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11 Undeniable Signs A Libra Woman Is Not Interested In You Anymore

11 Undeniable Signs A Libra Woman Is Not Interested In You Anymore

Being in a relationship with a Libra woman can be quite a ride. They have extremely bad mood swings, while at the same time they’re very communicative and open. You’re probably experiencing the former and that’s the reason why you’re looking for signs a Libra woman is not interested in you anymore.

Despite their unusual behavior, you can definitely see a difference between them and any other air sign. You can even see one between them and earth signs, who are known to have very stable feelings.

Usually, a Libra doesn’t hesitate to open up to their partner as they’re fully involved in their relationship. Eventually, if they do decide to pull away and lose interest in you, something serious must have happened.

So, here you are, brainstorming why a Libra woman is no longer interested in you. You may be wondering what mistake you could have made that forced her to pull away from you.

But one thing to keep in mind is that they have flaws too, just like everyone does. Libras aren’t in any way perfect and you never have the opportunity to see some of those flaws until certain situations happen or once they start caring less about you.

Often, horoscopes claim that Libras are very generous, well-balanced, and mentally stable. This makes them the perfect partner in a romantic relationship.

They put a lot of emphasis on justice and would never take their partner for granted. Also, they fully commit to one person, so you don’t have to worry about whether or not they’ll ever cheat on you.

Then there’s the other side of the coin. Usually, once they stop showing you affection and don’t express your love out in public anymore, it’s simply that they’re just tired of being with you.

Signs a Libra woman is not interested in you

11 Undeniable Signs A Libra Woman Is Not Interested In You Anymore

I completely understand if you’re quite confused about the behavior your Libra lover is displaying right now. That’s why you’re wondering whether there are any signs a Libra woman isn’t interested in you any longer.

They’re known for being romantic and showing PDAs. However, they’ll never admit that you mean something to them until they know that they have a future with you.

Unfortunately, they can back away all of a sudden if they lose interest in you. So, here’s how you’ll know whether this is happening to you right now.

1. She never texts you first

A Libra woman is very honest and communicative with other people. Having healthy communication with her partner is a must for her.

Usually, she’s going to be the one who will check on you and send you texts first to see what you’re doing and when you’re getting home. You won’t have to worry about whether she’s thinking about you. She’ll prove to you with her actions that she does but you have to reciprocate the same way.

On the other hand, if your Libra woman doesn’t text first and is hesitant to call you, then that could be a clear sign she’s not interested in you anymore. It could be that she used to be pretty good about responding and now you’re frustrated that she doesn’t text you first.

Well, that’s when knowing their personality plays a major factor in recognizing whether or not she’s pulling away from you. The truth is that Libras hate confrontation and arguments. They care a lot about not hurting their partner’s feelings and would rather not speak at all than say something that’ll make you feel bad about yourself.

That’s why you need to pay attention to whether or not she’s initiating conversations. This is an excellent indication that she’s not as into you as she was before.

2. She barely remembers you exist

DONE 11 Undeniable Signs A Libra Woman Is Not Interested In You Anymore 2

Being in love with someone is one of the most unique and amazing experiences that you can have. And Libras certainly enjoy being in love.

When a Libra woman starts a relationship with a man, she isn’t afraid to let everyone know that she’s taken. She talks about her partner to everyone and it doesn’t take long before she introduces him to her close friends and family.

In fact, any time she can take you to a family meal or to hang out with her and her friends, she’ll certainly do that. You’ll always feel special and wonderful around a Libra woman, as she’ll radiate a special kind of positive energy that everyone around her can sense.

But once that energy fades away and you both face any problems in your relationship that can’t be solved, that’s when things will start to go south. In a split second, she’ll change her behavior and stop showing you affection and appreciation. And it can sometimes feel like she barely remembers you even exist.

In fact, it can seem like she’s only interested in other things that have nothing to do with you. She focuses less attention on you and the spark you once shared is gone. This is one of the most obvious signs a Libra woman is no longer interested in you.

3. You feel like she’s always disagreeing with you

A common characteristic of all Libras is that they’re ride-or-die types of people. She’ll be there for you whenever you need her and she’ll be your biggest supporter, cheering you up whenever you feel down. But that will only happen if she’s truly in love with you.

On the other hand, if she constantly disagrees or argues with you while you two are alone or even when you’re out with other people, that could be a sign that she doesn’t have feelings for you anymore. She doesn’t have your back anymore because she isn’t the same woman as she used to be.

It could be that something in her snapped and she no longer sees you as her partner. She may not be aware that she’s pulling away from you and as a matter of fact, you’ll probably notice this before she does.

