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How To Re-Attract A Girl Who Lost Interest In You: 7 Tips To Get Her Back

How To Re-Attract A Girl Who Lost Interest In You: 7 Tips To Get Her Back

So, you’ve met this amazing woman, you dated for a couple of months, and then you popped the exclusivity question. But after a while, she seems to have become bored in your relationship and you can’t figure out what happened. So now you’re left wondering how to re-attract a girl who lost interest.

This happens to almost every one of us. The beginning of every relationship is great and fun, but once the honeymoon stage is over, then the real work begins. If you really want to succeed in keeping your significant other by your side, then you have to put in a lot of effort so that she doesn’t lose interest in you.

Even if she does, don’t panic just yet. There are certain things that you can do to get her attention back and make her fall in love with you all over again.

So, how to re-attract a girl who lost interest? Well, the good news is the process isn’t complicated at all. No “30-day crash course” needed!

I’m here to help out in this dilemma, plus I’ll also cover signs your girl has lost interest in you as well as why that happens.

By the time you’re done reading this, you’ll have in-depth knowledge about why a girl is pulling away and how to re-attract a girl who has lost interest in you.

Signs she’s slowly losing interest in you

Sometimes men make the mistake of thinking that a woman isn’t losing interest in them and instead believe that she’s just PMSing and it’ll soon blow over.

But before you try to re-attract a girl who you think might have lost interest in you, first, you have to notice the signs she’s been giving you lately. Perhaps you were too busy at work and failed to see them. Or maybe you’re blinded by the love you have for her.

It really doesn’t matter. What matters is to learn what those signs are so that you can plan a strategy to bring her back.

1. She has no time for you

How To Re-Attract A Girl Who Lost Interest In You 7 Tips To Get Her Back

Granted, it’s totally possible that your girl has too much work to do and doesn’t have enough time to dedicate to you. But you need to keep in mind that people who want to be with you will make time for you.

If she’s always giving you some sort of an excuse as to why she can’t make it to your date, saying she has other stuff to do, that could be a sign she wants to break up.

I understand that it’s frustrating for you to hear those excuses, but you have to keep a cool head. The worst thing you can do right now is let your emotions govern your actions and let it all out on her.

Not only will you lose any respect she has for you, but you’ll also ruin your chances of re-attracting a girl who lost interest in you.

Find some other way to let go of your anger and frustration. Only then will you figure out a way to get her back.

2. She displays negative body language

Don’t dwell too much if your girl isn’t as talkative as she used to be. Luckily for you, there are other ways to know what a girl thinks that don’t include getting her to talk to you.

The best way to know if she’s still interested in you or not is to focus on her body language. You can tell a lot about a woman’s intentions just by keeping an eye on those subtle body language signs.

She could lie about her feelings for you, but her body language will always tell you the truth. So, pay attention to your girl’s facial expressions and how she acts when she’s around you.

For example, if she’s sitting far away from you or crossing her legs in the other direction, that could very well be a sign she’s losing interest in you.

Also, if she avoids physical contact and stares elsewhere whenever you talk to her, that can easily be interpreted as a sign she’s pulling away.

3. Frequent absence of contact

DONE How To Re Attract A Girl Who Lost Interest In You 7 Tips To Get Her Back 2

If you didn’t know it by now, well it’s time for you to hear this: Communication is key to a healthy relationship.

If you’re unable to talk to your partner about your problems or feelings, then your relationship won’t last long, and sooner or later, you’re going to break up.

That’s why frequent absence of contact is a sign she’s losing interest in you. If she doesn’t initiate any contact with you and lets you do everything, then something’s out of whack in your relationship.

Perhaps the two of you used to talk all day every day and now you barely hear from her. If that’s the case, then you should definitely take that as a clear clue that her feelings for you have changed.

4. She mentions other guys

It’s not that big of a deal if your girlfriend has guy friends and you should be okay with it. You can’t make her write them off just because you don’t think male-female friendships are a thing.

But be careful if she suddenly begins often talking about other guys or one particular guy.

A woman who doesn’t have any intention of leaving you, won’t think about dating other guys. You’ll be her top priority and she’ll always make you feel like you’re the only one for her.

But if your girl mentions other guys often, that means she’s also thinking about them a lot. A relationship like that is doomed to fail and you shouldn’t count on getting her back.

5. She’s almost always arguing with you

How To Re-Attract A Girl Who Lost Interest In You 7 Tips To Get Her Back

Some women get bored easily in relationships. If you don’t know how to occupy her attention and make your relationship fun, then it won’t take long before she decides to move on from you.

The truth is, women crave excitement and drama. Whether that’s negative or positive excitement, it really doesn’t matter to them.

