that he’s really into you.

5. His voice deepens when he talks with you

Does He Find Me Attractive 13 Undeniable Signs He's Into You

This is another subtle sign a man is attracted to you, as it’s rather hard to pick up on when the tone of his voice changes while he’s talking to you.

If it’s difficult for you to recognize this, then become aware of how he speaks to his friends and other people around him.

Does it seem to you as if his voice deepens when he’s talking to you versus them? If so, then you can be pretty sure that he has some serious feelings for you.

This happens because he subconsciously changes his behavior whenever he’s around you to appear more powerful and dominant. And as we all know, how they are perceived by others is very important to men.

Also, many scientific studies have concluded that women prefer deeper male voices over soft ones. That’s another reason men will often lower the tone of their voice without even being aware of it.

Even if he consciously tries to hide his feelings from you, there are certain things that even a man can’t keep hidden.

6. He notices when other men are looking at you

DONE Does He Find Me Attractive 13 Undeniable Signs Hes Into You 10

Many think that jealousy and protectiveness is a bad thing, but it’s actually not. As long as it doesn’t evolve into controlling behavior, it’s actually a desirable quality.

So, if you’re still not sure if he finds you attractive, then pay attention to his behavior when you’re around other men. Do you feel like he’s being a bit possessive over you? If so, then you can be certain that he’s really into you.

This happens because it’s natural for a man to come off as protective and jealous about their significant other.

That’s why your man will notice every time another man looks at you. He’ll quickly come and grab you around your waist if he really wants you.

He’ll be able to identify other men’s intentions and he might even point it out to see your reaction.

Take a look at his behavior when other men seem interested in you.

Does it seem to you as if he’s trying to compete with them? Is he trying to be funnier or more handsome? Perhaps he’ll stand close to them to show you he’s more of a man?

If so, this can be interpreted as a sign that he’s trying to get your attention.

7. He uses every opportunity to touch you

Does He Find Me Attractive 13 Undeniable Signs He's Into You

Does he find you attractive? To answer that, take a look at how he behaves when he’s around you.

If he really wants you, then he won’t miss out on any chance to touch you as much as he possibly can.

And I’m not talking about those players who take advantage of any opportunity they can get to touch you inappropriately. I’m referring to those subtle touches that give you goosebumps.

Your man might touch your arm when he’s talking to you to make more of a point. Or he may gently nudge you while making a joke. Either way, he’ll be using any excuse to subtly touch you because he wants to feel you physically.

He may also linger while giving you a hug. You know that there’s a difference between a normal hug and a romantic one, right?

Usually, a friendly hug lasts only a couple of seconds. On the other hand, if he finds you attractive, then he’ll hang on to you for a little longer. Why? Because he wants to feel your body close to his.

8. He’ll try to stand as close to you as possible

DONE Does He Find Me Attractive 13 Undeniable Signs Hes Into You 12

Even though it’s one of the most obvious signs, many women tend to ignore this and underestimate its significance.

But if a man is attracted to you, emotionally or physically, he’ll obviously take every opportunity to be as close to you as possible.

If you’re surrounded by other people, it may be that you see him standing or sitting closest to you. Or if you two are alone, then he’ll try to lean his body into yours while you’re having a conversation.

Your heart will definitely start beating faster and you may not know how to respond to his closeness.

If you’re feeling uncomfortable, though, and don’t want him to break the barrier of personal space, then make it clear to him by pulling away from him slowly.

9. He blushes suddenly

Does He Find Me Attractive 13 Undeniable Signs He's Into You

Normally people associate blushing with women and not with men. But that’s not always the case.

If a man is eager to have you, then his heart rate will rise, causing his blood pressure to do the same. As a consequence, his cheeks will start flushing when you’re around him.

That’s a pretty strong sign that he’s hoping you’ll be more than a friend and that he wants to create a deep and meaningful bond with you.

Also, this is something that he won’t be able to hide, as it happens subconsciously and you can’t do much about it.

It’s yet another subtle sign that you might miss if you aren’t paying close attention. If you’re dating a man who’s quite shy about his feelings for you, then this is a good indicator of attraction.

Perhaps your man is uncomfortable standing close to you or even touching you without getting to know you a bit better.

Or maybe he won’t maintain eye contact because he isn’t used to, so his blushing can reveal to you what he’s feeling about you.

10. He’s nervous when you’re near him

DONE Does He Find Me Attractive 13 Undeniable Signs Hes Into You 14

Some people have nerves of steel and don’t act in any way unusual when they find themselves in an uncomfortable situation. Most, however, don’t have that ability and their behavior changes rather quickly.

So, if the man you’re into finds you attractive, then he’ll probably be nervous around you.

If you’re wondering how you’ll see if he’s nervous, then pay attention to whether or not he’s fidgeting or lingering.

For example, he might use his phone and play with it to calm his nerves, run his fingers through his hair a lot, or fidget with anything that could possibly cover up the fact he can’t control himself around you.

Also, being clumsy with words, sweating, and being all jumpy are all signs he’s nervous because he’s attracted to you.

11. He’ll flash you an eyebrow occasionally

Does He Find Me Attractive 13 Undeniable Signs He's Into You

You may have never guessed, but raising your eyebrows can actually be a body language sign he finds you attractive. It usually happens on the first date, and if you’re not looking out for it, you may not notice it at all.

But if someone likes you – and I mean really likes you – then they’ll raise their eyebrows. This entire process lasts only about a tenth of a second and most women don’t even recognize it.

So, next time you go on a date with that cute, awesome guy, see if he’ll raise his eyebrows while you’re talking. If you see him do it, then you can be sure that he’s being serious about you.

This is also one of those subconscious moves that men can’t control, so you know his intentions are pure.

12. He showers you with awesome compliments

DONE Does He Find Me Attractive 13 Undeniable Signs Hes Into You 16

Most of the abovementioned signs could be considered body language signs, but this one isn’t. Nevertheless, it’s something that you shouldn’t miss out on if you’re asking yourself whether he finds you attractive.

A man who can’t get enough of you and who finds you cute and attractive will shower you with unique and awesome compliments. That’s because he’s mesmerized by you and he wants to make it known to you.

He might compliment you on your appearance and tell you that you look stunning, even though you’re wearing the simplest of things.

And if you change something small about yourself, thinking that no one would notice, he’ll be the first to pick up on it and tell you how awesome you look.

Remember that you’re in the center of his attention and his eyes are only reserved for you. He can’t help but take note of all the aspects of you that make you unique and gorgeous.

13. He takes the initiative and contacts you first most of the time

Does He Find Me Attractive 13 Undeniable Signs He's Into You

While a man who isn’t interested in you at all won’t call or text you at all, this guy is different and knows how important it is to reply to your every message and call you to see how your day’s been going.

He won’t go for more than two days without talking to you, even if he’s busy and has a lot of stuff to do.

Also, he’ll take interest in your life and ask you tons of questions so that he can better understand what your life goals and aspirations are. He might even ask for your opinion on a particular matter before making a final decision.

He finds you attractive and considers your input valuable, so that’s why he’s bombarding you with all those questions.

Does He Find Me Attractive? 13 Undeniable Signs He's Into You

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