Her unconscious need to end things with you forces her to act cold toward you. She doesn’t want to hurt your feelings but at the same time, she doesn’t know how to express those emotions either.

You can tell a lot about her emotional state just by observing how she behaves with you. And if you see that she no longer supports you or your views, then that could be a sign a Libra woman is not interested in you anymore.

4. She criticizes you a lot

11 Undeniable Signs A Libra Woman Is Not Interested In You Anymore

It’s a well-known fact that Libras are very easygoing, friendly, genuine, and open-minded. But if a Libra woman is not in love with you, then she’ll try to make it as clear to you as possible.

She doesn’t want you to see her as the ‘bad guy’ who crushed your heart, so telling you in person that she’s not that into you anymore is something she’ll avoid if she can. What she’ll do instead is drop hints to keep you away, so you don’t chase her anymore, and one way to achieve this is by criticizing you.

Everything you say, think, or do, she’ll criticize. She’ll manage to find fault with everything you do.

Let me tell you straight away that this type of behavior is quite strange for a Libra woman. Normally, she tries to see only a person’s good sides and she isn’t the type of woman to get angry at you that easily. However, if she suddenly changes and becomes critical of you, then she’s likely trying to walk away from you.

She doesn’t want everyone to notice that she’s no longer interested in you. Her intention is to discourage you from going after her or having feelings for her. She secretly hopes that you’ll notice those signs and that you’ll move away on your own.

5. She makes counterarguments to everything you say

Does it seem to you that she always has a counterargument ready for anything you say? If yes, then consider that your cue that your relationship may have reached its end.

Don’t get me wrong, Libra women love to converse with others and exchange different views about various subjects. But that won’t happen if she isn’t that into you. Instead, she’ll go out of her way to find an excuse to start an argument with you.

However, she won’t stop there. Those arguments will be about little things but they’ll soon turn into full-blown fights. She’ll argue about everything you say or do.

If you try to make peace with her, she’ll say that you’re exhausting her and that she needs some time alone. The truth is she’s trying to wear you down to the point when you’ll realize that you have no future with her, so you’ll give up and leave her.

All that bickering has one goal – to put pressure on you to not communicate with her anymore. I understand that it’s tough for you to hear this but you have to face the ugly truth. Don’t stay in a loveless relationship because sooner or later, your heart will break into a million pieces.

6. She exhibits passive-aggressive behavior

DONE 11 Undeniable Signs A Libra Woman Is Not Interested In You Anymore 4

As I mentioned earlier, Libra women can have extreme mood swings. One moment, she’ll feel happy when she experiences something good. The next, she’ll be extremely dissatisfied with her love life and she’ll blame everything on you.

There’s a possibility she organized surprise vacations or unexpectedly gave you gifts during your honeymoon stage but then things started to go wrong.

Now, whenever she gets angry, she exhibits a passive-aggressive attitude and you can’t wrap your head around what happened to the nice girl you used to know. She would give you another chance to correct your mistakes if she cared for you but that’s not the case here.

Instead, she’ll distance herself from you and give you the silent treatment until you realize that she’s no longer interested in you.

Obviously, there’s something wrong in your relationship if you can relate to this. However, she’s too much of a coward to let you know that she’s not that into you anymore and would rather force you to walk away from her.

7. She doesn’t respond to your texts or calls

Ask yourself this: When was the last time you heard from your Libra woman? Does it seem to you that she’s using the no contact rule on you and now you’re wondering whether or not she wants to break up with you?

Truthfully, there are many things that can make a Libra woman run for the hills. Perhaps you played a little hard to get because you wanted her to chase you but it backfired. Or maybe you’re the type of guy who gets needy in a relationship very quickly.

Keep in mind that Libra women are excellent at communication and they love to socialize. Their inner circle may not be that big but they’re really close to their family and friends. That’s why you’ll see a Libra woman constantly talking to the people she cares about.

She relies on them for their opinions, fresh perspectives, or pieces of advice. She’ll always reserve her free time to spend with them and to check in to see whether or not they need any help from her.

So, if your Libra woman hasn’t been reaching out to you for a couple of days or even longer without giving you a heads up as to why, then it could be that she’s done with you.

8. Her attention is on someone else

11 Undeniable Signs A Libra Woman Is Not Interested In You Anymore

Libra women love to be in the center of attention. They aren’t shy at all when it comes to socializing and they’re pretty good at it. Also, they want to feel validated and appreciated by others and one way they do that is by making sure that everyone else likes them.

That’s why it shouldn’t be a shock to you to see her being everyone’s best friend and psychologist when you two go out.

However, Libra women are also great at giving attention, especially if they genuinely love you with all their heart. That’s why another one of the signs a Libra woman is not interested in you is when you don’t have her full attention.