So, if your girl is almost always arguing with you and starts fights over nothing, you can take that as a sign she’s losing interest in you.

And the way you handle this will definitely influence her decision to either stay or leave.

Why do women lose interest?

So, there you are with a beautiful and outstanding woman, going through life with rose-colored glasses, when suddenly, your relationship takes a turn for the worse. She doesn’t find your jokes funny and is slower to reply to your messages.

While some of the reasons women lose interest are pretty straightforward, others aren’t. Here are the top five reasons women become disinterested in a man:

1. Lack of excitement

DONE How To Re Attract A Girl Who Lost Interest In You 7 Tips To Get Her Back 4

When the honeymoon stage reaches its end, that’s when you have to put in a lot of work if you want to stay together.

It’s completely normal to develop certain routines once you’ve been with a person for a long time, but there’s also a negative side to that.

You see, habitual routines can really wreck the romance. Sure, there’s nothing wrong with waking up every morning and making your bed, but when it comes to relationships, routine can kill the excitement.

You need to spice things up a bit from time to time so that you don’t lose that spark. You have to keep it exciting – and I’m not just referring to you, but to your partner as well.

It’s a team effort. Your relationship won’t survive if one of you isn’t ready to put in the work.

I mean, those movie nights are a great way to strengthen your bond, but a little bit of “out of the ordinary” goes a long way with women.

On top of that, if you plan something exciting and fun for the two of you, you’ll show her that you’re still committed to your relationship.

2. You’re aggressive

There’s a thin line between being interested in a woman and showing too much interest.

Sending her dozens of messages a day and not receiving a single answer, won’t bring you anything closer to your end goal. And you sure won’t get her attention – at least not in a good way.

In fact, it’ll cause a counter-effect and she’ll start losing interest in you.

Keep your composure and don’t come on too strong. Stop with what you’re doing if you see that it’s not working and put the phone down for a couple of hours. Going over the top is a huge turn-off for women.

It’s really great that you’re a talkative man who expresses his thoughts freely, but not every woman digs that. If she’s not responding to your messages, then back off a bit because you must be doing something wrong.

3. Your values and beliefs don’t match

How To Re-Attract A Girl Who Lost Interest In You 7 Tips To Get Her Back

What separates true love from all the other ones is that you finally have someone who shares the same core values and beliefs as you. You agree on many life matters and you know what your end goal is.

On the other hand, if those values aren’t aligned and you don’t see eye to eye on important things, then your relationship is sure to only get tougher.

Perhaps she found out that you two aren’t compatible at all and that’s why she lost interest in you.

Fundamental beliefs and values should be discussed at the early stages of dating. Be sure to have them aligned with your partner in order to help you achieve your true potential.

4. Your conversations became dull

Not having great communication with your partner is a recipe for disaster, for sure. You can’t be talking about cars while she’s talking to you about real life.

That’s not how romantic relationships work. There’s always a time and place for you to talk about your passions, but you have to find common conversational ground with your partner.

If you’re being unsupportive and your conversations have become dull, that will only lead to awkward silences. This is another potential reason she may have lost interest in you.

After all, once you find the right partner for you and you chat on the same wavelength, there’s no such thing as awkward silences.

5. She met someone else

DONE How To Re Attract A Girl Who Lost Interest In You 7 Tips To Get Her Back 6

I’m not saying that she’s cheating on you in any way, but it’s quite possible that she met someone who she thinks is more suited to her.

Maybe she thinks that the other man is somehow better than you, so now she has lost interest in you.

This is certainly not the best-case scenario for you because you’re unable to change her opinion, regardless of what you do.

If your girl found someone new, then your best option would be to let her go and give her time to think about her decision. By setting her free, you’re also freeing yourself from inevitable heartbreak.

How to re-attract a girl who lost interest?

1. Figure out exactly what went wrong

How To Re-Attract A Girl Who Lost Interest In You 7 Tips To Get Her Back

Realizing what went wrong is the key to re-attracting a girl who lost interest in you. That’s especially true if you were in a long-term relationship and you’re eager to get your ex back.

To be honest, you can’t get her attention and make her fall in love with you again without fixing the thing that turned her off in the first place. The attraction game doesn’t work that way.

She’ll always look for a man who’s a good fit for her. You need to retrace your steps and see when and where you made a mistake.

It could be that you took her for granted sometimes and now she doesn’t believe you’re capable of being in a committed relationship anymore.

Try identifying one to two major causes and see if you can change them. If not, then there’s no point in leading her on.

2. Shift your focus from her

You think that this might be a selfish act, but it actually isn’t. You’re just prioritizing yourself so that you improve your life and become better. This is how nature has designed us human beings.

If she becomes the sole center of your world, the excitement she needs to feel will quickly fade away. Instead, she’ll think that you’re too needy and that you can’t live without her. And in all honesty, women don’t want a man like that.

Actually, she may even feel resentment toward you if you don’t shift your focus from her.

You have to become better and change if you want to keep her interested while at the same time keeping a distance from her. The worst thing you could do is chase her like a madman.

Remember, you need to keep in mind what caused her to initially lose interest in you. And if you were calling and checking up on her every single minute, then you’ll need to change that.

3. Believe in yourself more

DONE How To Re Attract A Girl Who Lost Interest In You 7 Tips To Get Her Back 8

Your thoughts about yourself are directly linked to your chances of getting her back. If you believe in yourself more, you’ll exude confidence that most women find attractive.

On the other hand, if you doubt yourself and your every decision, she’ll notice that you’re just a scared and insecure man, which is a major turn-off for women.

Don’t think that you can simply sneak your way to her heart again. There are no shortcuts – you need to understand that what you think of yourself will determine how she sees you.

Your girl will easily notice if you’re feeling dejected and sad about the entire situation. Your body language and tone of your voice will reveal how you truly feel and she’ll also pick up on it based on what you say and how you say it.

So, how to re-attract a girl who lost interest in you?

Well, you have to be 100% confident that you’ll get her back and know that you can do it. Being friend-zoned by her should never be an option or, even worse, thinking that you don’t deserve her at all.

4. Remain mysterious

Some men make the mistake of rushing things with a woman and telling her everything there is to know about them. They believe that opening up about their emotions and feelings is sure to create that bond each of us craves.

Unfortunately, the opposite happens and the girl loses her interest in the guy.

You see, when a man acts like an open book and tells her everything there is about him, he’s actually destroying all sense of intrigue about himself.

It plays a huge role in the attraction game and if a man fails to maintain a certain level of mystery, she’ll almost always lose interest in him.

So, in order to re-attract a girl who already has lost interest, you simply need to go out there, have fun, and not post everything you do on social media. Stay mysterious about your whereabouts and who you’re with.

Don’t be that kind of a guy who posts everything he does on his profile and hopes that she gets jealous and comes running back to him.

5. Keep a cool head

How To Re-Attract A Girl Who Lost Interest In You 7 Tips To Get Her Back

Whenever your girl starts arguing and fighting with you, you need to stay calm and handle the drama.

It’s quite plausible that one minute everything is going great and the next she’ll start complaining because you didn’t reply to her message immediately. Or she brings up something you did in the past.

Whatever the case, you need to realize that sometimes her blowing off has nothing to do with you. Defuse her need for drama by keeping a cool head.

It’s really tough to win an argument with women since their arguments are based on emotions and not logic.

As I mentioned earlier, women crave drama and emotional excitement in their life. Remember that you’re not able to change that about your girlfriend completely. But she will soon realize that you won’t get all riled up when she does.

Simply sit back and listen to what she has to say. Don’t flip your lid or criticize her if she starts talking about something that you know isn’t true or is completely unreasonable.

6. Be spontaneous and enjoy life

It’s so easy to get stuck in a routine when you’re in a long-term relationship. It seems as if every day is pretty much the same as you go out to the same places and you talk about the same things.

This predictable pattern may lead her to lose interest in you. This happens more and more as men become too comfortable with their significant other.

But in order to make her miss you and re-attract your girl, you need to change things up from time to time. Whether that be taking her on a little weekend adventure or surprising her with a spa treatment, it doesn’t matter.

You can’t afford to be lazy or you’ll lose her forever. You still need to spend quality time with her and mix things up. Be spontaneous and try new things together.

Introduce an element of surprise into your relationship and you’ll re-attract your girl who lost interest in you.

7. Give her enough space

DONE How To Re Attract A Girl Who Lost Interest In You 7 Tips To Get Her Back 10

Giving her space when you’re just dating is a must, but that doesn’t mean it has to end the moment she’s in a romantic relationship with you. You need to regularly give her space if you want to keep her interested in you.

I understand that she means a lot to you, but you can’t suffocate her unless you intentionally want her to break up with you.

In order to maintain a healthy relationship and re-attract a girl who lost interest in you, try limiting the time you spend with her.

It’s understandable that this is a difficult task if you two are living together, but you can always dedicate a little more time to friends or family.

Also, let her initiate contact with you via text or phone. Don’t smother her with mundane texts every day.

If you’re able to apply these basic tips to your situation, then she’s sure to become attracted to you again.

How To Re-Attract A Girl Who Lost Interest In You: 7 Tips To Get Her Back

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