Maybe you noticed that she was very talkative to that one waiter at dinner, while she didn’t pay much attention to you at all. Or perhaps she doesn’t ask you about your day anymore or how you’re feeling.

It seems as if she doesn’t care what you’re been up to and the reason for that is because she’s no longer interested in your relationship. She’s focusing her attention on everyone except you.

Be careful, as it may be that she’s talking to other guys as well. Don’t let her play with you and instead end things before you get hurt.

9. She doesn’t stand up for you

One of the main personality traits of a Libra woman is that she’s always fair. She’ll do anything to restore balance in a relationship. She isn’t eager to engage in any type of drama and will always defend those who can’t stand up for themselves.

But that all changes if she isn’t that interested in continuing your relationship. And she’ll do anything to show you that. If she feels that way, then she’ll leave you to defend yourself whenever you’re in conflict with someone or if someone starts treating you badly.

This is an obvious sign she doesn’t want to invest any more of her energy or time into your relationship.

10. She refrains from physical contact

DONE 11 Undeniable Signs A Libra Woman Is Not Interested In You Anymore 6

Libras are very passionate and emotional human beings. When they’re into you, they aren’t reluctant to let everyone know that you’re their partner. You can expect them to shower you with sweet gestures almost every day.

Also, if they feel unfulfilled, they’ll demand from you that you show them affection. But if a Libra woman is over you, then she’ll get tired of your gentle kisses and warm hugs. Even if she smiles at you when you hug her, she won’t appreciate them as much as she did when she was into you.

11. She avoids eye contact

Another one of the obvious signs a Libra woman is not into you anymore is when she avoids you at all costs. She may be she’s doing her best to not meet up with you. Or if she’s making all sorts of excuses as to why she can’t make it to your date, then you can be sure she doesn’t care about you that much now.

Furthermore, even if you do meet up with her, she won’t look you in your eyes because she doesn’t want to have any connection whatsoever. She may find reasons to break eye contact or you may see her eyes wander around the room.

What to do if a Libra woman is not interested in you anymore

1. Have an honest conversation about how you feel

11 Undeniable Signs A Libra Woman Is Not Interested In You Anymore

Perhaps your Libra woman has said that she doesn’t want to continue your relationship but you didn’t hear her at all. If you’re still making assumptions and searching for signs, then you’ll have to confront her and ask her about her feelings.

There’s a possibility that she’ll be completely honest with you right away. You may think that it’s a bit harsh to do this but it’s actually inevitable. You have to communicate with each other in order to take some of the burden off your shoulders.

The worst thing you can do is try to figure out what’s going through her head right now. Instead, ask her. Be completely transparent with her and don’t hold anything back.

2. Give her time

You’ve heard the saying time heals all wounds. If you did something that hurt her in one way or another and you made sure to apologize, then the only thing left to do is give her time so that she can figure things out on her own.

She needs some space to gather her thoughts and make an actual decision about her future. This doesn’t mean you should patiently wait for her for months or years, though. Give yourself a deadline for how long you’re going to wait for her.

You have every right to move on if she takes too long to get her thoughts together. Also, remember that your life doesn’t end if she leaves you.

3. Don’t be clingy

DONE 11 Undeniable Signs A Libra Woman Is Not Interested In You Anymore 8

If you recognize the signs a Libra woman is not interested in you, then you can’t be too clingy with her and demand her attention. If you do, then she’ll completely erase you from her heart.

Women don’t like it when a man’s needy and when he demands all of her attention. So, you should stop texting or calling her and don’t just pop up in the places that she frequently visits. Otherwise, you’re going to lose all of the respect she had for you.

4. Post pictures on social media

If she needs more time so you have to leave her alone, the best way to remind her of what she’s missing out on is to focus on yourself. You can then post pictures on social media that show you having fun and enjoying life.

Show her that you have a life outside of your relationship. On social media, you can present your best self, so use it to your advantage. Nowadays, every one of us spends a lot of time on social media and these photos are a great tool to show her and everyone else that you’re perfectly fine on your own.

5. Remind her that you won’t wait forever

11 Undeniable Signs A Libra Woman Is Not Interested In You Anymore

Even if you decide to fight for her, you need to be aware that there’s a life for you to live out there and that you shouldn’t just sit around and wait for her to make up her mind. I understand if you’re still hoping she’ll give you another chance even if she’s not interested in you but you have to wake up and face the facts.

You deserve someone who’ll fight for you and who’ll have your back no matter what. And if she can’t do that, then you need to move on without her.

11 Undeniable Signs A Libra Woman Is Not Interested In You Anymore

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